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The Contract

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Marion was fifty two years old and a widow. Her husband Tom had died in a work related accident three years previously.

She had met Tom when she was thirty one and he was twenty eight. He was a widower at the time, his wife died in childbirth leaving him with a son who he called Paul after his late wife Paula.

Tom was only twenty five years old when she died and he already had a successful engineering consultancy business so he hired a full time nanny to look after his son while he was at work.

Paul was three when Tom met Marion at at a party held by mutual friends. They started dating and went out at weekends with Paul to parks or to quaint pubs on the outskirts of London. They had walks by the river and over the next couple of years they became like a family unit.

Marion had fallen in love with the little boy immediately she was introduced to him. He was tall for his age but due to the difficulty of his birth he was a skinny child.

Marion thought he was angelic with his bright blue eyes and blonde hair.

One day the nanny told Tom that she and her boyfriend were emigrating to Australia and that she was sorry to leave them. This put Tom in a panic as he then had to find another nanny for Paul quickly.

Marion told him not to be silly and she would look after Paul. She was working as a secretary at a firm of Accountants at the time and relished the chance of caring for the little boy.

Paul was then five years old when Marion moved in and he loved her being there immediately.

Soon Tom proposed and Paul had a step-mother, the only mother he had known.

Marion insisted that he call her by her first name rather than Mummy. She didn’t want to replace his real mother but she did want to look after him.

As Paul grew older he appreciated the fact enormously and loved Marion for it.

He worked hard at school and moved on to university where he gained, just like his father, a degree in Design Engineering.

Tom was so proud. As a well done present he bought Paul a small car to enable him to get around London in.

Sadly only months later Tom died.

He was working on a new build office block and as always preferred to be hands on. That day he was one hundred feet up scaffolding inspecting the structure of the block when the scaffolding he was standing on collapsed and he fell, his head, neck and back bouncing off the metal poles all the way down.

He was dead before he hit the ground.

The effect on Marion and Paul was pure devastation.

Arranging the funeral and coming to terms with their loss was bad enough but the wrangling with the insurers of the scaffolding company as well as the firm that was employing Tom at the time was horrendous.

Eventually both firms agreed a quite substantial out of court settlement which meant that when his own insurance paid out and the business was sold Marion was an extremely wealthy widow and Paul had a substantial trust fund, although he couldn’t touch it until he was thirty years old.

Marion decided to remain in the five bedroom house she shared with Tom in West Hampstead, North West London and Paul eventually moved into a flat in Queensbury, only twenty minutes along the Jubilee Line from his step-mother’s home, with his twenty two year old girlfriend Emma.

Marion wasn’t a big fan of Emma. She thought she was too skinny and with her fiery red hair she was sure she bullied Paul.

It was a Friday and after a long lay in Marion stepped out of the shower, dried herself, did her hair and put on some make up.

She stood in front of the full length mirror and appraised herself.

Nobody would call her a raving beauty. She admitted she appeared a bit old fashioned. She was plain looking, her brown mousy hair was naturally curly and shoulder length but the glasses she wore were not fashionable and made her look quite mumsy.

She was pleased with her body though. She thought she’d put a bit of weight on since she’d first met Tom but she realised was fifty two now. She also remembered that it was her figure that attracted Tom initially. Her breasts were large, very large and she had then the cutest bum.

Although her bottom had padded out her tits remained huge and quite firm due to never having had children of her own. She looked at her large hard nipples. Tom loved her nipples.

Friday was a rest day for Marion. No coffee mornings and no church work to do. It was normally spent reading and sipping wine in the sun.

She looked in her drawers for something to laze around the house in. She found an old pair of ski pants and pulled them on. It was No Underwear Friday.

She looked in the mirror and gasped. The skin tight pants showed off her pussy lips through the taut material.

‘Hmm, camel toe,’ she thought. ‘Still no one will see it unless the young postman has anything for me to sign.’

She secretly hoped he’d come so she could see the look on his face when he saw her crotch.

She pulled out a silver coloured silk blouse from her wardrobe and slipped in on without her bra then took a wide shiny kızılay escort black belt and fastened it around her waist. This drew her stomach in and pushed her nipples up against the shiny silk blouse.

‘God, I feel so horny. I wish I’d stayed in bed a little longer with my vibrator,’ she mused. ‘Ah well, better go and prepare a light lunch. It might take my mind off it.’

