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The Marine Bk. 02 Ch. 05

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Big Tits

A/N – Previous chapters will be found in the following:

Chapter 1-10: Incest/Taboo

Chapters 11, 13-14: Erotic Coupling

Chapter 12: Interracial Love

For those of you still following the series, this chapter was written long before the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. Not that I actually need to explain anything considering this is just pure fantasy and this chapter is a little over the top in places. Perhaps tongue in cheek in places but hope you enjoy.


The first thing that woke me up was the sound of shouting and heavy boots on the floor. I was up and alert immediately, but before I could even get out of bed, the door into my bedroom burst open, a group of heavily armed people charging in. They were not speaking English as their weapons were aimed point blank at me, flashlights on their weapons or heads blinding, shouting commands at me in a language I sure bloody recognised considering I was fluent.


The fuck was going on? I was more worried about fucking jihadi’s and fundies, not Cold War bullshit. More concerning, how the fuck did they find me? My cover was meant to be absolutely rock solid.

Forced to my knees, they bound my hands bound with a zip-tie behind at my wrists before covering my head in a black bag. Hauled to my feet, I felt myself being dragged out into the hallway and down the stairs, before feeling wet concrete under my feet and the cool night air. There was the sound of an engine running, the opening of a sliding door and I felt myself pushed inside, landing heavily on a metallic floor. I remained silent. No point asking questions. Not yet anyway. Then I felt the needle into my neck and I passed out for a little while.

I woke up with us in the air as I could hear the drone of engines. My hands were still bound. Sack still over my head. While I’d slept, they’d covered my mouth with something as I could barely move my lips. They obviously noticed my movement as I heard voices, again in Russian. The sack was removed, blinking rapidly as my eyes adjusted to the dull light. I was the only one sitting against the side of the aircraft, surrounded by what looked like men, still wearing body armour and fatigues. They wore no emblem nor insignia, so I could only rely on what they were speaking and the accents.

“You have questions,” one of them said across, heavily accented English. I met his eyes, ensuring I returned the deadeye stare I’d been perfecting. Cold. Impassive. Utterly devoid of any emotion and empathy. I looked in the mirror occasionally and still scared myself. All the training had worked but it was sometimes difficult to see the changes. “You are not afraid. Good. We will enjoy breaking you.”

I tried to say something a few times before they finally ripped off the tape. I glanced at the man who did it. “Fuck you very much,” I said, before glancing across at the one who’d spoken to me, “Just one question. Where are we going?”


“Fantastic. Never been there before. Can we go to Red Square?” That earned me a smack on the back of the head. “I guess a tour of the Kremlin is out then? Is Lenin still in the mausoleum?”

“Make jokes now, funny man,” the man who’d smacked me warned, “You will not be laughing soon enough.”

So that’s what I did. I laughed at them. “Fuck me, did they get you lot from Henchmen ‘R Us or something? I could do a better Russian accent than you!”

“Yuri, I think it’s best you shut our guest up and put him back to sleep. We have a little time to go yet.”

Tape was reapplied, the bag put back over my head, and I was asleep within a few seconds again. I didn’t wake until we were on the ground, the drone of an engine, the shifting of gears, suggesting I was being driven somewhere. If they were telling me the truth, we were somewhere in Russia. Fuck knows where though. I also wondered where everyone else was. The fact I’d been nabbed at my residence did not bode well. The van, I assumed it was a van as I was again resting against cold metal, the sliding door opened and I was again dragged. A door slammed more than once before I heard keys in a lock, an ancient door open, and I was dragged into what could only have been a cell. The temperature immediately dropped, and being in only a thin shirt and boxers, I did my best not to shiver. The bag was removed, blinking rapidly as a bright light was just above the door, the tape ripped from my face.

“Try anything when we remove the zip-tie and it won’t end nicely,” Yuri warned. I took the warning seriously, feeling a knife cut the plastic, immediately rubbing feeling back into my hands and wrists. The two men at the door, both covering me with AK-47s, meant I didn’t move a muscle before the door was shut and locked. I glanced around my small cell. Stretching out my arms, I could just about touch either side, though it was long enough for a single bed, a thin mattress, and a bucket for me to piss and shit in. I sat down on the bed and immediately thought about my predicament. Turangüneş Escort At least a dozen entered the apartment. Their only objective seemed to be me. I did wonder if they’d gone after Jennifer, hoping she was alright. Good thing she wasn’t with me that night.

