Aralık 4, 2023

Stranger (Ang & Mick) at the beach

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Stranger (Ang & Mick) at the beach
The Stranger

Husband and wife let a voyeur join in their fun.

Mike and his wife Angela were enjoying their holiday on the island of Corsica, spending yet another day on the beach they soaked up some much needed sunshine and swam in the warm crystal clear sea.

They had picked a small secluded beach on the western side of the island, it was quiet, private and not too far from their villa, the sand was soft and white, a few clumps of palm trees dotted along the beach offered some shade from the fierce midday sun.

Mike thought that his wife’s figure looked fantastic in her blue bikini as she beckoned him into the sea.
After checking that they still had the beach to themselves Mike stood up and slipped out of his swimming trunks, he casually strolled naked into the warm sea towards a giggling Ang.

“You kinky devil.” Ang said grabbing Mick’s cock under the water.

Mick wrapped his arms around his wife and undid her bikini top, Angela’s large 34c breasts fell free, her wet nipples chilled in the breeze and stood erect.

“I’m feeling horny.” Mick whispered in her ear.

“I can tell.” Ang said feeling his cock growing in her hand.

Mick moved behind Ang, putting his arms around and cupping his wife’s tits he began to gently fondle her nipples. Ang responded by pushing back into Mick’s groin, she felt his erect cock pushing against the fabric of her bikini along the crack of her ass, reaching behind Ang’s began to wank her husband’s 7″ shaft, Mick slipped a hand into her bikini and began rubbing her recently professionally waxed very smooth pussy.

“Oooooh, yeah.” Ang whispered spreading her legs a little allowing Mick to easily insert a couple of fingers into her vagina.

Ang looked up and down the coastline, they still had the place to themselves, she felt relaxed with the privacy and she thought about Mick fucking her pussy right there on the beach, the idea excited her so much that she could hardly wait. Without letting go of her husband’s rampant cock Ang turned around and pulled Mick into a passionate French kiss. Ang pushed her tongue through Mick’s salty lips into his mouth, her hand tugged hard on his shaft under the water. Mick reached up and cupped both of Ang’s pierced nipples and breast using his thumbs and forefingers to gently twist her hard nipples. Ang pulled away from their kiss and put her lips close to Mick’s ear.

“I want you right now.” She whispered.

“Here in the sea.” Mick asked.

“I’d rather you take me to the beach and fuck me in broad daylight.” Ang said giving Mick’s cock a hard squeeze.

Mick knew that this would be a fantasy come true for Ang, she often mentioned having sex in the open when they swapped fantasy stories. Ang retrieved her bikini top from the surface of the water as Mick led her out of the sea towards the beach.

On the warm sand Ang laid back on her towel; raising her hips she began to peel off her bikini bottoms slipping them over her hips and thighs, Mick knelt down beside her and stripped his wife naked as he pulled her bikini along her calves and off her feet. Ang opened her thighs and felt a tingle as the sun warmed her bare pussy, she raised a hand to shield the sun from her eyes and she could see Mick getting the sun tan oil from their bag.

“It’s quite warm, it should feel nice.” Mick said uncapping the plastic bottle.

Ang’s body twitched as she felt the warm oil dripping over her naked flesh, the smell of coconut filled the air.

“Mmmmmmmm.” Ang moaned as Mick began to massage the oil over her breasts.

Mick continued to spread the oil across Angie ’s naked flesh; running his hands down her stomach teasing her belly button with his fingers, she sighed as he used the lightest touch to work the oil into her inner thighs and over her perfectly smooth pussy, Angie’s legs instinctively fell wide apart; her labia opened and her swollen clitoris stood proud in the open air demanding attention; Mick obliged and massaged her love button with his oily finger tips.
Mick watched as Angie began to massage her own breasts with the slippery oil, she tilted her head back; closed her eyes; a sexy moan escaped through her open mouth.

“Give it to me now Mick.” She panted.

“Stick your big cock inside my pussy.”

