Mayıs 28, 2024

The Therapist Pt. 02

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The next few nights were better, much better. Things were good and I said a little thank you to Erin. Whatever it was he’d unlocked, it was apparently working.

I also wasn’t complaining when I woke up each morning hard. Well, save for one morning, a few days after the session, when I had a wet dream. I woke up with my boxers wet.

I was mortified. What was I, a 16 year old full of hormones? I got out of bed before my wife did and quietly put the boxers in the laundry hamper, grabbing a robe to cover up as I headed directly to the shower.

It was chilly as I waited for the water to warm. I slipped off my bathrobe and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Not bad, I thought to myself. Decently sized cock, some muscle tone, thin but fit body. I loosely grabbed my cock and stroked, looking at myself in the mirror.

Then I heard my wife’s alarm go off and it brought me out of my trance. I shook my head and got into the now-warm shower, letting the water clear my head. However, the heat only encouraged me to relax again and my hand went to my cock and balls. It felt so good to touch my cock and stroke it. I thought about how much better I was at stroking than my wife ever was and I wondered if that was true for all men. That thought quickly led to wondering if another man would stroke my cock better than my wife. I closed my eyes to istanbul travesti revel in the sensation of water, heat, and building lust. As I continued stroking, I started imagining someone else was stroking my cock. At first I thought about my wife, but she was quickly replaced by Erin, my therapist. The switch jarred me for a moment, but I was so close, so close, I leaned into it and had a soul-shaking orgasm as my cum shot onto the shower wall.

I sighed and moaned and put my hand against the nearest wall to keep me upright. It took me a little while to regain my balance and pull myself together to wash up and get ready for the day.

I slept better all week, but increasingly had erotic, read wet, dreams about men, read Erin, my therapist. I wasn’t sure what was going on, as I’d never really thought about guys sexually other than agreeing with my wife when she would cite a certain actor or athlete as hot. I could see it intellectually but I never thought about them sexually.

Until now. I tried to do a “course correction” and watch some straight porn, but I found myself actively bored during the sex scenes and found the women uninteresting. I tried to resist but finally clicked on some MM scenes. My cock got almost instantly aroused with the shots of men on their knees sucking cock or being face-fucked by an alpha. istanbul travestileri I saw scenes of men with plugs and dildos up their ass and wondered what that felt like.

From that it was a short road to doing “research” about dildos, plugs, and anal sex. The role of the prostate and even hands-free orgasms. Finally another side of my brain kicked in and I realized my wife would be home soon, so I deleted my browser history, clicked on some nonporn websites and left them up, as I shut down my browser and headed into the kitchen to start dinner.

I put in my earbuds and turned on a podcast to listen to as I chopped and diced. I was making some progress on dinner when I accidentally brushed up against the counter. Again, frottage wasn’t something I usually engaged in, but this time I reveled in the sensations of my cock getting harder and harder as I rubbed and pressed it against the counter. I started to imagine what it would feel like if someone was watching me and telling me to do this.

If I hadn’t heard the garage door go up, I’m pretty sure I would have cum in my pants.

Again, I walked in Erin’s office. I was exhausted as I hadn’t slept any of the last couple of nights. I barely dragged myself through the work day. The only time I seemed to perk up was when I was talking with my friend Michael, who seemed travesti istanbul to take pity on me and covered for me during a meeting.

I’d never noticed before how well toned Michael is and that he seems to have a nice ass under his pants. But now when I saw him I could barely look him in the eyes.

Erin greeted me professionally, leading me into his office. Almost instantly I noticed that scent in the air again and just as instantly he dismissed my mentioning of it and he directed me to lay on his couch.

I was so tired I’m afraid I fell asleep during the session. I was so embarrassed when Erin woke me up. Then I noticed that I was hard. Really hard.

Erin smiled reassuringly, saying I had just dozed off for a minute. I shifted and made a move to sit up. Stretching my arms over my head. I took a deep breath and shook my head.

He then reminded me that this office was a safe space for me and that he was there to help me. I nodded, curious as to where he was going with this line of comments. He asked me if I had cum lately. I paused and was about to answer when I realized that I hadn’t during the last week.

Did I think that not cumming and not sleeping were related, he asked. I hadn’t given it much thought, but shrugged that it could be.

He then stood up to move to a seat closer to the couch. He seemed so tall and powerful all of a sudden. My cock ached. I was staring at him, or more precisely, his bulge, as he moved gracefully and sat down in a chair, not crossing his legs.

He nodded towards my cock and asked me how often I got this hard. I blushed before admitting never.

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