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Summer Camp

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Chapter One

Bryan was ready to go. It was time for the annual family trip to their cabin. It was time for spring cleaning and making the vacation spot ready for the summer. Bryan and his family had been spending summer weekends at the cabin since his father had been a boy.

The cabin was part of some property his Grandfather had purchased just before the Depression. With some ingenuity and a lot of luck, Bryan’s grandfather had been able to keep the property and slowly improve it over the years. When his father, Joe, had been about 10 the family had built the current cabin. Over the years, it had been updated, modernized, and expanded. When Bryan’s grandfather had died, Joe received the cabin and its 25 acres as an inheritance.

Bryan had graduated from high school last year. He had spent most of the past summer at the cabin alone. He had received a full scholarship to college and a fat trust fund from his grandfather for living expenses in college. Therefore, there had not been a special need to work that summer for school expenses. His parents had been happy to let him stay at the cabin all summer keeping an eye on the property and doing some much needed maintenance and upkeep.

Joe and Alicia Andrews were coming out of the house with the last cooler of food for the weekend. They had to be back Sunday night to go to work on Monday. Bryan would stay the week on his own before the whole clan showed up for Memorial Day weekend. The three-day weekend was the traditional kickoff to the summer home.

“Bryan is the truck all gassed and ready?” inquired Joe of his eager son, knowing full well that Bryan had taken care of that chore last night.

“Aw, jeez Pa! I completely forgot!” laughed Bryan. Alicia smiled at the banter between her “boys.”

“Well, we’ll have to stop in then and get some won’t we?” joked his dad. Patting his son on the back, Joe lifted his end of the cooler over the tailgate. Alicia grunted as she lifted her end.

“Why did you put so much beer on ice? It’s only the three of us this weekend,” queried Bryan’s diminutive mother. At 5′ 2″, she packed a lot of energy into her petite well-proportioned frame. “You know I only have one or two the whole week we’re there, and since we have to drive back tomorrow night…”

Joe looked sheepishly at his wife of 23 years. “Um, just thought that since the whole Andrews clan would be up next weekend, we won’t have time to ourselves. And…”

“I see,” Alicia knew the real story. After two beers, most of her inhibitions dropped away and it appeared Joe wanted see her loosened up. Bryan’s parents enjoyed an active sex life and had a “christening” ceremony every spring when they opened up the cabin. Bryan was well aware of the tradition and usually he made himself scarce for a few hours the first night the family was at the cabin.

Alicia leaned against her husband’s broad chest. At 45, Joe was still in good shape. They both enjoyed a lot of outdoor sports and had remained active despite full time jobs. That Bryan was also athletic and regularly worked out at the college’s weight room was evident in his broad shoulders and tight waist. Both of her men were good-looking rugged outdoorsman, one of many qualities that had attracted Alicia to Joe in the first place.

“I won’t need anything beside some clean country air,” she purred into Joe’s ear. It was true. Alicia was quite easily aroused and typically very amorous whenever the couple was at the cabin.

Joe grinned, knowing they would have their usually vigorous romp in the sheets tonight.

“Hey, do I have to dump the ice on you two now?” complained Bryan. With a knowing smirk on his face, he punched his dad in the arm and climbed behind the wheel of the truck.

“Hey, don’t get smart with us, young man,” chortled his father, pulling his keys out of his pocket and walking towards the car.

Alicia looked lovingly at her husband. “I’ll ride up with our ‘little boy’ here, and give you some time to cool off, big fella.” Besides, she had some things she wanted to talk with her son about and this was the first chance she had since he had come home for the summer.

Soon the two vehicles were caravanning their way through town heading for the freeway and points north. The cabin sat on some lake property about 3 hours away.

They had been driving for a half hour or more, when Bryan asked his mom to refill his coffee mug.

“Just like your Dad,” grinned his mother as she opened the thermos, “can’t function in the morning without a jolt of caffeine.”

“Yep, a bean off the old branch,” joked Bryan back.

“Say, we haven’t had a lot of time to talk this year. Just wondering how you were doing.”

Bryan smiled nervously. He had guessed this was the real reason his mother had chosen to ride with him. She wanted to talk. “Yeah, Mom. I’m doing okay.” Bryan elaborated, “It was a tough year at first, but like you said, while time doesn’t heal wounds, you get used to the pain, canlı bahis and then move on.”

