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Dildo Fucking

I’m home alone after a long day.

The wind is cold and the house is empty and dark… but I’m too exhausted to be depressed. Boots kick down the hallway, jacket in a heap by the door. All I want is a hot shower and no demands. Stumbling down the stairs, I peel off layers as I go… when at the bottom of the steps I stop cold. There, at the foot of the stairs is a heap of clothing. My husband is home. And from the pile I can see, he’s not wearing much!

The room is unlit but the glow of the computer monitor cuts a square of light on the carpet. A photo of a naked woman, stretched out on a bed, her round bottom pushing out towards the lens, fuzzy from the cell phone camera it was taken with, fills the screen. Standing, curious and a little hesitant in my bra and unbuttoned jeans, I flip through the pictures.

Image after image of her ass, lips, neck, and I can feel myself warming with arousal. She is petit, slim, a heart-shaped bottom and smooth legs. Full mouth and long lashes, hairless slit peaking through her thighs. Whoever took the photos obviously adored the woman. Something familiar about her pulls me through the collection until I see the mole on her left breast. My hand flutters to my own, as I realize the naked photographs are of me. Taken in the vulnerability of sleep. It’s then that I hear the thrum of the shower. Overcome with sentiment and desire both, my jeans hit the floor. A slippery, wet sensation fills my panties and makes my pulse quicken.

Down the hall to the bathroom, the door isn’t quite closed. I can hear him now, the slick clicking of what I assume is lube rubbed vigorously on his cock… I push the door open slowly. I don’t want to interrupt… not yet at least. Something about this moment, the illicit utterly private moment of my lover touching himself, fucking himself tightens my stomach, swells my parts… Through the fog of the shower door I can see him – his back pressed hard against the shower wall, one hand cupping his balls with the other works furiously on his hard, red erection. His tummy is sucked in tight, a chestnut dusting of hair across his strong chest, thickening into a trim patch at the base of his cock. His face is masked by the steam, but I can see that his head is tipped back, mouth slack, eyes closed… He groans quietly, and my body responds to the sound of pleasure that it knows so well. Wetness creams from my other mouth, as my breath becomes shallow. Want is the word.

Want. Want, of touch, taste, pressure, grab, hold, need… I slide a finger into the lose elastic of my panties – wet enough now to be slightly transparent – into the slippery folds of my own secret places, into the hot, dark well of my cunt. God I want him inside me. I pull the juices from inside over the hardening tip of my clit as I watch my husband’s thumb sliding over the crest of his head, watch as he lets his balls fall and swing with the movement of jerking off, reaching behind into the crevice of his ass… Oh, god, I didn’t know he liked that… liked the feel of a finger tip pressing on the star of his asshole, pressing like he does to me when I ride him. ataşehir escort I reach back, too, sliding my glistening finger along the string of my panties, into the centre of my own ass.

My pussy aches with need. A second moan escapes his lips and pulls me across the room, out of my bra — small, pale breasts swinging as I peel off my panties… I haul open the shower door, and Rob startles in alarm!! Lost in his own pleasure he is struck dumb by my sudden appearance, but I don’t allow him a moment for embarrassment. I drop to my knees, starving for the smooth-hard head on my tongue, and greedily suck at him. Noisy, desperate slurping, the sound alone turns me on all over again, hearing the hunger inside me, knowing the pleasure I’m causing. I feel his muscled legs give out just a little as his surprise instantly hardens into to passion. His fingers wind themselves in my hair, still a little dry, and he pulls my head faster and harder on his shaft. The length of him pressing on the soft spot at the back of my throat threatens to be too much. Still feeling like not quite enough…

My own hands crawl up his thighs, cradling his balls as they sway beneath him. Fingers reaching, groping, behind the sack to the wrinkles in his crack. A deep baritone growl escapes his lips, sending a shiver straight through me. He pulls me off his cock by the hair, my face turned up into the spray of the shower, which now beats down on my breasts. My nipples hard with fierce desire are sensitive to the prickling water, and as I close my eyes to the spray, I feel one rough hand free itself from my head and reach down to clutch at my breast… fingers pinching its pink crest, tugging, rolling it between finger & thumb.

I moan, and blindly reach for his centre, fumbling to find his penis, hard, hard like it might burst. Find his hips and turn him roughly, pulling his hands from me. In his surprise, Rob catches his balance, his back to me, still standing while I am still crouched at his knees. His ass curves out above me, a thatch of black hair curling into the recess of his crack. I trace the line from his waist until my fingertip is buried inside. Kissing his cheeks, I’m venturing into uncharted territory, but am answering a hunger I have craved a long time.

My free hand reaches up, caressing the delicate folds of his balls, stroking so lightly along the length of his shaft that I can feel him shiver. I kiss him more deeply now, my tongue reaching, straining into the nest of soft hair to find my finger. I spread open his cheeks and press my tongue on that perfect spot… I imagine him licking my cunt while I lick his ass, slow fat strokes, followed by anxious, quick tickling. He pushes himself against my face as I grip his cock and start tugging on the foreskin. I feel his fingers on mine, his hand still slick with lubricant and we stroke him together as I lick and suck at his most private place. I am dizzy and tingling. Lust beats like a second pulse in my veins. I feel almost animal.

