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You Series Pt. 01: The Massage

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You sat in the office with your back to me with your hair in a messy bun and your glasses on, eyes switching between a notebook and something on the screen. I came up behind you, set my elbows on the back of the chair and leaned over with my chin resting on your head and I squinted to read what was on the screen. I said “this is work crap.” and you sorted of just mmm’d a confirmation and went on clicking and reading and I grunted lifted myself off of the chair/your head. I spun the chair around, took the notebook out of your hand and when you opened your mouth to yell at me for interrupting i just glared at you hard and you shut your mouth. There was some light conversation I forget the words but basically you said you really had to finish this up, and I said you look stressed take a break and you said you couldn’t and I said tough shit took you, and stepped around the office chair.

I rolled you into the office chair, and there was this really big chase lounge chair I unceremoniously dumped you into. You struggled half-heartedly while I held you in place long enough so that I could sit behind you. I wrapped my arm around your waist and scooted back, dragging you with me, until I had my back against the backing of the lounge with you positioned between my legs. You were still mumbling complaints until my powerful fingers sunk into the flesh of your neck. My fingers worked your sore and tense muscles with a handful of quick and strong pumps; you took in a sharp breath and let it out in a soft and quiet moan. I smiled dropped my hands to your back and pushed you forward and up.

“Alright, that should be good,” I said with a smile, as you turned to look down at me. “Get back to work.” I slapped you on the ass and my eyes lingered to watch it jiggle before looking back up at you.

You didn’t look too pleased and as I started to get up myself you pushed me back down, and then sat back in between my legs, this time much closer. You glared at me through the corner of your eye took my hand comparatively larger hands in yours and set them on your neck. I gave it a couple of half-hearted rubs and you elbowed me softly in the ribs.

“Get to work,” you said in a serious tone, but the smile crooking the corner of your mouth gave you away.

I smiled a little wider and began massaging your neck once more, my hands moving automatically and methodically, kneading, massaging, and rolling the tense muscles of your neck. Every now and then I could feel your pulse quickening as a hand brushed against your throat. I leaned forward and pressed my large, soft lips to your ear and whispered heavily into it, “I told you needed a break.” My smile returned as I felt the shiver run through your body and the flesh beneath my fingers turn goose. I bit my lip as every one of my senses took in the reaction of your body to my touch and my voice. You scooched further into me pushing your small, but deliciously plump rump into my crotch and it took everything I had to keep myself from going hard, my hands paused in their massaging as I fought for control. You groaned in protestation and I began the massage once more, soon you had your back against my chest and I could feel every breath you made and every pound of your heart. The position made massaging your neck awkward, but feeling your body against mine, well made up for that and we sat there like that for a moment until I let my hands fall from your neck, set my forehead against the nape of your neck and watched my hands pull the hem of your blouse from beneath your business skirt. I rolled the hem up slightly and I felt it as you sucked in another sharp breath in anticipation, one hand slipped beneath to rest on the small of your back as the other continued collecting more and more cloth until I could fully see your tattoo, my free hand began to trace the lines of it, once, twice, and three times before I let my other hand drop and I took you by the sides in both hands and worked my thumbs, hard, into your spine at the small of your back. My hands and thumbs worked their slow way up your spine and I pulled my head back up to place my lips at your ear.

“I love the feel of your skin beneath my hands, you know that?” again my whisper was breathy and low, my lips brushing the edges of your ear as they form the words.

I could see the goosebumps rise once again. My hand reached as far up as the cloth of your blouse would allow them. I let them rest for a moment before I pulled them away and your blouse fell back down to your waist, now wrinkled. I reached around you with one hand grasping the your side with my forearm firmly pressed against your ribs just below your breasts, I pulled you in against my once against and felt the reverberations of your mmmm more than I heard them. I released your and my hands found the top button of your blouse, I set my chin at the crook of your shoulder and your neck and looked down at my hands as they slowly unbuttoned your blouse, revealing more and more of your cleavage. The whole time I whispered empty words neither of us would remember until my hands finished their job and I slowly pulled the blouse from your body and tossed it to the akyurt escort side casually. My hands found your sides once more, down by the small of your back and with a quick and strong movement I pushed your forward enough to comfortably continue massaging the whole of your back, my hands sinking into your flesh as if I were molding warm clay, and for a time I was as lost in the work as any sculptor.