Bryan’s high-school sweetheart had broken up with him at the beginning of the school year. They had dated for 3 years. Apparently, though, she had continued seeing other men because she was two months pregnant with some other dude’s baby when she told Bryan about it. She didn’t even know for sure who the father was. She and Bryan had always used condoms, the few times they had had sexual intercourse. They hadn’t seen much of each other during last summer. Obviously, though she had kept herself very busy.

So, Bryan had started his first year of college a jilted ex-lover. He barely had passing grades at mid-term. That’s when he told his parents what had happened between him and his former girlfriend.

“I made the Dean’s list this semester.” Bryan proclaimed. “Figured I would drown my sorrows in hard work and studying instead of other things. Kinda makes up for fall semester. However, I will still have to re-take ComWriting 101 to graduate.

“I’m looking forward to working on the cabin this summer. I signed up for a couple of correspondence courses to get caught up with the rest of my class, so that should help keep me busy.”

Alicia admired her son. “You’ve been through a tough time. Looks like you’re going to be okay. So, have you heard from …?”

” I don’t think of her name anymore, Mom.” Bryan interrupted. “I had all sort of awful names I used to call her, but…” He paused, thinking, “Well it’s behind me now and I can’t let that… that, person get in the way of my getting on with my life.”

With that, they turned to other topics, Alicia secure in the knowledge that her son was mending. When he had come home last fall, he had been falling down drunk. Apparently, that was how he had been for most of the previous week. His roommate had called them, concerned about Bryan’s behavior. Joe had gone to get Bryan from the bus station when Bryan had appeared on the front doorstep, a half bottle of whiskey in hand.

Alicia had been scared. What could have happened to make her son behave this way? It was only after a few pots of coffee, a hot shower, and some food that Joe and Alicia actually got Bryan to tell them the truth. Then Bryan had broken down, sobbed, and cried. They eventually got him to bed early the next morning.

Joe had made arrangements for Bryan to see a councilor when he got back to college, and those sessions had helped a lot. By Christmas break, Bryan had stopped drinking, was eating normally again and, was attending classes regularly.

The drive ended and the vehicles pulled into the drive next to the cabin. It took about an hour to get things unloaded and moved into the cabin. The three spent the rest of the morning and afternoon changing the cabin over from winter closed up condition to summertime openness. Heavy wooden shutters had to be taken down from all the windows. Each of the rooms aired out, the furniture uncovered, and the utilities all turned on and checked for working condition.

Alicia busied herself the most in the kitchen. They usually packed all the cookware and dinnerware in boxes during the winter, so she dug it all out and washed, dried, and re-shelved everything. Then she attacked the linen closet. To keep the mice and other critters from destroying anything, all the linens were packed and taken home over the winter. Alicia hummed to herself contentedly as she unpacked the towels, sheets, and bedspreads.

The men worked steadily around the outside of the cabin. Leaves and other detritus were swept off the porch. The well was primed and water flowing into the water heater and other plumbing. The septic tank got inspected. The same for the propane tank; the furnace was given the once over. Firewood was stacked inside the house and by the outdoor kitchen bar-b-que. The paths around the cabin, the out buildings, and down to the lake were raked. It was all a routine the three had done many times before.

“I’ll let you get the boats ready this week, Bryan.” Joe said as he hung the leaf blower up in the pole barn. Bryan was peeking under the tarps over the array of canoes, kayaks, and the one motorized Johnny boat they had stored in the barn.

“I’ll bring up the Maristar up from the marina too, Dad. I’ll give Harry a ring on Monday to give her a tune-up and then go down and fetch her before the family starts arriving Friday.” The cabin was on one of the largest lakes in the state. The Maristar was a 28′ runabout that served as the primary transportation for the family around the lake.

Alicia had started a pot of stew in the slow cooker shortly after they had arrived. She mixed up a batch of biscuits and got the oven warm; she called her men into dinner by ringing the bell on the back porch. Like of couple of hungry lumberjacks, Joe and Bryan came in the back, leaving their shoes in the mudroom and sat down to dinner.

While his parents did the dinner dishes, Bryan made a fire in bahis siteleri the fireplace. His father came into the room with a bucket of beers on ice and plopped down into his armchair. Bryan looked up from the book he was reading and chuckled.

