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Through Changed Eyes Ch. 02

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Sherry had fully expected to be the belle of the ball. It was her due. As head cheerleader, captain of the dance team and as salutatorian she was used to being the center of attention. Sherry had made sure that her choice of dress would do nothing but continue the tradition. She was therefore slightly taken aback when she realized that most of the boys were not looking in her direction. When she finally spotted her competition her heart grew cold. It was not another girl. it was a woman and the woman was her sister Constance.

Ken had the same initial reaction. He decided not to rent a limo. Even though that first kiss was so much on his mind that it displaced most all other thought, Ken was still not convinced he was not going to the prom with a friend who somewhat pitied him. Essentially he was shy and did not want to come on too strong and a limo did not feel right to him. He did borrow a late model Lincoln Town Car from a friend of his father’s. He also took out some other forms of insurance. He did not want to look like an idiot on the dance floor so he hastily arranged a few professional dance lessons. Though he did not have a great deal of time he made fairly rapid progress and felt he would be able to suitably impress Constance with his moves. Ken knocked on the door to Constance’s apartment at six p.m. sharp. Her voice, which sounded melodious to him, rang out, “Just a minute Ken. Be right there.” About a minute later Constance opened the door fully. He was momentarily speechless.

Felecia Tagle ran to pick up the ringing telephone. When she saw it was Constance on the caller I.D. she called over the din of her children to her husband, “Just go honey, It’s Constance calling and we’ve been playing phone tag for a week and a half.”

“So C, I got your message but I am not sure I believe it, do you really want to buy clothes like the kind I wear out? It is sooo unlike you.”

“Well let’s just say that I have given a guy the wrong impression and I need to be a little more obvious than usual about which direction I want things to go.” Constance responded.

Felicia laughed and said, “Oh I see how it is, when you want to dress to impress you decide to call the same friend who, when you saw what she wore out clubbing, what was it you said, was dressed like a slut. Or was it whore like. I can’t quite remember.”

“Okay, okay, I knew that you were going to throw that at me. I still don’t think I could go out ‘trolling’ for men dressed that way but to me it’s a little different if there is someone special you are trying to look good for, I mean I would not wear your stiletto thigh high boots out dancing but I would wear them to bed with the right guy.”

“You would? That is news to me dear. Here I was thinking you were the only prude in grad school and it turns out I was slightly mislead.” Felicia replied with mischief in her voice.

Constance started to reply but she was cut off. “I am just giving you a little shit. You know you deserve it. Just name a time and I will, of course, help outfit you in clothing that is a little more, as you say, ‘obvious.'”

It was nearly six o’clock and Constance was giving herself a final once over in front of a full length mirror. She passed her hand through her hair one final time to properly shake out her curls. Had anyone been watching they would have noted the perfectly manicured crimson nails combing through her locks. Constance knew that what she was wearing was going to make an impression, on Ken, on the other boys at the dance, on the men who saw he on the way to the dance and in fact on just about everybody who happened to catch as much as a glance in their peripheral vision, and for the first time she felt right about what she had termed in her friend Felecia an exhibitionist streak. She [i]wanted[/i] to be the envy of all other women tonight and more to the point she wanted Ken to feel what it was to be envied by every guy they would see tonight.

The dress was black, tight, classy yet extremely sexy. Her left arm was fully sleeved and her left shoulder was similarly covered. The neckline began at her left collarbone and slanted down diagonally, exposing the top of her right breast, leaving her right shoulder and arm completely uncovered. The dress looked like satin and due to both its tight fit and the shelf bra underneath it, her nipples showed prominently through the material. Constance had large C cups but they had never antalya escort before been so clearly displayed, nor stimulated for she found that the cloth which strained to contain her breasts also caused even the slightest touch or even a breeze to stimulate her nipples. The garment then tracked her every curve below her chest to her ass. Her ass was encased in much the same fashion as a pair of spandex pants would reveal it’s shape. Anyone looking at her from behind would clearly be able to see that she had a heart shaped ass. The skirt dropped strait down from there to her ankle, though on the thematically exposed right side of her body there was a slit that reached almost as high as her crotch, clearly revealing garter. Her crotch high hose was a slightly darker shade of black than the dress itself. Her final and most obvious concession to pure sexuality was her choice in footwear. She had chosen a pair of pumps with a heel slightly over five inches. Shoes were the one area where Constance had always leaned toward the sexy side in dress. Though she did not frequent bars in mini-dresses she often did go out in a pair of skin-tight jeans and a pair of spikes. Constance had located a pair that were dark patent leather and shined as though they were black mirrors.

She was applying a final touch of lip gloss when the doorbell rang at precisely six o’clock. “Just a minute Ken, Be right there.” she called out before giving herself a final cursory glance. As she went to the door she smiled, thinking of Ken’s reaction.

