Temmuz 13, 2024

The Landlord Cometh

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‘That’s it boy,’ Mr. James sighed, running a hand through my unruly blonde hair, his legs spreading wider. ‘Keep sucking those balls like a good bitch.’

If a week ago you’d told me I’d be on my knees, pleasantly high with my landlords’ balls in my mouth, I would have said I’ll have what you’re smoking. But it seems a lot can change in a few days.

Both my house mates had gone out of town for the week, meaning I had the apartment all to myself. This gave me the opportunity to use the bud I’d saved for just such an occasion, neither of them being smokers. As I finished rolling a large spliff to keep me happily buzzed for the foreseeable future, I heard a knock at the door.

I reluctantly got up to answer it, expecting maybe a delivery for one of my housemates. I was instead greeted by my landlord and instantly regretted my decision. Almost twice my age being somewhere in his mid 40’s, he stood at 6’1 to my 5’7. Although he had a bit of a gut, his thick arms and legs made it obvious he spent a good deal of time at the gym; something I’d never enjoyed given that preferred cardio. He had dark blue eyes and close-cropped brown hair with a salt and pepper beard which did little to hide his strong jaw line. There was unfortunately only one reason he had to call.

‘Mason, good to see you!’ Considering I was behind on my rent, I had to doubt his sincerity. Perhaps the prospect of receiving this month’s due and cheered him but I was about to bring that train of thought to a halt.

‘Hi Mr. James. Look, I know this about the rent but I need a little more time. Since I got fired things haven’t real-‘

I trailed off as it became clear that Mr. James could smell the very obvious scent of weed coming from behind me, a smirk appearing on his face as he raised cocked an eyebrow.

‘You know Mason, you agreed that there would be no drugs in the house when you signed the tenancy agreement. With you already behind on a month’s rent, things could get pretty sticky for you.’

I swallowed nervously, not seeing any way out of my predicament. Until he presented me with one that is.

‘If you were to let me inside and share with your favorite landlord though, I might be inclined to look the other way.’

The prospect of splitting a spliff my Mr. James was less than enticing yet under the circumstances, I really had no way out. He smiled as I stepped aside and gestured him in with as much good will as I could muster. He really was doing me a big favor after all.

Closing the door, I walked into the living room to see Mr. James had already made himself at home, lounging on the sofa with zoot in hand and an expectant look on his face. Resigned to my fate, I sat myself down next to him and pulled the zippo from pocket, leaning over slightly to light it.

I had to say I was impressed by the size of the hits he was taking, two long drags before he passed it to me. We didn’t talk much at first. I suppose we were waiting until we were pleasantly high and past the initial awkwardness, at which point we started chatting about general stuff. The weather, sports, how my job hunt was going. As he flicked through channels looking for something entertaining, the conversation turned to girls as it inevitably does when two guys are high together.

‘No girlfriend then?’ he said, raising his eyebrow. ‘I thought a pretty little thing like you would have a string of girls pining for you.’

I couldn’t remember ever being called a pretty little thing before. It was true that I leaned towards a more feminine look than most guys, being slim with somewhat delicate features and wide hips that I’d always been teased about. I wasn’t quite sure how to take it and just shrugged.

‘Boyfriend perhaps?’ I nearly choked as I went into a coughing fit at the question, inhaling a little too much. Mr. James laughed and clapped me on the back, the universal gesture of men everywhere when someone atalar escort choked or got hurt that did absolutely nothing but was appreciated none the less. ‘Steady on lad. I don’t judge if that is the case! Back in my day, a young lad like you would have found himself round the back of the school yard most days if you get my meaning!’

I had a fairly good idea of what exactly happened round the back of the school yard and was again confused at his implication, though in my current state I couldn’t say I really cared all that much. He was a horny old man who was sharing a spliff with me instead of kicking me out of the house. I could deal with a little strangeness.

‘Christ, look at the rack on her!’

Recovering from my best attempts to cough up a lung, I turned my eyes to the screen where a short hair girl with a pretty face and as sizeable chest was hosting some inane game show with an enthusiasm that had showed off her assets to the fullest.

I noticed him move his hand surreptitiously across the slight bulge in his joggers as he continued to focus on the T.V. It wasn’t uncommon for me to get pretty horned up when I was smoking but I wasn’t surprised but it was still a little weird. Watching him feel out his pockets, I asked him what he was looking for.

