Şubat 5, 2023

Tamed Pt. 14: Daddy

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“Wow…That’s big news…” I said, as Alanah sat beside me clutching her small purse in her manicured hands. Her painted nails softly scraped the fake leather as her puffy lips quivered softly. She nodded and frowned, I could tell she wanted to smile, but the situation we were in was one she did not want to lose.

“Yeah…I’m gonna be a model for one of the biggest modelling agencies in the world…”

“…Have they told you what kind of modelling?” I asked, hoping it was none of the sexual kind. Recently I had become rather protective of my older sister, as the thought of her with other men gave me all sorts of confusing negative emotions that I made sure not to show the fiery goddess that sat beside me.

“Yeah, I’ve been going out to their branch over the other side of the city…They’ve been testing me in all sorts of their different areas. I did sports clothes, bikini’s, lingerie…They really liked me in lingerie.” She giggled and showed that dimpled smile, that smug, yet hot grin that I always wanted to see. What I was feeling wasn’t love, but Alanah was special; this connection we had with each other being step siblings with a mutual attraction to each other’s bodies…There would always be this sexual tension between us, for the rest of our lives.

She listed off other things she did, and the more she listed the more I was happy for her, when she spoke, she seemed excited, and went into detail on most of her days she spent away how the women behind the camera all said they loved her.

After a while I cut her off, placing a hand on her legging coated knee. She rose a brow to me and let her lips rest into a soft pout. “So, they want you to move away? To their main offices?”

She paused, and nodded softly. “Yeah…That’s the downside bro. I have to move away.” Our hearts sank in perfect synchronisation, and the air of the room dipped to the mourning of our taboo love affair. “I don’t want you to move away from your studies babe, it’s something I want, but I think its selfish of me to uproot an eighteen-year-old guy’s life just so I can have sex with him.”

She was right of course. As much as I would have done so if she asked, the logical thing to do was to separate. I rubbed my forehead defeatedly, and a moment later I felt her soft touch on my chin, my step-sister pulled my face to face hers. I blushed when I saw the warmth upon her gorgeous face.

“I want to say something. Before I got to…Experience you, I was a deadbeat bitch who had no aspirations of what to do with her life who just lived off her parent’s riches. I was cold, bored, and just fucked any meathead that gave me a passing look. I want to say that without you and that sexy photoshoot we did together I wouldn’t have ever been spotted by that talent scout and would have never had the chance for a successful career. And without that fucking massive cock I would still probably be an empty woman who took hunky men home with me to just feel a little desired for a night before going back to my stuck-up princess.”

As she spoke in her soft voice, I could feel arousal grow within me, her hand on my chin stoked down my neck, and my shirt, toward my crotch before she settled on the heavy bulge under my sweatpants.

“Are you talking to me or my cock?”

She giggled, combing her hair behind her ear, and she pushed herself forward, smoky eyed and softly licking her lips as she made her way to kiss me. “Both.” she stopped for a moment, mere inches away from my lips; so close that I could feel her horny breath on me. We lingered there, tantalisingly close before I felt her touch my hand.

Alanah slithered her fingers through mine and softly she tugged, pulling me and signalling me to get up. I was confused at first, wondering why she was urging me to stand; it had been a long conversation, and before that an even longer fucking session with Claire. Even though that time the black-haired freak and I shared was already stimulating my already returning libido. I stood and she kept pulling me, leading me toward the door to our bedroom.

“If this is the last time were going to be together bro, I’m not letting you out of my sight. So, I’m going to get fucked nonstop until I pass out, ‘kay? even if you’re tired, I’ll do all the work, I just want to get fucked so bad that I’ll feel it for weeks…” She curled her head over her shoulder to look up at me, shrugging as if it was going to happen regardless of if I wanted that or not. Of course, I did, and I saw her pretty eyes light up the moment a smirk formed on my lips and the light squeeze of her hand signalled to her that this was happening.

We slithered into the bedroom, and the moment we stepped through she spun, rose to the tips of her toes and kissed me. Hard. hard enough that her weight pushed me backward against the door that slammed shut with my bodyweight crashing into it. One of her thighs raised up, desperate for me to hold up as our furious, and animalistic make out reached the tongue phase. I squeezed her legging coated konya escort thigh, moaning into her mouth as the taste of her cherry flavoured lip gloss made its presence felt. I felt her greedy hands scratch and scrape over my chest, desperate to rip my shirt off in what I thought was a lust filled hatred for the fact that this would likely be our last fuck together.

