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The Best Seat in the House

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Ever just had one of those days where you wanted to get out of work and away from the clusterfuck that it entails? To go home, have a drink and get laid in the kind of way that makes your eyeballs roll in the back of head and your extremities grow numb for hours after the deed has been done? Well, I have. This story is sort of like one of those experiences.

It takes place around November of 1998, during my John period. In fact, it is another John story. I just happened to remember it as I was pretending to listen to someone drone on for about an hour or so at Rooster’s. A long-winded, wine-filled, bloated nothingness of a night in which a guy I thought was going to be a stud turned out to be another ho-hum experience that didn’t even see the guy get past the batter’s box. Yeah, even I couldn’t fuck that guy.

The best part of the night was having my breath catch in my throat as I thought about John and how he fucked me. I don’t know why I remembered the experience then but I did and let me tell you, my clit still throbs from reliving the memory. As I sit now and write this, I am very inclined to pleasure myself as I write. Hope the story ends up being as fulfilling as the memory is to me….

I had come home from work this one particular afternoon. It was shortly after I had moved out of my ex husband’s place and was establishing myself as a single woman. I hadn’t been on the work force long, maybe a month and was juggling community college on top of it. I was emotionally and physically drained. Worst part was that it was only October, barely a month into the semester. I thought that maybe college was not for me. In fact, I had begun to wonder if being a divorcee was worth it as well.

Climbing up the stairwell to my apartment, I let my mind drift off about John and how much fun our sexual exploits had been that summer. With fall in full swing, I wondered if we would ever meet up again. We talked on the phone and exchanged a few emails, but that was all. Nothing to indicate that we were going to be fucking again any time soon.

The thought brought me down for a bit, I have to admit until I looked up at the top of the stairwell and saw him standing there quite expectantly. We stood about ten feet away from each other. I smiled and looked into those blue eyes of his. They were dark and moody, full of mischievous intent.

“I decided to stop in on my way to Nashville,” he smirked with a wink, “I wanted to see you.”

“You could have called first,” I joked, wanting to drop my bags and run into his arms right before I fucked him on the stairwell. Come to think of it, the elderly lady in 208 might have had a heart attack, so maybe having sex with him there wasn’t in our best interest.

“I wanted to surprise you, Angel.”

I laughed, my surprise was indeed evident and nearly caused a case of hiccups from an overwhelming case of nervous excitement. I continued my climbing of the stairs until we were both on level ground. Reaching for one another, we embraced in a long hug, kissing each other on the cheeks before we touched lips.

“So which apartment is yours, again?” he asked, raising that adorable eyebrow.

I pointed to the one on the other side of the hall and behind him. Reaching for my bags, he took them and carried them for me as I clumsily looked for my key in my pocket. This game went on for about a minute before I realized that the key I was looking for was on my key chain with my car keys. The same key chain I was holding in my hand.

He laughed playfully at me, brushing some strands of hair away from my face before kissing the top of my head. I leaned into him, reveling in the heat of his presence which at that time was still relatively new to me.

I walked into my apartment first. Thank God I had remembered to clean it over the weekend even though as a single woman with no children to raise for the first time in my adult life, it wasn’t very messy to begin with.

“You seem nervous, Ang.”

I let him follow me into the apartment before taking the bag and purse from him and setting it on the dining table. “I am,” I admitted, “I was just thinking about you and here you are…”

“Here I am,” he shook his head, “You have a nice place. It is every bit as comfy and adorable as you said it was. It’s definitely you.”

“Thanks.” I replied, I watched as he leaned up against the back of my sofa. “So how long are you here, what do you want to do?” I asked the last question hoping that he wanted to fuck the hell out of me.

“Well, I don’t have to be in Nashville for a couple of days and was really hoping that we could spend some time together.”

“Of course, I’d love to have you here,” I replied, tucking the loose strands of hair from my face behind my ear, “have you here I mean.”

We shared a chuckle at my intended goof. He understood my intent, both innocent and naughty at the same time. There was an air of easiness between us ever since that first encounter. That was the great thing about John. There internet casino were no expectations. It just was what it was. And for those of you who don’t know yet, “it” was always great.