‘My phone’s almost dead. Mind if I use yours and bring up something a little spicier?’ he asked.

Not seeing a problem or realizing what he was talking about in my buzzed state, I handed him my phone. He quickly cast onto the big screen and brought up Pornhub. Now at this point I was wondering exactly what he was thinking but again, I was too mellow to really care. Browsing the front page, he selected a video titled ‘Busty Slut Drains Studs Balls.’ It was a pretty standard affair yet it was also the sort of thing I loved.

It was the kind of video where the girl spent an inordinate amount of time sucking the guy’s cock, slobbering all over it, letting it drip onto her tits and the camera when the angle presented itself. I always enjoyed watching a girl worship a big cock until they swallowed a load. I could feel myself start to harden as the video began to play and it was then I realized Mr. James had already taken his cock out and was steadily stroking his hardening length.

‘If you wanna jerk it too be my guest. It’s not like we’ve got anything to be ashamed about, right? Just us boys here after all!’

Not really knowing what else to do other than sit there and watch my landlord jerk off, I eased my trackies down and pulled out my own dick. We continued to pass the spliff between one another, taking a couple of long tokes each as we watched the lurid scene. I couldn’t help but glance at his cock out of the corner of my eye though. I was a respectable 6 inches and had never had any complaints, but Mr. James had me beat easily. He had to be at least 8 inches long and his girth hardly made it a close competition either, possessing a beer can thick dick that had me gaping.

As the video continued, I found myself sneaking more and more glances until I was practically staring at his meaty member. I forced my head back to the video just in time to see the girl take a massive load across her face, thinking it a huge waste. It was then I noticed what video was up next and my breath hitched. Mr. James had used my phone and it was obviously using my preferences, because the next video was titled ‘SISSY FAG COCK WORSHIP.’

It wasn’t common for me to watch stuff like that but when I got high by myself, I always seemed drawn to videos like that. I suppose that I’d always been a little curious of what it might be like to be the girl in those scenes, though never when I was sober. Before I could attempt to save myself from embarrassment, the video started playing. Kyle frowned when he noticed the title, slowing his pace as images of giant dongs next to shocked faces ataşehir escort started to bombard the screen. He caught on soon enough and looked at me with a knowing smirk.

‘I didn’t realize you were into that sort of thing you naughty boy.’ I attempted to stammer out a reply but he just laughed and said he didn’t mind. ‘We already put something on for me so it’s only fair you take your turn.’

I didn’t know what to say to that so I simply took a calming drag and turned back to the screen to watch. A thumping bass accompanied the images on screen that was soon followed by a seductive female voice.


The music started to pick up as images switched between various cocks, some white, others black but all of them big.


Cocks held in tiny hands as girls stared in amazement at the pillars of flesh in front of their faces, mouths agape.


Beautiful cocks pushing past pouty dick sucking lips.


I found licking my lips, my own dick rock hard in my hand. I went to take another toke but realized I’d quickly burnt through the remainder.


I suddenly felt a hand turn my head to the left and was greeted with the sight of Mr. James’ veiny member right in front of my face, the head already peeking out of his thick foreskin and inches away from my salivating mouth.


As he gently pushed the fat head against my lips, I parted them, letting it slide in with no resistance.

‘I didn’t think those vids actually worked you know, but seeing you sitting there staring at a bunch of dicks, I figured it must have done something.’


‘Hmmhmm,’ I moaned as my lips stretched around the huge girth. The thumping beat was reaching a crescendo with one phrase being repeated over and over.

My tongue swirled around the head, the salty taste filling my mouth. He didn’t try to force me down, content to let me work at my own pace for now. A hand on my wrist guided my own to find two full plum sized orbs hanging low, rolling them around in my palm and gently massaging them.


‘I knew you were a little bitch the moment I saw you,’ Mr. James pulled his shirt over his head as he spoke revealing his buff physique and leaving him completely nude, ‘and now you’re gonna be my bitch.’

I found it hard to disagree from my current position, slobbering over his enormous dick like my life depended on it. Drool leaked out from between my lips and wet, sloppy mouth sounds filled the room.

‘Fuck you’re good. How many times have you done this you little slut?’

