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12 Days of Christmas Panties

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I love panties. I love my wife in sexy panties of all types. I love her in satin string bikini panties. I love her in skimpy tanga panties. I even love her in hipsters. My favorite panties are silk. I love the way they feel. I love to fuck my wife wearing panties. I love panties.

I’m as masculine as it gets. I love when I get hard. I love fucking my wife. I love being in charge. I love a romantic love session and I love also love raw sex and fucking my wife long and hard. I love pounding her pussy while she wears panties.

I don’t have a gay bone in my body, but I love panties so much I frequently wear my wife’s panties. She buys me panties and we buy panties together for each other. The fact I love to wear panties and my wife loves me wearing panties has accelerated our sex life to new levels we never thought possible. When my wife tells me I look hot in panties, gets that look in her eye, walks up to me and rubs my cock in panties it is such a great feeling. That is the moment I know that great sex and plenty of it will fill my evening.

This Christmas my wife decided to give me a special treat. She decided to mimic the 12 days of Christmas using 12 different panties as gifts. What an energized 12 days it was!

On the first day of Christmas my wife showed me the twelve wrapped gifts under our tree. She said, “This is going to be the most sexually enjoyable Christmas season of your life. I plan to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked in new panties each and every one of the twelve days of Christmas and it’s just not panties. There is more. You will find out as each day passes. Open your first gift marked Number 1.”

I opened the box marked Number 1. The gift was a pair of light pink panties with white lace trim on the legs and waist. My wife said, “Strip down, put them on and model them for me.”

I did as I was told and was hard as I slipped the panties over my cock and ass. The material was so stretchy and thin. My wife said, “I love your look in those panties. The head of your cock looks so inviting. I can see every vein in your cock. I really want to fuck you. Since this is day one let’s just fuck right now. Each day will get more involved. Give me that cock.”

My wife reached down and rubbed my cock in my panties. After a few minutes she pulled my rock hard cock out of the right leg hole, kneeled in front of me and started sucking my cock. She said, “Fuck my mouth.” As I thrust my hips toward her mouth she placed her hands on my pink panty covered ass and pulled me into her mouth with each stroke.

She then said, “Take me from behind. I need cock in me right now.”

She got on all fours with her ass in the air in sexy leopard panties with read lace on the waist. I got behind her, entered her and slowly pumped her. She was moaning and rubbing her clit. She screamed with orgasm, “Yes, Yes, Yes, on my god this orgasm is so good.”

This was all taking place in front of the Christmas tree. Then she said, “Let’s go into the bedroom. I have a new position for us.”

She laid face down on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging over the side. She said, “Walk behind me. Stay standing. Pull up my legs and pound my ass from behind.”

I did as I was told and the power of standing and fucking my wife doggie style while she lay on her stomach was overwhelming. I felt the urge to cum. I said, “Can I cum baby?”

She said, “Give me a first day of Christmas load. I want your cum. Fuck me harder. Give me that cock baby.”

I had a big load and fell on top of my wife.

She said, “The plan is to get wilder and wilder each of the twelve days. I hope you are ready because I sure am ready for 12 days of pleasure and enjoyment.”

I felt very ready and couldn’t wait for day 2.

On day 2, I opened my gift to find the new Victoria Secret overall mesh black with white polka dots high waist panties and with detachable garters. There was an oversized white bow in the back. The gift included a pair of charcoal stockings. Just like yesterday I was expected to put everything on immediately. As I was doing so my wife, Jessie, left the room briefly and walked to the bedroom. Before I had my clothes off and the new panties on she returned with lube and our butt plug.

She said, “I bought the old style high waist for you because the full coverage on your ass will allow me to put this butt plug under your panties. Come here for some ass pleasure.”

I walked over and Jessie started playing with my cock. I was quickly hard. She said, “Sit down in this chair and out your legs over my shoulders.” I did and she sucked my cock as she lubed my ass. She had a finger in me quickly. I love ass pleasure and know how to relax.

Then Jessie said, “Your ass is ready. Here comes the butt plug.” She worked it slowly into me and thrust it in and out of me. Then she pushed it in all the way and started putting the new panties on me.

Eventually she said, “Stand up.” I did and she slipped the panties up to my waist and then bahis firmaları slipped the stockings on me.

She said, “Tonight I’m riding you cowgirl style. As I pound my pussy down on you the butt plug will go deeper into your ass. We both will enjoy something special.”

