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You sit in the bar, waiting for your husband, he is late as always, he has been caught in the traffic jam, he says. You don’t believe him, for you like to speculate, you like to wonder, and it turns you on. You order your first drink of Margarita and take a sip as your mind wanders.

He is probably with his secretary, you think, her mouth wrapped around his thick, delicious cock. You are beginning to get wet already, yes, probably that is how he started it, invited her to suck his dick, and then later he would throw her on the desk, her face down, her ass on the edge of the desk as his thick rod pierced through her pussy, dripping wet pussy.

Nah. You say to yourself, he would go for that blonde, she was too conservative, small fry to arouse him. He like women of power, women who showed some intellect, someone who could challenge his authority and he could subdue them, make them his with the ramming of his cock till they submitted to him.

Perhaps he was with his boss, that brunette who you thought was so bloody hot and sexy, even though a little old. But even at fifty she could eat any teenage pussy alive, wrap them around her finger and fling them across the galaxy.

Yes. You say to yourself, more because the image of them together is more arousing than the earlier one. More challenging. Slowly you build a story around it, how they got together, probably she asked him to write a bried she neded for the court the next day. As usual he wrote one in no time, his mind on meeting his wife for a drink in town.

He stared at her tits, she had magnificent tits, you would love to stare at those tits, watch them become exposed to naked eye as they were becoming to your husband right now. You imagine, the nipples were thick and hard, you imagine his lips around them as she throws her head back in ecstasy, you want to imagine your lips around that magnificent Ulus Escort nipple, your hand cupping it.

You know his cock is hard by now, it is throbbing in the pants, in his boxers. The brunette, that magnificent brunette is reaching for it, somehow she is all naked. You are so aroused that you don’t care for the niceties of storytelling, you jump right into the erotic parts. She has placed a leg on the desk, leaning back on her swivel chair. Her pussy is just as you imagined it would be, thick red lips, the hood revealing her clitoris. You take another sip of the drink and almost choke, you are that aroused.

His kisses bring him down to his knees, his mouth wraps around pussy. You are actually making love in proxy, you can taste the pussy juice, you can taste the tangy womanliness of her cunt. He inserts one finger in her, and she cries. It is your finger in her and your lips now wrapped around her clitoris. He rises, and you rise too. There are split scenes going on in the theatre on your mind. He is fucking her, on the left and simultaneously you are fucking her in the right side of the giant seventy millimetre screen. You have a strap on, the part of which is buried in your own cunt, the new fangled one. He mounts her, he has spread his legs out and he rams into her as you ram into her.

Her as you finish your drink you order one more and a man, handsome, dashing comes over, a glass in his hand.

“Can I buy the lady a drink?” He asked his voice sultry, suave.

You like his smell, he is wearing a perfume that you can’t place, but one that arouses you even more than he is aroused. And you nod. But with the cinema going on in your brain, you are flirty, you bait him, use double entendre, you goad him along. And after the fourth drink the picture in your mind has changed, on the left side of the screen is still your husband fucking the fucking Üniversiteli Escort hot brunette. On the right side you are on the table and this man, his pants down to his knees is deep inside you.

Out of impulse you say, come.

You take his hand and walk towards the washrooms, not the one nearby, the ones at the far end, by the garden. You know hardly anyone uses this one. You taking him in, into the ladies room, it has a bugger sink, a bigger counter. He is a little hesitant, he is reluctant as you close the door and turn the latch on.

You see the look on his face you laugh, and your hand swiftly works his pants and it falls to his knees, nice Gucci pants. You pull down the bright red boxers and you take his half aroused cock and coo over it. The picture is still running in your mind, the right side is now blank; you are in the picture here. You take his cock in the mouth, you like the uncut cock, the feel of the foreskin in your mouth, you hum over it and he groans, all reluctance flying out with the groan as his hand comes down on your head and he guides you.

You suck his cock, your eyes misty with lust. You rise up and hodling his tie you lead him to the few steps where the sink and the large slab of marble is and you raise your butt on it. He takes the cue, he wants put his cock in and you shake your head, you grab his hair and lead him to your pussy.

He pushes aside your panties, and he slurps you, you moan. You like being eaten, you love being eaten, just for a moment the though of the brunette come by, the scene on the right flashes up, it the brunette eating you and your moan gets louder. The man rises.

You turn around and place on leg on the sink your pussy lips part, red and wet and he takes. You shiver at the first thrust, your legs a little weak, it feels good, it always feels good to feel a cock especially Yenimahalle Escort a new cock inside that hot cunt.

He is ramming you and you close your eyes. Shut tight as the first orgasm begins to build. You moan, you gurgle as he keeps ramming in you, he is breathing hard, his hands have lifted your dress up, snaked to the tits under the black bra and he is kneaded your tits as he fucks you. You cum hard as he pinches your nipples and you feel his cock hardening inside your pussy, you slam your ass into his crotch. He groans, you moan as he spurts his semen into you. Hot thick wads of cum. You lay your head on the cold marble of the sink top as he rams on till his cock is soft and pops out. He leans forward.

“Thank you pretty lady, that was some fuck.”

He walked out of the bathroom and you quickly go into a a empty stall, just in time for a woman to open the door and walk in. You sit on the toilet bowl, letting his cun drip into the the water below. You light a cigarette and take a drag.

You make up, touch up your lipstick and straighten your dress and walk out of the bathroom, nonchalantly.

Just as you sit on the table and take a sip of your half empty drink, your husband drops into the chair in front you.

“Sorry darling.” He smiles.

“It is okay.” You reply. “All is well.”

He sniffs the air. “You been fucking haven’t you?” He grins and then looks around. He spots the man, sitting with a drink and going typing in his phone. “That one?”

You nod.

“You slutty bitch!” He laughs.

“Why were late?” You ask.

“You have a vivid imagination my dear, so I let you imagine it.”

“The boss?”

He shakes his head.

You frown, who could it be? You fish for a clue.

“I stopped at a clinic on the way to drop a file.” He grins.

“Her, not her. Really.” Your eyes go wide. And your imagination whirrs. As you race home later, your mind is running another seventy millimetre movie, and this one is in Technicolor, you can’t wait to get home, become her, and take him on the stairs.

Who the fuck has the time to open the door, climb all the stairs and reach the bed?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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