With my mouth full of delicious cock, I couldn’t tell him it was my first time, that I’d never even touched another dick before. I could only continue to worship the virile piece of meat in front of me, losing myself in the pleasure of servicing this older man’s cock.

My mouth popped off his cock as he broke the vacuum seal of my lips, strands of spit linking my lips to the head of his dick. Moving so that he now had both legs on the sofa, he straddled my face, pushing my head back until I was looking up at him past his imposing cock which now rested over my nose. He shifted forward slightly until I had access to his swollen sack.

‘Ahh fuck that’s it, can you feel how full my balls are boy? Give them a good wash.’

My tongue snaked out to lick at the sweaty avcılar escort folds of his sack and his musky scent assaulted my nostrils, leaving me a dizzy mess as he treated me like some cheap whore. He stopped dragging his balls over my face for a moment, lowering them into my mouth so I could suck each one into my mouth, swirling my tongue over both of his nuts before he grabbed the root and lined the head of his cock up with my mouth.

‘Open wide slut.’

I briefly thought that this was wrong, that I shouldn’t let my pervy old landlord using me like a cocksleeve. I blamed it on the drugs, on the rent, on the porn. All those thoughts vanished as 8 inches of fat bitch breaking meat started to slide past my lips. I moaned as he slowly fed me his cock until the head reach the entrance to my throat. I expected him to take his time at first, exploring how deep he could push and slowly training my mouth. I had forgotten he believed I was a total cocksucker.


He immediately started thrusting into my throat, eagerly sampling his newest conquest. My arms flew up to his hips in a vain attempt to push him off but he simply kept tunneling forward, breaking in my throat at breakneck pace.

He suddenly ceased his thrusts with his cock buried in my throat. My nose pressed into the slight stubble on his pelvis and his balls rested against my chin. He held me there for a few seconds, feeling my throat convulse around his length before pulling out with a pop. I gasped, trying to get a word in before he lunged straight back down, repeating the process again and again.

‘Mr. James please, I ca- MPMHH! GAHK! GLAK! AAGHKK! GLULK!’

Over and over my throat was abused, drool and throat slop ran out from the corners of my mouth to mix with the tears from my watering eyes. My hands dropped from his hips and lay limply at my sides as I let him use me like some slut at freshers, dazed and horny beyond belief. Gradually, his thrusting became more erratic and he hilted himself in my throat one final time.

‘Here it comes Macey. Swallow it like a good slut!’

Mr. James humped down into my face as his balls churned against my chin and he began to empty them into my defenseless hole, my nose pressing into his wiry tangle of pubes. I could feel his massive dick throbbing against my gullet, hot jizz shooting straight to my stomach as I gagged noisily, spunk shooting out of my nose having nowhere else to go. His orgasm eventually waned and he slowly withdrew inch after inch of thick meaty dick into the open.

He spurted one final rope of thick spunk out across my face, a sticky trail leading from my lips up to my brow and plastering one of my eyes shut. I breathed deeply with croaking gasps; eyes heavy as I stared up him. Thick lines of drool connected my lips to the bulbous head of his cock and my face was a complete mess; a mixture of cum, saliva and tears staining my stunned features. He smirked down at me as I lay there and I wondered how many of his tenants had ended up the same way.

‘You’ve got a real mouth-pussy on you Macey,’ he chuckled, squeezing a few drops of cum into my half open mouth. ‘I’m going to enjoy using it.’

The salty taste of his jizz shouldn’t have been so appealing to me, yet my tongue snaked out to lick any that remained from my lips and his softening meat twitched at the site.

‘I get an extension… on the r-rent… right Mr. James?!’ I rasped in between breaths, remembering how I’d gotten into this situation in the first place.

‘I think you’ve earned that much. I’d say at least… a week?’ He chuckled at the look on my face and slapped his now flaccid member against my cheeks. ‘But if this pretty mouth of yours stays open for business, I’m sure we can bump that up. By the way, are you going to care of that?’

I realized he was referring to my still raging hard boner, forgotten during my furious throat fucking. I barely got five strokes in before I shot my load across my stomach and onto my chest, feeling completely drained. Post nut clarity should have told me this was a terrible mistake. I was high and horny; this should never have happened.

So why was I staring at his cock and wondering when I’d need to make my next payment?

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