In the next moment I could feel you pushing your ass against me once more, but because I had lost myself in giving you the massage I was no longer actively controlling my body and you pushed into my erection. Instead of pulling away you grinded into it, forcing a groan from my lips at the sound you turned and smiled knowingly at me.

“Took you look enough,” you said a touch of reproach in your tone.

I didn’t reply, I took hold of you once against and pressed your back back into me. You squeaked in surprise at the quickness of it but settled back into me smiling, and you began to work your hips once more, grinding your ass into my erection, my lips buried themselves against the flesh of your neck, my tongue snaking out for an instant. My hands squirmed their way in between your back and my chest to find the clasp of your bra and deftly unclasped it one hand pulled the bra away and you gasped as the cooler air rolled over your hard nipples. My warm hands grasped your breasts almost immediately and they began to massage them in the place of your neck and your back. Your breath came in gasps, sometimes ragged, sometimes deep, and sometimes breathless as I methodically massaged them. I occasionally pinched or squeezed a nipple. Your grinding became more insistent.

I could feel one of your hands creeping down my side, I tracked it in my mind until the pressure of your ass against me was released and your hand grasped my hard on through my pants. I smiled as you stroked it and then that hand let go and worked its way towards the button of my pants. I didn’t give you a chance. I shoved you forward; you let out another surprise squeak and fell forward on the chase. I stood and you turned your side slightly to look up at me, my erection pitching a tent in my pants. Your eyes looked from my face to it hungrily and I shook my head.

“No, not yet,” I said.

I pulled your legs back so you were laying full out on your stomach then I straddled your thighs and leaned forward, set one hand on the cushion to support my weight and the other to hold you down as I set my lips to the small of your back. I began placing slow and deliberate kisses all the way up your spine until I reached the nape of your neck and my erection as digging into your ass once more. I pushed my lips to you ear and whispered “I know you want it, but you’re just going to have to be patient. I’m not done with the massage just yet.” You shuddered in response and I pulled down I placed another kiss on the side of your throat, but instead of pulling away to continue massaging you like you expected I sank my teeth deep into the flesh of your neck, my tongue flicked across the skin in my mouth. You sucked in a ragged gasp of pleasure. I let go and your breath escaped at the same time. I kissed the fresh bite mark. Then I bit you again in the exact same spot. Again, you sucked in a ragged gasp. I let go and this time your breath came out in a moan.

I pulled away, pushing myself up straight and my hands began massaging your back once more. They worked their way up your back and to your neck, where I spent some time before letting them wander down once again, this time when they came to your skirt, they fumbled for the zipper at the back and when they found it they slipped it down. I lifted myself off of you to shimmy your skirt down your hips and then slowly peeled it off of your ass revealing a black g-string. When the skirt reached a certain point you lifted your hips and ass into the air and putting your weight on your knees as it slid down your thighs, giving me the splendid view. My cock throbbed in response. I couldn’t keep myself from burying my face into your ass, my lips pressed against the wet cloth separating your pussy from the cool air and my tongue. You giggled and I sucked in deeply savoring the cloying smell of your sex.

I put my hands on your hips and pushed you back down; I pulled your skirt down to your ankles and then off over your heels. I stand up completely, drop the skirt in the pile with the rest of your clothes and leave the room; I come back and smile as you pout at me. I hold up a bottle of baby oil and you raise your eyebrows and your smile flashes at me, my gut clenches for the briefest of seconds.

“What do you plan on doing with that?” you asked me, that knowing smile stirring the cage of butterflies in my stomach.

“I told you, I’m gonna finish my massage.”

You prop yourself up on your elbows and crook your finger at me. I make me way to you but before I can climb back onto the chase and begin oiling up your fantastic little booty you grab my pant leg and pull me in front of you. You pushed yourself up to your knees and pulled me closer to altındağ escort your, my erection directly in your face. You lean forward and bite the shaft of my cock through my pants teasingly, looking up at me.

“I told–” I began but you cut me off.

“I know, I know, but you’re still all dressed up, I want to even the odds a little.”

