Mayıs 29, 2023

The Right Path

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Big Dick

It started innocently. I was walking down the path from the grocery store to where I had parked my boat. After losing my job to another company restructure I was living off my severance pay and spending as much time at the cottage as I could. After all when was I going to get an opportunity like this again? My wife’s income was making it easier for me to not look for a job but keeping her in the city all week. So here I was at 46 living the dream, I had a wife and a colour TV and they both worked. The problem was I was horny, and I had too much time to think about it.

As I walked down the path I couldn’t help but admire the short shorts in front of me. Definitely one of the better asses I had seen in weeks. Sure enough my mind started to wander as I thought about what lurked below the surface. She looked over her shoulder as she heard me coming but did nothing to indicate she was worried and kept walking at the same pace. I could almost smell her I was getting so close. Watching that beautiful ass I completely missed the root sticking out of the ground and tripped. As I lurched forward I nearly hit her, I angled my body and just brushed her shoulder as I regained my balance.

As I stopped I turned to apologize and was amazed by what I saw. The first thing that entered my mind was wow, beautiful eyes which was followed immediately by wow, fantastic breasts which was followed by wow, this girls the real deal. I could tell by the way she smiled that she knew I tripped because I was watching her backside. What I couldn’t tell was whether she was flattered or just thought I was an idiot. I suspected it might be the later.

Walking and chatting we came to the public dock and I put my groceries on the sun pad at the back of the boat. One of the bags was going to fall over so I leaned it on its side exposing the bottle of Crème de Cacao inside. As luck would have it we were parked on opposite sides of the same dock. I immediately recognized her boat as one I had seen towing water skiers on the weekend.

“Let me guess, you have a cottage on Pine Island right?”

I could see the wheels turning.

“And how do you know that?”

“Easy, I recognize your boat, you like to water ski in front of my cottage on weekends. I have the blue and white cottage on the south west side of the island.”

Her smile was more genuine this time as I became a neighbour in stead of some klutzy idiot staring at her ass.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Ruth”.

As we shook hands our eyes met and smiled at each other.

“Which cottage is yours?”

I already knew the answer but I was trying to prolong the conversation.

“We have the brown cottage in the bay on the back side of the island.”

This bayan escort ankara put her cottage about a 3 minute walk through the bush behind mine. I wanted to ask if she was up alone but I didn’t dare.

“Well since your my new neioghbour can I help you with your groceries?”

She got in her boat and I handed her down the groceries trying not to stare down her top as she grabbed each bag. Every time she grabbed one out of my hands we exchanged words and she lingered which gave me a better look at those magnificent breasts. I couldn’t help it but I started to get hard. The light cotton shorts that I was wearing did little to hide what was happening underneath and I saw her blush as she looked up to get the last bag.

Embarrassed I started to get into my boat when she put her hand out as if to say help me up. I offered her my hand and was ready to pull her up when again she paused, she looked right at my crotch and then looked up at me and smiled. I helped lift her out of the boat and began to get into my boat.

“No groceries?” she asked.

“All I bought was a steak and some martini mixers. Speaking of which I’ll bet its 5 o’clock somewhere, Up for a chocolate martini?”

To my dismay she declined and we made polite goodbyes. As I was untying her boat I decided to give it one last try.

“Do you know the old trail that runs behind your cottage?” She didn’t. So I explained.

“Out your back door, past the wood pile and follow the path. It goes right past my back door and the further up the island. We use it all winter for snowmobiles and all summer it becomes the cocktail walk. That way we can visit everyone one the island and never have to drive the boat home after drinking too much. It’s actually quite handy.”

Back at the cottage I started to clean up and do a few chores when I heard the knock at the back door, to my amazement there stood Ruth. She had changed into a wrap and a light bikini top and looked amazing. She had in her hands a bowl with fresh strawberries covered in chocolate sauce.

She smiled and said

“Trade you some chocolate strawberries for a chocolate martini.”

I got out the blender,crushed some ice and made us a shaker full of martinis and we moved onto the deck to sit in the sun. We drank and chatted and realized that we were comfortable around each other and we both enjoyed the same easy going free spirited laughter that so many city people forget to pack when they come up for the weekend. We were both very aware of the sexual tension that was building and we both knew we were waiting for the right time. Martini number 2 came and went and as I took her glass she stopped me and said

“A martini demetevler escort is like a woman’s breasts, one is not enough, two is just right and 3,s too many”.

