Ocak 31, 2023

The Dream Weaver Pt. 01

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My morning work commutes are finally starting to get easier. Since moving from a backwater town on the east coast, to this rule metropolitan area, healthier living has been on the forefront of my mind. So a month back, I decided to stop driving the hour-long commute to work and bought myself a shiny new bike. After a week, I nicknamed ‘birth control’. Not only did I look like an overgrown child riding the damn thing thirty minutes everyday, but I am pretty sure the seat cut off all reproduction functions in my dick. Nevertheless I was bound and determined to make this work.

The chilly crisp air feels amazing on my ride this morning. I check my watch to see how I am doing on time. Ahead of schedule, perfect! Time to stop off for a coffee.

Kats Koffee Shop, I’ve been past it dozens of times, but this is my first time inside. Small, quaint, with a mix of modern tables and chairs to clash with the rustic decor and artwork.

“Ooop.” I hear from behind the counter. A cute woman is quickly trying to smooth down her skirt behind the counter.

“O, Hi!” Her words come out breathy, like she had been running around all morning.

“Hi. Are you ok, miss?” I replied.

“Yep!” She bolstered. “Just busy busy busy.”

Looking around, it doesn’t look like she has had a customer all morning.

“Right.” I say, a little confused. “Could I have a large coffee, please.”

“Of course! Any flavor or cream?”

“No thank you. Just a light roast, black, please.”

As she spins around, to pour my cup, I have to stifle a laugh. Whatever this perky ball of social awkwardness was doing before I arrived, caused her skirt to be tucked into the back of her underwear. Not that I am going to complain, her firm round ass clad in black lace panties definitely caused my cock to stir.

As she turned back towards me, I quickly looked up to meet her eye contact, my grin pulling sharply at the corners of my mouth.

“That will be three fifty please.” Handing me the coffee with a smile. I passed her a ten dollar bill.

“Keep the change as a tip for the view. I love black lace.” The confused look on her face made me chuckle. As the door closes behind me, I hear her exclaim “SHIT!”.

*Later that night*

The ride home from work was eryaman escort bayan exhaustive. Probably due to a project at work mentally draining any and all motivation I had for the day. Throwing my keys on the kitchen counter, my microwave says it’s eight PM. Yeah that sounds like a good time for bed tonight.

Stripping off my sweaty riding clothes, I start the shower. My body is definitely improving from bike riding, looking over at myself in the mirror. Lines of definition are more prominent, less of a gut, more toned muscles, and I think my dick may have an extra inch added to it as well.

Better watch it there Billy, or your ego is going to start showing. I chuckle to myself at the thought.

The hot shower felt better today than it has in a long time. Washing away the stress and dirt of my day. Relaxing sore muscles and my mental state. My thoughts wander back to the coffee shop girl. Her shapely ass in black lace panties. My cock swelled as I stroked it to the mental image. The thought of sliding my dick down her backside as she poured coffee, brought me closer to the edge. Her legs spread as I slowly slid myself inside her. Moans of pleasure from us fill the empty coffee shop, as we orgasm together. My cum splatters on the window of my shower, as the post wave of relaxation washes over me.

I am not sure how long I laid naked in my bed scrolling mindlessly through posts, but I must have fallen asleep.

Looking around the empty coffee shop, I notice I’m wearing my biking outfit again. The woman behind the counter is pouring a large cup of coffee. Her skirt is gone, only black lace wrapped around her shapely ass.

“So you like black lace huh?” Her familiar voice echoes in the empty coffee shop. As she turns around, her shirt disappears. She is now only wearing a matching set of black lace bra and underwear.

“Close your mouth handsome, you’re starting to drool.” She said with a giggle. Carrying the cup of coffee, she rounded the counter. Her hips swinging in sweet seduction. I could feel my cock stretch my lycra shorts as it grew.

“Speechless, huh? After that embarrassing little comment you made to me, I figured you’d at least have something to say.” She said, handing me the hot cup.

My mind raced ankara escort for a response. Trying to think of something clever to say! All that came out was.

“Th.. thanks for the coffee.”