“Dad, I think Mom was serious. You won’t be needing to get her liquored up to score tonight. ‘Course, I don’t know if you have enough energy to keep up with her tonight.” Bryan had seen the lust filled glances his mother had been giving his dad during dinner. She had disappeared into the master bedroom just a moment ago with a meaningful glance at Bryan and the stairs.

“I know I sure am beat,” remarked Bryan before his Dad could comment on his frank observation of his parent’s amorous intentions. “I’m gonna go hit the hay. Probably be asleep before my head hits the pillow. Won’t hear a thing.” Dodging the couch pillow his dad threw at him. Bryan scampered up the stairs to bed.

Alicia came out to hear her husband fuming and muttering under his breath, something about boys getting to big for their britches.

“Do you really think he doesn’t know what his parents get up to?” inquired Alicia. “You are always a randy fellow, and this cabin brings out the he-man complex in you and you can’t keep your hands off of me.” Alicia laughed out-right at the pole-axed look on Joe’s face.

“Bryan is a healthy red-blooded male, who is quite well aware of what goes on between two consenting adults,” she reminded him. “He seems to be past the worst of the pain that girl left behind.”

“Now don’t go destroying the mood, my love,” winked Joe as he gathered his lovely little wife into his arms and kissing her deeply. His tongue made gentle entreaty to her lips, which parted slowly as he explored her mouth. Breaking away breathlessly, Alicia went about the room turning off the lights.

“Do you think he’s asleep yet?”

“Doesn’t matter if he is,” replied Joe. “Bryan promised he wouldn’t hear anything.” Joe’s eyes crinkled up in contained laughter. His little wife could become a very vocal lover when she let her inhibitions go. Something that happened with much frequency here at the cabin.

The married couple settled down on the big couch in front of the fire. Alicia tucked her feet up as she nestled into her husband. Facing him, she ran a hand over his jaw, drawing him back in for a kiss. This one was as gentle and sweet as the prior kiss. Joe’s arms wrapped around his wife, drawing him to her.

The first kiss turned in to many. As the heat between them began to build, Joe’s hands began to massage Alicia’s back. Roaming up and down her spine, working out the little kinks and sores from the day’s work. Alicia moaned into Joe’s mouth as the kiss became more hungry. Opening her eyes, she looked longingly at her husband. The unbridled passion lit his eyes with a hungry light, drowning her in his lust.

Joe nibbled his way from Alicia’s earlobe down her neck to nuzzle in the hollow of her throat. His hands became more insistent as they began to move to the front of Alicia’s blouse. While kissing and nuzzling her neck and lips, Joe slowly unbuttoned Alicia’s blouse. Each time a button gave way, Alicia gave out a little moan, knowing full well the pleasure yet to come.

After the last button gave way, Joe cradled Alicia’s head in his hands. “Now, my dear woman,” he purred in his best Italian accent, “I am going to make love all over your body. Yes?”

Panting with desire, Alicia could only nod yes.

Pulling her blouse from her shoulders, Joe’s hungry mouth devoured her neck, shoulders, and lastly began to mount the slopes of her heaving breasts. Deftly his left hand unhooked the bra clasp and without missing a kiss, Joe’s lips slipped the bra away from her right breast. The nipple was already hard and distended. Alicia’s mouth was open as she gasped for air. She wanted his rough lips on her nipple. She wanted it there now!

Joe’s tongue traced a trail across to her other breast instead. Meanwhile his hands were busy removing her blouse and bra to drop them on the floor. Alicia began to work at Joe’s shirt as well, wanting to press her bosom up against Joe’s lightly haired chest. She wanted to feel her nipples carve lines against his skin.

Watching his wife’s rising passion, Joe lowered his head and sucked Alicia’s entire left breast into his mouth. His tongue made slow circles around her soft globe, leisurely making his way towards the tip of her tit. Her hands were pawing at his clothes desperately trying to get his shirt off so they could have skin-to-skin contact.

When Joe at length made contact with her nipple, he gently took the nub in his teeth and flicked the tip of his tongue over the end. The ripple of pleasure shot through Alicia and she let out a low moan. Pulling away from him, she almost ripped his shirt apart pulling it off over his head. Before she could get her hands back on him, Joe took the other breast into his mouth and preformed the same intimate torture bahis şirketleri to it as he had the left breast. Culminating with the nipple firmly between his teeth, he looked Alicia in the eye. Gone was the quiet little lady, in her place was a tigress in full heat looking for a conquest.

