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The end of the academic year was fast approaching. Although I had lived with Susan in the same small dorm room for the year, although we would be roommates again in the fall, I felt compelled to make my move before we left the campus for the summer.

I could not begin to count the number of times we had seen each other in various stages of undress, or how often we had seen each other fully nude in the shower, or how many massages we had given each other, or how often one of us would suddenly look away with a slight smile and a discernable blush. I definitely felt drawn to Susan, and I was almost — almost — positive that she felt something for me as well.

I peered at her from underneath the warm cocoon of my covers. Although it was nearly 9:00AM, Susan still slept, which did not surprise me given that she had returned very, very late from a party. Laying upon her back, she looked so peaceful, so serene, so angelic, so innocent. Definitely not for the first time, I wanted to reach out to her, to touch her, kiss her, take her in my arms. I had many times shared a hug with her, but I wanted so much more, to feel her body against mine not just for a few seconds, but for a few lifetimes.

Indecision seized my chest and set the butterflies to flight inside my stomach. I wanted so desperately to leave the warm safety of my bed and cross the short distance to the bed upon which our future beşiktaş escort together could very well be decided. Yet I gazed upon her — noting the slight parting of her lips, the form of her breasts accented by the covers, the slow movement of her left leg, a subtle flare of her nostrils, the black roots starting to betray her red-dyed hair — and was hesitant, questioning whether now would be the proper time, to go to her and awaken her with what would be to my knowledge her first Sapphic interaction…

9:12, and I was still undecided. As usual, I had gone to bed wearing only a panty, and I wondered if that might work against me, if seeing me almost fully naked as I approached her would scare Susan from what could possibly otherwise be a wonderful future for us.

Her lips moved — briefly, as if she was mouthing a word — but then remained slightly parted. I wondered if Susan was still asleep, her mind still clouded in dream, or if she was slowly starting to awaken.

At last, my heart decided. As I began to draw back the covers, my heart rate suddenly increased, my heart pounding so hard that I could feel my breasts pulsing. The cool air of the dorm room washed over my mostly-bare skin, creating goose bumps upon those already created by my nervousness. The tile underneath my bare feet was at once jarring to my senses and completely beylikdüzü escort unnoticed, for I was quite focused upon the young beauty sleeping just three feet away from me…

Carefully, slowly, not wanting to disturb Susan’s sleep, I sat on the edge of her thin bed. Underneath the covers, she moved an arm, bringing it to rest just below her breasts. I hesitated for a moment, wishing that was my arm in such a prime location. But then I turned my attention back to the angelic face of a sleeping beauty, gazing upon her with desire and with love.

Seemingly in slow motion, I leaned over her, my face languidly approaching hers, an arm reaching across her to finger a few strands of her soft hair. My lips brushed hers, and my body seemed to be abuzz with anticipation, for this was the moment I had dreamed of for days, the moment which could very well determine the future I might or might not share with Susan…

She whimpered softly into my mouth, her breath filling me. She stirred, her lips parting just a little. My few hand stroked her cheek, and she whimpered again, fueling me with her breath. I lifted my lips away briefly, then kissed her again.

This time, she responded. Her lips moved with mine, which sent a surge of joy throughout my being, causing my heart to expand within my chest.

I lifted my face away, beyoğlu escort and we both opened our eyes as one. Susan’s gaze was definitely unfocused, her hazel eyes still laden with the remnants of sleep, which meant that I could not discern what was going through her mind, whether she was confused or happy or distressed by the fact that her roommate had just kissed her awake.

I felt her arm move against me underneath the covers, and instinctively sat up straight again as she withdrew her arm. Reaching toward me, I watched as she rested her hand high upon my bare thigh, her thumb nearly touching my lilac panty.

“Do you want to share my bed?” she asked quietly. “Or perhaps my body, or my life?”

I smiled, for the ice had been cracked, although not necessarily broken. “I want to share everything with you, Susan,” I replied honestly, placing my hand upon hers and noting its warmth.

Her eyes began to clear, and it was evident that she was not speaking from a dream or from the haze of sleep. She was indeed speaking from the heart. Yet I was a little puzzled when she said, “Get up.”

I complied, reluctant to lose the contact of her hand upon me. But as soon as I was standing, Susan drew back the covers and slid toward the wall against which her bed was positioned. “Join me, Sara,” she offered.

She did not need to repeat herself. Trying not to show my excitement, I slid into my roommate’s bed for the first time and brought the covers over us both. Like me, Susan only ever wore a panty to bed, and not only was I able to hold her for the first time, I was able to enjoy the feeling of warm skin against warm skin as her heart conversed rhythmically with mine, and our lips spoke with feeling.

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