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Special Room Service

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Special Room Service
Desiree pulled into the parking lot of the Moore Motel as she had on many occasions. Her job in the last year had been taking her further and further a field, bringing with it the difficulties of travel. She had tried different transport options in that time and now she regularly made the eight hundred mile journey back home by car; having lost faith with the airlines for a number of reasons. This had its advantages and disadvantages.

Although she now felt she had more freedom, it took considerably longer to get anywhere. She had found stopping mid way overnight made the journey far more relaxing, and in fact she could continue working; therefore she seemed to get more done. Desiree had noticed this motel almost the first time she had traveled by car and since then used it exclusively for her mid way stops.

The place was rather old and a little run-down. Not many people came this way these days and it had seen better times. However, the food was good and the staff very pleasant. It was run by Ma and Pa Moore, two late fifties country types along with their son Junior, an amicable man in his 20’s. He seemed a little slow, in fact Desiree felt sorry for him and his parents and took some pride that she was contributing by been a regular customer.

At reception the tall shoulder length brunette was greeted with a warm smile as she entered the lobby. Ma Moore always seemed delighted to see her again.

“Oh Miss! Welcome back. Business good I hope?”

Desiree thanked her nodding in agreement.

“Yes almost too good. I never seemed to be at home these days.”

Ma gave her a sympathetic look. Over the months she had come to know all about Desiree’s husband and k**s and how she struggled to balance her home and work.

“Well you’re here again Miss. You can get a good rest and meet that lovely husband of yours looking fresh and beautiful tomorrow.”

Desiree picked up her key nodding in agreement. “Yes that’s true I get such a refreshing sleep here, it must be the country air that does it.”

“Oh Miss, I so love that accent of yours.” The old woman cooed like a movie groupie.

Desiree just smiled. Oxford educated, then marrying a yank she’d got used to the comments.

As she headed for the stairs Junior Moore was coming the other way. Big and ungainly he lowered his head as always ultra shy.

“Hi Junior, and how have you been?” She said smiling with her perfect teeth.

Desiree always spoke to him. She’d seen other guest edge away many times before as if he was a leper. Junior blushed feeling awkward so close to this woman who flitted in and out of his life always confident and desirable.He mumbled something before offering to take her bag.

“Why thank you!” She said in her snooty sounding English. “You’re such a gentleman.”

He blushed again. “N, n, nice to see you too miss.” He stammered. Desiree felt some people were so cruel she wondered sometimes if she was the only contact he had with anyone outside his immediate family.

An hour later she sat for supper in the oversized dinning room, taking this opportunity to read through some files. The food as ever was delicious and Pa Moore was an excellent waiter, so attentive to his few guests. Like normal the guests numbered only three or four. Today there were two young run away types looking barely old enough to be married. Also trucker she’d seen before and a cigar smoking middle aged man who appeared to be trying to do a deal on his phone, even now at eight at night. This was much to the annoyance of the other guests trying to have a quite meal.

Eventually he hung exasperated with his failure to close the deal. He grunted in disgust taking a puff from his cigar looking over at Desiree.

EDesireeabeth was in her mid thirties, she had moved to the mid west from England when she had married some years back, and she took pride in retaining her aristocratic accent having come from Kensington the elite part of London. The man admired her lean leggy figure, her high cheek bones and straight nose giving her refined sculpted features. She sat nibbling on the end of a pen with her luscious lips, long lashed eyes scanning her papers.

He called over; something about business never sleeps, bahis siteleri but got no response. Desiree felt a little uncomfortable the man then getting up, coming towards her. She looked up with her green sexy eyes, but her face was frowning.

“Fancy some company?” He asked thrusting his stomach out as if it was an asset. Desiree gave a tired smile stroking her wedding ring with her thumb showing it to him.

” No thanks,” she said sweetly,” I’ve got all the company I need back home.”

The man grunted again as if in disbelief. He turned and sat back down shaking his head confused that she could possibly turn such an offer down. Two failed deals in space of five minutes, he definitely was loosing his touch.

As she stood to leave Pa Moore gave her a nod and smile. He’d seen a few guys try their luck with her before, but always with the same result. She was such a lovely loyal woman.

“A Bed time hot chocolate, as normal miss?” He asked as she left.

Desiree nodded.” Absolutely!” The place was a bit decrepit but Desiree always thought the service here was just first rate. With that she headed for bed

She took the final sip of her warm relaxing drink just as she said goodbye to her husband on her phone. Placing the cup down and turning her phone off, she then pulled the covers over her. She yawned laying her head down on the big sweet smelling pillows. She always felt so relaxed here; the air seeming scented the bed feeling like it was swallowing her up in rolls of fabric. Her pretty lips parted as she exhaled a slumbering breath, then quickly very quickly she was asleep. The room was black and silent Desiree’s senses as subdued as the lights.

Twenty minutes later the bedroom door creaked open and two figures crept in.

