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Manila was at the cafe with some of his coworkers, having a coffee and a few laughs. Born in Philippines but living in Madrid now for several years, he liked it here much better than at home. The cafe sat across the street from a hostel that many tourists would use to stay on the cheap, he and his friends often came here to check out some of the European and American girls. Manila always had a soft spot for brunettes.

As they were about to leave, a young lady walked in. She looked about 20 years old, and had a huge backpack along with loose clothes and some sandals. She plunked down at a table near the street. It took her a few minutes to wrestle the back pack to the ground, after which she hunched over and rested her head on her forearms; she was probably exhausted. She ordered something from the waiter and sat upright. She had long, dark brown hair. It was shiny and had just a bit of curl to it. Manila’s friends could tell that a girl was in the cafe, because Manila had dropped out of the conversation, his attention was fixated elsewhere. From the side, Manila could make out that she was in good shape, a bit petite, with long legs. He put his coffee down and went over to say hello.

“Welcome to Madrid!” He exclaimed. “My name is Manila,” as he extended his hand. She was friendly, though definitely a bit cautious despite her fatigue, she did not want to be taken by a tourist-targeting con artist, “Hello Manila, and how are you?” He responded, “I am well, thank you. I could not help but notice that you are looking very tired, and probably have sore feet. I work at the hotel next door, I am a massage therapist but I studied physiology in the Philippines. How am I doing so far?” She thought that a massage would really hit the spot, and thought that maybe Manila was trying to sell her one, so she asked, “That’s great Manila, I would love a massage. At what time are you available?” He responded, “Senorita, I am finished for today, but it would be my pleasure to give you a quick foot massage and we can see about making an appointment later. I love what I do.” A foot massage seemed pretty harmless, “Why not,” she replied. She sat back while he pulled up a chair across from her and got to work.

The sangria she had ordered arrived, and she offered to buy him a drink as well, “Cerveza, por favor,” ordering a cold local beer. He drew a bottle of oil from his pocket and got to work on her left foot. She was more relaxed immediately. Capitalizing on the opportunity to talk to her, he started, “Where are you from and what brings you to Spain?” “Well, I’m from Canada, near Toronto, but my dream has always been to explore Europe. I am on summer break from University and planning to spend a month touring,” she explained. “So you must be staying at that hostel,” as he pointed across the road. “Why yes, how did you know?” She wondered. “Well it is very popular amongst people with heavy backpacks,” he joked, getting a giggle out of her. Her face was a spectacle. Having walked around in the heat her make up had suffered some, but her eyes were magical, hazel in colour, and she was very cute. They continued talking while he went to work on her other foot. The sangria was good and she enjoyed two more before he was finished. Reluctantly she put her sandals back on and swung that back pack over her shoulder. As she hunched over to get her shoes, he snuck a glimpse down her top. The corners of his mouth lifted as he gazed upon a set of hand-sized, perfectly formed breasts. “Being young she would no doubt be firm and tight all over,” he thought. She thanked him again and promised to get in touch about the massage. “De nada senorita,” he responded, “but one thing, could you tell me your name?” She blushed, feeling a bit silly now for being so conservative in light of how friendly and generous this strange man had ended up being, “Oh, so sorry, my name is Julie.” “Not to worry Julie. In the Philippines your name would be hiyas, which translated means a jewel.” They said good day and she went across the road to get settled.

As he finished his last beer, he noticed that a travel wallet was lying on the ground near her chair. Looking inside he noticed that it was hers. He web tasarım felt compelled to run over and return it. He asked the door man in Spanish about the girl and learned that she was on the third floor, but since the hostel was first-come-first-serve, he did not know the specific room. Manila went upstairs. It was his first time inside of the building, and he noticed that it was quite old. The floors creaked and were made from antiquated wood. The first few rooms that he passed were unoccupied and the doors were left open. The third room on his left had its door closed, so he assumed that it would be easy enough to just tap on the door and see if Julie was inside. As he approached, he felt the floor sink a bit beneath him and the door popped open slightly. Through the crack in the door he could see that big backpack resting at the end of the bed, and what must have been Julie’s bottom half, her bare legs lying on top of the bed. He tapped lightly, “Senorita? Julie?” He received no response. He pushed the door open slowly and peeped inside. To his amazement, Julie was on the bed and touching herself. His eyebrows lifted, and like a deer in headlights he stared for a few moments. She wore a white t-shirt and lacy panties, and listened to her iPod while her right hand was down the front of her, apparently rubbing in slow, circular motions. Manila was stunned by how beautiful she was. That t-shirt was clingy enough to show off her figure. Her legs were toned, her thighs were lean, and her nipples stood up and pointed at the stars.