I chuckle as your work at the button of my pants and then you unzip them. You let my pants fall to my ankles and I step out of them, your grab the hem of my boxerbriefs but I quickly grab your hands and shake my head. You roll your eyes at me and I let go of your hands. One of your hands cups my balls and the other begins stroking the shaft of my cock through the fabric of my boxers and I oblige you as I grab the hem of my shirt and pull it up and over my head. I drop it to the ground and then, reluctantly pull away from your stroking. You pout again, but I just push you back onto your stomach, straddle your legs, and pop open the top of the baby oil. I let a long stream of the oil dribble down onto each cheek of your well-formed ass and I put my hands back to work, rubbing the oil into your skin. The oil has an immediate and devastating effect on your skin, causing your skin to shine alluringly. I am forced to bite my tongue and massage your ass, my fingers push deep into the flesh, and I pull, grope and occasionally let a finger brush against your pussy as the rest of them go by. I can hear your stifled moans and I keep the ass massage going, though my fingers brush up against your pussy more and more frequently until they abandon the massage all together. I place firmly against the mouth of your pussy and move them, gently, from side to side in quick motions. You gasp at the touch, despite the cloth dulling the sensation, and your moans come more often as I put more and more pressure against you. My thumb came up and swiftly found your clit through the fabric and followed the motion of my hand. A full moan escaped your lips and the throbbing in my cock intensified. You pushed yourself into my fingers and I forced myself to stop, with the same two fingers I grabbed the g-string at the crotch and pulled it away and down to your knees.

The sight of your sopping wet pussy forced me to bite down, hard, on my tongue. I placed my thumb on your clit again and moved it in a circular motion, my eyes never leaving the lips of your pussy and you moaned. I slid my thumb up and pushed it inside of you with almost no resistance. You gasped in pleasure and I pulled the thumb free and put it to work on your clit once more. After a moment I pulled my thumb away and rubbed two fingers up and down the mouth of your pussy firmly and quickly and just when you were least expecting it I plunged them as deep into you as they would go. Another sharp gasp and I pumped them in and out of you. You began to moan freely. I kept pumping them within you in quick motions, enjoying the sensation of them being enveloped in your warm, tight, and oh so wet pussy.

Just as your moaning was reaching new heights, I pulled my fingers free and promptly put them into my mouth. The taste of you was fantastic. After a brief moment you flipped over onto your back to see what was up and when you saw you frowned slightly, but I could see the glitter of arousal in your eyes.

“That’s no fair,” you said, mock petulance in your voice.

I pulled my fingers from my mouth and smiled. “You wanted a taste?” I asked.

You gave me the slightest of nods in answer.

Without hesitating I grabbed you from behind the knees and lifted you up, I swiftly switched grips, wrapping my arms around your thighs and pulling your pussy to my face. I felt your hands at the band of my boxerbriefs once again, but you couldn’t get them off, because of the way I was sitting and I didn’t help you. Instead, I pressed my lips against your pussy, opened my mouth and fit it around your hole, my tongue sunk into you. The taste of you was fantastic. I twirled my tongue and pulled it back into my mouth and gave your pussy a hard suck, vacuuming you sopping wetness into my mouth and then I promptly let your ass drop back to the cushion of the chase. Now you frowned in confusion until I grabbed your waist and pulled you against me, your legs wrapping themselves around me. I leaned down, so very slowly a mischievous smile on my wet lips, I was making sure to press my hardon, struggling at the confines of my boxerbriefs, hard against your pussy. Our stomachs met, and then your breasts were against my chest, my hand snaked out grab the back of your neck and head and pulled you into a deep kiss, our lips colliding and our tongues wrestling. I could feel the shudder go through your body and you mmm’d against my kiss, the reverberations tickling my lips and I had to pull away for a moment to keep from laughing. You began moving your hips, grinding your pussy against my hard on. I kissed you again the taste of your sex on our tongues; you bit at my lip and pulled away teasingly.