The door closed and the bed side table came on. Pa Moore stood watching as his wife stroked Desiree’s head, checking the hot chocolate was empty then slowly and gently removing the top fluffy pillow putting it in the cupboard. The spiked drink had always worked but lately they had felt they needed more assurance so a c********* soaked pillow case had been used recently to enhance the beautiful woman’s comatose state.

Ma pulled back the sheets showing the woman long curled legs, short nightie covering her ample tits and flat tummy. Ma traced a finger along Desiree’s perfectly smooth thigh up under her night shirt. Pa gulped as the woman’s panties were carefully tugged down and placed on the floor. Then he could wait no more, he too knelt on the bed slowly pulling the nightie up over her limp head and neck,as Desiree sighing sweetly. As she slumped back onto the bed his hand instantly went down on one of her firm tits, then his mouth began sucking eagerly on the nipple.

“Don’t mark her, remember damn it!” His wife snapped at her husband while squeezing the other tit.

“Oh they’re soo firm, slurrrp! Not like yours honey.” He giggled.”

The old woman gave another squeeze in examination. “Let’s see how pert they are in another twenty or so years eh?”

The crone then sat in the comfy wicker chair that you would find in the corner of all their motels rooms.

” This time dear,” she said with a sarcastic smile, “try not to shoot your wad while it’s still in your pants.”

Desiree gave a soft grunt as the man pulled her flat, off the pillow his hands pushing her thighs apart pressing the knees out and down onto the soft bed.

“That’s it miss open them lovely thighs wide.” He whispered in a hot excited voice.

Desiree’s pussy mound raised as her back arched a little, the man then began licking along her slit making hungry slurping noises. His wife passed him the jar of Vaseline she had in her pinny. Pa smeared his old wrinkly fingers in it then paused in anticipation; before carefully poking them up inside the stunning brunette.

“Mmmmmmmm.” Desiree gave a low groan.

His wife was an expert with the potions. The old man had to admit. “Just enough to keep her under, but not enough to turn her into a dead weight.”

He began to unbuckle his pants his wife shaking her head,”he never was one for foreplay.”

“Here I come honey;” He declared with glee.” Going to stick my cock all the way up you miss. He! He!”

He found her entrance bahis şirketleri in a flash his hard old rod thrusting up inside. His wrinkled prune ass bobbed up and down between the inviting wide legs of his u*********s lover. The man began to pump back and forth his hands on her thighs pressing them out and flat.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh!”

His cock was covered in Vaseline, her pussy slurping as it swallowed the goo covered rod.

“Slock! Slock! Slock!”

Then his hands began to roam across her body,cupping her tits then fingers into her mouth as she made silent pants. The bed was shaking as he increased his pounding.

“Oh baby yeah uggg, uggggg I’m going to hose you miss, covered that cute nose of yours.”

His wife shook her head. “The hell you’re not!”

It had taken her ages to get the come out of the woman’s hair the last time and even in the morning she was obsessed that she could still see some of her perfect long mane matted.

The d**gged EDesireeabeth was panting in rhythm to his thrusts, her talon hands kneading the bedspread as the sensations coursed through her sedated body.

“Mm, Mmm, Mmmmmmmmm!”

The man was fucking harder and harder, pounding up her making the woman’s head bang against the head board. He nodded at his wife’s response; the exertion on his face.

“Ok, ok uggh, help me then. I need to shoot as deep as I can.”

Ma hurried over to the bed and between them they lifted Desiree’s knees pulling them back. The Man was now riding over her, catwalk legs pulled either side of her shoulders; feet held together behind her head. Pa was thrusting down banging against her cervix. He could feel his ball tightening and he secretly hoped for once she wasn’t on her pill.


He spurted once, twice, three heavy thick loads inside her, hard against her womb dead end smearing the come onto it with his bell end. The man then collapsed on top of her bent double body, the sweat pouring from him.

“Fuck, what a hot bitch!”

Suddenly, unexpectedly the door creaked open and they both froze like school c***dren caught in the act.

“Ma! Pa! Oh not again; you promised! You promised!”

Junior closed the door behind him pressing his big body against it in denial. The old fucks were rolling off the bed Pa’s cock dripping remnants of his delivery up Desiree.

Ma came over to the disgusted lad.” Son its ok, you trust you’re old Ma don’t you.” She turned to look at the panting beauty.“People like her don’t give a damn about white trash like us.”

The young man shook his head. “Yeah she does, I know she does.”

Pa pointed to her. “She never knows son, what harm is it? Look at her she’s fucking gorgeous.”

Junior glanced sheepishly at the pale skinned woman her shapley hips and round peach ass reminding him of some perfect sculpture.Pa continued his reasoning.

“Remember that first time when she accidentally got your Ma’s insomnia drink. Well it was fate wasn’t it? Remember how nervous we were? Remember seeing a naked woman for the first time?”