“I am sure that you wanted to shower, detox, and get into something more comfortable,” He remarked, “I’ll just make myself comfortable and watch some tv until you unwind and are ready to be civilized.”

Having dated Elizabeth, he knew that she enjoyed her private time after school and work. It was sweet of him to give that to me, but I was not my daughter. Although a shower would be terrific.

“I do need to freshen up,” I slyly cooed, winking at him, “I can think of several ways to unwind though…”

This might have been the introduction of the temptress into my myriad of personalities. What John awakened in Farmville spawned a new personality all of it’s own that to this day gets in over my head sometimes. I boldly licked my bottom lip as I envisioned fucking him on my sofa and Christening everything in my apartment that I could for as long as I had him.

John never struck me as a sexual guy. True, I knew that he had sex with my daughter but she had a voracious appetite, evident by her cheating on him the moment she had gone to camp over the summer. It had been my experience with him that he was always primed and ready to go. I had come to realize this and accept it because it was a case of mutual want. It is hard to explain for those who have never met him.

He has this intensity about him. I don’t know if it is anger, confidence, or something else more primal but whatever “it” is, “it” continues to send chills down my spine to my feet to this very day.

His blue eyes narrowed, a heated expression it was and it traveled across the length of my body and took notice of me. I felt shamed and awake at the blatant glare he gave me. I wondered if there was a bulge in his jeans that I might be able to make use of.

By this time, I was completely aware of him and my own sexuality. In the past, he had been an aggressor but this time things would be different.

This would be a slow tease, I decided. A dance, if you will. I wryly smiled through batted eyes as I began to unbutton my blouse. By the time I hit what one would call the living room, the garment was hanging all the way open, unimpeded by buttons. He leaned back into the sofa, making a very deliberate move to get more comfortable and telling me with his eyes that he was enjoying the show. His hips thrusted forward and he sunk down into the couch, revealing his cock pulsing against the strain of his jeans.

I turned from him for a moment and grabbed the bottle of scotch on the counter. As I sipped, I reached behind me to unfasten the button of my jeans, shimmying them down my frame. My panties soon followed and I turned around to face him while they fell down into a silky puddle as I revealed my nearly naked body to him.

I wanted John to reach down and caress his cock through his jeans so that I could see it pulse against his touch. As I thought about him, my hand reached up to unclasp my bra, freeing them to the cool air of my apartment. My nipples tensed up and I began to cup them, massaging them in front of John and pulling at them. I relished how the sensation of a simple pinch could reach all the way down to the center of my body, flooding it with want. I was ready for more than simple exhibition. I craved cock.

I sauntered to him, stopping when I had straddled his knees. His warm hands brushed up and down my arms then back up to my shoulders to cup my breasts in his hands. Fuck, I could feel my clit throb in anticipation of him as his fingers massaged and kneaded me. I arched and begged him to claim one of my nipples with his mouth and he obliged. As lips sucked deeply over an aching nipple, I felt teeth and tongue move together to better bring me pleasure. I couldn’t help myself and I moaned his name.

The sound of my voice seemed to echo in an otherwise silent room and the pure eroticism of it made me want more. I could tell that he was just as aroused by it because his mouth was becoming more aggressive with harsher bites. My clit throbbed with my heartbeats now. I wanted more. I wanted his hands rubbing my clit, his fingers plunging inside of me while his lips suckled my swollen and waiting nipples.

I could tell what John wanted; I could see it in his eyes. Pushing myself away from him, I reached for his belt so that I could pull it undone and rid his body of a garment which was preventing us from joining in orgasmic union. I used what skills I had gathered to that point to slide both his jeans and boxers from his hips and slowly and most breathtakingly his cock was revealed to me.

My breath caught as it’s fullness was revealed to me. More than two hand lengths as I recalled from a previous encounter yet thicker than I remembered. It curved ever so slightly to the left yet once inside of me, John fit me perfectly. That magnificent piece of him stretched me canlı poker oyna just enough to make me cry out whenever he thrusted deep inside of me.