Breaking off the kiss I reached for her tight top, pulling it up over her toned, gym sculped thickness; her leggings were high waisted, stopping just over her belly button. Alanah started to help, frantically pulling the top over the swell of her huge, soft tits then over her head. As quickly as her shirt had been thrown aside, her bra followed, and within a second my lips were planted on one of her diamond cutting nipples, whilst my hands explored her; fondling her massive mounds, squeezing her ass and giving it firm spanks that make her moan submissively.

“God! I bet you’re gonna miss these tits huh Daddy?” She mewed, throwing her pretty hair back and basking in the pleasure of being worshipped. I certainly was going to miss those tits, and the rest of her. Alanah was my first, and the dangerously perfect chemistry we had as a sexual couple had begun to reach points where I imagined her in bridal lingerie throating my animal taming cock, coated in multiple thick loads of my cum staining her perfect body.

She eventually pushed me away, leaving a slick gloss of my spit over one of her boobs. She sucked hard on her bottom lip whilst she flicked her pretty eyes from my own, down to my crotch. Grinning, I complied, pulling her firmly to my side as I pulled my sweats down lower and lower with her eager help. As it sprang out from its cage, Alanah salivated and moaned, pushing it up against my body then pressing her own against it. She grinned as its pulsing heat warmed her, and she winked up at me as she showed just how deep my cock goes inside of her. It lit a fire within me, that primal instinct to fuck and mate, she retorted with a deep, dimpled grin. My step sister knew everything about me now, exactly what to do to get me horny, exactly how to move, what to say and with what levels of vigour to turn me on just right to fuck her exactly how she so desired. It was clear that tonight, for our last time, her statement was the truth…She wanted to be fucked until we were physically unable to continue, and I was more than obliged to follow her needs.

The next thing I knew she was naked other than the choker that tightly wrapped around her neck; she repositioned to spread her legs wide and bent forward, arms bracing against the door. Her shaking ass enthralled me into her web of lust. With her hair falling down her thin waist to expose her tight back, I wrapped a hand around the roots of her hair; getting a firm grip upon her soft ginger hair before I guided my monster cock to her sopping wet pussy and effortlessly punched it into her. She pulled her back into a deep backward arch and cried out as she felt my cock push through her lips, grinning from ear to ear as she started to push herself back against my rock-hard stick, using me like a dildo stuck to the wall of the bathroom.

I fucked her in rhythm with her movements, clapping her thick ass against my pelvis as she panted an erotic “Yes!” with every thud of her perfect body against mine. Every so often I tugged on her hair, whenever she looked away from me, and every time I did, she snapped her head back over her shoulder and began to stare at me with a lust filled expression.

She readjusted herself, pulling her body back from the door to lean back upon me as she grinded her peachy ass on my pelvis. Her hands reached backwards and ran though my hair; basking in the full feeling of my footlong cock imbedded balls deep into her wet cunt. She recoiled back into me with a heavy gasp as I pushed my hand down her body to the small fold above her spread pussy, pulling it back I teased the small button of her clit, under the heat of our taboo act she moaned a “That’s…Cheating…” teasingly.

The endless feeling of her booty rubbing against me, and her cunt tightly contracting around my length brought me closer to my signature heavy load of cum. As the brink of my orgasm had begun to grow within my heavy balls, Alanah pushed herself from my impaling member, the loud slop of her cunt kissing it goodbye sounded loudly over the heavy breaths and moans we collectively expelled. She spun, licked her lips at the swaying member between my legs that pointed straight at her and gave it a few small tugs to milk out my pre. Our eyes locked as she gave a confident, alluring expression. “Lay down.” She ordered; and as fast as she told me to do so, I found myself getting pushed backward onto the bed where our countless acts of steamy sex took place. The next thing I knew I was on the bed, legs hanging over the edge of the large mattress with my toes caressing the soft carpet.

The squeak of her body getting onto the bed sounded, and she konya escort bayan squatted down with her feet on both sides of my head. She descended onto me, dripping pussy getting closer and closer to my salivating mouth. With a toss of her pretty hair of Alanah moaned hard, giggling as she stroked my entire length. “Open wide little bro…” she mewed before her lower lips met my mouth.

