Nisan 2, 2023

Wild Coastal Romp

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Wild Coastal Romp
Well I just went out for a swim at the beach and A well she said she was going to stay in the apartment and go out for some sunbaking later in the afternoon.

It was a very warm late Summer afternoon and when I was out in the water I saw A walking down to sunbake and watch the surfers including myself.

She got out her towel and unwrapped her sarong and she still had a tank top on but her ass and legs were on show and I noticed some young latin blokes stopped near her and sat down. Knowing she had some young blokes near by she took off her tanktop and revealed her bikini top with her nice little tits wanting to burst out and her ass filling out her string bikini bottom. She laid on her stomach and put her ass in the air and was on all fours just for a few moments and I noticed the young guys attention was completely on.

While they were oogling her body she got out some lotion and rubbed over her cleavage and also on her legs and into her inner thigh and onto her but cheeks. The young fellows speedos began to bulge and you could see them getting large hardons which my ex would have been checking out from behind her sunglasses.

It would have started to make her pussy feel nice, warm and moist and what a tight pussy it was.

A got up to turn over onto kaçak casino her back and decided to take off her bikini top. Her tits were begging to be freed, she was starting to feel horny seeing the young blokes stretching their speedos to the brink.

Sensing I was about to finish surfing and getting all aroused from seeing the bulges in the guys speedos she got up and moved sexily back to the seaside villa we were staying in. Her ass swayed from side to side and she walked past the young men and gave them an eyeful of her nice and perky tits. She would have smiled at them as she walked past with her sunglasses on.

As she got into the villa she would have quickly got out of her bikini bottom and decided on a kinky top to wear. She was incredibly sexy bottomless and she just had a brazillian landing strip done the day before. She liked to wait standing in the middle of the living room with some heels on and bottomless waiting to see me open the door all surprised, as usually the k**s were around but this time they were staying up the road with friends I wasn’t aware were staying nearby so it was going to be one big surprise. The k**s were on the vacation with us and I had a hardon watching her strut her stuff even when I was in the surf and thinking we were casino oyna going to have to sneak a quickie in the middle of the night once the k**s were asleep.

I got back to the place we were staying and decided to get a drink. Wild Turkey and dry but as I poured the drink I heard A call out to me saying she wanted to see me urgently. I thought I was in trouble as sometimes she would get the shits if I went surfing, but when I opened the door she was wearing a hot pink bikini top and matching string bikini with mcm heels pink ones. She was looking very hot and yummy….

Immediately my cock started to get real hard and she smiled at me and said come over here honey I missed you and your cock. She bent over to let me spank her ass.

My dick started to stiffen and slowing started to expand in my swimmers and I tried to get out my shorts but she beat me to it and untied my drawstring and ripped off my shorts and my speedos covered a hard sausage whih nearly burst a hole through the material.

A then grabbed my thick hard cock and said let me suck it baby….her lips were glistening and she also had been eating chocolate and she spat some of it on the head of my cock before wrapping her fingers around it gently tugging on it while rubbing her kinky bikini panties canlı casino siteleri and whispering something about she will let me fuck her in the ass later in the evening if I can make her come multilpe times. She had bought some lube and was going to oil up her ass and anal hole later in the evening….

She then licked my cock which was getting harder and harder, then after an agonizing minute for two she started to wrap her glistening lips around my cock and slowly made some moaning sounds as she started to suck on my hard cock. She was kneeling at my feet with one hand stroking at at my cock while sucking it and the fingers on her other hand starting to rub at her pink string panties in the pussy region, before not too long she had slipped her hand under the bottom and was fingering her warm tight and wet pussy.

This went on for a while and when she sensed I couldn’t take it anymore, she stopped, turned around and went towards a seat and raised her ass towards me. She then motioned me to her to smell her behind with her panties on and then got me to untie her strings and the g-string pink thong she was wearing before fell to the floor.

It was a stunning sight, wearing pink heels, and a little bikini top but with an amazing naked ass with asshole presented for my viewing and soon for my mouth, tongue and cock’s pleasure.

To be continued… pic below is of A later that evening presenting her pussy and ass for some doggy style fucking and spanking, fingering, licking and sucking before hand….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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