Paul had totally forgotten that his office was going to close at lunchtime as the computer terminals were being replaced so effectively he had the afternoon off.

A couple of the girls asked him if he fancied going for a drink with them but he thanked them politely and declined.

He thought he would go home and surprise his girlfriend Emma. Maybe they could drive out to the countryside and have a picnic or find a quiet pub somewhere for a late lunch.

As his train passed West Hampstead he was tempted to call and see how his step-mother was but he dismissed that wanting to get home to Emma and he finally arrived at Queensbury station.

He quietly let himself into the flat and closed the door softly;

Paul froze on the spot.

He could here the rhythmic slap of flesh on flesh. Then he heard Emma’s voice.

‘Oh God, fuck me Carl. Fuck my bald white pussy with that big black cock of yours.’

Paul took a step nearer their bedroom door.

‘Oh yes Baby Girl. Nice and so tight for my big black cock!’

Paul thought the voice came from an older man.

‘Oh God I’m going to come again. Keep fucking me Daddy. Oh fuck Daddy I’m cuuummmiinngggg!’

‘Fuck! Me too Baby Girl.’

‘Don’t cum in me. Shoot it over my tits,’ panicked Emma.

Paul barged into the bedroom to see an older black man in his late forties kneeling over his girlfriend’s stomach furiously wanking his thick ten inch cock.

Emma looked up and saw Paul standing there looking on in disbelief.

‘Paul, nooooo…’

Her cries were cut off as a rope of cum hit her in the face, blinding her and flying into her open mouth. Paul saw the second and third ropes splatter her tiny thirty four B tits and the fourth dribble on her taut white stomach.

He turned and walked out of the bedroom, sat in his favourite armchair and stared at the floor.

He could hear muffled voices from the bedroom then the door opened as the older black guy slipped out of the flat.

Paul stood up just as Emma came out now wearing her dressing gown.

‘Paul I can expl…’

Paul walked past into the bedroom without looking at her and took down his suitcase from the top of the wardrobe. He started to pack his suits, shirts, ties and casual clothes. From under the bed he retrieved his holdall and packed whatever was his, DVD’s, shoes, trainers, books etc and carried both bags out to his car and bundled them into the boot.

He went back into the flat and took its key from his key ring and threw it on the dining table before walking out without a backward glance.

Marion had cleared away her light lunch and was just about to pour herself a glass of wine when she heard the doorbell chime.

On opening it she was surprised to see Paul standing there.

‘Hello darling. Why didn’t you use your own key?’ she asked.

‘I,,,I don’t know.’ replied Paul distractedly.

Marion could see that he was upset so held out her arms to hug him.

Paul took in what his step-mother was wearing and as they hugged he could feel his cock start to grow hard. He tried to pull away but Marion could feel his cock jerk and hugged him even closer. Suddenly she held him at arms length and looked him in the eyes not saying a word.

‘I’ve…I’ve left her. I’ve left the two timing slut!’

‘Where’s your stuff?’ asked Marion shocked at what he had told her.

‘I..in the car.’ he stuttered.

‘Right. Bring it in and take it to your room. Have a shower and slip into something more comfortable. We’ll have a drink and you can tell me all about it.’

Marion poured herself a glass of white wine and sat on the huge sofa in the sitting room. Paul didn’t want a drink but sat beside her freshly showered and in t-shirt and shorts.

‘No, no. Lie down and rest your head in my lap darling. You’ll be far more comfortable.’

Paul spread out on his back on the sofa and when he looked up all he could see was his step-mother’s huge breasts in her shiny silver silk blouse. Her nipples were trying to poke their way through the thin material. All of a sudden he felt himself getting aroused again.

‘So darling. Start from the beginning and tell me what happened?’ Marion asked.

Paul recounted the incident from when he got home and hearing them fucking to Emma’s cries of passion and seeing the older man cum all over his girlfriend’s face and body.

Marion was certainly turned on by hearing that and as she idly stroked Paul’s face, neck and arms he too was showing a lump in his shorts that hadn’t gone unnoticed by his step-mother.

Suddenly she had an idea. A dangerous idea and one that she thought may backfire with disastrous results but kızılay escort bayan she knew she had to carry it out for his benefit.

