Ocak 28, 2023

The Limo Driver Ch. 16

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Their first day of planning their future had been promising and disappointing at the same time. He had secured two cars and was waiting for delivery in a few weeks. Anya in the meantime had found a house that was ideal for them and their business. The bad news was that the deposit they had was insufficient to secure it.

“You may have to go back to what you were doing to get the extra cash.” She had told him.

“You know I didn’t want to go back to that.” He had replied.

“I know she said but it’s a short term sacrifice for a long term gain and I’m OK with you continuing if it helps us in the long run.”

Reluctantly, he had agreed and talked to his boss about continuing. She had been more than happy to help out with hooking him up with her friends. In addition to that, she had offered for them to both stay with her until they had their deposit saved. Since her husband had died not long after he had started working there, it had been just the two of them and she would appreciate the company. The rent would be free but, although unspoken, it was implied she might be appreciative of some ‘special’ company. That suited them fine. They had both enjoyed ‘special time’ with her and Anya did enjoy some nice cunt now and then.

Not surprisingly, they didn’t have to wait long for their first opportunity at extra cash; after all, he was very popular with his boss’s friends. He had been out when he got her call.

“Where are you?” she asked. “I have a friend coming over that would like to meet you.”

“I’m just doing errands.” He told her. “When will she be there?”

“In about an hour.”

“I’ll be there shortly.” He told her and hung up.

“Sorry I’m a bit late. I got caught up. Is she here yet?” he asked his boss after arriving back at the house.

“Yes, she just arrived.” His boss said. “I sent her upstairs to wait for you. Her name is Amanda and I think you will enjoy her but beware.” Her last words intrigued him and with a little feeling of anticipation he mounted the stairs.

He found Amanda in the midst of undressing, preparing herself for him. Had he walked in thirty seconds later, she would have been naked in bed waiting. It didn’t matter; she looked very sexy in a soft white bra and matching panties which stood out nicely against her dark tanned skin. The sight of her had his cock tingling with anticipation of what lay beneath them. With her eyes locked on his, she crossed her arms in front of her and pulled off her bra to reveal a pair of firm shapely full breasts with hard points at their centre. Immediately all he could think of was sucking each of those hard erect nipples. Crossing over to her, he cupped her breasts and bent to suck her nipples. As he took each one in his mouth, she loosened his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled out his now throbbing cock. Aroused by her hand pulling his hardening shaft, he slid a hand down inside the front of her panties, his fingers eagerly seeking out the warm cunt inside them. She felt wet as he slid his middle finger between her lips, parting them in search of the clit they protected. She shivered with pleasure when his fingertip found it, her hand gripping him tighter with her excitement as she pulled him. With his mouth sucking a nipple and his hand still between her legs, he backed her towards the bed. Feeling it on the back of her legs, she fell backwards and raised her bottom as he excitedly pulled down her panties. As he pulled them off her ankles her legs fell open, impatiently inviting him to sample the wet eager cunt between them. Tearing off his shirt and stepping out of his pants, he fell to his knees between her legs and hungrily pressed his mouth to her moist warm cunt. Fuck her wet cunt smelled good. Reaching down, she spread her lips with her fingers, exposing her throbbing aroused clit, desperate for him to lick it. He lapped at it with his tongue, over and over until she was moaning and thrusting up against him, her orgasm building rapidly inside her. Sensing her need to cum, he pushed two fingers inside her as he licked rhythmically at the hard throbbing nub between her parted wet lips Excited himself, he had his free hand was down at his crotch, pulling his rigid cock with precum oozing from its engorged tip. Just seconds from cumming, she started to shake and her legs scissored in absolute arousal.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out as she came, bucking hard against his mouth and the fingers buried deep in her snapping cunt, her insides gripping them hard as her stomach jerked with contraction after hard contraction coming from deep within her climaxing pussy. It was so fucking exciting it was all he could do to stop himself from coming all over the carpet between his legs.

“Stick it inside.” She pleaded, frantic for hard cock in her aching cunt. Rising up, he leant over her between her wide open legs and pressed the slippery bloated head of his cock to parted pussy. Finding her eager wet entrance, he pushed himself inside her.

“Oh fuck.” She moaned as his thick cock entered her. He pushed in deep, filling her needy cunt with his thick esenyurt escort hard throbbing cock. Gripping her tits with his hands he started to thrust into her, his rigid glistening shaft sliding in and out, dragging her stretched inner lips with it. She bucked against him, wanting him deep, her dripping cunt aroused and needing to cum.

