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Sinful Degrees of Separation Pt. 09

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In this chapter Hailey goes lingerie shopping with the man of her dreams…Her father.


Her father had told her that she could buy whatever she wanted from a trendy boutique he’d made an appointment at. She knew the boutique and also knew that they sold the sexiest clothes and lingerie, all of which were very devilish. Her mind was racing at the thought that her father knew the boutique and that he wanted to see her in clothes that were known to be very risqué.

Wanting to raise the bar she asked him to come with her to help select the clothes for their weekend. In his mind there was nothing he wanted more than to watch his sexy daughter model different outfits for his private viewing. When he returned from a flight he called her to say that he would pick her up in an hour. Her mother had already left for Vegas for the week and when he arrived he called her.

“I’ll be down in a few minutes dad,” she hollered from her bedroom as her body was already on fire from just hearing his voice.

When she came out from her room she was wearing a revealing pair of ultra-short shorts that clung to her amazing body like a second skin. The sight of her long legs and wearing a pair of classic black pumps caused his huge cock to instantly stir in his pants. As she walked down the long staircase his eyes were glued to her incredible body.

‘Fuck, she is so hot,’ he thought to himself as he suddenly imagined fucking the shit out of her. In addition to wearing a pair of sinfully shot shorts and pumps she was wearing the sheerest of white blouses and a sexy black, lace bra that drew every bit of his attention to her perfect 36DD tits.

As she walked down the stairs her eyes returned his stare and instantly her string thong was soaking wet as she thought how sexy and distinguished he was. As he took in the sight of her amazing body he stood dressed in a pair of black pants with a crisp white shirt and black designer jacket on. He noticed that she had the coyest of grins on her face as she slowly walked down the marble staircase, her high heels clicking in a way that added a naughty tension to the air. When she walked past him he groaned his approval.

“Very sexy Hailey,” he said as if he was talking to a lover, his eyes scanning her amazing body.

“And very handsome yourself,” she said, kissing the side of his cheek as she continued to walk past him with her high heels clicking on the tile floor in the most seductive way.

As her high heels clicked on the tile floor the naughty sound instantly drew his attention to her backside. ‘What an amazing ass,’ he thought to himself as he watched the bottoms of her soft, pale ass cheeks rise and fall with each click of her pumps on the tile floor.

Recently, he couldn’t stop thinking about her amazing ass as she was always wearing the skimpiest bikinis while he was lounging at their pool. Wearing a pair of high heel pumps made her look even more wanton and gave him the hardest of hard ons.

Walking to her father’s Mercedes she could feel his eyes all over her body. The feeling of knowing he was looking at her ass excited her beyond words. ‘That’s it dad, take a good look at this ass,’ she thought to herself with a smirk, catching his reflection in the tinted window and knowing he was watching her hungrily.

‘Fuck, she’s amazing,’ he thought to himself. ‘What an incredible body and such an amazing ass,’ he thought as he instantly felt his big cock stir in his pants. ‘What a killer body!’ After opening the door on his Mercedes he keenly watched her swing her slender legs into the car.

Sitting eye-level to his crotch she was very happy to notice his pants bulge at the sight of her. ‘Fuck, that looks like a real big cock,’ she thought to herself as she tried to imagine what it would like out of his pants.

Sitting in the driver’s seat he looked over at his amazing daughter.

“Very sexy Hailey.”

“Thanks dad. God, I’m so excited to be your date this weekend. I want to look hot for you.”

“Hot isn’t the word for how you look baby,” he said scanning her body with a hunger she was thrilled to see.

Right then they both leaned in and as if on cue began flicking their tongues across each other’s in a passionate blaze that went way beyond father and daughter. It was what had been building up between them this past year. The kiss had her instantly groaning as she felt her body come alive in a way she’d never experienced before. It was what they had both been dreaming and thinking about for months. She felt her pussy get instantly wet as her perky pink nipples made an obvious outline through the sheer material of her bra.

That hot kiss set the tone for what was going to happen between them. At that moment she wanted to fuck him so bad.