Her laughter filled the shop, as the rush of embarrassment washed over every inch of my body.

“That has to be the single most dumbfounding answer I have ever given in a dream.” I said, defeated.

“O buddy, you’re lucky you’re handsome.” Tears still streaming down her face from laughter.

“Well, it hasn’t gotten me very far.”

“It got me down to my bra and panties. Isn’t that far enough?” She replied, gesturing to her curvy body.

“Hell, those panties were enough for me early.” As I start to remember my fantasy quickie with coffee shop girl, I hear audible moans coming from behind the register.

“O my!” She exclaims looking behind the counter.

Behind the counter was coffee shop girl bent over a hot cup of coffee while a naked version of me is fucking her. While a third version of me has his head thrown back, jacking off to it all.

“What the fuck!” I shout a little louder than I meant too.

“Oooop.” She squeaked, waving her hand and the versions of us disappeared in smoke.

“What was that?” I question.

“What was what?” She replied coyly.

“Why did I just watch myself fucking you?”

“How am I supposed to know? Isn’t this your dream?”

“Is it!” I yell, looking around for a door to leave. “Because I’m not so sure anymore!” Grabbing my face with both hands, she forces me to look in her eyes.

“Calm down handsome. It’s only a vivid dream. You’ll wake up, in your own bed, I promise you.” Her hand felt warm on my cheeks. Her breast pressed against my chest, and the smell of coffee grounds filled my nose.

“Who are you coffee shop girl?” I asked, fixated on this beautiful woman.

She let out a soft giggle.

“My name’s Kat, I own this shop.” Gesturing around the small coffee shop.

“And how are you doing this?”

“You know when Freddy goes into those kids’ dreams; killing them in the dream kills them in real life. Well it’s like that but here I don’t kill people, I fuck them.” She says as she takes a step back. Her clothes have disappeared. Her breasts sincan escort bayan bounce slightly with every step she takes, swaying her hips.

I watch her eyes slide down my body. Looking down, I see my clothes have disappeared as well. My cock hard as it’s ever been, pointing towards the only spot he cares about.

“So, it’s your fantasy. How do you want me handsome?” She says, giving me a wink. Without a second thought I rushed towards her. Wrapping her into my arms. Kissing her with a passion I have not felt in a very long time. My hands sliding down her back, lifting her up by the ass.

Wrapping her legs around me pushes my cock inside her tight pussy. The warmth and pleasure caused me to moan loudly. As I lower her onto the counter, it adjusts heights to make her inline with my height. Laying her down on the counter, I watch my cock slide slowly in and out of her wetness. Her back aches as shove into her deeper. Her moans grow louder, as I fuck her faster. Building up speed and depth with every thrust.

Locking on to my eyesight. She starts pinching and rubbing her nipples.

“Oh fuck me!” She yells, now watching my cock slide in and out of her.

“Fuck this feels so real.” I moan. Wrapping her leg over my shoulder to get a better position. Reaching out, I grope at her bouncing tits. Squeezing and pulling at the nipple. Her moans grow louder. She starts rocking her hips to match my pace.

“FUCK FUCK, YES!” She screams as she cums, still watching my cock. Her pussy tightens around me, pushing me over the edge. I threw my head back and moaned at my climax. I feel every twitch of my cock inside her as I pump load after load of warm cum inside her.

Standing, now on shaky legs, slowly pulling out of her. Cum leaking out of her and onto the floor. Still laying down, catching her breath, Kat giggles.

“Fuck, looks like you’re a bit of a mess.” She says, staring at my cock. Sliding onto her stomach, she grabs and pulls me into her mouth. Licking from base to tip, she slowly cleans me off.

“It’s about that time handsome. Come to the shop tomorrow, I have a new coffee named after you. I call it the Black Lace.”

I looked down at her confused at first. She just looks up at me, kisses the tip of my cock, smiles and waves her fingers.

I woke up with a shock. My body is exhausted and sweaty. Remembering the crazy dream with Kat, I reach down and grab my cock. Strings of sticky cum lay across my belly and thighs.

All I could think was “What the actual fuck?”

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