Ken’s mouth was working but no words were forthcoming. Constance had been grinning at the thought of Ken first seeing her but his reaction caused her to burst out laughing.

“Jeeze Constance, sorry. I mean……Wow, who knew?”

“I clean up better than you expected, no?” she delightedly asked as she struck a pose.

“That may be the biggest understatement that I have ever heard.” As he said this he was looking her up and down but his eyes settled where any other male, who had not had time to mentally prepare, would naturally come to a rest.

“Hey, up here Ken.” she said as she snapped her fingers in front of his eyes.

As he looked up into her face a great blush settled over his features and she laughingly said, “My God, look at you blushing. Really there is no need dear. I knowhow I look Ken.” With that she put her arms around his neck and drew them together. They were now about a foot apart and she spoke softly, “I dressed this way for you Ken. I wanted there to be no mistaking my intentions. I know that I hurt you when I first said no and I wanted to let you know that you have most certainly not, been banished into the ‘friend’ zone.”

Ken had been thinking of that first kiss for a very long time now. The second most prevalent thought was about the potential second kiss. How, when and where. At the end of the date was the most natural time, The big good bye. He know it would be torture to build up the courage throughout the date to achieve the critical mass that was the goodnight kiss.

Here, now, was an almost obvious opportunity. It took him only a second to join all of the confused thoughts seeking union in his mind. When was now, where was here, and this was how.

With her stilettos Constance and Ken stood eye to eye, in point of fact she was ever so slightly taller than he was. When she had placed her hands loosely around his neck his hands had naturally gone to her waist. He slid them around her lower back and pulled her petite frame tight against his own body. He leaned in and kissed her. He really kissed her, he softly explored her back with his hands as they kissed, she was impressed, moved and aroused. Her hands in turn made there way down his back and back up to his neck where they softly moved about. As they broke a minute or two later Ken thought it was pretty much the high point of his life, thus far.

“Wow, I figured it would take you at least a couple of hours to build up to that.” she said through a smile as she caught her breath.

“Should I have waited?” he asked only half kidding.

In answer she slid her hands off of his neck, down over his shoulders and arms and grabbed his ass, pulling them back in tight together. Just before initiating another intense kiss she said softly, “No fucking way Ken.”

In short order Sherry worked her way over to her sister. “What the fuck are you doing crashing my high kemer escort school prom Constance?” she almost hissed. “And since when did you start dressing like, like, well that?”

Just then Ken came in through the doors at the far end of the building. He spotted them and started for their position. “Oh my God, first you crash in on me looking like, I don’t know, a cross between a FOX news anchor and a pornstar and now Geekboy is heading over to probably ask me to dance, Ick.”

Sherry suddenly felt her arm being gripped strongly and her body was violently turned to face her sister. Clearly Constance was pissed about something and her voice had a hard edge to it, “Do NOT call him that Sherry. He is a great guy and the reason I am here is that I asked him to be my date.”

“Wait a minute! You asked Ken to the prom!? You’re here as his date? Dressed like that?” Sherry asked incredulously as she looked at her sister and then at the approaching Ken.

“You really need to grow up Sherry.” Constance said contemptuously as she released her sister and moved off to intercept Ken.

Sherry could not help watching Ken and her sister. She did not understand it at all. They were even dancing the slow dances together. To her it was unfathomable. The final straw was broken when when she overheard her date talking to one of his friends. “Who the hell is the super hottie and how the hell did Ken score that action?”

After the prom Ken and Constance had meant to leave but had only gotten as far as the parking lot. There was a little bit of talking going on but it was largely a kissing and fondling kind of event.

“So Ken, before you take me home I need to ask you something.”

The thought of the evening ending was devastating to Ken but nonetheless he responded, “Ask away Constance.”

“From whom did you borrow this car?”

” A friend of my dad’s. Why?”

They were still standing very close together and Constance was gently tracing circles on his chest with her fingers. “Well, I wanted to know when he expects it back?”

“He needs it by late tomorrow morning. Why do you ask?” he said regarding her somewhat quizzically.

Constance took a step back and pulled her cell phone from her small purse. “Give me you father’s friends address.”

“What, why, what are you talking about.”

She smiled and leaning in gave him a quick kiss. “Late tomorrow morning does not fit into the schedule dear. I am going to have a cab meet us and we are dropping off this car tonight. Then you are taking me home because I really, really need to suck your cock.”

Ken suddenly blushed and was again nearly speechless.

Constance was again tracing circles on his chest. “Come on Ken. Tell me that not once tonight you have pictured me on my knees in front of you. Tell me you haven’t thought of my lips forming a perfect circle around your shaft. I know you want it Ken. Say it.” she had been speaking softly and she whispered the last part.

Ken’s mind was, by now, made up largely of jell-o. Speech was more or less impossible.