Everything else in my apartment would take a serious level of hacking, that’s if they even grabbed it. I was apparently halfway around the world now. I had no idea what time it was, but someone would surely know by now I’d disappeared. But, as we’d all been warned, we operated without a safety net. If we were caught, we were on our own.

I lay back, resting a hand behind my head on the thin pillow, and tried to sleep. But the bright light burned into my eyelids. It was almost impossible to drift off. A loud buzzer grabbed my attention, the door swinging open. Loud footsteps and voices. I was hauled out, hands underneath my armpits, as I was dragged into an empty room. Definitely interrogation. A lone chair sat in the middle. I was forced to sit, my ankles shackled to the legs, my wrists shackled behind me. A man with weapon then headed to each corner of the room, a single lightbulb above me. In front was a glass window. Seeing my reflection, I smiled. I looked like shit.

“Captain Nathan Smith,” a voice said. I gave nothing away as an officer entered the room. He was a colonel of the Russian Army, based on the uniform, “Born in Sydney, Australia. Joined the British Royal Marines at the age of nineteen. Graduated and joined Three Commando Brigade, Forty Commando Unit. Served with distinction and honour before his untimely death during an operation in Basra, Iraq. Since then, he has worked for a secret agency, O.G.I.S, simply known as ‘The Org’.”

“You’ve got the wrong man. Never heard of him before.”

“Ah, yes. That’s right. You are now Nick Stevens. Strange how there is so little information about you.” He stood in front of me, a manila folder in his left hand, cigarette in his right. “Then again, when you are a government assassin…”

I laughed. “Government assassin? You’ve got the wrong man again. I’m a bloody banker!”

He snapped the folder shut. “We know who you are, Captain Smith. And we have ways of making you talk.”

“Fucking hell, did you just read a script before entering or something? I’m sure I’ve seen this move before.”

He smirked. “No. But we have ways of dealing with uncooperative prisoners. Yuri?!” The door was opened by my friend, Yuri, and in walked a fucking beast of a man. His legs were like tree trunks. His arms weren’t much smaller. I looked into his eyes. They were as devoid of any humanity as mine sometimes were. “This here is Alexei. He has broken plenty of people like you before.” As he explained, the beast put on a pair of leather gloves. “Are you willing to answer some questions? Or is Alexei going to be needed to help loosen your tongue?”

I shrugged. “My name is James Watson. I was born in Reading, United Kingdom. My parents were blue-collar, hardworking English folk. I’m an only child. Single. I work a boring job, trading stocks. I don’t know who you think I am, but you’ve got the wrong guy.”

The colonel sighed. “If that’s the way you wish to proceed.” He clicked his fingers, hearing the men at each corner come to attention. He then patted Alexei on the shoulder. “This will hurt. Alexei enjoys hurting people.”

“Guess I’m about to learn what it’s like to be punched in the face.”

“Oh no, we don’t do that. Not yet.” I was hauled to my feet, the shackles undone slightly, though only so I could be attached to the wall, arms now above me, feet held in position so I couldn’t move. “Alexei knows more about inflicting pain than anyone else I know. Last chance, Captain Smith?”

I swallowed. “Well, guess I’m about to start pissing blood soon, eh?”

“I admire your confidence, Captain. Shame it is misplaced.”

The beating lasted an hour. Alexei knew just where to hit and how hard. I would have liked to curl up in a ball from the agony, but the restraints meant all I could do was stand there and take it. By the time they dragged me back to my cell, I could barely breath. Collapsing onto the bed, I groaned to myself a few times and drifted off.

It felt like I’d been asleep for barely a few seconds before there was the buzzer, my eyes blinded by the bright light, hauled out of bed and dragged down a cold corridor. I glanced to see signage all in Cyrillic. I heard shouts and cries from elsewhere. I had the uneasy feeling I wasn’t the only prisoner. This time, I was escorted into a room that had a metal table, a metal chair to either side. Chained to the floor, I was sat down, wrists handcuffed to the table.