“Maybe we should go back inside,” he said, breathing heavily as his hands ran up and down her sexy crossed thighs.

“Oh God, Let’s go,” she responded quickly, wanting her father to take realitykings porno her to his bedroom.

They continued their wild, untamed kiss for a few minutes. Her deep groans told him that she was ready to be fucked. Suddenly she squirmed in her seat as her mouth clamped down on his. He knew from years of experience with young teens that she was cumming.

This had never happened to her before. ‘Fuck, he’s got me so turned on,’ she thought to herself as she felt sparks fly deep inside her pussy.

“As much as I’d like to get you back inside why don’t we go to the boutique first,” he said, kissing her neck as he ran his hands up her sexy legs. He then added with a lecherous grin, “With your mother being away we have all night sexy,” he continued in a husky voice. As he took in her amazing body he added, “All night baby.”

“Oh God yes,” she groaned at the thought of fucking the man of her dreams all night long.

The stories she had heard about him being so endowed were intensified by the fact that he could fuck for days without tiring which was something she desperately wanted. He then told her he was looking forward to taking her to the sexy boutique and having her model outfits for him.

“Plus, I’ve already picked out some things I want to see you in,” he said which surprised her.

“Umm I like that plan a lot dad,” she said as she ran her tongue across his lips,” then added, “Wow, when did you pick out clothes for me?”

“I stopped there before I left the other day.”

“Umm, I know the store dad and can’t wait to see what you picked out for me to try on,” she said as they went back to kissing for a few minutes, just before he started the car.

As they kissed she was so turned on that her father had gone to the boutique and selected things for her. ‘Wow, I can’t wait to see what he picked out for me,’ she thought to herself as the tips of their tongues were flicking away at each other passionately.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go back inside right now,” she said teasingly with a pouty look as he began turning in the driveway.

“Don’t tempt me baby, he said; gazing at her amazing body while thinking to himself, ‘I should really fuck her now.’

“Trust me, I’m going to do a lot more than tempt you,” she said in a husky voice, snuggling up to her father.

“Such a sexy and mature girl,” he said which absolutely turned her on.

While driving to the upscale boutique he had his hand on her crossed thigh, playfully running it over her ultra-sensitive skin. She shivered from the goose bumps from his amazing touch.

“Ummm, that feels so nice,” she groaned in his ear, loving his delicate touch.

He had tuned to a soft jazz station and as he ran his hand over her thigh she put her head back and with eyes closed made a low moan of pleasure. Startled, she felt a mini orgasm overtake her.

“Oh God,” she groaned as she tightened her crossed legs as she came just from his amazing touch on her legs.

As they drove to the very upscale and private boutique they kissed softly at each light. Sometimes it was their tongues dancing across each other’s in a wild frenzy of passion and other times it was a sexy, soft peck that made a naughty popping sound. It was a dream come true for both of them as they’d each hungered to fuck each other for years.

She could tell her father had incredible experience with women. In fact he had had numerous flings with countless flight attendants, most of whom were decades younger than him. Some were married or engaged, all sexy and very turned on to him.

After retiring from commercial airlines his sexual prowess were experienced by the Sultan’s two teenage daughters and no less than a dozen of their Middle Eastern friends.

The Sultan’s Daughters

The Sultan had two eighteen year old daughters who were identical twins. They were about to attend a very elite private boarding school in the United States. The Sultan had asked him if he would also be available to fly his daughters to any one of his villas during breaks from school or for weekend getaways with their American friends. Increasing his annual salary to five million dollars was not what sealed the deal but rather when he met the knockout twins.

He met the twins at dinner, after flying their father to the Middle East. The father wanted his daughters educated in the United States in hopes that they would one day take over his empire. Once the seventy year old pilot laid eyes on his two daughters, it absolutely sealed the deal. As soon as he saw how unbelievably sexy the twin sisters were, he began counting down the time before he was fucking each of them with his enormous twelve inch cock which was straining in his pants at the sight of them.