I bent over and gently kissed her on the lips immediately she started to kiss back and our tongues started exploring one another. I kissed her neck, her ears her eyes cheeks and her nose as I slowly worked my way down to her breasts. Gently caressing her with kisses I undid her top to finally look upon her magnificent breasts, firm, just a little bit of a drop, her 34’s were adorned with fascinating pink nipples that were now standing at attention. I figured her to be about 35 and her tits were perfectly apportioned to the rest of her body. Lean and firm I could tell that she worked out on a regular basis. Her summer tan accented her highlighted hair and her eyes sparkled in the sun. All I could say was “wow”. We kissed again more passionately, her breasts pushing into my chest as our hands roamed over each others bodies. I started to massage her but and lowered my head to kiss her nipples. They responded to my lips and grew harder as I playfully nibbled. God, how I love responsive nipples. Her breath quickened and she whispered

“oh please don’t stop there”.

With one hand on her right nipple I lowered my head and kissed her stomach and continued my way down lower, with my other hand I started to untie her wrap only to discover that she was not wearing a bikini but silk panties.

Gently rubbing my finger nail back and forth outside her panties I used the silk to accelerate the build up of feeling inside her. I could smell the sweet smell of arousal and could feel the heat and the dampness that was building. I could feel her start to fidget and heard her breath quicken. I pulled her panties to the side and slowly, painstakingly slowly used her juices to lubricate her clit. I gently inserted my finder in just far enough to get it wet and I ran my finger up the length of her bringing lubrication up to her clit. With in a minute she was dripping wet and breathing in short gasps. One hand now busy manipulating her clit and the other hand still playing with a nipple we started to kiss, deep kisses that had our tongues thrusting and parrying. She was right at the edge and abruptly I stopped.

“Not yet” I whispered and eased her back into a chair. I knelt down and sunk my head between her legs. I flicked my tongue across her clit repeating the path that was working so well with my finger and she started to shake. I sucked in her whole clitoris into my mouth gently nibbling and eating her like a man with no teeth. She grabbed my head by my ears and held me in place as I started to ankara evi olan escort finger fuck her at he same time, first one finger then two. I reached in and massaged the ribbed wall inside her. My lips, my tongue and my fingers were driving her wild. Her body started to spasm as she cried out loud.

“Oh my god, oh my god”. All of a sudden she was moaning, shaking, babbling about nothing and as she climaxed she screamed. Spent and weak she collapsed back onto the chair and I started to get up. Perspiration rolling down the side of her face she said

“On second thought I will have another martini”.

Still breathing hard from my own excitement I began to make more martinis. I stood there rock hard, my cock nearly busting through my shorts pouring her a glass.

“I thought you weren’t having a third”

“We’ll share” and she slid her hand up my shorts to grab my cock”.

Her first touch was electric and I had to tell myself to calm down or it was going to be over embarrassingly fast. Naked she stood and kissed me passionately,we broke our kiss and she whispered in my ear,

“thank you for realizing that I like it slow and seductive, let me see if I can return the favour.

She unbuttoned each button on my shirt and kissed my chest. Taking my nipple in her mouth she sucked on me like a newborn baby. It was deliciously erotic. No one had ever done that to me before. Still kissing my nipple she unbuttoned my shorts and they fell to the floor. Pushing me backwards she sat me down on the chair and positioned me so my legs were open and I was sitting up half way. I looked like a lazy schoolboy. Caressing my cock she reached over to the table and grabbed the ice cold martini. Carefully bending me downward she stuck the end of my cock into the martini glass, the ice cold liquid swallowed me and again I had to fight for control, I think she read the look of panic on my face and lowered the glass so she could slowly lick the martini off me. The whole time her eyes never left mine. Again she lowered the glass and positioned it underneath my balls. She raised the glass until my balls were nearly frozen. We broke eye contact as she pushed my cock upwards so it was flat against my stomach and she started to lick my balls. The contrast between the cold martini and her hot mouth was unbelievable and I could feel my orgasm building quickly. Knowing exactly what was happening she raised her self and licked my cock from the bottom right to the tip. Licking the tip of my cock she slowly took me in her mouth and started to work down onto my shaft, up and down each time taking more of me until she had taken all of me into her mouth. It could hold out no longer. Shaking, sweating and gripping the chair by the arms I let her know I was going to cum. Twice more up and down on my shaft and I exploded into her mouth, hanging in she took it all but didn’t swallow. Reaching for the martini glass she took the last mouthful, tilted her head back and gargled the mixture of semen and martini.

“Hmmm, best martini I ever had”. She said with a smile.

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