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Room 209 – Day 01

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Ricky’s having such a hard time in math class. With all those teen girls strutting their hot little asses around it’s a wonder any of these boys can concentrate.” I told my friend Gail as we sat over coffee.

“Oh I know…my poor Ryan used to beat his cock every time he got home from school. I felt so bad for him.”

Rocking my infant in my arms, I fed Gail a inquisitive look. “Ricky does that too. Wait…used to? Ryan doesn’t beat off anymore?”

“Nope, he doesn’t need to and Ricky won’t either. All you have to do is come to room 209 with me, during their lunch hour.”

“What is this room 209? I hear moms all over town talking about it.” I asked.

“Well, it’s actually not a room, it’s a house, across the street from the High School. It’s a place the boys can go to get stroked, blown, fucked, whatever’s on the agenda. That way they can concentrate the rest of the day.”

My jaw dropped. “So where do the moms come in? Oh fuck, Gail…you’re helping to get Ryan off?”

“Yes and you wouldn’t believe what a difference it’s made in his grades. As long as your son is eighteen years old he can participate in room 209.”

“Well, Ricky turned eighteen last week. How many other moms are doing this?”

“Lots of them and the numbers are growing. I’m telling you, Michelle, if you want your Ricky to have an easier time in school, you should really consider it.

For a moment I found myself thinking it over. Should I? Would I? How could I? Then I came to my senses. “Oh I don’t know, if Dan ever found out I was draining our son’s nuts he would completely freak out.”

“Well my husband wouldn’t exactly approve of it either, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Room 209 is completely private and discreet and fuck, it’s not like I’m really cheating…I’m helping our son to succeed in school. It’s different.”

Once again Gail’s words were making sense to me. “Oh that’s so true…we mothers would do anything for our boys.”

“Yup, and that includes letting them use our bodies for sexual pleasure.” Gail said. “I know it sounds odd, but why don’t you and Ricky come try it out tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow? I…um, well, maybe..can I think it over?”I muttered, unsure whether I could really go through with it.

“Of course, text me later.”

Even though it sounded unconventional, I knew what Gail said made sense. A boy’s brain is in his briefs, it’s just a fact of life. Giving Ricky sexual release during the day was bound to help him stay focused.

I wondered what Ricky would think of the idea of me, his own mother, helping to drain his nuts. I was no dummy. I knew he would often use my panties to beat his boner with. And more than once a day I would catch my sweet boy staring at my big tits or my meaty ass. I alway excused it for normal teenage behavior. However, wrapping my legs around him and letting him fuck the shit out of me was taking it to another level completely.


“Dude, you gotta get your mom to meet you at room 209.” My friend Ryan said as we walked home from school.

“I’ve tried. I let my math grades slip. Maybe she doesn’t know about Room 209.”

“Are you kidding, all the women in town know. Why do you think more and more moms are meeting their sons there and getting their dicks off?

I had to admit, the idea of my own beautiful mom getting me off made my cock as hard as iron. Mom had a terrific body with the biggest boobs of all the moms in the neighborhood. My friend said she looked like a big titted version of the actress Kate Beckensale. Honestly though, she was my mom and was happily married to dad. I had no clue how she’d react to the idea.

“I don’t know dude, I really can’t picture my mom doing something like that.”

“That’s exactly what I thought about my mom at first. At home she was all prim and proper, but then in Room 209 she became this huge cock-milking slut. It was fucking awesome!”

Being the first one home from school I often headed straight to my room to jerk off, but as I moved up the stairs I heard mom call me from the nursery. “Ricky, is that you, sweetie?”

“Yeah…hi, mom.”

“Come in here a sec.” Her soft voice said.

I entered the nursery to find mom in the rocker nursing my little brother. Wearing a short skirt, mom’s legs were crossed. My eyes followed her stunning frame, starting at her little tan bare feet with their painted nails, up the silky sheen of her luscious legs. Goddamn mom had gorgeous legs!! Her form fitting sweater was pulled up on one side, revealing the parted cup of her maternity bra. My little brother’s face was buried under the biggest mound of creamy tit-flesh I had ever seen.