Suddenly, Rob stops me, turns from my mouth pushes away my hands, and hauls me to my feet by my shoulders. kadıköy escort In the steam of the shower, we finally look into one another’s face. His lips look swollen, his pupils dilated, and I am startled by how beautiful his face is. With tentative fingers, he cups my jaw in his hands, tilting my face just so, everything so still that I’m not sure I’m breathing. Such a contrast to the dizzying frenzy a moment before that I feel a new wash of wetness let down in a surge of anticipation. His lips are an inch from my own, his breath mingling with mine, his eyes boring into my gaze with intent.

Slowly, torturously slow, his tongue grazes my upper lip, drawing a smile on my mouth from one corner to the other before melting into a deep and tender kiss. I cry out and clutch him to me, my breasts mashed against the hair of his chest, his erection pinned against my belly, pulling him so hard against me that I think I might hurt one of us…

He pulls away and smiles his wicked grin and the moment shifts. Turning me away he bends me over hard, oh god yes, take me, my hands smack loudly against the shower wall. His hard cock slaps against my lips as he flips it under me, I want it inside, oh soon, and feel him draw it wetly across my clit, down the length of my pussy… and yes, ramming it into my cunt. The sound I make is one of relief, a need, a void is filled, how I want him to fill me!

Holding me firmly around the waist with one hand and by the hair with the other, he fucks me, pounding into me with breathtaking prowess. He calls out yesssss and I turn enough to watch him bang his pelvis into the soft cushion of my ass, feel his balls swing and slap my lips, his cock, thick and rock-hard plunging into my cunt… all I want is to feel him cum. Feel the shudder of his release inside me, thick cream sliding wetly from my pussy, slippery and sticky both. In my mind I watch the white fluid run down my lips, down my thighs … and I call his name and yes over and over.

His hand has left my waist and is clutching my breast now, left my hair to hold the other, like reigns as he rides me. I slam my ass into him loving the sound of skin on skin, curling my back to push my tits more firmly into his grip. I love when he owns me like this. Takes me. Uses me. He pinches hard on my flushed nipples and I call out again, throaty animal sounds that surprise me, that would embarrass me if he was anyone else…

God I’m gonna cum he tells me. My pussy swells in a tingling response, his shaft so hard it almost hurts me and he does. Cums. Pulsing, gasping, groaning spasms throb through me… oh how I love the rhythm of his pleasure… the slurping sounds of my leaking cunt slowing as he finishes… his forehead pressed now between my shoulder blades as he sags against me in relief. My breasts slide from his grasp as he curls his arms around my ribcage, kissing me now along my wet spine. Words trip in whispers from his lips that I can’t quite make out but somehow understand. He rolls me around to face him, pulling my breasts to his mouth, licking lazy circles around the pink of my areola perking bostancı escort bayan my nipples into eager peaks once again.

I reach down to my pussy, fingers sinking into the thick of his cum and I groan. God I love the slip of his juices on my lips. I draw circles around my fat clit with my dripping fingers, eager for pleasure. Flicking his tongue over the tips of my nipples, Rob plays me into a new wave of excitement… my tits hardwired to my clit I mimic his tickling tongue with my cum-soaked fingertips. My breath is become ragged as I rub harder, pushing the pads of my fingers against the ridge of my pussy… shoving two at a time into my hole to pull out more of his liquid.

Looking up from my tits, my love smiles now, tracing patterns on the milky mounds of my breasts as he presses them against my chest. He clutches them harder, the flesh bulging out between his fingers, my nipples buried in his palms. I rub faster, looking him straight in the eye. I am astonished as he sinks to his knees. Weak in my own, he slides his palms over my belly and pushes my hands away. Hold my breath as he gently, slowly slides his fingers along the curve of my lips, parting them… exposing the deep red of my mouth, still dripping and glistening with his cum.

Sliding his thumb over the peak of my clitoris, along the crest of my lips and into the folds of my cunt, he leans in to kiss, ever so lightly, kiss the hood of my clit. He licks once, twice, tickling sweet strokes that screw my eyes shut and send my head back in a moan. Working his thumb slowly in and out of my cunt, he suckles my pussy, god I know he can taste himself and it makes me crazy with desire… faster he plays, tongue fluttering and pressing, fingers tugging and touching and pushing, quicker, harder, my pulse climbing to a fever pitch. I can’t hold still and rock my pelvis against his face, groaning and calling to him, hands are on my breasts, rubbing the nipples fast – I realize they are my own – tugging the pink tips hard, crushing them against my ribs like he did…

He is drinking from me now, and I am unable to stand. My back braced on the wall, I grip his head for balance and thrust my pussy against him. Two fingers are in me, shoving, stabbing, rough almost too rough. Licking so fast and so hard that I can’t think, I feel myself climbing, the hot electricity of climax building in the core of me, a tension so incredible I forget to breathe… My eyelids tingle and my mouth is wide, oh god I’m going to— ohhhhh, I crest and cum and the flood of sensation explodes through me. My cunt convulses in spasms and my breath comes out in hard gasps as my body writhes in pleasure. He moans into my pussy and I climax again, crying out and shuddering with the wave of shivery delight that rolls through me. I peak and valley three more, four more times, become weak and sagging spent against the wall.

My husband pulls me down to his lap, slipping his erection inside my soaking parts, and drapes my arms around his neck. I cling tightly, wrapping my legs around his waist, and pressing my face into the curl of his neck. He holds me close and doesn’t move, doesn’t thrust or rock me, just sheathes himself inside my hot, wet recesses. I feel overwhelmed with pleasure and release and love and tell him I am his. My wife, he mutters. Yours, I say. I love you.

I am home after a long day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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