Jessie has ridden me cowgirl style many times. This time her ass and hips were wild. I had not felt that before. She moved so sometimes she was just fucking the head of my cock and other times she plunged my cock deep into her. Her control was amazing. The combination of her wild ass in panties and the butt plug got me ready far faster than usual. I said, “Slow down or I’ll cum.”

Her reply was, “I want your cum. We have ten more days to go long and slow. Blow a load in me.”

Day 3 was just as interesting as day 1 and 2. I opened the gift box to find a nine inch black dildo wrapped in black silk panties. As I opened the box Jessie said, “You get to fuck me in the ass and use the dildo on my pussy so I can have a double penetration fantasy tonight.”

We had enjoyable extended foreplay to make sure Jessie was fired up. She laid on the edge of the bed and I slowly entered her beautiful ass standing at the side of the bed. As I penetrated her ass I also slowly put the dildo in her. I was slowly pumping her ass and she said, “Fuck my pussy real good while you also fuck my ass. I want a lot of cock in me tonight.”

I gave her everything I could and she was moaning so loud. I saw her hand go toward her clit so I increased the intensity of my strokes. She exploded with orgasm and said, “Keep fucking me I can cum again.” I kept my stroke steady in both her ass and pussy. She had two more strong orgasms.

Then she said, “Please cum in my ass. I want a big load so it drips out of me.”

I removed the didlo and focused on her ass. It was feeling so good. She started lifting her ass and trying to increase my stroke. I explodes into her and then stepped back to watch the cum drip out of her ass. What a beautiful sight.

One day 4, I received a silk pair of leopard panties. Jessie said, “Tonight is simple. We’re going to 69. I want you to cum in my mouth and you can enjoy my juices.” Some of the time I was on top, some Jessie was on top and sometimes we lay side by side. I love my wife’s taste and smell. We ate each other for what seemed like forever. My wife had her share of orgasms. Eventually, my wife took me over the top. She swallowed my load and said, “Make sure to put your panties over your cock to catch the extra cum drips.”

I did and the panties caught a lot of cum that dripped afterward.

Day five of Christmas is five golden rings. The day five gift was gold panties and a gold looking cock ring. My wife told me to slip the cock ring on and then the panties. She said, “Tonight is relaxed. Let’s see if we can go longer than 90 romantic minutes.”

I love all kinds of sex with my wife. I love taking my time and really enjoying the feeling of my cock in her. The slower the action the longer I last. That night was golden and we lasted over 100 minutes, but who’s counting.

Day 6 was the half way point. Before I opened the gift, Jessie said this was a special day out of the twelve. I opened the gift to find a red corset and red thong panties. It looked just like the corsets Jessie has, but when I put it on I realized it was a corset built men. Jessie said, “This is a sexy feminine corset, but it’s made for men by Body Aware. Tonight you get your ass fucked while you wear the corset and thong. I’m going to put on the strapon. I can’t wait to grab your waist in that corset and drive a big black nine inch cock into you.”

I simply said, “I’m ready, baby. Let’s get started.” I didn’t always want to get my ass fucked. It happened slowly. First a finger one night, then a butt plug a few weeks later and finally a romantic adventure in Key West that was one of the highlights of my life when my wife fucked my ass the first time. Since then I absolutely love ass pleasure. The sixth day of Christmas was a welcome I was ready for.

My wife romanced me with plenty of foreplay. My balls and cock got lots of attention in my new thong. My wife’s dirty talk was very sensual. She whispered in my ear, “I love your ass so much. I want to fuck it real slow and give you ass pleasure that you will never forget. I want to stretch your ass and fill you up. I want to cum while I fuck you and want you to cum while I fuck you. Bend over the bed.”

I was ready. I know how to relax for anal pleasure. My wife knows how to go slow enough until she feels my ass open to her. She grabbed my waist in the corset and said, “You look and feel so handsome tonight. You ass looks so hot in this thong. There is nothing better than fucking your ass in panties and holding your corset covered hips that feel so smooth.”

There are times my wife can be very aggressive with my ass. Tonight see was so romantic. It felt so good being fucked. Then she told me to roll over and get on my back. I did and kaçak iddaa she pulled my cock out of one leg hole. She put extra lube on my cock and stroked my cock while she fucked my ass. She said, “I’m so close to cumming. I want to cum while I fuck you. Oh, Oh Oh, here it comes. Yes, Yes, Yes. Oh my god, yes.”