The taste of her moist cunt sent shock waved through me, and with that shockwave came the nectar of her swollen pussy to invade me and coat my mouth in a layer of her secretions.

Her hips glided across my face, pressing her pussy harder against me with every thrust of her wide hips. I worked her the best I could, pushing my tongue inside of her, wriggling it like a worm out of soft soil with harsh, quick dashes around. I knew she was feeling it, with her quivering legs vibrating from her squat, to her entirely stopping her furious hand job and suckling of the fountain of precum that flowed from my bulging tip to embrace the oncoming squirt of her orgasm.

Getting eaten out was her weak spot, a tongue in her cunt and a motivated mouth against her crotch never ceased to make my big sis cum hard and fast. And moments later, as she buried her head down halfway into my length her body went rigid, with her legs collapsing onto their knees, pressed between my head to keep me there, expertly pleasuring her. The sudden surge of her intense orgasm drowned me, leaving me a glistening mess of her creamy cum and wetness. I could hear the muffled hoarse moan and an even rougher “YES!” after the surge of her squirt washed over me. Suddenly her sucking intensified, as did her hand job. Gluck’s rattled though the room, and the amazing feeling of her mouth working wonders on my sensitive cock shot across my body. She got what she wanted soon after. The veins of my penis throbbing with every pump of her hand, every lick of my lips to taste her addictive nectar, every time her tongue swirled around my body breaking head. My balls swelled, and my legs shot out forward, outstretched as cum exploded out of me. Alanah moaned, loudly gulping and tugging to milk more out of me.

I could not see how her eyes shot open wide, rolling back into her head with hot feelings of my seed warming the insides of her body. I could feel the excess cum trickle down my shaft as the volume of the goop was far too immense for my step sister to take. As she breathed heavily through her nose by the last long rope, she took a while to swallow what was left in her mouth that bulged like a hamster’s cheeks, before dragging her puffy lips tightly up and giving my purple head a small kiss before releasing her mouth with a loud pop.

Dismounting my face she sat on her knees, mounting one of my legs. “Mmmm so tasty…” she teased with a confident wink and a smirk that she always used against me when she knew how good she performed. The smug look remained on her face whilst she caught her breath, sucking air though her lips and heaving her toned body that now bulged ever so slightly. “Is my baby bro too tired to go again?” Sassily she tossed her hair over her naked shoulder, softly pulling my cock all while groping one of her heavy breasts.

I made my move when I thought she was at her most relaxed, the moment she threw her leg over and off mine I reached forward and pulled her roughly backward onto the bed. She yelped surprised, and giggled hard as her naked body slammed against the soft bed. I mounted her, gripping the backs of her thighs and tossing them forward over her. She looked up at me wide eyes and submissive, wet cunt visibly throbbing, practically begging for me to spread it apart. I squatted between her legs that she settled over my shoulders and positioned my footlong cock at her cunt lips, pushing deep inside of her firmly. The moan that erupted from her pretty, dick sucking lips shook the room, and scolded my ears. I pushed deep into the mating press, with her pussy now thoroughly stretched to accept my full length and rough thrusts she allowed me to use her like my personal sleeve, her eyes looked up and hazily stared into my soul with a deep passion as my balls slammed against her thick ass. If she could form a sentence between her hoarse moans and cries of euphoria, I knew it would be pleas to keep dominating her tamed cunt.

I made sure to mate her hard and fast throwing my bodyweight down upon her sodden cunt again and again with a visually stimulating result of her eyes rolling back and tongue slipping from her puffy lips. The sound of my weighty balls clapping onto her soft peach of an ass rippled across the room, along with her whimpers of “Daddy!”.

Alanah, being too deep into the pit of lust, barely reacted as she came, yet the unmistakeable tightness of her pussy clamping down and milking my pre, accompanied by her thick cream caressing the leathery skin of my penis told me that the pleasure she felt was breaking her mind. I only stopped when I was ready to feel the mind-blowing escort konya effects of my orgasm, pushing myself balls deep into her, balls spread out over her pale white ass that met her cool skin with my hot sack before a powerful shot exploded from me into my Step-sister.