I waited there a few minutes, staring at the glass again. I knew I was being watched so I smiled and flipped them the bird. Made me feel a little better about things. The door opened, two soldiers with AK-47s walking in, taking position to either side Türbanlı Escort of the door, the same colonel walking in. He took off his hat, placing that down, shook off his jacket, placing that on the back of the chair, before he slowly sat down. Taking a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, he opened it and offered me one. I didn’t normally smoke but I guess it would help. He lit it for me, able to lift my hand just enough to take it from my mouth.

“Your name?”

“James Watson.”

“Where were you born?”

“Reading, England.”

“Your parents’ names?”

“Brian and Janice Watson.”

“Where do you work?”

“Global Business Corporation.”

“Have you ever served in the British Army?”


“Have you ever served as a Royal Marine?”


“Did you fight in Basra, Iraq after the invasion in 2003?”


I had to lie to those three questions. I had the tattoo all Royal Marines got once they had joined and served. It was on my bicep, clear as day. My cover was that I’d got the tattoo to honour a grandfather who had served during the Second World War.

“Were you recruited in Basra to become what is euphemistically called a government official?”


“Have you ever performed an assassination on behalf of a group known as ‘The Org’?”


“Who is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?”

I told him who I thought it was. I was correct.

“Have you ever met the Prime Minister?”


“Have you ever met the President of the United States?”


“Who do you report to?”

“My manager at GBC. I work as a stock trader.”

“Have you ever been to Australia?”

“Once, on a family holiday when I was a kid.”

And that’s how the next few hours went. Question after question after question. Same questions in a different order. Throwing in the occasional surprise question, which they should have known wouldn’t fool me. Tried asking me questions in Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, French, German, Spanish. I just feigned ignorance whenever they switched language and shrugged like I didn’t understand a word.

I was cold. Tired. Hungry. Thirsty. But I’d been trained specifically for this. I was still trying to figure out how I’d been found. Didn’t look good that, after a couple of years of training, I was taken out of my own apartment within a matter of months. I’d only had two assignments, both had been successful. It was perplexing, to say the least. I was getting used to living as my cover.

The colonel smoked his whole pack before he tired of the question and answer session. He dismissed me back to my cell. Food arrived within a few minutes. To call it that would be an insult to the name, and the water didn’t look great either. But I was hungry and thirsty, ate the former slower, sipped at the latter. Lying back on the bed, the light continued to shine. Unblinking.

My eyes shot open at the buzzer. I got up straight away and waited for the door to open. They must have known as they came prepared. Took two of them down before they almost knocked me out. Dragged me to a different room this time. Alexei was waiting.

He made it hurt. By the time I was returned to my cell, I needed a piss. Blood in my urine wasn’t a surprise. Least I knew why it was in there.

Resting back against the wall, I did all I could to stay awake but everyone has their limitations. I’d been through sleep deprivation more than once, but there comes a point when you start to lose your mind. The Russians had loved performing those sort of sadistic experiments. But I must have dozed. Again, felt like barely a few seconds.

Didn’t fight them off this time as they came charging in. Passed the beating room. Passed the interrogation room. Ended up in what looked like an abandoned mess area. There were tables around but that wasn’t what bothered me. On one of the tables was an elevated, slanted platform. Only then did my mind comprehend what they were going to do.

“Last chance, Captain Smith,” the colonel said.

“What’s all this?” I asked, feigning ignorance. I knew exactly what it was.

“This?” he asked, gesturing, “A way of making you see sense, Captain. Tell us what we want to know and we’ll let you leave.”

I shrugged. “Can’t tell you anything I don’t know. You keep calling me Captain Smith. I’m not him.”

The colonel sighed. “Very well. Men, please place the captain up there. Alexei, if he proves troublesome, please make him cooperate.”

I’ll admit, I struggled, acting as someone who had figured out what they were going to do to me. I said I wasn’t who they said they were. I said my name over and over again. Of course, they didn’t believe me. Once they had me in place, I heard running water as restraints were placed on my wrists and ankles. In my position, the world was turned upside down.

“It is unfortunate it has come to this, Captain,” the colonel said.

“When the UK government Ukraynalı Escort hear you’ve kidnapped an innocent man…”

“No-one knows you’re here, Captain. It’s just you, me, and all my people. Even my own government barely knows what we do here, because they don’t want to know. The President tells me to take care of our enemies. Those who work for ‘The Org’ are definitely our enemies.”