Snapped to the present, I found my hands had already reached out to stroke his length. I loved the way his eyes closed when I touched him. I took bold courage when I saw him take a deep breath when my fingers circled his smooth head and took a long moment to rub the ridge which circled it. With every passing of my fingertip, his head arched and his cock strained against my touch. Licking my lips, I reveled in the memory of taking him into my mouth and tasting the salty hue of his cum.

Not wanting to leave my teasing of his cock, John must have sensed my obsession with him. Pulling his shirt over his head, I became aware that we were now naked as the day we were born with no impediment to our mutual pleasure. Torn between touching his swollen cock and his naked chest, I decided to do both.

The fingertips of one hand continued to play with his manhood while the fingertips of the other trailed across his abdomen and up his slightly hair-covered chest. Upon first glance one would suppose him to possess a very average body, not muscled or chiseled but definitely manly. He possessed a strength of character and a certain physical power that beguiled me and does so to this day.

Taking my time, I took care to massage every inch of his flesh on my way to caress his stubble-filled cheeks. John was someone that I very much wanted to please; to give him at least as much pleasure as he gave me. I could tell by the look on his face and how he reacted to my touching that he was indeed pleasured.

Boldness then became my ally.

I stepped up onto the sofa, moving up his body. I watched with intentful purpose as his eyes darkened the instant our bodies collided and rubbed together. The friction made me swoon, eager to have him inside of me.

But not yet.

I watched his gaze become fixed upon my swollen lips and the treasures which laid behind them as I lifted one leg up and over him, straddling his cheeks. Our eyes met for one instant before expectation became reality. Mutual sounds of pleasure escaped our lips as I lowered myself onto his face. Whether through instinct or his considerable talent, his tongue reached out to tease the length of me before darting inside to toy with my clit. As his licking turned into a deepened kiss, I moaned his name again while lowering myself a little further and here it was that I had discovered the best seat in the house.

His stubble tickled and tantalized the sensitive sides of my pussy as he licked, sucked, and nipped at my slick flesh. I trembled at the simplest touch and I ground my hips into him as he worked his magic.

Seconds or minutes passed, I couldn’t tell. What I did know is that I came the instant I felt his hands possess my bottom and pull me tight to him. I moaned my pleasure with hands taking hold of his hair just so that I could clasp something to ground me to reality. I felt his lips suckling my very core and I imagined his tongue working in unison to sample the sweetness which was now flowing from me.

There is no shame in me for me to say that as I write this I am fingering myself, imagining myself as John’s sexual conquest. I gave myself to John just as I am giving my readers an idea of the wicked lust and desires which are swirling within me at this exact moment.

John’s continued assault on me led to the rolling of my eyes in the back of my head just a few moments later when I arched backwards and struggled against myself to not fall completely backwards and away from his most exquisite and pursuit of my flesh. He had provoked another orgasm from me. Greedily, he took my offering and moaned approval against the walls of my vagina. The vibrations shook me to my very core and made me hunger for more of his very lavish attentions.

Once the tightness in my body was gone, John pushed me down the length of his body. Sitting forward, he whispered into my ear how sweet I tasted, then settled me over his thighs. The next instant I felt his cock part my lips and filled the void left by his capable mouth. As I stretched to accommodate him, I cried out in delight both arching my back and stroking the sides of his head.

Fighting against my body’s instinct, I tried to lean in to kiss as I started to ride him in the hopes that I would be able to pull him deeper within me as I shifted my hips and angled towards him. After I successfully kissed his chin, I found myself tasting myself on his lips and smelling my own musk. Unable to control myself at that moment, I rubbed my cheeks against his and let my hands roam freely over him.

His hands maintained a grip on my hips and he controlled my frenzy as I began to work harder and harder against him. My vaginal walls contracted, clenching his cock in a series of rhythmic spasms that pushed us both further over the edge. When I felt his liquid pulsate within me, I gave myself over to the poker oyna tortuous stabbings which had been slowly piercing me and granted them the freedom to punish my body and bring me the pleasure which they had been teasing me with.