“Fuck me.” She cried, perched on the verge of orgasm, her legs beginning to quiver. He drove into her harder, ramming every inch of himself into her drenched opening.

“Oh God, shit, fuck!” she yelled, her back arching in orgasm and her legs shaking uncontrollably. He kept fucking her, his cock driving her orgasm, making her writhe on the bed until she begged him to stop, unable to take anymore. Pulling out of her convulsing pussy, he watched her sobbing and rolling from side to side on the bed with the turmoil raging deep inside her ravaged cunt.

“Oh fuck, it won’t stop.” She moaned with her hand pressed to her pussy between her clenched thighs. Patiently he stroked his cock watching her. He needed to cum himself. His balls filled with cum ached for release. Desperately, he wanted to spread those legs again and fill her cunt with cum. Unable to wait any longer, her gripped her knees and pulled them apart. Pulling her by the thighs closer to the edge of the bed, he lunged into her open cunt, frantically fucking her hard. He was only in her for seconds before she was cumming again. It was all it took. Her excitement and her swollen insides gripping his cock tipped him over the edge. With a loud moan, he froze inside her, his straining cock jerking again and again as it pumped her full of hard squirts of cum. Pulling out of her, he watched with pride as a thick stream of his cum ran out of her gaped opening and down to her ass.

“Fuck me that was good.” She gasped as she lay panting with her pussy still leaking cum. He was tempted to go again while his cock was still mostly hard but decided against it. He would save it for later. He fancied fucking that nice shaved cunt from behind. She had a lovely round ass and he was keen to feel himself slapping against it as he pushed his cock inside her. He was sure she would enjoy that too


After both of them had calmed down, they decided to go downstairs for a drink. The afternoon was theirs and they could make the most of it. There was plenty of time for another round of fucking later. Arriving downstairs, they found his boss on the patio enjoying a cold gin and tonic. She smiled at them as they approached carrying drinks and sat down. She noticed Amanda’s slightly dishevelled and pleased with herself look.

“He knows how to fuck doesn’t he.” She said smiling knowingly.

“Fuck yes.” Amanda agreed with a wide grin. “And that cock.”

“Ah yes. That cock.”

“You know I’m here don’t you.” He said smiling.

“Don’t be bashful.” His boss said. “We all know you’re proud of that cock and how you use it.” she told him. “In fact, just talking about it has made me a little moist. I may have to go upstairs and toy my little wet cunt later.” She said suggestively. If that was a hint at a threesome, his boss was going to be sorely disappointed.

Amanda had no intention of sharing that big cock. After all, she was paying for the afternoon and wanted it all to herself. She was already sloppy between the legs with all his cum and the thought of him being inside her again was making her even wetter. Fuck she liked how he filled her cunt so completely. It was like having a long hard thick dildo pushed right inside. Hell, her clit was throbbing again and she could hardly sit still in her chair. She bet the inside of her panties was a fucking mess and that aroused her even more. The other two didn’t need to know what was happening between her legs to know she was aroused. Her hard nipples pointing through her tight top said it all. His boss smiled to herself. She knew the feeling all too well. Even at night rubbing herself, she imagined her open legs with him thrusting between them, how he felt inside her as he fucked her wet cunt to orgasm. His thick cock rubbing her insides; making her squirt and tremble. Fuck!

Now she wanted to fuck him but she doubted her now drenched cunt could wait for Amanda to leave. Excusing herself, she left them to it. She had a date upstairs with a fucking big dildo and couldn’t wait to be thrusting it hard into her aching pussy. They continued talking and drinking until Amanda, just like his boss couldn’t hold off any longer.

“I’m fucking drenched and I really need to fuck.” She told him.

“Are you.” He said getting up out of his chair. Crossing to her, he reached up under her skirt and down inside her panties. She wasn’t lying, her cunt was absolutely saturated.

“Oh fuck!” she gasped as his fingers slid between her slippery inner lips and onto her clit. Gripping onto his arm with both hands, she thrust her legs wide apart as his fingertip stroked her silky hard throbbing clit.

“Oh Jesus, you’re going to make me cum.” she panted. Wanting esenyurt escort bayan to see that, he rubbed her clit harder, stroking it and rolling it under his fingertip. She began to shake and pant, her moans getting louder and faster.