Ultimately though, he was a decent man, so he decided to look away while he crept into her room to drop her travel purse on the dresser before leaving. As he was about to exit the room, “MANILA!!!” shouted from the bed behind him. Instantly a hot flash came over him, as he had been caught red handed doing something very wrong. Flashes of possible consequences appeared before his eyes. If word got out he would lose his job and be unable to get work in tourism here, maybe not even in the rest of the country. Maybe he would have to return home in shame. All of this in a microsecond flashed before him, and he responded, “Senorita, I am so sorry. I came only to return your travel purse. Por favor, please do not tell anyone about this, I beg of you.” She was breathing rapidly, possibly from the orgasm she had just enjoyed, but her thick eyebrows were slanted, and her facial expression told a different story, one of anger. In light of his testimony though, she relaxed and said, “Oh, Manila thank you for returning my stuff. I don’t want you to get into trouble, but you did do something naughty, right?” He nodded. “OK, so about that massage, why don’t you give me one for free and we’ll be square?” “Absolutely senorita, tell me what time tomorrow you would like to come over and I’ll arrange it.” “No Manila, I want you to massage me now.” His head cocked over slightly and his eyebrows raised. He stood off of the bottom corner of the bed and noticed that her legs were apart, one knee was raised, and she was holding her shirt over her underwear. “Alone, in this room with a half naked beautiful woman, giving a massage?” He feared that it would lead to more, but based on what he had seen so far, that would not be so bad. “Close the door.” She demanded. Manila did as she requested, took off his shoes and approached the bed. Julie turned away from him and removed her shirt, and lay flat on her belly on the bed.. “No bra,” Manila thought, and also considered himself lucky since she was very attractive and he liked giving massages anyway.

He knelt across her thighs and got to work. With proper technique, he touched her back with his palms first to get her used to his touch and to relax her. Her hands were under the pillow where she lay her head, and thanks to masturbation, she was already relaxed. He oiled his hands and started to massage her. He started softly at first, and got gradually more firm to work the kinks out of her muscles. He was surprised by how much of his strength she could take without feeling any pain. When he got down to her lower back, he noticed that those perfect breasts where squished and he could see them peeking out web tasarım ankara on either side of her. The sight of them aroused him. He found that she was especially tense in the lower back. As he released the tension she moaned with pleasure, “THAT feels fan-tas-tic, keep it up,” she said. While the knots were being worked out, her hands moved from under the pillow, down the sides of her and she lifted her hips slightly to make room for them. “Keep rubbing, Manila!” She caught him breaking his rhythm. In the next moment she was rocking her hips, fucking her clenched fist as he massaged her. He started to sweat as in all of his career he had never had a client do this before. She moaned louder benefiting both from her own touch and his.

When her back was done she pushed him off and rolled over. Both of her knees were up and she removed her panties. Now totally naked, this young and sexy woman lay in front of him like a cornucopia of sex. “Now I want you to use those strong hands to make me come, Manila. I want you to rub my tits and my pussy. I want you to be strong with me.” Manila felt awkward but his cock was leading the way, now fully erect in his linen pants. She noticed his erection, sat forward and grabbed his cock forcefully and yanked it toward her. “DO IT NOW!” His reaction to the pain she had caused him was to shove her back to the bed, perhaps a little harder than he should have, since her head hit the headboard. “Ouch!” She exclaimed. He apologized to her, “I am so sorry…” Before he could finish she sat up rapidly and pushed him to the foot of the bed. She pounced on to his crotch and tore open his shirt, “So, you like to hurt girls?” She asked rhetorically as she grabbed his muscular pecs with her finger tips and squeezed. His mouth opened as she nearly hurt him. He grabbed her wrists and raised them over her head, and he sat up and kissed her, biting her lower lip. She rocked and writhed in pain while simultaneously grinding her naked pussy into his pants.

He released her mouth, locked both of her wrists up in one of his hands, and while gripping tightly, while his other hand swung hard and hit her in the ass. She shrieked and when he hit her a second time she cried out in pain. “You want it rough, OK. You can have it the way you want it.” He said as he pushed her down on to the bed, and removed the cloth belt from his pants. He used it to bind her wrists to the headboard. Now with two hands free, he pulled on her nipples, trying to lift her from the bed. “Yes, Yes, YES!” she exclaimed. Sliding down to her legs, which she tried to keep closed, he easily overpowered her and spread them. There was already a puddle of her juice. He took the massage oil bottle and pushed the butt of it into her. It did not go in easily, she wriggled and cried out as he worked it in and he started to fuck her with it. Soon the cries stopped and were replaced by moans as her fluids seeped out around the bottle.