John forced me to ride out the orgasm until I was scarcely able to move. To this day, I am amazed at how he was always able to maintain an erection after cumming. Not many men have mastered that art.

Snuggling against his chest, I flayed my fingers through the hairs there and felt his heart beat. I was content. Kissing the side of his neck and throat, I thanked him and we began making out like teenagers.

The kisses were both playful, exploratory, and deep. Nothing more than a sensual exploration that I could equate to that high school “study” date where your boy comes over and you spend the evening kissing and playing with the possibility of doing more.

I eventually wanted more and I suppose it was when my kissing became more like nips and frantic possession of him that John recognized that I was silently calling upon him again to cure me of my ailment.

With a smile, John took hold of my back and my thighs before lifting me off the sofa. We kissed the entire way he carried me to the bedroom. Taking care to lay me down softly, he watched with hunger in his eyes as I drew open the drawers of my nightstand to take out some lubrication and a vibrator.

I ask him to come to me and he answers my call. He skillfully glides onto the bed and begins to kiss my thighs. His hands roam upward and possess my hips, sides until they are brushing up my arms. Taking the vibrator and lubrication from my hands, he turns his mouth somewhere more central.

I buck against him as I feel his teeth slide down the lips of my pussy. Grabbing handfuls of comforter I try to stay still as he renews an oral assault on my body. John makes my composure all the more difficult to maintain as he soon begins to slide one, then two fingers in and out of me. I felt the slick heat of my arousal surround him and I felt myself ebbing towards something familiar but as I reach the top of that peak and just before my free fall downwards, John withdraws his fingers and brings them to my lips.

Parting for him, John lazily caresses them as my tongue seeks contact with him. I can taste my own wetness on him. Heavy-lidded yet aware of the world around me, I tasted a musky mix of creme and peaches. If this was what I tasted like, it was no wonder that John enjoyed eating me so much. I ran my tongue and lips around his fingers and sucked every drop of me from them.

As I was feasting on his fingers, I became aware of a moderately low sounding humming noise. I never got a chance to question what it was before I felt the walls of my pussy vibrate in response to it. John thrusted it in and out of me, ensuring that every part of me was able to feel it. I felt shivers down my spine and I bit my lips again, trying to hold back from exploding my release.

I can barely see John’s wicked smile through my nearly closed eyes, but I can see that he had positioned himself between my stretched thighs. Possessing right leg with one hand, he shifts my hips and pins my left leg between his thighs. My right leg is now draped over his shoulder while his right hand guides the vibrator inside of me.

Using his free hand, he lathers his cock with lubrication and discarding of the tube, pushes his cock towards my ass. Unaware of the full consequences of his intent, I watched with amazement as his cock glided near me. As his cock touched my ass, I relished in the wet heat I felt but sucked in my breath as I felt it expand under his intrusion.

His entry was slow and gentle until his head was within me. He withdrew slightly before thrusting high and deep into me. I cried out but oddly did not tell him to stop. I felt a bit like Daniel Bryan at that moment, exclaiming “yes, yes, yes”.

I swear I could have felt the swollen head of his cock pounding against my cervix. Everything was both heightened and dulled at the same time. The vibrations within me soon made me spiral out of control and the combined fullness, made me want John to punish me.

I arched as much as I could under the dual assault and came twice in a matter of moments. I called for him and let him know how much pleasure he gave me as often and loud as I could despite a hoarse and parched throat.

I watch him as a look of pleasure washes over him and in the next instant I can feel his milky-white cum erupt inside of me. I felt it’s sudden warmth fill me and set me to burst. I loved it and will unashamedly admit to fighting against his thrusts so that he could someway, somehow find deeper purchase within me.

His orgasm complete, John withdrew from my ass and continued to play with the vibrator in my pussy. Confined by his body, I was forced to endure the luxurious cascade of wanton desire the battery operated device saw fit to give me. Fighting against my heavy eyelids, I see his still swollen cock dripping in his cum. I reached up to John’s chest and ran my nails down it before I clasped his manhood with my hands and held it firm. Deep down I suppose I needed to touch it, feel it, and possess it after it had so thoroughly claimed me.

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