“Oh God, fuck.” She cried, bucking against the hand inside her panties as she came. “Quick, take me upstairs.” She gasped; the drenched aching cunt between her legs desperately needing to be satisfied by his hard thick cock.

Alone in her room with her panties removed and just wearing a crop top, his boss with her legs spread wide, rubbed the lubed head of the giant dildo against her wet slit and hard clit. Pulling up her top exposing her breasts, she squeezed her nipple as she pressed the head of the dildo to her dripping opening. She was imagining his hard cock and how it felt inside her. She pushed the dildo in. Oh fuck yes, just like that. Grabbing its base with both hands she rammed it deep inside her aching cunt. Fuck me, fuck me, stick your hard cock up my cunt she moaned picturing him and thrusting the dildo in and out of her. One hand left the dildo and rubbed frantically at her throbbing clit. That’s it, make me cum. Her legs began to shake and then she came, arching her back and pushing up against the giant dido sticking out of her flooded clenched opening.

Now upstairs in their room they both raced to shed their clothes, eager to fuck again. Naked, her pushed her back to the wall, his hand between her legs once again. She gripped his cock, pulling it as he rubbed at her throbbing clit. Breathing hard, he pressed against her, raised one of her legs and guided his cock into her eager cunt. Slick with wetness and cum he slipped inside her easily and pushed his cock in deep. She gasped with arousal as he filled her cunt and began to thrust into her.

“Oh yes, fuck my cunt.” She called out as his hips jerked hard between her legs, ramming his thick hard cock deep inside her. Inflamed by the feel of his cock inside her wet cunt, he buried his face in her bouncing tits and sucked hard at her erect nipples.

“Take me from behind.” She pleaded wanting to feel him fucking against her ass. He slipped out of her and pulled her to the bed. Desperately, she scrambled up onto it on all fours. Pressing her head to the covers and opening her legs, she pushed her ass up offering her eager wet cunt to him. Reaching out, he stroked her pussy until she was moaning in arousal and frustration for his cock. Pulling himself, he pressed behind her, guiding the swollen head to her saturated opening. She held her breath with excitement, waiting to feel it enter her and gasped when he pushed all of it into in one hard deep thrust. Desperate to cum himself, he frantically rammed himself against her ass, driving his cock in and out of her flooded cunt. Moaning with pleasure she pushed back on him, wanting every inch of him inside her. Groaning, he drove his straining rigid cock into her hard and fast.

“Oh God.” She yelled out as his massive hard cock filled her entire cunt, its thick shaft rubbing her insides making her squirt onto the bed as she began to cum.

“Fuck, oh shit, yes!” she cried cumming hard on the cock buried deep inside her body, her legs quivering uncontrollably with the orgasm raging in her clenching cunt.

“Aghhhh,” he roared as he froze and came with her, his numb cumming cock jerking hard as it delivered squirt after squirt of cum inside her. They remained locked together panting hard as the last drops of cum pulsed from his twitching cock into her contracting pussy. Spent, they both collapsed onto the bed, breathing hard and enjoying the afterglow of their orgasms.

It was to set the tone for the whole afternoon. She was insatiable. If he wasn’t fucking her or making her cum with his fingers, she was pulling his cock trying to make it hard again. He was exhausted when she finally left. He didn’t even know if he had anything left in the tank for Anya should she feel the need to fuck. If she did, maybe he could just send her upstairs to his boss for some pussy licking and dildoing.

“You look beat.” His boss said smiling when he returned downstairs for a well-earned drink.

“She’s a fucking man eater.” He told her before taking a long swig of his scotch.

“I know what you mean; she’s a woman eater too. My cunt was sore for ages by the time she had finished with it. I did try to warn you.” she said smiling. Now her warning about being wary all made sense.

“Was it worth it?” she asked. He nodded. It was indeed, the envelope left on the bedside table was very thick. It would be a welcome addition to their house deposit.

At that moment Anya came home from her day of looking at houses and discussing finance. She stayed and had a drink before the two of them retired to his room to discuss the day’s events. Left alone, his boss contemplated her evening. She decided she needed some male company. Even though her dido session had made her cum, it was only a short term fix. It hadn’t quelled the slow escort esenyurt constant ache between her legs. What she needed was some real hard flesh inside her and to be fucked properly, not just made to cum with a toy. With him out of the picture for the night she decide that she might go out and pick up a nice piece of cock to fuck. Yes, that was the plan. With that decided, she went upstairs to get herself ready. An hour later, she stood in front of the mirror and went through her checklist. Clean cunt? Check. Fresh panties? Check. Makeup on? Check. Satisfied, she grabbed her handbag, turned off the light and went downstairs to wait for her cab.

