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Wife Drunk in the Hotel

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Wife Drunk in the Hotel
This is a true story that happened a few months ago.
My name’s Dave I’m 52 and Sarah my wife is 51, we have 2 daughters both away at University. We have been married for 25 years and she has always been faithful to me. I however have always wanted to watch her with another man. It turns me on even thinking about it but I know there’s no chance of it ever happening. She’s a one man Woman is always her answer. So I’ve settled for taking photographs of her and posting them online to amateur sites. Sarah hasn’t lost her looks she’s blonde, 5’7, 34C boobs and 12 stone with a slight mummy belly. She pretends she isn’t interested in what other men think of her as a Woman. But I know after she reads their comments she’s always really horny.
We go away occasionally at weekends on City breaks, where I wine and dine her till she’s merry and then we fuck until the early hours. Just lately I have persuaded her to pose naked in the Hotel room windows with the curtains open and the light on low. My cock gets so hard, if she only knew the thoughts that were running through my head as she stands there with her breasts out, posing for anyone to see her like a whore touting for business at the window. But she always spoils it by darting back inside if she sees a man.
Our latest trip didn’t start too well. The Hotel was nearly full and our room was at the back of the Hotel facing the employee’s carpark. I could tell even Sarah was disappointed as she looked out of the window, seems she had started to enjoy her flashing too. We went to dinner and then onto a new Gin Bar near the Hotel. She got really drunk which is not like her at all and I had to hold her up all the way back to our room. I lay on the bed while my sexy wife stripped down to her heels, stockings a thong and the tiniest bra that barely contained her breasts. She walked over to the window and said it was a shame it didn’t face the high street as she was in the mood to tease me. She had definitely drunk too much Gin but I was enjoying it.
When she nipped to the bathroom, I looked out of the window and was surprised to see 4 or 5 young men smoking by the bins. I recognised from their uniforms that they were Hotel employees. I immediately had an idea of how to show her off in this drunken sexy state. I met her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri at the bathroom door with my silk tie and told her I wanted to blindfold her and then she could use her imagination at the window, she was up for it straight away. As I led her to the windows my excitement was unbelievable. I opened the curtains fully and positioned her in front of the window as I lay back on the bed I put some music on and she slowly started dancing, I quietly clicked the main light on. There she was, my wife, on display in her sexy underwear dancing for group of young men. She unclipped her bra and let her perfect tits fall, I love those breasts, she continued to sway while she tweaked her nipples and tossed her hair. I pressed record on my phone and told her to turn around and face the window, which she did moving closer until her tits were pressed tight against the cold glass, still blindfolded and unaware she was performing for the crowd outside. She slid her hand between her legs and started to caress her pussy, her breathing was heavy I could tell she was really enjoying herself. I stood behind her and looked out of the window she definitely had their attention. Her breathing was getting quicker she had her breasts squashed against the glass and two fingers deep inside her pussy. Her blindfold was still on as was the light, the men outside were watching my wife, fuck herself. Over the music I could hear them whistling to her, how she couldn’t hear them was beyond me must have been the gin and the arousal. Whichever it was I was now wanking and watching my wife act like a slut in front of these young men. Her lovely round ass was making a humping motion as she thrust fingers into herself. She wouldn’t last long at rate. She let out a small cry and then shivered as her orgasm rolled over her. Sarah had just fingered herself to orgasm in front of an audience and I had it all on film. I slowly removed her blindfold, open your eyes Sarah, I expected her to scream but she didn’t. Have they been there all this time? Yes, they saw everything…
Sarah had another gin cocktail and lay on the bed. I want you to tie me up and blindfold me again she said. I did as I was instructed and tied her spread eagled to the bed with spare stockings. I’ve güvenilir bahis şirketleri never seen her this aroused, her nipples were so hard she jumped as I licked them. I moved between her legs, she was so wet her juices had run down her thighs and arse I licked clean. Her clit it was so full of blood it was erect and her pussy was gaping open. Do you think I turned them on, she asked? Definitely I could hear and see them, they would of cum all over you if they could of. I got her large vibrator from the suitcase and it slid up in one go, normally it has to be lubed up and inched in. I thrust it in as deep as it would go and then nearly all the way out, she was gagging for cock. Her chest was heaving and she was panting she was humping back at the cock, do you want one of the young cocks to come and fuck you? Yes, she answered. I want one of them to fuck me bareback and cum inside me. My cock was straining it was so hard listening to my wife talking about a strangers cock, I’d waited years to hear her say those things. I slowly slipped my index finger up her arse as I sped up the thrusts on her vibrator, her back arched and she screamed to her second orgasm. She lay there whimpering her body covered in sweat I’ve never seen her cum that hard before and she’d cum imagining it was a stranger’s cock deep in her unprotected pussy.
I got up to make her another drink and realised we were out of ice. I slipped some clothes on and went down the corridor to get some. Just outside our room door I bumped into the night porter named Mark, a young lad about 19. He was a bit flushed and I recognised him straight away from his uniform. He was one of the group who had seen Sarah, my wife of 25 years naked in the window. Did you enjoy the show Sarah put on for you? He was a little embarrassed but said yes, she is such a sexy woman. I’m glad you approve, would you like to see her a little closer? He did, but was very nervous, I assured him it was ok, he’d have to keep quiet but she was blindfolded so she wouldn’t know. I opened the room door and led him inside, my heart was racing and I was that excited I had to control my breathing. Is that you Dave she called out, yes, just me. Mark walked to the bottom of the bed his mouth open wide, he looked Sarah up and down. I canlı bahis şirketleri couldn’t believe what was happening. My wife was naked with her legs spread wide her tits exposed to a total stranger. His eyes darted all over Sarah taking it all in, can I take a photo he whispered? I nodded, I couldn’t believe I was actually agreeing to this. Come and suck my nipples Dave, those young cocks have me so horny. Before I could move Mark had already approached the side of the bed a knelt down, he leaned over and took my wife’s nipple in his mouth, she moaned aloud as he sucked her erect nipple and massaged her other breast. I was now naked and wanking hard watching the most erotic thing I could ever have imagined. If only Sarah knew.
She was writhing on the bed and straining at the restraints, I want to suck your cock, she said. Mark looked over to me for approval, I was terrified, horny and full of guilt all at the same time. I nodded and started to record it on my phone. Mark dropped his trousers, his cock was slightly smaller than mine but I was just grateful it wasn’t a monster cock. He held it to my wife’s lips and they opened slowly and she took a strangers cock in her mouth. She sucked hard on his bell-end and then slowly bobbed her head up and down the length of his shaft. Straining against her restraints to control his thrusts, Mark was panting within minutes. I could tell by his momentum he wasn’t going to last long, I zoomed in with the camera just as he ejaculated, thick white semen firing into my wife’s mouth, she was struggling to swallow it all as there was so much it, it dripped out on to her heaving breasts. I was so excited I came on the spot all over the foot of the bed. Mark dressed and left the room with the biggest smile I’d ever seen. I took a few more photographs of my well fucked wife before I released her. She slept for a while as I drank a whisky and played back my videos of her acting like a true whore. God I loved that woman.
Next morning she was very embarrassed as we went down for breakfast, wondering which of the Hotel staff had seen her perform like a slut in the window and hoping no one had complained. A young porter came over and showed us to our table. He seems like a nice boy Sarah said. He is, his names Mark, I believe he’s younger than our daughters… I wanted to add that you sucked him off last night and that warm feeling in your belly is his seed. But I thought that might be too much, straight away. Mark passed me a note with his number on it and we’ve been swapping texts and photos of Sarah for a while now. We’re planning another encounter soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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