I pulled your head to the side and pushed my mouth to your ear once more, my breath heavy as I press my Ankara Anal Yapan Escort hard, throbbing, cock against you with a thrust of my hips. I whispered “You want it?” words didn’t make it past your throat; you just moaned softly and nodded, grinding against me more insistently. My tongue flicked against your earlobe and then I took it in between my teeth I nibbled, and pulled and rolled the flesh between my front teeth, waiting patiently for the goosebumps to raise once again. Our lips met in another rush, deep and hungry. The lingering flavor of your pussy still on my tongue. After a long breathless moment I pulled away, I disentangled your legs and stood long enough to grab your waist and flip you back onto your stomach and to remove my boxerbriefs. I straddled your legs and leaned forward my chest resting against your back and my mouth against your ear, breath heavy, hungry. You mmm’d again and arched your back, pushing your ass up and against my cock; you could feel the warm length of my slip against your oiled skin. Before I had a chance your hand slipped in between your thighs and wrapped itself around my cock, you steadied it and pushed the head of it against your pussy the, the warm and wet sensation clouding my mind and as you pushed back onto it, I thrust my hips, plunging into you all the way to the base. I gasped in your ear and you moaned, I pulled back with an agonizing slowness until only the head of my cock was inside you. I thrust again, more powerfully this time, my cock reaching deeper inside of you.

I sank my teeth into the flesh of your neck and held myself still for a moment, impatiently you began working your hips and I had to reach down with my hand and pin your hips down on the cushion, I closed my eyes and gained control. When I was satisfied I had complete control I let go of you, supported my weight on the cushion once again, pulled back, and thrust into you. I let go of your neck and pushed my mouth against your ear once again. I pulled away slowly each time, only to hammer the length of my cock down into you, forcing the air from your throat in breathless moans. I set the rhythm and pace and you followed my lead pushing yourself into my every thrust, our flesh met in soft wet squelches, my labored breath heavy in your ear, you snaked a hand beneath yourself to rub at your clit. I could feel your pussy tightening, and clenching and the sopping wetness turn to soaking, my cock slipping in and out of you with more ease. I pulled away from your ear to bite your neck again picking up the pace, but continually hammering my cock into you never letting up, and when I heard your shuddering gasp as an orgasm came crashing, the walls of your pussy clenching tighter. I pushed even harder, pumped even faster, your breath caught in your throat in a silent moan and I felt your hand freeze in its motion and so I replaced it with my own, working your clit vigorously as I pounded your pussy stretching the one orgasm into two and three I only slowed my pace when I was sure your orgasm was over. You lay there motionless for a long moment as I continued to pump myself in and out of your super sensitive pussy.

One of your arms reached around and you pulled my head down as you turned our lips meeting for brief and hungry kisses, pausing only long enough to catch a short breath. We continued like that for a long and heavy moment, then you broke away, and pushed me up and back until you could turn around, my cock falling out of you. You pushed my back against the back cushion of the chase, you followed after me pressing your breasts to my chest, your lips against mine, our tongues danced and you grasped the base of my cock once more. You straddled me and then slowly lowered yourself down, the head of my cock sliding into you with no resistance, and then you slid all the way down the shaft until the full length of me was inside you, you pulled away , set your forehead to mine and looked down, pulling your chest away from mine in order to see. You braced yourself on my shoulders and began to rotate your hips, grinding with my cock deep inside of you. You moaned over and over, grinding and rotating, your eyes came up to watch mine every now and then and then back down to what you were doing. Our breathing was heavy again.

You lifted your hips sliding up the length of my cock only to plunge back down, you bounced up and down on my cock and I’d thrust into you as you were coming down. Hard and wet, until you grew tired and began rotating your hips again, my thumb worked its circles against your clit. I felt you clench up again and I felt the orgasm roll through your entire body, this time I let you enjoy it on your own terms, rotating and thrusting your hips in slow motion until the orgasm was over. Watching and feeling every inch of your pleasure had my cock throbbing to the point I was no longer in control of it. You noticed and began bouncing against, this time you pushed your mouth to my ear and moaned loudly into it, the sound of our skin meeting in wet slaps and the sensation of your enveloping pussy was all too much and I tried to lift you off of me, but you pushed yourself down on my dick hard, held me in place with your thighs and pinned my shoulders against the back of the chase until you were sure I wasn’t going to fight you and you began to work your hips once again and I came, hard. When it was all over you leaned against me your head resting against my chest and we breathed heavily, fighting to catch our breath.

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