The bar she had chosen was quite upmarket. She hoped to meet a decent looking guy that was hopefully decently hung. She had only been sitting at the bar with her drink for around fifteen minutes when a prospective fuck stood beside her.

“Can I buy you a drink?” he asked. She turned and looked at him. He was surprisingly half handsome and tall. Her stolen glance at his crotch was pleasing too. There was a noticeable bulge there.

“No, but you can take me home and fuck me.” She replied smiling. He looked at her stunned.

“Don’t be confused.” She said. “I have an aching cunt that needs to be fucked and plenty of booze at my place. I assume you had designs on getting me in bed or you wouldn’t have offered to buy me a drink. I’m just cutting out all the bits in between. So, do you want to fuck me?”

“Sure.” He said smiling unable to believe his luck. She was attractive and dressed as she was there would hardly be a man that wouldn’t want to stick his cock inside her.

“Let’s go then.” She said, downing the rest of her drink and picking up her handbag. Out in the street, she stood by the bar entrance while he stood on the curb to hail a cab. He had one within a few minutes. They settled into the darkened back seat and she gave the driver her address. As the cab wound its way towards her house she casually reached her hand over and ran it over the bulge in his pants. She heard his sudden intake of breath as her hand instantly aroused his cock within them. Curious and without drawing attention from the driver, she slowly unzipped him, reached inside his pants and started to rub his cock. His chest was heaving as her hand curled around him and began to gently pull him. Her curiosity turned to delight as she felt him grow in her hand. He was thick and a decent length. She was going to enjoy having that up her cunt. As they neared her house, she withdrew her hand and gave him time to zip himself back up. He couldn’t get out of the cab quick enough when they arrived and he didn’t even bother trying to disguise the huge mound in the front of his trousers. She led him inside and into the living room where she poured them both a drink.

“I can’t believe this is happening.” He said shaking his head.

“What, that you are going to fuck me without first having to ply me with drinks all night?” she asked smiling as she handed him a drink and sat down on the sofa next to him.

“Exactly.” He said.

“Maybe this will help.” She said, turning to face him and pulling up her skirt to show him her brilliant white panties. Taking his hand, she opened her legs and placed it between them. Immediately his hand was rubbing over the sheer material and pressing into the cleft between her lips beneath.

“I’m going to fuck you right here.” She told him in a husky voice, reaching across and unzipping him again. She loosened his belt and reached into his pants. Grasping his hard cock, she retrieved it and began to pull him. His fingers pressed harder between her legs with his growing excitement.

“Pull them down.” She told him. With her hand pulling his cock and his fingers inside her panties, he raised his ass up off the sofa and worked his pants down with his free hand. Releasing her grip on his cock and pulling his hand from her cunt, she stood up and slipped off her panties. Looking down at him sitting there with his hard cock sticking up, she pulled up her shirt and parted her feet giving him a good look at her shaved pussy. The sight of it made his hand grip his cock, pulling himself as he gazed at her wonderful gash. With her skirt still pulled up and her high heels on, she knelt on the couch straddling him. He held his cock straight up, excitedly waiting for her to lower her wet cunt onto it. She lowered just enough for the head of his cock to press into her slit and then started rocking back and forward, sliding the swollen head along the length of her wet aroused pussy. He was groaning with the need to have it inside her while the feel of his cock rubbing her clit had her aroused cunt flooding with wetness. Unable to wait any longer, she moved her cunt so his cock pressed to her drenched opening and pushed down on him. He moaned and she cried out as he slipped inside her aching wet cunt. She rose and fell over and over, working his cock deeper until he was all the way in. Fuck that’s what she needed. It felt so good buried deep inside her. With her hands on his shoulders and his on her waist, she began to ride him, bouncing on his cock, faster and faster, fucking hard, both of them close to orgasm. He was first to cum, pushing up hard inside her as his cock erupted in hard squirts of cum. Feeling him cumming inside her set her off and she jerked hard on his twitching cock, her contracting pussy gripping it hard.

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