Mayıs 28, 2024

Xavier Scores!

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These days, Xavier Martin couldn’t help himself from walking around the place with a BIG grin on his face. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on who you were, he was a Jamaican gentleman, in the finest tradition of that phrase, and so when his friends asked him why he was so pumped, he wouldn’t tell them a thing. The truth was that Xavier Martin, one of the biggest nerds on the campus, had landed himself a date with his dream girl.

Despite her name, or probably because of it, Xavier had not been able to find out which since he tread very carefully where she was concerned, Holly Ivey was a smart little addition to the first year MSc students, who was majoring in quantum physics. She looked like a young Halle Berry though, and so with two strikes against her peers taking her seriously, she kept a straight face, and had a cold, standoffish manner. As Xavier found out though, when he stayed back to help her to grapple with an extra credit assignment, in the lab late one evening, she was a very shy, down-to-earth girl. She warmed to him, considerably, after he tried out his quantum physics knock-knock joke on her, and he laughed at her Little Johnny, Planck constant joke, in return.

As an undergraduate student, Xavier had completed his degree without dating even once! He was overjoyed that this changed during his Master’s, but that had only been a one-time event, since the girl in question was only after the answer key to an exam in the course that he had been tutoring at the time. In only two months, he would defend his doctoral thesis and he wanted desperately to do better than any of his friends in this department. For some reason that was unknown to the lot of them, none of them had managed to score even once. At twenty-six, though he had won many a scholarship and breezed through many a prestigious internship, and though he was a genuinely nice guy, and even though, remarkably, he looked like a tad-too-skinny Taye Diggs-in-glasses lookalike, he had still not manage to get laid; and he wanted to round out this aspect of his education before he left his student years behind him.

Given his previous experience with women on his campus though, he had not wanted to go out with Holly even after she invited him for a cup of coffee, to thank him for his kindness. It was only three months later, after he had been charged with presenting the David Bardeen prize to the final year undergraduate student with the highest aggregate score for the previous year; and he read the citation accompanying her award, that he recognised what sort of student she really was, and regretted declining that cup of coffee with what he had come to believe was a female version of himself. It was an inauspicious start, to say the least.

Things were a little awkward after that, because it seemed that, like him, Holly was a girl who didn’t make the same mistake twice, and although polite whenever they met in the department, he could not say that she was friendly toward him, after their first evening. It seems that like everyone who had misjudged him, he was guilty of the same thing in judging her. He realised later, that he had not even thought to question the fact that she had been doing an extra credit physics project that night, and that his help, now that he thought about it, hadn’t really been necessary!

It was all water under the bridge now though, since she had agreed to go out with him for dinner on Friday. It had taken some doing on his part. He did not relish being rejected again, and he had to admit to himself that if anyone had spoken to him the way that he had spoken to Holly then he would have fantasized strongly about hurting them badly. His thoughts would have remained fantasies it is true, but he would have been determined never to like them again.

He cringed at having to admit to himself that he had been rude in telling her that he wasn’t for sale. It made him want to avoid her and to have her leave the school so that he could just forget about his mistake. Having her there and unwittingly tormenting him in his dreams were gut-wrenching. Despite this, he psyched himself up to face the music, took a deep breath, rehearsed his dignified exit when she insulted him as he deserved and presented himself to her. It had been difficult to swallow his pride, admit to her that he had been wrong, and invite her for a meal to make-up for brushing her off like that after her invitation for the coffee. Turangüneş Escort He didn’t go into details, but he explained that he had had a previous bad experience and that he was hasty in judging her. He apologised.

Holly had been startled by his apology, to say the least. She had looked at him appraisingly for a while; saying nothing. Eventually, she smiled graciously, told him that it wasn’t necessary to take her to dinner; that she understood about the student who had tried to trick him, and that the apology was quite enough. She excused herself, and was just about to get up to leave when Xavier pulled out his piece-de-resistance, his ‘Watt is love? Baby don’t hertz me’ line.

Holly had actually laughed, explosively, at his unexpected, corny joke; and Xavier could not believe how beautiful she was when she let herself go a little. He grinned back at her, completely captivated by her smile, and by the twinkle that lingered in her eye when she looked at him. He felt an overwhelming urge to kiss her and to adjust the sudden tightness in his jeans, but he managed to control these impulses. Somehow, lunch for the next hour at Pages had never been so pleasant before.


Dinner at Akbar’s was nice. They had hit it off well, and had a lot to chat about, their mutual acquaintances in the department giving them much fodder for animated gossip as a start, but this segued into discussing their ideas about the place for physicists in the world and the bright future that they had at the university if they could only finish their research. It surprised them both that they had not met before that night. It turned out that since Xavier had eschewed human contact for the past year in order to finish his work on time, and successful, was in the final stages of his writing, he had not been around much since the time that she had transferred to the university to complete her undergraduate degree. She had been vague about why she had left her old school three years into her programme at UTech to come to UWI; and Xavier, sensing a bit of drama, did not want to pry.