Junior nodded to the questions. His Pa had just leered at her that time. But since then, well…

Ma gave the confused lad a pat on the head. Silly boy it was always the same routine before he did it.

“Get your pants off honey you know we like to see her take it.”

Junior nodded again and began to strip until he was naked his ginger shaved head and pink skin giving him a large pig like appearance. He climbed onto the bed as he had done many times before. At first he’d been so scared, but they’d made him. These days he knew there was little point in arguing. He loved to stroke her long legs down to her toes. He wished she would wake but knew that the woman he had spoke to earlier was different from the compliant whore that he regularly serviced.

Ma and Pa stood back in appreciation. The son’s cock was hardening, slowly unfurling. As a boy they whacked his rod with a wooden paddle every time he was naughty. And he was naughty very often. Maybe it was this or the home grown food that had created such a fine specimen of man hood.

Junior took hold of his fat bulbous nine inch cock wiping the precome along her shins, down to her feet. Ma loved watching. Her sons fat illegal bahis body, massive cock and balls been swallowed by this English bitch. And oh how she groaned, sometimes Ma thought she wasn’t d**gged at all even though she knew for sure differently. The pillow was in the cupboard for a reason, last time Pa nearly passed out the scent was so strong.

“Pa,” Junior said in a pleading school boy voice. Can I do it this time?”

Pa frowned, he wasn’t sure.” You really are big son.” She couldn’t suspect in the morning. He paused, “Oh fuck it, ok!”

Junior sat on the edge of the bed. He hugged the limp body of his beloved Desiree licking her neck kissing her spine making her moan and smile softly. He lifted her until she sat astride his open thighs facing away her toes just touching the floor. He began to lift her at the waist his fat cock head trailing down her bush over her vaselined slit until it touched her tight sphincter. Ma gripped his cock base and unashamed he grunted pushing his elegant fuck doll down onto it, her cascading hair tumbling over her tits.

“Mmm, aaaaaaaaaaa!” She snorted her head thrown back buy the sensation.

He clenched his teeth pushing harder.

“Slowly son you don’t want to tear her flesh. Slowly does it, slowly.”

He gave a huge groan himself as his cock forced its way inside her. Desiree gave another moan her hands flexing as she took the huge meat up inside her canal. He began to push deeper until he was buried to the limit. The two parents helped as he began to pump up into her. They held her body, slowly bouncing her onto him; one at a time kneeling down to see their son’s cock twitching up her ass.

The sweat was now covering Desiree’s brow her red lips glistening a slow painful moan emanating from her mouth. Junior was getting into his rhythm.

“Ugh, ugh take it, take it miss!” He grunted bouncing her harder and harder.

Desiree began to make higher pitched moans her tits been mauled by his big hands her thighs lifted by his parents so all her weight fell each bounce onto his bedpost like cock. As he increased the bouncing Desiree began to foam a little at the mouth and her eye lids opened slightly showing rolling eyes.

“Uuuuuuuuuugggggggg!” She gargled, head flopping, the lad’s parents urging him on.

“That’s it son all the way in. Fuck she must feel tight. Harder, harder I think her going to…”

“Awwwwggggggggggggg!” Desiree gave a d**gged cry of discomfort her thighs quivering. Ma was now rubbing Desiree’s clit in practiced circular motions. Junior squeezed her hardening nipples as Ma announced with pride.” Yeah I think she’s getting hot.

Junior stopped his thrusting enjoying the sensation of his huge rod impaling the tall hour glass woman. Ma was working fast and purposefully, Desiree shaking at the effect. Her little grunts grew deeper and Junior felt her body tensing.

“I can feel it Ma, she tightening uggh, squeezing me ugggggggh!”

Desiree was coming, her pelvic muscles contracting, her anal canal trying to force his cock out like a huge shit.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm!”She convulsed massaging Junior’s hot member with short spasms.

“Ugh, ugh Oohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh.”

He suddenly began to buck up like an a****l, sliding his cock almost out then slamming back up. His hand grabbed a mass of swirling hair pulling her head back like he was halting a bolting horse. He was coming too, unable to bear the sensation of her hot tight flesh milking him.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, Awwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeieeeeeee!”

Desiree’s inside filled with his creamy load, her excited nipples erect, pinched by fat fingers. Her body was glowing with sweat, pearl teeth clenched in an u*********s grimace.


Next morning Desiree showered and prepared to leave. If she had been observant she would have noticed that her bed linen was slightly different, having been changed mid way through the night. She felt refreshed as ever, as if she’d slept like the dead. Her only complaint was her loose bowels, the food last night clearly too spicy for her.

At the front desk Ma processed her bill, Junior as normal shying away finding things to do rather than speak to her. She handed over the cash she reckoned they so badly appreciated and waved them goodbye.

“Come back soon Miss,” called Ma waving back in appreciation…

Desiree smiled.” Such a lovely friendly family”,she thought to herself.

“Don’t worry,” she said remembering how business was booming,” I will.”

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