Little did the Sultan know that as soon as his daughters met the older, very distinguished American in person, they began having the same, sinful thoughts; in fact, while they were each getting dressed, all they could think rip her up porno about was the chance to fuck the distinguished older man. Prior to meeting him they had seen photos of him alongside their father and were instantly drawn to him. They each selected outfits to purposely catch his attention, and advertise to him that they each were his fuck anytime he wanted them.

The father had always planned to have his daughters to come to the United States to study business; he even gave them American names. In the Middle East the exotic twins were schooled in English and the customs of American life, in a very expensive International school.

Although they did observe the traditions and cultures of the Middle East, they were both very Americanized growing up, which was evident in the way they dressed. They were allowed this unique freedom, although limited, because of the status of their father’s business, in the country and throughout the Middle East. They couldn’t wait to leave the oppressive lifestyle in Iran, and could not wait to experience everything the freedoms of America had to offer, especially the sexual freedoms.

The girls had student visas to go to the elite boarding school and would enter as third year High School students. The day of the dinner the twins turned eighteen. Both were incredibly sexy, having an exotic, middle-eastern look that oozed sex. The twins were younger, sexier versions of the porn star Anjali Kara. Standing 5′ 6″ tall and weighing 110 lbs with eye-catching 34DD-21-33 measurements.

Both girls had slender legs and narrow waists, and would have been considered thin, if it wasn’t for the pair of big, suckable tits that sat high on their chests. They had very classical features, with dark skin, black hair and that unmistakable long, slim nose; haughty, imperious, but exuding sensuality.

To date the seventy year old pilot had fucked hundreds of sexy, young teens from all over the world, but it was hard for him to remember any two that looked as exotic and as fuckable as these sexy twin sisters. The sight of them caused his twelve inch cock to stir uncontrollably in his pants.

Once he laid his devilish eyes on the twin sisters, he was more than happy to be their private pilot. At dinner the girls were both dressed purposely to catch his eye. They wore clothes that highlighted every inch of their sensuous bodies. Each both wore tight, pencil skirts that hugged their slender hips and narrow waistlines, just below their billowing, big tits. Their pencil skirts were way on the short side, with the hemlines going 10 inches above their knees, bordering more on a night club mini-skirt, designed to reveal their long, sexy, tapered legs.

To further draw his attention to their sexy legs, they both wore a pair of classic, black high heel pumps, which were a size 10, and showed the high arches in their feet. They wore blouses that were sinfully sheer, almost transparent and very tight, with the button across their bra pulling apart, right to the breaking-point.

This drew his line of sight to the beautiful curve of their perfect round breasts. The silk material of their white blouses was almost transparent, allowing the dark hue of beautiful Middle Eastern skin to show through. The transparency of their blouses teasingly showed the tops of their luscious breasts over the lace-trim material of their black-lace bras.

The bras they chose to wear were designed specifically to entice, outlining their big, dark, middle-eastern nipples, which poked through the sheer material, without any resistance. Their extended nipples also gave away the fact that these girls were very excited to meet the seventy year old pilot of their father.

As the twins were in their separate bedrooms getting dressed for dinner, each rolling up their sheer nylons, then clasping them to the garter, they were both turned on, and couldn’t wait to meet the distinguished American their father had working for him.

They knew that their father would have been outraged if he knew that his sweet, innocent daughters were each imagining themselves being fucked in every different fuck position by American pilot, but that didn’t matter to them in the least.

What mattered was that they each secretly hungered for the opportunity to be with him, and to fuck him, because he was so handsome and so very sexy. It was the first time that the girls didn’t share their thoughts about anything, because each one wanted him to herself.

The skilled eye of Ted Kane also noticed that the twins were wearing a garter belt and stockings, because when they crossed their sexy legs, their short pencil skirts would rise high on their slender thighs, revealing the thin garter strap and the clasp, attached to the tops of the sheer, lace stockings. The fact that they wore stockings and a garter belt told him a lot about the twins, and how they came to the dinner meeting dressed this way specifically to get his attention, and most likely had researched him and his lifestyle and rus porno wanted to fuck.