Mick moved in between Angie’s spread thighs, her oily skin shone in the daylight, her wet pussy beckoned. Supporting his weight on his arms Mick bahis siteleri lowered his body down on top of his wife. Ang felt Micks s balls as they made contact with her belly just above her pussy, then she felt his steel hard shaft as it pressed down over her belly button. Ang put her arms around Mick’s back and pulled him down until her breasts were squashed against his chest.
Mick slid down his wife’s slippery body, his balls fell between her spread thighs, the length of his cock was resting along the opening of her pussy.

“I want you inside me.” Ang whispered; her voice trembled in anticipation.

Mick raised himself up on his arms; Ang looked down between their lubricated bodies and saw the head of her husband’s cock poised between her thighs. Feeding her hand through between them Ang gripped Mick’s shaft and guided it into her wet hole. Mick pushed his entire 7″ length into Angie’s pussy until his balls pushed hard up against her ass.

“Oh God, Yes, Fuck me!” Ang screamed as she felt his stiffness impale her.

Ang held on to Mick’s ass pulling him deep into her body as he began to fuck her with a steady rhythm. Mick leant forward and put his tongue into his wife’s open mouth; they french kissed furiously as their oily bodies slapped loudly. Mick looked down at his cock as it pumped in and out of his wife’s foaming almost squirting pussy; Ang continued to moan loudly with each thrust. Mick was just about to ask Ang to turn over so that he could fuck her doggie style either in her ass or pussy when something caught his attention.

In the shadows of the palm trees a few yards away Mick noticed a guy was standing there watching them, he was naked and stroking a semi-hard cock. Mick leant over and whispered into Angie’s ear.

“What would you say if I told you that someone was watching us?”

Angie’s natural reaction was to close her legs, of course she couldn’t with Micks body and cock lying between them, clamping her thighs around Mick’s waist she pulled him tight into her breast.

“Oh my god!”

“Where?” Ang asked beginning to panic and glancing from side to side.

“Over by the palm trees,”

Mick gestured with his eyes in the direction of the guy.

Ang glanced over, in the shadows she could clearly make out the shape and form of a naked man; she looked around for something to cover her naked flesh. Mick had stopped pumping his wife’s pussy but he was still hard as steel inside her when he asked,

“What’s the problem?”

“Can’t the poor guy watch and enjoy?”

Ang looked over to the figure in the shadows.

“Is he?” Ang stopped short.

“Jerking off, of course he is” Mick confirmed.

Angie’s searching fingers had found her dress; she tried to cover her modesty as best as she could.

“Can you see anyone else?” she asked.

“It’s just the one guy.” Mick re-assured her.

“Each to their own fantasy” He added.

“Hey, we’re living out a fantasy by fucking on a public beach; surely the guy has every right to live out his fantasy by jerking off as he watches us.” Mick said thrusting his hips into Angie’s pelvic region reminding her that he was still inside her.

Angle’s head tilted back, her eyes closed and a gasp escaped from her throat as she felt her husband’s stiff cock pushing deep into her pussy.
Mick put his lips close to her ear and whispered,

“Just relax, try and enjoy being watched.”

Ang was aware that her heart was beating with a sexual excitement that she’d never experienced before.

Mick looked directly at the guy in the shadows to make it obvious that they were aware of his presence; then he slowly began to continue thrusting his cock in and out of his wife’s wet pussy.

Ang felt a nice tingle in her groin as she thought of the total stranger in the shadows watching them. She held the dress close to her side covering her nakedness but she couldn’t get the image of this guy jerking off out of her mind, Ang was beginning to find the voyeuristic nature of the whole event very erotic; she tried to imagine how their writhing bodies looked from the stranger’s point of view.
Ang opened her eyes and looked again into the shadows. She couldn’t make out any detail but she could see that the body was that of a younger man.

Mick continued with a slow deliberate thrusting in and out of his wife’s pussy, he watched Ang as she peered into the trees, he could feel her body relaxing, he suspected that she was enjoying the bahis şirketleri experience of being watched.

“Look!” Ang said, staring in the direction of the stranger.

Mick looked over.