She stopped stroking Paul’s cheek and with her right hand she slowly unbuttoned another three buttons on her blouse and pulled out her large left breast. Then with her left hand she placed it behind Paul’s head and pulled his face towards her large erect nipple.


His mouth opened instinctively as he was drawn onto her nub cutting off his protestations.

‘Shush darling. Mummy’s going to make everything better.’

Paul moaned at hearing that then gasped as he felt the zipper on his shorts being lowered.

He groaned as Marion fished out his hard cock and gently began to stroke it, holding his mouth firm to her breast.

The pre-cum soon wet the crown of his cock allowing her to peel back the foreskin and rub her thumb over the glands.

Paul moaned with his step-mother’s nipple in his mouth..

More juices poured out enabling her to stroke the whole length slowly and deliberately.

He started to buck his hips to try and make himself cum but Marion would slightly release her grasp on his cock so he couldn’t.

‘Please Marion!’

‘Please what, darling?’

‘I need to, you know. Oh please! Oh God, I need to cum Marion. Please make me cum!’

‘Oh so you want your step-mother to make you cum do you?’

‘Fuck yes,’ he almost cried.

‘Well I will if you do something for me.’

‘What? Yes of course. I’ll do anything for you.’

‘Well it’s sort of a contract and if you break the contract you will have to leave the house and look for somewhere else to live!’ she explained.

A puzzled Paul asked what he had to do.

‘You have to do everything I say. Very simple. From now on you will do everything I say and everything I tell you to do without question. Is that clear?’

Paul was moaning from his step-mother’s manipulation of his throbbing cock.

‘Oh God yes. Yes I will do everything you say. I promise.’

‘Well then, cum for mummy!’

Marion increased the speed of her wanking and soon he groaned loud and long as his cum flew into the air and down over his t-shirt and Marion’s hand.

‘Good boy.’ she said as he finally stopped coming. She pumped his cock a bit longer to make sure she had milked him fully.

‘I think I need another glass of wine after that and you, young man, need to change your t-shirt!’

When Paul eventually went back down stairs after laying on his bed reflecting on what had just happened and how his usually staid step-mother had given him one of the best orgasms of his young life he was excited to find out more about what else she was going to do with him.

When he walked into the kitchen Marion was preparing a chicken dish for dinner.

‘Ah, just the person I want to talk to. You probably found this afternoon a bit odd but let me tell you it is going to be for your own good. I had to take you in hand,’ she giggled. ‘And I am going to build you into a real man like your father. Even better actually as you have your mother’s good looks and girls will go crazy for you. You may think I’m the crazy one but please trust me and you’ll reap the benefits. Now set the table, get a drink and come and sit outside with me.’

Paul noticed she had changed into a loose fitting summer dress and was now in Mumsy mode again.

They chatted some more about Emma and what he was going to do about the flat. He said he’d contacted the owner and told him he didn’t want to renew the lease that had less than six weeks left. He said he would pay up the rent and that probably Emma would stay there but at least he wasn’t paying for everything else like he had been previously.

At dinner it was just small talk about his work and her church activities. She told him that she often went over to The Manse to have either lunch or tea with the vicar and his wife.

Marion’s tone changed when she reminded him of The Contract and said she had something important that she wanted him to do. She told him about a personal trainer she had heard of that lived and worked out of a gym in Wembley and she was going to make an appointment for him to attend on a regular basis, three nights a week and every weekend.

Paul started to complain but remembered his acceptance of the contract.

After dinner Marion suggested that they get ready for bed and sit and watch the television for a while.

Paul was first back into the sitting room dressed in his night shorts and an old baggy t-shirt.

When Marion entered he almost gasped.

She was dressed in a black see through baby doll nightie that left nothing to the imagination and a pair of shiny black heels.

‘Time for your first lesson young man’ she told him as she sat on the edge of the sofa.

Marion ordered Paul to his knees in front of her.

‘Did you ever eat Emma’s pussy?’

Paul blushed and replied ashamedly ‘maybe once or twice.’

‘Dear me. That won’t do. I take it she sucked you to completion did she?’

Paul escort kızlay nodded.

‘Well then, it’s time you learned how to please women if you want to keep them.’

That stung Paul.

Marion opened her legs to show him her recently shaved pussy.