Alicia stood up unzipped her pants and dropped both her jeans and undies in one smooth motion to the floor. She straddled Bryan’s hips and dropped down into his lap. Running her hands through his hair, she sucked his tongue into her mouth, pinned it down in a quick wrestling match, and then pulled his face to her chest. Joe happily began to lap at whichever tit was presented him. He would suck the whole thing into his mouth, tonguing the nipple rapidly, and then he would pull back and suck on just the bud, work his way over to the other side and start all over. Joe had always loved breasts, considered himself quite the tit man, and tried to make an art of loving a woman’s breasts. Alicia loved the attention her chest was getting. Her pussy was quite soaked. Her hips were thrusting against the bulge in Joe’s pants in time with the movements of his mouth.

Pulling his mouth back to hers, Alicia consumed Joe. Rising up, she reached for his belt. Pulling it loose, she unbuttoned his pants, continuing to kiss and suck on Joe’s tongue she tugged at the waist. Joe lifted his hips allowing Alicia to draw his pants and briefs over his hips. His cock had begun to swell a long time ago in response to the action of his mouth on Alicia’s plentiful bosom. The tip of his penis caught in the band of his underwear. Alicia had to let go her lip lock to deal with the obstruction.

Seeing her husband’s enlarged gland spring free of its restraints, she transferred her oral attentions from her husband’s to his pelvis. Licking the tip free of any pre-cum, she nibbled at the tip while she forced Joe’s jeans past his knees and down to his ankles. Dropping to her knees, Alicia pushed his legs apart and began to pay serious attention to Joe’s manhood.

She cupped her left hand around his scrotum, gently bouncing his testicles in her palm. With her right hand, she took a firm grip on the base of his penis and slowly engulfed the length of the shaft into her mouth. Drawing back, she withdrew till only the tip was perched on the perfect moue of her lips. Looking up she saw her husband staring passionately at her. Alicia understood how men thought a blowjob was the most wonderful thing in the world. When they were first married, the idea of taking that thing into her mouth had filled her with horror. Why? Then one night she gave into Joe’s pleading, and she sucked his dick for the first time. Who would have known? It was a wonderful feeling to have her mouth around the soft skin of his penis, to feel his cock twitching in her mouth. Now she understood how women could like the idea of cock sucking too.

Stroking Joe’s penis slowly, Alicia decided to give his cock the same slow torment of pleasure that he had administered to her chest. Licking up and down the shaft and unhurriedly sucking the length into her mouth, Alicia gave herself over to the proper oral treatment of her husband’s cock. Soon his was moaning and grunting, trying to hold off the eventual release. Sensing his coming climax, Alicia pulled her mouth off his cock and gently sucked first on testicle then the other into her wet warm mouth. She sped up the frequency with which she stroked his raging manhood. Feeling his cock stiffen, and his ball sack pull up into his groin, Alicia did the one thing that drove Joe wild. She took the head of his penis into her mouth. Sucking on the glans, she pumped her fist up and down the length of Joe’s manhood until she was rewarded with the eruption of sticky semen onto her tongue. She stopped sucking and just held her lips parted as Joe ejaculated his seed into her mouth.

Smiling up at her husband when he finished cumming, Alicia looked him right in the eye as she swallowed his sperm. Licked her lips and then cleaned off the cum on his cock and balls. Short of breath, Joe pulled his wife up to him and opened his mouth against hers and ran his tongue all over hers.

Joe pushed Alicia down onto the couch, pulled her legs apart, and kissed his way down her belly towards her sex. With all the attention to her breasts earlier, and the blowjob she just gave him, had Alicia’s vagina dripping with wetness. She kept her pubic hair trimmed into what was known as a racing stripe above her slit. Joe’s lips were making little bows all around her pubic mound. He lifted her thighs up on his shoulders and wrapped his arms around them. His fingers began to play in the sparse hair above Alicia’s pussy. Smelling the full extent of her arousal, Joe gently blew against the puffy outer lips of Alicia’s nether opening. Gently kissing her clit, Joe then began to lick the external folds of Alicia’s labia. Using his fingers to gently open her pussy wider, Joe ran his tongue over the length of her opening. Starting almost at her anus, he would press his tongue flat against her sex and then slowly lift his head, lapping his tongue the whole rise of her cunt, till he would flick the tip against the head of her clitoris.

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