The stranger was slowly moving closer to them, he emerged from the shadows into the sunlight.
Judging from his all-over-tan and dark hair it seemed likely that the guy was local, possibly Italian and definitely in his late twenties, wispy beard with a fit athletic frame.

“Actually, he’s kind of cute.” Ang whispered.

Mick’s cock twitched inside her pussy.

“Do you want him to join in the fun?” Mick heard himself say.

“No honey, it’s just you for me.” Ang said,

“But I’m comfortable to let him watch us perform.” she continued.

With that, Mick lifted himself up onto his arms and began to pound his wife’s pussy.

Ang slowly pulled the dress away from her body, throwing it to one side revealing her gorgeous tits to the stranger, her nipples stiffened in the breeze, her pussy juices began to flow, and she started to moan with each thrust of Mick’s shaft.
The stranger lay down on his side a few yards away on the white sand; he tugged on his stiffening young cock smiling as he made eye contact with Ang.

She loved the experience of this young stud jerking off as he watched her getting fucked in the open air. Ang relaxed her legs totally letting her thighs fall wide open; she wanted the stranger to see her pussy as Mick’s cock pounded in and out. The stranger was clearly enjoying the improved display adjusting his position to get the best view.

“I’m close to shooting my load babe.” Mick said.

“Turn over honey I want to fuck you from behind.”

Mick withdrew his twitching cock from his wife’s sopping wet pussy. Ang slowly turned over allowing the stranger a full frontal view of her naked body. Resting on her elbows Ang thrust her ass into Mick’s groin, putting her hand between her legs she guided Mick’s shaft back into her hole.

Mick grabbed his wife’s hips and pulled her back onto his throbbing shaft. Ang let out a throaty groan as Mick fucked her pussy deep, his balls slapping against her clitoris. Angie closed her eyes, her own orgasm was close, she suspected that the stranger must be getting close to coming too; she pushed back onto Mick’s cock, her tits swinging free.
Mick’s pace quickened, Ang knew he was getting ready to come, she felt his hands cup her oily breasts, pinching her pierced nipples.

“Mmmmm, oh god that feels so fucking good.” She gasped.

Ang felt the hot stream of semen filling her pussy as Mick shot his load inside her; she felt his hands grab her waist, pulling her back, grinding his meat into her body, emptying his balls.

“Your pussy feels so good.” He whispered.

A strange sensation swept over Angie’s body, her heart began to race as she realised that there were two sets of hands touching her body, Mick’s hands were still holding on to her hips as he recovered from his orgasm, she opened her eyes and turned to find the stranger kneeling right beside her, his hands were cupping her breasts, his fingers were gently pinching her nipples. Mick had clearly signalled his approval to the guy to come closer for a better look and then to fondle his wife’s tits. Ang was too sexually aroused to care that Mick had let a total stranger touch her; she looked the young guy in the face and smiled. Smiling back at Ang the stranger said something in Italian.

“ Avete un bel corpo.” He whispered.

Letting go of Angie’s tits he sat back on the sand and continued stroking his erect cock.

“I hope you don’t mind.” Mick said withdrawing his limp cock from Angies’s pussy.

“I don’t mind at all.” she sighed.

“But I’m not letting him fuck me, that’s for you only.” She told Mick.

“But you didn’t come.” Mick said.

“No problem.” Ang said turning over on to her back.

“You can both watch me come.”

Mick and the stranger looked on as Ang spread her legs wide open, licking her fingers Ang began to rub her pussy.

The stranger moved to kneel next to her watching over her naked body as she finger fucked her hole. Mick watched the young stranger tugging on his cock next to his wife. Angie’s eyes were closed, her breasts heaved as her breathing quickened. Mick’s mouth was dry with excitement; he knew that in a few moments he was going to witness this complete stranger shooting his load over Angie’s body, Mick pulled on his cock in anticipation.

Angie’s canlı bahis began to moan as her orgasm built up inside her, she pulled on her nipples with one hand as she rubbed her clitoris with the other.

“Why don’t you let our friend do that for you?” Mick suggested.