She made an attempt to look up into my eyes when I came in her, swelling up her stomach with every impressively thick and tasty rope. Yet the pleasure she felt only made her looks hazy and filled with euphoria. It took her moments after my seed settled inside her body for her to finally reach a point where she wanted to grin and kiss the tip of my flaccid, hanging cock once I pulled out.

We swapped sides over the night, when my hips became tired, Alanah would push me down and ride my face until her climax; other times she would let me toy with her cum infested cunt by furiously fingering it until her squirt surged from her widely spread legs. With our bodies covered in a layer of glistening sweat and sexual lubricant, we had a soft come down. I sat on the edge of the bed, feet planted softly on our bedroom floor whilst my woman wrapped her legs around me, hands pushing my head into her lips as we kissed whilst her hips thrusted my cock in and out of her. Her tongue swirled around mine for minutes at a time, her fingers running through my hair as I gripped onto her deep back dimples using her hips as a steering wheel to fuck herself onto me. She broke the kiss for a moment, breathing heavily as her shimmering body pressed against mine.

“Bet you’ll never fuck a girl as good as me Bro.” She moaned, throwing her perfectly silky red hair back with a hard giggle, as she did the aquamarine gemstone that acted as the centrepiece of her choker shimmered softly under the moonlight that slipped through the window. I moaned, pre shooting hard into her pussy as I pulled her in deeper.

“Bet you won’t find a dick better than mine ‘Lana.”

“No fucking way I will…Even if I did, they wouldn’t be able to manhandle me like you do…Promise…AHHHHH, that you’ll jerk off to all my photoshoots?”

I pushed deep, and with it she started gyrating. “Promise.” I said as a shiver ran down my back. My answer brought forth a smile. One that was sweet and giddy, clearly being the answer that she desired. Her eyes rolled back for a moment, with her pouty lips ready to talk again, but before she had the chance to sing her praises I kissed her hard, forcing my tongue down her throat roughly that made her squeal submissively; and she did so again when I came inside of her for the second time, I felt her body go limp and melt into mine as hot cum bulged her toned belly out even further, her kiss stopping only to focus on her own orgasm that surged out of her in the form of a hard squirt. Her manicured nails dug into my back, and as they did, I pushed myself back onto the comfortable mattress of your bed and held my Step sister as we came…There we laid together, with my copious load claiming her body as mine once more, and it was there, in the bliss of our sex marathon, where we both passed out together…


I sat alone at the bar, swirling a glass of amber shaded alcohol around in a liquid vortex. She would be gone by now. I’d come home to an apartment for one from the moment I set foot in the old sex dungeon. Yes, I was down, of course I was. The girl who over the past year had been changing me to the confident, slimmer, sex trained man that had started to garner attention from a few girls around the bar, was leaving for a big-time modelling career a long way away.

I tried not to think about it, but, like all the times before where I tried to distract myself, she was all I could think of. Yes, I wanted to go with her, to actually be her boyfriend regardless of our lawful sibling status and step brother and sister. She was just that amazing.

“Seven shots of tequila please.” a velvety smooth voice spoke out to the barman. I flicked my eyes up to see him smile and nod to her, immediately making his way to fulfil her order. “So, I’m going to admit that I’ve been keeping my eye on you for the last hour and I think you haven’t even taken a sip of that…”

I looked over the moment she stopped talking; and I was glad that I did. She was beautiful. Her hair was cut long, coloured an ashen blonde, borderline silvery black with a smooth silkiness. Her eyes large and greener than grass in summer. Clinging to her body was a thin minidress that modestly pushed her perky, under average sized boobs together yet still managed to hold her immense looking ass without splitting the fabric in half. She was gorgeous beyond imagining. I smiled warmly at her, finding it hard to keep my eyes on her pretty face rather than the thick bulge of her booty.

“Yeah, well, I’m a guy that likes to look for a while before having some.”

She smiled, and with it dimples formed over her cheeks. “Come on, guy like you should easily be able to down a few of those before going home to his girl.”

Scoffing at her comment I turned my body toward her, leaning my arm on the varnished wooden counter; she did the same, curling one long leg over the other to push her body forward. Not only was she hot with a sprinkle of cute, she knew what she was doing with her body. “If only I had a girl to come home to.”

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