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Twin Summer Ch. 04

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Hi, my name is Sam and I have just hi-jacked this story from the Rick who made the mistake of leaving what he had written about me, Lorna and Laura open on the computer in his bedroom.

Well those nympho blonde twin cousins of mine are going to make their corrections to history after I’ve had my go.

Firstly I would like to correct a few facts about myself. Yes, I am about 5’3 and petite, with smallish breasts (32b). People do think I am younger than I am and that makes it difficult sometimes at the pub, or at the cinema. My skin is naturally pale and I still have a few (sexy) freckles on my nose. However, I am really a dark auburn colour rather than brunette and I’m actually nearer 20 than 18. Being a bit short-sighted, I also wear glasses – a nice pair of D&Gs. And as for Rick breaking my hymen, I think not. Anyone notice a lack of blood in Rick’s story? Boys can be so ignorant.

Anyway, we girls are not really annoyed with Rick for what he wrote, in fact reading it was a bit of a turn-on and, oh – um will you just excuse us a few minutes . . .

Phew! OK, concentrate. I do have to admit that Rick was my first boy, (still is my only boy), but I have had sex with a girl before and it was the first of those little adventures where that precious barrier of skin got broken. No hang on – there was a boy there too, ooh! It’s not that easy to get things in the right order, so I’ll just explain what happened then and then I’ll rewrite randy Rick’s story about that morning at the farm with the three of us.

It was the Easter holiday before my A Level exams, which is what we take to get into university in England – oh, distractions. Anyway, I went to stay with my friend Dora (adorable Dora!) who was a school chum of mine. We both had our birthday on the same day and had had a crazy joint 18th party at my parents’ place a few weeks earlier. Maybe our horoscopes made us similar which is why we got on so well.

We were very close at the Convent School, thought by our friends to be a bit of an item, but beyond friendly cuddles and girly kisses, I, for one, had never thought about doing anything more. Anyway, Dora lived in Winchester, and we had spent the day looking at the ancient cathedral and doing a bit of shopping.

I’ll start the story in the evening after supper. We had helped Dora’s Mum and Dad clear up chatted for a bit and then we went up to Dora’s room to watch TV and mess with each other’s hair. Mine is short, but rich, dark and thick and curly; Dora’s is a blonde and fine and cut just above her neck. She often put it up with a toggle, to stop it getting in her eyes.

I ought to explain that Dora lives in a big old town house which is tall and narrow. Her parents have their bedroom two floors below hers, and her brother has his room on the floor between. Her bedroom and bathroom are in a sort of attic. Dora said that it was where the servants lived in the olden days, which is why there is a door at the bottom of the staircase going up, to give the family privacy.

We had been up there about an hour when we heard the door to the staircase and Dora’s brother, Ian knocked on the bedroom door. He came in with his friend Bob who he introduced to us. It was I suppose about 10 o’clock by then. Ian was a couple of years older than Dora and both the boys smelt as if they had been drinking too much beer. I was not really interested in Ian, who I thought a bit rough. He was nothing like his sister and after a few remarks, I just ignored him. Bob though couldn’t take his eyes off Dora. He sat on the bed and tried his best to be amusing. Dora, kind of started responding with – well you know, those little looks, the lowering and the raising of the eye, the little smiles. I actually think I was getting a little jealous, so I started yawning. Ian said to Bob that they should go downstairs and watch the telly there and get another drink. Bob got up reluctantly, briefly took Adorable’s hand and said “See you later.” I didn’t really take that much notice of the remark, as its just one of those things you say.

Anyway, Dora and I started getting ready for bed. She had her own bathroom and she antalya escort suggested I had a shower. I stripped off my jeans and t-shirt and went into the bathroom. After warming the shower up, I took off my knickers and bra got in under its hot stream and shut the shower door. I got the shower gel and started to wash when there was a knock and Dora shouted if I wanted my back done. Good idea I thought. She opened the door and came in and stood behind me. She was also naked and I think it was at that moment that I first felt a little tingle of excitement.

Dora started to massage my back with the shower-gel and I really enjoyed the feeling of someone gently rubbing and massaging my back. As her hands went down, she moved them around front to my stomach and held me there for a moment. I felt her soft breasts pressing against my back. I took a little intake of breath and was aware of a warm tingling feeling building inside me.

She put more gel on her hands and now washed my stomach, working her way up towards my breasts. She was really close, just slightly pressing up against me. I suddenly realised as she moved her hands that I really wanted her to touch my breasts, but instead, her hands went down and she washed by backside instead. “My turn” she said lightly.

I turned and as I did so my nipples brushed across hers and we faced each other for a moment nipple pressed against nipple. It seemed like an accident, but the effect of her nipples touching mine was like an electric shock. I could feel myself turning red.