He removed his pants, exposing his hard cock. It was large, about eight inches in length and very thick. She was a petite girl and had never been with a man this big. She was afraid that his mighty cock would hurt her. She shook her head, “No… please,” and tried to ball up into a fetal position at the top of the bed. It was no use. He grabbed both of her ankles tightly and pulled her down the bed. Then with his hands behind each of her knees, she pulled her so hard that her back lifted off the bed, suspended at the other end by her binding. Still shaking her head and with an expression of fear, he moved closer to her and inserted his cock into her dripping wet pussy. She cried out loud as the pain was intense. He continued to push, “I make love to good girls, and the bad ones I just fuck them into good behaviour. Here I come, you little bitch.” He pushed the full width of his cock into her vagina, and at about half way he hit the back of her, unable to go any farther. He drew his mighty rod out and slid it in again, her juice providing barely enough lube for her stretched cunt. Every time he penetrated her he would pull on her legs again to make her erect. As he drew his cock out he could see the inside of her flesh coming out with it.

He decided it was time for something different and flipped her over, her arms twisting due to the binding of her wrists as he started to fuck her doggy style. Now, in this position she could take almost all of him, and the rapture of her G-spot felt good. Having gotten used to his girth and length, she pushed her ass into him as he thrusted. Cries of pain were replaced with moaning and grunting. He hit her ass again as he fucked her and she cried, “OH Yes! Again!!” He continued to hit her while his cock became more erect due to the sensational feeling of sliding in and out of her pussy. Her ass was ruby red and her moans got more intense. Still ramming her ass into him, she screamed his name in one long breath as she came. Her vaginal fluids squirted out of her vagina and all over his legs and crotch. Not yet completed he withdrew his cock and masturbated until his violent shot sprayed up her back and into her beautiful hair like a cannon. He put his clothes on and untied her, and did not look back.

The following day Manila returned to work from lunch, and the receptionist at the spa advised him that his one o’clock was waiting for him in the aqua spa, a room with a hot tub and a massage table. When he entered the room, there was nobody on the massage table, where he would usually expect to find them. Instead, he looked over at the hot tub and saw Julie sitting there, waiting for him, naked. “I asked for you, I want another massage Manila,” she said, sultrily. “You need to leave, I can’t do that at work, and besides, you’re crazy,” he responded. “Your manager’s name is Pedro, I should go and tell him how you like to spy on half naked tourists,” she threatened. Feeling trapped, and more concerned about keeping his job than the principle, he undressed and climbed into the tub. As he approached her, she dunked her head under the water and put his cock into her mouth. As she stroked it and sucked it, an erection followed that she was soon not able to take in. She came back up, turned around and put her hands on the edge of the tub, while she kneeled on the seat with her knees apart, “You know what to do, now FUCK me.” His cock was only partially erect from the quick teasing. He walked over to her and reached around to her breasts and kneaded them. They were firm, like ripe oranges. His hands graced her ribs, and then her waist. Her soft skin aroused him and made him fully erect. He moved in closer to her and let his cock ride up the outside of her pussy, against her clit. She reached down and pressed his cock against her. His cut penis felt so good rubbing on her, she rocked her hips in time. Sensing that she was fully prepared, he pulled back and inserted the flesh of his tip into her. As he progressed forward, he could see her grip on the edge of the tub tightening, as she braced for the pain that was sure to come. He continued, pulling back slightly and moving forward again, the same way that machinists thread a bolt to prevent it from snapping. When he was fully inside of her, he put his arms around her and felt her breasts again while he kissed her neck. She gyrated her hips to try and fuck him, but he had her trapped in this pose. She became even more horny as he expertly probed her erogenous zones. Her breathing became more intense, and he granted her just one full removal and reinsertion. Her head sank as the pain and pleasure she was seeking was delivered in one small dose. He pushed her over so that her boobs hung over the side of the tub, while she held on to the edge with her hands. He moved slowly at first, but with increasing tempo, and before long his full force was ramming her rapidly.

Despite her tight grip, her tits swung back and forth as he pounded her. She started to make noise, and he begged her to be quiet for fear of being discovered. She would not cease, so he reached for a small towel and gagged her. Resuming the sex, with his hands firmly at her hips, he banged her violently for 20 minutes, to the edge of her unconsciousness before finally releasing his load into her. The towel fell from her mouth in exhaustion. He carried her from the tub and rested her on the table. “You know, Hiyas means jewel in Tagalog, my native language. But on the street it also means pussy, and now I know why fate has led you to me, Hiyas. Please leave and never speak of this to anyone.” He dried off, got dressed and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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