Eventually, though it was time to take Holly home and Xavier helped her out of the restaurant so that they could walk the two hundred metres down the street to catch a taxi. They did not see when a man emerged from the shadows to their left. He stank of rum, and held something in his hand.

“I want that,” the man said, menacingly.

Xavier and Holly just looked at him, uncomprehending.

“Give me your watch and your wallet,” the man demanded, annoyed; his voice rising dangerously.

“W-what?” Xavier stammered.

He could not believe that he was being held up during his date with Holly! To his credit, he had the presence of mind to pull her behind him so that she wouldn’t have to stare down the man from close range.

“Just give it to him, please, Xavier!” he heard Holly plead from behind him as she threw some money over his shoulder at the man. He chucked his watch and wallet at the man, and stepped back, pushing Holly behind him, firmly. When they got a few metres down the road and Xavier saw that the man had apparently lost interest in them, and was just picking up their money from the street, he whispered to Holly to run. She turned and fled, and Xavier was just behind her. He turned the corner down the street but peered back just in time to see the man lift the package in his hand to his head and take what looked like a long drink.

He stopped running and called out to Holly that they were safe after all.

“I think he’s going to blow our money on alcohol!” he said, disgusted. “I don’t think he’s armed. We could go get our money back.”

“Forget him! Let’s go home,” she said.

“Naw man! We can’t just let him get away with this! We should a least tell the police! He’s going to blow our money on alcohol and probably drugs! We can’t let him get away with that!”

“You don’t know for sure that he doesn’t have a knife or that he won’t throw stones at us,” Holly argued, reasonably.

Xavier was working himself up into a temper, angry at this display of his impotence in front of this beautiful woman. He was so angry that he wanted to cry, but he reasoned that that would have been the worst thing that he could do.

“And besides,” he said running out of steam, at last, “he’s just got the last of my money. I can’t afford a Türbanlı Escort taxi and my roommate’s not there to spot me the money if we just take one now; sorry.”

What happened next was unexpected. Holly laughed! At first Xavier cringed. Then he realised that she was holding on to him for support, and that she was giggling, uncontrollably, between fits of laughter. He began to laugh too. Could it be possible that this girl was so cool? Xavier decided that she really was, when smiling at him, she linked her arm into his, and leaned against him, exhorting him to walk her home.

This time, Xavier didn’t fight the impulse to kiss her. He did so many times during their walk back to her townhouse. It was well over two hours later when they reached Holly’s townhouse complex. They had strolled, arm-in-arm, the entire way. She lived with three other girls in rented accommodations in Mona Heights, near the UWI Campus. Xavier had wanted to enjoy her company a little longer; hear her giggle again, and feel her feet nestle against his in the grass in the park across the street from where she lived. She had begun to tire though and had had to take her shoes off for the last bit of their trek.

Their date had been a disaster. Not only had they been robbed but they had also had a run in with a security guard when they had tried to stop for a few minutes to rest.

“You two have to move away from here,” the guard had said. “I don’t want you loitering in the plaza.’

Xavier grabbed Holly’s arm and pulled her away before she realised that the guard thought her a prostitute and him her client. It had been an embarrassing episode but all the more so because he could not get the image out of his head of himself holding her down over one of the planters in the parking lot, and fucking her.


Xavier found himself spending so much time with Holly and thinking about her even when he was not actually with her that he had to ask for a six month extension for the submission of his thesis. He was philosophical about this as he stroked Holly’s hair, gently as she lay next to him on the bed. The time during which he had known her had been an education for him as he had wanted it to be. That it was also an adventure was a boon. He had always been confident about his ability to do great things because of his intellect, but with Holly in his corner he felt a strength that he could not explain. He only knew how addictive it was to feel whole, a part of a strong unit.

Xavier snuggled up behind Holly and put his arm around her, protectively. He let his hand rest just under her breasts, and held her close. When she didn’t pull away from him, he pressed his hard-on against the crack of her ass, just a little. He was surprised when the girl leaned into him, making him even harder. Despite the fact that they had been dating and sleeping together for five months it was a surprise to him that she was there. He found that he always wanted to hold her close, despite the fact that he didn’t want her to think him either desperate, or a pervert, and bolt. He remembered the first time that he had touched her like that. He had even planned to deny rubbing up against her, if she had protested.

He buried his nose in her hair and sniffed to get more of her scent, and to mark the moment; a habit that he had formed since meeting her. They had had many special moments and he wanted to remember them all. Holly stiffened.