I haven’t really described Adorable – except to say she’s a blonde. She is small like me, maybe a ½ inch taller. Her skin is sort of honey coloured and her eyes are grey. Her face is pretty with light eye-brows, longish natural lashes and a small pert nose. Her lips are pink and thinner than mine, which are naturally red and thick. She has a slender neck and medium-sized breasts with very prominent reddish pink nipples. In fact the nipples stand out a bit like miniature teats from a baby’s bottle.

Moving down, she has a slim waist and flat stomach and nicely proportioned hips. As I am working my way down, I should mention that I did notice for the first time that night that she shaved her pubis! Well, mine is trimmed to a sort of landing strip, but the thought of a full wax is too painful to contemplate and I think I would need help shaving around the really naughty bits (I wonder if Dora had help?). Finally, her legs are beautiful and she has small feet and hands with slim wrists and ankles.

That is my adorable Dora and at that moment I was standing nipple to nipple in a hot rushing shower, turning bright red and not knowing what to do. Dora smiled a really cute smile and then turned slowly, leaving just the memory of that electric touch. She handed me back the bath-gel and said “Rub hard Sam, I love having my back done.”

Well rubbing someone’s back is an invitation to fantasise and I found myself filled with feelings of excitement that I had never felt before. I massaged her back, and then, like her, put my arms around her and started on her stomach. As I moved, my breasts rubbed up against her back and my motions became slower and slower and more deliberate. I fantasised about massaging her breasts and once or twice slipped my soapy arm over her nipples. My hands went lower than hers, nearly reaching down to her clit. I massaged her buttocks and my hands drifted down towards her crack, I wanted to put my hands between her legs. I wanted to collapse in a heap with Dora on top of me.

But I didn’t and after a few minutes I croaked out “Done!” Got out the shower and pulled a large bath-towel around me and sat on the rug beside the bath.

I needed something to distract me from these fantasies and so got up and grabbed my toothbrush from my bag. Slowly while I concentrated on cleaning my teeth, I calmed down. My heart slowed and I found my breath.

Dora got out of the shower a few moments later and I watched her in the mirror as she towelled herself down, slowly drying every part of herself and revealing every part of herself to me in the reflection. alanya escort I couldn’t stand it, so left the bathroom, grabbed my pyjamas and got into bed. There was only one bed; it was large and I hadn’t even thought about this being anything other than another sleep-over. But something inside me had changed and I wide awake and a little frightened as to what might happen.

As I lay there and Dora used her toothbrush, the door opened a little and Bob appeared. “Hi!” he said, “you girls kipping down?”

“Yes”, I replied, uncertain as to what he really wanted.

“I’m sleeping here too, on the sofa downstairs. Is Dora about?”

“Cleaning her teeth.”

“Oh.” he said, looking as though he did not want to leave.

“Shall I say goodnight for you?” I asked, wanting him away.

“OK, goodnight”, he said and closed the door.

Dora came in a moment later and with the annoying distraction of Bob, I was nearly feeling more normal again. I told her he was sleeping downstairs. She looked at me and then said with a wicked smile: “I think I’m sleeping here!”

I was lying flat on my back and she nestled in beside me on my right hand side and switched off the light. She leaned over said “Goodnight” and gave me a gentle sisterly kiss on the cheek. She then lay on her side with her head nuzzled into my shoulder.

I did close my eyes, but sleep was not anywhere near me. I was full of lots of confused feelings. My thoughts kept on going back to the touch of her nipples on mine in the shower and I could feel a growing heat and dampness between my legs. Dora’s breathing became more regular and she snuggled up closer.

She seemed to be asleep and turning gently she placed her hand, as if by accident on my stomach. I could hardly breathe. Was she really asleep? She lay quietly and her hand stayed still for a few minutes. She moved again, snuggling closer, her hand moving up and coming to gently rest on my left breast. Could this be an accident?

I could feel the heat of her hand burning through the cotton of my pyjama top. I thought two could play at this game and lifted my left hand to cover hers and pressed it gently down so my breast was cupped by her hand. She moaned quietly, but still as if asleep. My right hand was down by my side and she was pushing her pubis gently against it. After a few minutes, she rolled slightly more towards me, pushing her right leg over mine and leaving the hardness of my wrist positioned just where her clit was.

I knew now this was no accidental movement in her sleep, this was once ace seduction of beautiful little Sam by gorgeous blonde adorable Dora.

Very slowly, she moved against my wrist in order to rub her clit against it. At the same time her right hand came down, leaving my left hand covering my own left breast and she placed her wrist against my own clit which was now burning. Getting braver, I used my left hand to undo the buttons on my pyjama top and exposed my right breast to the cool of the air. Dora’s mouth was inches from my right nipple. She moved slightly and her tongue was tickling the aureole, making me gasp and judder. She pulled her wrist hard against my clit forcing my legs apart and I emitted a long low moan. My own wrist became more active, rubbing between Dora’s legs.