‘I’ll guide you and explain what you must and mustn’t do. OK?’

Paul looked decidedly ill.

‘Come here young man and feast on my vagina.’

Paul tentatively pushed his face between his step-mothers thighs. He felt Marion grab him by his hair and force his mouth into place.

‘That’s it now gently explore with your tongue. Mmmm nice. Now use the flat part to lick between my lips…’

The education continued for another twenty minutes as he licked around and in her entrance then finished off with licking, sucking and nibbling her clitoris before she squealed and gushed her juices over his face.

‘Not bad. Not bad at all but I think we’ll practice that a lot more from now on,’ she with a twinkle in her eyes.

Sunday morning Paul had just walked out of the bathroom after his morning shower when he heard Marion calling him from her bedroom.

He knocked politely and waited for her to ask him in.

He slowly and nervously opened the door and stepped inside. He gasped when he saw his step-mother lying on the bed in a cream satin girdle and silky cream stockings.

‘Good morning darling. Why don’t you drop that towel and come over here?’

Paul did as he was told, his cock filling out as he walked over to her.

‘Come and lie next to me,’ she said as she patted the bed.

Paul crept up on the bed and laid down on the cool silk sheets.

‘Paul,’ she said stroking down his body until she found his hard cock. ‘I want you to fuck me!’

He was stunned. Here was his step-mother in sexy underwear telling him she wanted him to fuck her.

I…I don’t…’

‘May I remind you of our contract young man. If I say fuck me you will fuck me!’

Marion leaned back and opened her thighs.

‘I’m ready!’

Paul apprehensively crawled between her legs and lined up his cock to penetrate her.

Without finesse he pushed himself deep into her sopping wet pussy and started to pound into her.

He’d only been fucking her for about four minutes when he grunted and filled her with his cum then collapsed on his back next to her.

‘Wow’. was all he said.

‘Hmm, wow indeed,’ Marion replied sarcastically. ‘Is that how you fucked Emma?’

‘Er…yeah I suppose.’ he answered.

‘Oh dear. Looks like you will need a full education on pleasing women in bed.’

She was going to add, ‘no wonder Emma looked elsewhere for sex’ but she refrained from humiliating him further.

Monday she contacted the fitness instructor and explained that her step-son needed to gain weight and to develop muscles. She explained that it would take a bit of time but she could afford to pay for the results.

Charlie Ritchie was a thirty two year old fitness instructor. He was just shy of six feet tall and weighed in at one hundred and ninety pounds. He had been a fitness instructor for over ten years and came highly recommended.

On Monday evening after work Paul went along to the gym and Charlie understood what he had to do. He relished the task of turning the scrawny young man into something resembling a proper man.

Marion devised a rota for Paul’s sex lessons on the days he wasn’t at the gym.

She taught him how to kiss sensually. How to perform cunnilingus and how to properly fuck a woman.

Paul looked forward to all the lessons from his step-mother. He loved her large soft breasts and hard nipples. He adored her tasty wet pussy as he went down on her and he relished sliding his hard cock into her tight and responsive pussy.

One afternoon he felt really good when he’d managed to make her cum by licking her then again when he fucked her for over twenty minutes. He came harder than he ever had before especially when she wrapped her stocking clad thighs around his back and screamed, biting his shoulder as she gushed all over his spurting cock.

He was getting more sex from his step-mother than he’d ever had from previous girlfriends.

Marion was proud that he was coming on so well, especially as now his body was now filling out.

His arms and legs were developing muscle and he was achieving a six pack. His face was slimmer and his looks more defined. Marion knew she was going to be sad when his training was over.

The following Sunday Marion was again invited to Sunday lunch with the vicar and his wife. Also there was their daughter Kathrine or Kate as she liked to be called.

Marion thought she was adorable. Tall with long blonde hair that hung down her back, a sleek body with quite large breasts and a slim waist the accentuated her curvy hips.

Kate had a beautiful face with bright blue eyes, a pert nose and full lips.

She had just returned from University with a two:one degree in English and was working for the church while she searched for a teaching job.

‘Perfect for Paul,’ Marion thought.

Paul was naked and on his back his step-mother was astride him wearing an old fashioned tight white girdle that allowed her large breasts to swing free and holding up tan coloured stockings. Her hair and glasses made her look every inch of an old fashioned mother.

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