I heard the bucket approaching, full of water. The slap of a cloth into it before it was placed over my face. Then they started it. No matter how much training you have, nothing can prepare you for the moment that waterboarding begins. It is an intense experience, one that any recruit will never forget. And you can never get used to it. The feeling of drowning is just nothing I’d wish on my worst enemy.

Except the colonel. He could go fuck himself.

They stopped pouring and removed the cloth. “Your name?”

I coughed first. “James Watson.”

“Who do you report to?”

“Michael Jones, manager at GBC.”

“Alexei, again.”

Ugh, it was fucking horrible. It felt like my lungs were just filling with water. And not being able to move my hands or legs was infuriating. It seemed to last for hours before the cloth was removed again.

“Did you serve as a Royal Marine?”

“No, you deaf, ignorant fucking cunt bastard!”

“Again, Alexei!”

Three more times they did it. Different questions. Same questions. I didn’t break, not yet, but fucking hell, these bastards knew how to put a man through the wringer. After the fifth time, where I think they almost did fucking drown me, they left me there for a few minutes as I heard the door close and a whispered conversation outside.

Eventually released from the restraints, I was dragged back to my cell, curling up into a ball, covering myself with the threadbare sheet. I coughed and shivered, the idea of sleeping the last thing on my mind. I thought of every single insult I could think of. I don’t know if I drifted off or not, but I groaned when the buzzer went off and it was the usual thing of boots and shouts.

I’d lost complete track of time by now. This time, it was unusual though. First, Alexei had a little fun with me. Focused on my limbs this time. Not enough to break any bones, but by the time he was done, my limbs were in as much agony as my torso. Fun times. Then I was dragged out into the corridor where I heard a scream. It was definitely feminine.

“Ah, maybe Alexei is having some fun with that one,” one of them said in Russian.

“She was a cute little brunette. Doubt she could put up much a fight.”

“No, the black one. Americana. She definitely looked ready to take a line of Russian dick.”

Could that be Angie? How could they have her?

“Might have to go join in later. Or maybe the blonde? She had lovely tits.”

“The black haired one, the German, I’ll definitely have a go with her. Watch her break as we line up and take turns fucking each hole.”

Jennifer. If they had her… I was going to kill them all…

Then I had a bad feeling they were talking about women I’d been recruited with. I wondered if they’d captured Angie. I had no idea where she was, where she operated. And if that was the case, then did they have everyone I’d gone through training with? What the fuck had happened?

Dragged into the interrogation room, once I was secured and handcuffed, I was left alone for quite a while. Definitely longer than an hour. I just looked at my hands, not even bothering with the glass. I knew they were watching. I felt myself shiver occasionally. I was exhausted. I’d barely eaten or had anything to drink. Completely lost track of the days. Had it been only a couple of days? Weeks? Months? Everything just rolled into the other.

The door finally opened and what I would call a spook walked in. Suit, overcoat, briefcase. He placed the overcoat on the back of the chair, sat down with his briefcase to the side. He met my eyes briefly before opening it up, taking out a thick folder. Closing the case, he placed his right hand on the folder.

“We have your entire life here, Captain Smith. We can now go back and forth and listen to you deny, deny, deny. But the colonel knows we’re just going in circles, and we no longer have the patience. So we’re upping the ante. We know about your family in Australia.” He opened the folder, moving away sheets of paper, before he turned and slid a photo in front of me. “These are you parents, yes?”

“Never seen them before.”

“Keith and Susan Smith.”

He slid another photo forward of Amy. I did all I could to not show a single emotion. “This is your sister, Amanda, though you know her as Amy.”

“I don’t have a sister,” I stated without any tone to my voice.

He slid another photo forward of Katie. “This is your sister, Katherine, known by everyone as Katie. Lovely little thing, isn’t she?”

“I don’t know these people.”

“Hmmm. Would be a shame if something happened to them, right?”

“It would be unfortunate considering I don’t know these people and you’d be attacking innocent civilians.”

“How about these people then?” My grandparents in the United Kingdom, couple of aunts, uncles, and also Hannah and Emma. He pointed a finger at the pair. “I believe you were close to the both. Cousins, yes?”

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