Dora, slowing raised herself up and taking my left hand put it up inside her top and onto her left breast. She then removed her wrist from between my legs and put her hand to her lips to moisten her fingers. Dora then put her hand down under my waistband and her fingers found my hot wet slit and gently prised my pussy lips apart. When her fingers touched my clit I nearly screamed with the electric effect of her touch. I had never felt anything like it, there was so much pleasure it was almost pain. I juddered and gasped.

“Sssh!” cautioned Dora, someone will hear. She sat up, switched on the light and took off her top revealing her beautiful erect nipples. “I want to see you.” she said. She pushed back the duvet and sat astride me, helped my off with my top and started to massage my breasts. My hands went up and belek escort I started playing with her red and puffy nipples, tweaking them with my fingers. “Let me suck them” I whispered and she brought her breasts down to my face, letting one nipple and then the next play against my lips.

I moved forward and took one of them in my mouth, feeling the texture on my tongue, tasting the sweetness and slight saltiness of her skin. It was the first time I had ever tasted anything but another person’s lips before. I do not know how long we went on like this, I remember, Dora’s hand moving back down and onto my clit and rubbing as my playing with her nipples became more and more rough, pulling squeezing, sucking, trying to get her whole breast into my mouth. She was wet with my saliva. She moved her chest down on to mine and rubbed her wet nipples against mine. She pressed herself to me and we started to kiss. First, tentatively, then her tongue played on my lips, then on my teeth and then plunged deep inside me. All the time, one of her hands was working on my clit and teasing the ever widening hole of my vagina.

Dora got off me and slowly pulled down my pyjama bottoms. As she passed back up by my now dripping slit she paused and gently prised my labia apart with her tongue and plunged her tongue inside me. Oh my, at that moment I was lost, I swam in a flood of pleasure that went deep, deep inside. I wanted to open my legs wider and wider and I wanted a cock to penetrate my cunt, but most of all I did not want the tongue to stop. She licked and drank my juices, all the time leaving one finger playing on my clit, then moving her tongue up and licking that too.

I wanted to play my part too and after a few minutes, raised myself up and pulled Dora’s head towards me. I kissed her long and deep, tasting my own juices around her mouth and on her tongue. We entwined ourselves around one another, taking pleasure in the smooth silkiness of our skins as we rubbed out bodies, our breasts and our clits together. We both moaned softly as we each explored each nook and cranny of each other’s body. I was in heaven, the world spinning around us a foreign place.

Eventually we were lying sideways-on on the bed in what I discovered later is a 69. My head was towards the bedroom door and I lay on the bed and Dora was on top. Her slit was on top of my face and her face was in my cunt, our tongues and our fingers licking and probing and all the time getting closer and closer to climax.

However, we had reckoned without Bob. How long he had been peering though the bedroom door we do not know, I hadn’t been watching it, but the next thing I know Dora beautiful open vagina is lifted up from my face and there is Bob’s great Dick thrusting deep into her dripping cunt, his hairy balls slapping about. Dora gasped with the surprise of it and, almost in sympathy, her thumb which had been probing the edges of my vagina was thrust deep within me and through my hymen. I gasped in pain, but Dora’s tongue was doing such a good job on my clit I was abandoned to the orgasm I felt welling up. Dora and I came together in a toe-curling finale.

I think Bob’s sudden entry had pushed her over the edge. I also think Bob had been wanking himself too much, or else couldn’t hold it in in his excitement, because as I spurted my juices for the first time and my inner muscles juddering in time with Dora’s, his prick came out ejaculating spunk everywhere between Dora’s legs and into my face. Still shuddering from the orgasm and suddenly fascinated by the monstrous snake above my eyes, I grabbed his dick in my mouth, felt some of his hot cum shoot inside me and the salty fishy taste on my tongue . . . and then I bit hard.

Bob’s prick left my mouth fast, He pulled up his pants and fled the bedroom with a whimper. Dora collapsed on me, cum dripping between her legs. “Nice move.” She whispered.

I decided I liked the taste of girl and I liked the taste of sperm, so I dreamily licked Dora’s cunt clean as she sleepily started to nuzzle me with her nose. Then she gasped: “Blood, oh, my gosh! Sam I’m sorry, I think I pushed too deep!”

“It’s OK”, I soothed, “far better this way than some thrusting Bob having his wicked way”.

Well that’s the real story of my first time. Next I am going to tell you what really happened when I found my twin cousins with Rick at the farmhouse.

Bye for now, love Sam

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