“Did you just smell me?” she asked.

‘Yes,” Xavier confessed reluctantly, preparing himself mentally, again, for rejection. Surely, even Holly couldn’t tolerate this much of his foolishness. He let go of her.

Holly giggled.

“Well?” she asked.

“Well, what?”

“How did I measure up?” she asked amused. “Am I closer to a bunch of roses or to engine oil?”

Xavier laughed, relieved.

“You’re great!” he whispered. “I just can’t get over the fact that you’re here with me!”

Holly turned in his arms and offered her slightly-open mouth to him. He kissed her, willingly, his tongue exploring her mouth before he became playful and kissed her forehead as if she were a little girl; and all over her face. He brushed the hair behind her ear and licked the tip of her nose. He cuddled her protectively.

It was Friday, their usual night to be together, a macabre homage to their first disastrous date. Holly had Ukraynalı Escort graduated from being with Xavier into the wee hours of Sunday morning, to remaining with him long past the rising of the sun. He always wanted to give her some early Saturday morning pleasure before life began to set in for the weekend. Then he would kick her out of bed good-naturedly to get them both going since they each had things to accomplish, none of which would ever happen with him snuggling deep between her tits; a thing that they both seemed to love spending time doing.

This morning was different though. Xavier did not want Holly to leave him for the day. His annoyance was with his thesis, for not being finished so that he could spend guilt-free time with her.

“Come back to bed, darling,” he murmured. “Hum some tunes to me. You know the ones I like.”

He kissed her deeply and then, more gently before the playful tickling began as Holly hummed some of the love songs that they had learned together by having the radio on for company as they cuddled after each of their sessions together. It was part of Xavier’s moment-marking, a thing that they were both beginning to love.

“Play with my castanets, while I play with your bongos,” he teased, grinning as Holly rolled her eyes at his terrible joke. “Let’s make some music, baby!” he persisted.

He reached over and palmed her breast, taking its weight and lowering his head to kiss and suckle her erect nipple. He let it go, giving the nipple a last lick and admiring how the nub glistened with his saliva. He grinned at her.

‘I won’t ever find work as a stand-up comedian, but you love me anyway, don’t you?’ he sighed.

He rolled on top of her and pushed her hair out of the way so that he could gaze at her face again before he rubbed his nose against hers. His leg forced a space open between her legs and he nestled down, allowing his cock to rest in the slick moisture of her open pussy lips. He rocked back and forth teasing her clit with his hard member, humming tunelessly back at her.

Then a wave of realisation of how much he was beginning to fall in love with her swept over him, and he paused to look at her again.

“Come,” he said gently, and kissed her again. “I need you.”

Holly smiled at him and opened her legs wider, allowing him to enter her.

Xavier reached down and guided his erect cock toward her tight opening. He placed it at the entrance, savouring the moment when he would enter her, as he had done on all of the previous occasions when they had made love. It was something that never became stale for him, the wonder at being with a warm-blooded woman in this way.

Holly shifted impatiently, and Xavier bore down on her, entering her with one slow, deep stroke. He pulled out slowly and pushed back in, just as deliberately, enjoying the groans of the woman beneath him. He kept doing this, undulating his pelvis as he had learned from his favourite porn videos.

He pushed his hand between their bodies and inserted a finger between her moist lips and tickled her clit. Holly gasped and dug her finger nails into his arm, spurring him on. He rode into, and away from her body more vigorously, having received permission to proceed. Not being quite an athlete, Xavier puffed and blew, squeezing Holly’s breast lovingly as he lay on top of her, resting his head on her chest as he took a little breather before beginning his ride again.

Holly cuddled him, and kissed his hair; and again, that wave of love swept over him again. Then he knelt between her legs and hoisted them to his shoulders, as he had seen done online so many times, so that he could enter her more deeply. He see-sawed in and out of her body for several minutes, stretching her gradually, until he felt her clamp around him, and release a flood of warm liquid around his throbbing cock as her body juddered, uncontrollably for several minutes. And the knowledge that he had caused her to have an orgasm, just as he had managed to do last night and last week and the week before that, pushed him over the edge as well. His balls tightened, and he trembled, and crying out her name, he allowed himself to be swept away in the torrent of emotion and pleasure that he still did not understand. He was still new to this, and what he lacked in finesse he made up for in enthusiasm, and so his delight in Holly was the thing that kept them coming back to each other for more.

Xavier cuddled Holly long after his orgasms subsided. He did not want to let her go, but he was sure that they would have a lifetime together in which to share their off-beat sense of humour, their successes and quirky disappointments. They were strong together and he was sure that he had made one hell of a score in finding her.

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