Constance was charmed by both Ken’s kisses and his innocence. She delighted in teasing him all the way back to her place.

Her back was to him as she unlocked the door to her apartment. Suddenly she stopped fiddling with the lock and without turning around spoke. “Say it Ken.”

He cleared his throat slightly, “Say what, exactly.”

“Tell me you want to fuck me Ken. Say it,”

He stammered slightly and she spoke again softly.

“We’re not going inside until you say you want to fuck me. I want you to grope me the way you have been thinking about all night and tell me you want to fuck me.”

Tentatively he slid his right hand from her waist up to her right breast.

“Force your hand inside the dress Ken.” She said breathlessly. “And tell me. Say it. Say you want to FUCK me Ken.”

He moved his hand inside the tight confines of her “come get me” dress and for the first time was cupping a real woman’s tit.

“I, I .. I want to FUCK you Constance.” He started out slowly but he got the rhythm. “I want to fuck you hard. I have been thinking about it ever since I saw your tight ass in that dress I have thought of little else but bending you over and driving into you.”

“Oooh, Ken. I did NOT know you had it in you dear.” She said with a slight shiver as she opened the door.

She konyaaltı escort led him straight into the bedroom. They passed Go, they did not stop to collect two hundred dollars.

Her bedroom was appointed with simple standard girl furniture, starring a queen size bed and featuring a wall of mirrored closet doors.

They sat on the bed and went back to macking on each other.

“Okay Ken, I know that you are a gentleman. It’s one of the things that is very attractive about you but there are some things you are not experienced enough to know. You can, and should, leave some of that gentlemanly behavior at the door. I like to be fucked, hard and by men. That is what she means when a woman says ‘take me’, it means take me, use me. I know that this is your first time. I don’t want you to be nervous. You don’t have to do it all now. Believe me there will be a second a third, fourth and so on time with me. I also don’t want you to feel inhibited. I don’t like pain but I like having my hair pulled. You see where I am going right? If you want to try it just say so. I will be totally up front with you about what I like and don’t so you should be too”

Ken just nodded and she smiled.

As they returned to kissing Constance took his hand, placed it on her tit and motioned him to squeeze.

The kissing and the groping got more and more intense. It was not long before her right tit was exposed and soon afterward Ken was sucking on it, hard.

In his haste to expose her other breast Ken tore her dress slightly and for a moment he froze.


That was all the encouragement he needed. Ken tore the dress down the left had side exposing both her breasts while her left arm remained covered with a sleeve.

He was on top of her now and as he alternated between her breasts she gripped his head with both of her hands, pulling him into her,

Suddenly she pushed him off of her and immediately attacked his zipper. He held his breath as he felt her long nails go into his pants. He heard his shorts tear and moments later his cock was jutting through his fly. The contrast of her crimson nails on his hard shaft was, to him, breathtaking. This was a new vision to him. She smiled at him as she stroked it. Reaching across the bed she recovered her small clutch purse and dumped the contents onto the bed. She plucked her lipliner from the bedspread and quickly dashed all the other flotsam onto the floor. She opened the top with her teeth and then proceeded to generously coat her lips all the while stroking Ken’s hard cock.

After she had sufficiently touched up her lips she spoke huskily out of breath. “Tell me to suck it Ken.”

He stammered out. “Suck it Constance.”

“Say, Suck it BITCH” she said with a leering smile.

With a little more vigor he replied, “Suck it Bitch.”

She waited a moment, leaned over him so that she was about a foot away and whispered, “Make me.”

“I like getting my hair pulled.” flashed through Ken’s mind immediately after the had spoken.

He reached up into her thick hair and grabbing a handful and pulling her toward his crotch he said. “Suck my cock……..BITCH.”

Constance took him deep.

It was the most incredible thing he had ever been a part of.

He partially sat up so that he could watch her blow him. She slid off of the bed without taking her mouth off his shaft and stood on the floor beside the bed. This, she knew would give him a mirrored view of her legs and ass while she sucked his cock.

It did not take long before Ken started to feel the come rising.

“I…. I am going to come Constance,” he said not knowing what to expect of her next. He thought she might stop but instead she shoved her hands under his ass and pulled her head down into his crotch so that she was deep throating him. This drove him over the edge and he ejaculated the usual amount that an eighteen year old who has never been blown by a beautiful older woman ejaculates when that happens.

It took a great many seconds but Constance swallowed it all.

“Oh My God, I have been thinking about blowing you all night long. I had to do that or die. I am so glad you were not scared away by my brazen display. I usually don’t dress like a slut but I wanted you to know that tonight, and some other nights, I would be your slut.” She said smiling down at him.

He had that expression that only virgins have on his face and she laughed before kissing him.

“Let’s get us both something to drink before round two, shall we dear.” she said as she stood and pulled him up. She led him into the kitchen by his penis. It would not be the last time,

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