Angie’s opened her eyes, looking at Mick she said,

“Are you sure?”

Mick smiled and tugged on his cock, Angie’s could see that he was becoming aroused.

Turning to the stranger Angie’s reached over, took hold of the guy’s wrist and guided his hand towards her tits, the young guys hard-on sprang up as he let go.

Mick’s heart was pounding in his chest as he watched the young guy fondle his wife’s tits, looking between Angie’s legs he could see her wet fingers as they plunged in and out of her pussy, there was a sexy groan coming from her open mouth. Angie’s turned to the stranger; he was using both of his hands to expertly caress her nipples, his rock hard penis stood free. Angie’s pulled her hands away from her pussy, reaching up she cupped the guys balls with one hand and began tugging on his shaft with the other, the stranger gave out a throaty moan of delight.

“Sì, sì, Grazie” He said.

Mick wasted no time at all and put his hand between his wife’s legs inserting two fingers into her pussy, Angie’s raised her hips pushing her groin hard onto her husband’s hand.
The stranger’s breathing got louder, he started to move his hips in rhythm with Angie’s wanking she knew he was close to coming, her own orgasm was just moments away as Mick expertly finger fucked her pussy.

Angie’s felt the strangers balls tighten in her palm, his stomach muscles flexed, he threw his head back with a deep moan, Angie’s pulled her hand down the full length of his twitching shaft and watched as an arc of fresh semen squirted from the small hole in the end of his shiny helmet hitting Angie’s on her tits, his cock pulsed as another stream poured from his young cock, then another, and another. Angie’s screamed into her own orgasm her hips thrashing around as she felt the young guy’s hot semen running over her breasts and on to her stomach.

“Oh God, fuck yes!” Angie’s screamed through gritted teeth.

Her rock hard nipples reddened, her face flushed and her body was covered with goose bumps as Angie’s orgasm ripped through her body. Still gripping on to the base of the young guy’s shaft Angie’s turned to see the last spurt of semen splash onto her arm, her body twitched as Mick massaged her clitoris.
Angie’s massaged the young guy’s sperm lubricated cock; gently running her fingertips around his circumcised helmet forcing small uncontrollable spasms throughout his body.
Leaning forward the young guy kissed Angie’s on the lips.

“ Grazie, si sono molto sexy .” He whispered in her ear.

Angie’s turned to Mick; he had a big grin on his face and a stiff cock in his hand.

“That was so fucking horny.” Angie’s said letting the young guy’s cock slip from her grasp.

“It was the horniest thing I’ve ever witnessed.” Mick said.

“Look how hard I am again.” Mick proudly demonstrated as he held his stiff cock towards his wife.

Angie’s turned towards her husband; opened her mouth and gently rested her tongue on her lower lip. Mick fed his hard shaft into Angie’s welcoming mouth; depressions appeared in both her cheeks as she sucked her husband’s full length into the back of her throat, the immense pleasure forcing a groan from the back of his throat.
Holding the back of her head Mick began to gently fuck his wife’s mouth. Angie put one hand on her husband’s ass and gripped his shaft with her other hand. Mick closed his eyes as he felt another orgasm welling up from deep within his balls.

“Yeah, yeah, oooh fuck hun, I’m gonna come!” Mick groaned.

Angie’s felt her husband’s cock expanding in her hand as she tugged his foreskin back and forth, wrapping her lips around the helmet she moaned from the back of her throat as she felt the stream of come rush across her tongue; Mick opened his eyes and saw the dirty grin on his wife’s face as she swallowed every drop, he also noticed that the young stranger had disappeared.
Angie’s continued to stroke Mick’s cock as she turned to see what Mick was looking at.

“Oh, he’s gone!” Angie’s said.

“He must have discreetly slipped away when we were busy.” Mick said with a grin.

They both noticed the footprints in the sand heading back in the direction from where the stranger appeared.

“Maybe we’ll bump into him again this holiday.” Mick said.

Angie’s stroked her husband’s cock as she looked him in the eye.

“I think I might like that.” Angie’s said as she winked at Mick.

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