She pulled my hips and drove her cock deep into me. It was very enjoyable to hear and feel her orgasm. The she said, “I want your cum. Cum all over your corset and let me lick it off. I want the taste of your cum. I love it so much. Come on baby, cum for me.”

I exploded a big load on my chest and stomach. My wife removed the dildo from me and jumped next to me on the bed on her knees so she could get over my chest. She started licking the cum and moaning.

She said, “I love your creamy, silky cum. Kiss me and give me your tongue.”

I kissed my wife and we held each other tight. What a great day 6!

Day 7 was a little less intense, but just as enjoyable. My wife gave me a black pair of tap pants. The loose fit and high quality silk stimulated my cock every step I took. We took a walk on the beach that night and I fucked my wife standing up and she bent over and lifted her skirt over her ass. I drove my cock in her slow then hard, slow then hard. I was a great change of pace to be outdoors.

Day 8 was different. I opened the box to a note. It said, “Day 8 is a road trip to a lingerie shop. We’re buying your gift there at 10:00am.”

My wife and I drove to the mall and our favorite Victoria Secret. The mall opens at 10am. Older people were walking the mall. The stores were just opening. We walked into VS. We visit this VS at least two or three times a month. We know the store manager and many of the clerks. We walked to one of the panty displays and talked about the colors and styles. We picked a matching pair and my wife said, “I want to see how you look in these panties. Our friend will let us use the dressing room together.”

We walked past the clerk and my wife said, “We’re trying these on, OK?”

The clerk said, “Fine.” I should have known something was coming with the gigantic smile on the clerk’s face.

We walked into the dressing and my wife pulled my shirt over my head and then unbuckled my belt and removed my pants. She started rubbing the new panties all over my chest. She used her pair of panties to stroke my cock. I couldn’t believe I was in the VS dressing room. Then my wife said, “We are buying these panties today with cum all over them. Give me a load as quickly as you can.”

The unusual idea of sex in a VS dressing room got me real excited. I focused on my cum, which is rare since I always want my wife’s orgasm first. It wasn’t long and I was cumming in panties in my wife’s hand. She moved both of her hands to my cock and rubbed my cum all over the panties. She drained my cock of every drop and said, “Get dressed. Let’s go buy these panties now.”

We walked to the clerk at the cash register. One customer saw us leave the dressing room together and smiled. My wife said to the clerk, “Thanks for allowing my husband this special treat. We’ll take these panties.”

The clerk whispered, “These look very well used. Your husband had a big load. Congratulations. If you ever want someone to join you, please call me. I’ll bring panties for all three of us. I’d really love to fuck both of you.”

I was stunned. My wife went the extra mile for Day 8. As we left VS several customers looked at us with sexy smiles. We seemed to be the stars of the show that day.

On day 9, I was wondering how the sexual Christmas could get better. I opened my gift. As I did so my wife said, “This is a little different and new. I hope you enjoy it.”

I opened the gift to find a black camisole and matching panties. My wife said, “Try them on right now. I know the panties fit. I hope the camisole fits and that your nipples are covered in high quality silk.”

Just like the corset, the camisole was something completely new. I love silk panties rubbed on my nipples, but I have never worn a camisole. I wondered how my wife found one so big. I put it on and it fit perfectly. There was minimal lace trim. My nipples were covered in silk. My wife walked up to me and said, “I love your nipples. They look so good in black silk.”

She put her hands on the side of my chest so both thumbs were on my nipples. She started lightly rubbing my nipples and it was very intense pleasure. Then she said, “Let’s go to the bedroom so I can really work your nipples.”

We went to the bedroom and my wife sat on the bed leaning against the headboard. She spread her legs and said, “Sit here in front of me. I want to see how much pleasure I can give your nipples. Can I get you to cum from nipple pleasure?”

I sat between my wife’s legs. She reached around me and started teasing my nipples. Wow, did it feel good! It wasn’t long and I was moaning and asking for her never to stop. My cock was rock hard. My balls were full and heavy.

My kaçak bahis wife said, “Try to relax like you do when I fuck your ass. Try to let the nipple pleasure flow all over you.”

I tried to relax, but the pleasure was very, very intense. Jessie kept saying, “Relax, baby. Enjoy the nipple pleasure.”

I said, “My god, this is so good. My cock is on fire. I want to cum so bad. I don’t think I can cum just from nipple pleasure, but I am on the edge.”