This was something that was common place for him, especially with young, ambitious teens who craved men of power and wealth. He saw the tight sheer blouse, transparent lace bra, short pencil skirt, and especially the stockings, garter belt, and high heels, as something very calculated on their parts, and even acknowledged this by shooting each of them a wry grin from time to time.

At that time he would deliberately look each of them over deliberately and with complete disregard for their father who was sitting right beside them at the table. He knew it was their way of advertising to him how sexy they knew they were, but more importantly, how sexy they each could be for him.

This was something he enjoyed immensely, when a young teen knew her sexuality, and knew how powerful it was. He applauded this type of confidence in a young teen. He was also accustomed to this type of young, sexy teen. They were eager young teens, anxious to please him and demonstrate their maturity over other shy or childish girls their age. Incredibly sexy,18—19 year old teens, mature beyond their years, eager to fuck him because of his power and wealth, but more because of his massive, twelve inch cock.

During dinner, the twins could not stop thinking to themselves about how sexy and distinguished he was, and how youthful he was for a man in his seventies. They imagined accompanying him to many special events, then ending up in his bed and fucking him all night. Until this point, the twins shared everything with each other. But, this was the first time they kept their feelings about fucking the distinguished older American from each other. They each knew that they wanted to be on his arm and in his bed, and did not share that with each other.

The opportunity to fuck him was all that mattered to each of them secretly, so it was very important that their sexy outfits advertised this fact to him. These girls were like so many others that fucked him. They were drawn to his confidence and of course his big cock once they discovered that. He was so different than their boyfriends or even their own father. They were absolutely intoxicated the older American.

During the dinner the twins were so enamored and captivated by him, and could not stop thinking about being in his bed, and fucking him when they came back to America with him that night. They were absolutely drawn to him. His confidence combined with his sexy, older looks was making their pussy’s horny and hungry to fuck. The fact that he was seventy, almost sixty years older than them turned them on even more. Hanging on his every word they each began to have devious feelings, as they each wanted get her tight pussy wrapped around his cock, before the other had a chance to.

The wilder of the two twins was Taylor, but it was the slightly more reserved Ashley that had a naughtier image of him fucking her right there on the dinner table, right in front of her father and sister. She saw herself stripped of her tight pencil skirt and sheer bra, standing in her stockings, garter belt and high heels, being bent over the dinner table, while the older, ruthless businessman fucked her from behind like a wild man, pulling her long black hair and kissing her while he pulled on her achingly hard nipples.

She began to imagine what his older cock would look like, taste like and especially what it would fuck like. By his air of confidence and distinguished looks, she had little doubt that he was skilled at fucking, and most likely fucking constantly. Thinking of him in the pictures she had seen of him standing beside her father made her think of fucking him even more.

She found herself consciously sliding her hand up her stocking covered leg, above her garter, and touching her soaking pussy through her flimsy thong, then pushing it to the side she ran her finger across her dark, distended pussy lips. As she imagined him pounding his cock into her boiling pussy she ran he finger over her big, puffed-out clit.

This was not lost on the ‘sharp eye for detail’ pilot, as he watched her hand suddenly disappear up her pencil skirt. They both exchanged a knowing grin, and instantly knew the scene was set for them to fuck, as soon as they arrived at the jet.

During the flight back to America with the auto pilot set and his co-pilot in the cockpit he was in the back of the plane kissing both girls. He sat back and sipped a glass of champagne as he had them both strip for him. With their eyes glued to him as if they were alone with him they stripped off their micro-mini dresses revealing their stockings, garters, lace bras and high heels.

Once they’d stripped he stood and kissed each sexy teen, running his hands up and over their nylons and garter straps. They each responded strongly to the way he touched and kissed them. For the next two hours he ate each of their delicious Middle Eastern pussy’s to a flood of orgasm’s the likes of which they never in their lives ever experienced. Once he’d removed his clothing and they saw his amazing physique and huge cock they went wild sucking and stroking it. As they both worked his huge cock, doing everything he demanded, their pussy’s were orgasmic, cumming on their own just from sucking his huge cock.

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