My wife said, “Get your cock out of your panties so I can watch you stroke yourself. I love seeing your hand stroke your thick cock. If you cum I get to lick your cum off of you.”

I pulled my cock out. As soon as I touched it, the urge to cum overwhelmed me. I said, “Baby, I can’t last much longer. This feeling is so special.”

Jessie said, “Cum for me, baby. Let me see that liquid cold explode out of your big, thick cock. Get cum all over this silk, black camisole so I can lick it off of you.”

I exploded with a big load. Jessie said, “I love watching your cock explode. What a beautiful sight!”

She licked the cum off of the black silk. What a great day, even though I did not get pussy.

Day 10 was so much fun. I got another high waist pair of VS panties. Jessie wore the same matching pair. The retro look is sexy with lace top stockings. This night we fucked long and slow in front of the Christmas tree and near the fireplace on a soft comfortable rug.

Day 11 was the second last day. Jessie said, “Here are your new panties. I do not have anything special for today. I’m hoping you will be real aggressive and just pound me from behind tonight.”

I said, “Let’s get to it. I love fucking you from behind. Jessie was on her knees on the floor, bent over the bed standing up and all fours on the bed. From all fours on the bed I pushed Jessie flat on her stomach on the bed and fucked her lying on top of her. It was a great evening of backdoor sex.

Day 12 arrived. It had been a great 12 Days of Sexmas. I was fucked to death for 11 days just like Jessie said. In spite of that I wondered what Day 12 may have in store for me. I was shaved and showered. On the morning of day 12 I had taken the time to shave my legs, cock and balls very smooth. I shaved my nipples clean of hair and I obviously shaved my face. I wore my best after shave lotion; the one Jessie loved the most. I was ready to thank Jessie sexually for a great 12 days.

I walked out of the long time in the bathroom and shower completely nude ready to slip into my 12th pair of new panties. I walked out to see my wife talking to the VS clerk from day 8. I said, “Oh I’m sorry. I thought we were alone.”

The VS clerk, Chelsea said, “It’s OK I have your Day 12 panties with me. The three of us have matching panties. I’m part of your Day 12 gift.”

Jessie then said, “I bought all of your 12 panties from Chelsea at VS. We talked a little and she suggested the VS dressing room panty sex and said she would check us out with cum all over the panties. She also said we have an interesting reputation at VS and she is not the only clerk that wants to fuck both of us.”

My cock jumped to attention. Chelsea said, “I’m glad that thick cock of yours is happy to see me. Both you and Jessie will be happy I’m here. At least I’m going to do my best to give both of you a very special level of pleasure.”

The three of us put our new panties on and offered each other a few compliments. Both my wife and Chelsea complimented my thick cock in the new panties. I told Jessie her big tits looked so beautiful. I told Chelsea her ass looked so tight, firm and fuckable.

It wasn’t long and both Chelsea and Jessie were rubbing my panty covered ass and cock. They sucked my nipples at the same time one with her hand on my cock, the other with her hand on my ass. I was on fire.

Chelsea stepped away and stepped into a strapon. I kneeled down and kissed and licked it. Jessie joined me and licked her big black strapon. Chelsea said, “Who wants me to fuck them first.”

Jessie said, “Fuck my pussy while Jason works my nipples and after some fun, Jason can fuck my ass for a little DP. I love having two cocks in me so much.”

Jessie knows the best position for double penetration and literally ran to the bedroom. I played with Jessie’s big tits and nipples while Chelsea fucked Jessie. I put on a condom so I could put my cock in both Jessie and Chelsea after I fucked Jessie’s ass.

Jessie was going wild with pleasure with the DP and she played with her own clit. She was moaning quickly and started screaming, “Fuck me, fuck me hard. I love it. I love it. Fuck me in my ass and cunt.”

After Jessie had several orgasms I moved behind Chelsea, removed the condom and stuck my cock deep into her pussy. We moved our hips together. I fucked her and she fucked Jessie in rhythm. Jessie moved so Chelsea was bent over the bed and I was fucking her. Jessie had her pussy in Chelsea’s face. Chelsea ate Jessie and fingered her clit at the same time while I fucked Chelsea.

Jessie had her orgasm and moved behind me. She had slipped her pink strapon with black cock on and lubed my ass. She got in me easily. She fucked me while I fucked Chelsea.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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