Mom broke me from my trance, her beautiful face framed by a curtain of long blonde hair. “How was school?”

“Oh um, it was ok I guess.”

“How’s math class going?”

I frowned. “The same.”

“Ryan’s mom was telling me about a program for the boys at school, during their lunch hour. Have you heard about that?”

My heart skipped a beat.

“Yeah, Room 209. I’ve heard some of the boys at school talking about it.”

Mom smiled slyly. bursa escort “What are they saying about it?”

“Oh that it’s um…pretty cool.”

“Has it helped them to focus more in class?” Mom asked.

“I guess so.”

Mom gazed at me curiously, smiling slightly. “Would it help you?”

I swallowed hard. Was mom really considering it? “Yeah, probably.”

The door slammed downstairs and my little sister announced her arrival as usually. “Mommy!!”

Mom rolled her eyes. “Ugh, that girl! Will you fix her a snack for me while I finish feeding your brother?”

“Sure, Mom.” I said, taking one last glance at her big tan boob.


At dinner that night I found my eyes drifting to my son, looking him up and down. Ricky was such a lean handsome teen, a younger version of his father, with my blond hair and blue eyes. Sweet Ricky, the first born of my four children and nearly ready to graduate from boyhood.

My six year old’s voice broke my trance. “Mom, tell Amanda to stop looking at me!”

“I’m not looking at you, crybaby!” Amanda, my sixteen year old said.

“Yes you are!”

“Girls, please…stop annoying each other and just eat.” I said patiently.

My husband’s attention turned to Ricky. “How are the grades coming along? Better get ’em up if you wanna play baseball this year.”

“I know dad.” Ricky muttered, picking at his food.

I spoke up. “Honey, do you think your mom would mind watching the baby for awhile tomorrow?”

“Are you kidding? She’s always begging to watch the baby. Doing some shopping?” Hubby asked.

“No, there’s a special tutoring program for Ricky, during his lunch hour in room 209. Apparently the mothers can meet them there and help out.”

I looked over and Ricky. I could tell by the smile on his face that he liked the idea too.

“That’s great, sounds like a good program. Give her a call, I’m sure she won’t mind.”

I stared my young son in the eyes, giving him my best motherly smile. “Thanks. I just wanna do whatever I can to help out.”

I texted Gail to let her know my intentions. She responded promptly.


I waited nervously. What would my son and I be doing on our first day? I hoped we could start slow, but knew there was a good chance I would be sucking his cock or getting fucked up the ass. Soon after, she texted me again. It read:





12:30 – 1: HANDJOBS


Whew! Thank God. Of course I was willing to spread my thighs if it meant helping my boy, but a handjob seemed like such a better way to break the ice.

There was part of me that couldn’t believe I was actually considering this. I was married for God sakes and Ricky was my son. However, there was another part of me, a part that all grown women have deep down that found it extremely wicked and exciting. I had stroked a lot of dicks throughout high school and college and to this day my hubby says I have magic hands. I considered myself quite the pro in the art of giving a handjob.

Before Ricky rushed out the door the next day I gave him a quick reminder, although I’m sure he didn’t need one. “See you at lunchtime, sweetheart.”

Ricky looked me in the eyes and we exchanged an anxious smile. We were headed down a naughty road and we both knew it. “Ok, mom.”

I dropped the baby off at my mother-in-laws, then at 11:30 I pulled up across the street from the high school ball field. I had arrived at a cute little cape-style home they called room 209. I stepped out of my car with my oversized bag in hand. Wearing a skirt I couldn’t help but notice how my freshly shaved legs gave off a sexy sheen in the noon day sun. My little feet with painted toenails were propped in a pair of 4-inch spiked heeled mules, which clicked daintily against the concrete as I stepped up the driveway.

“Hey!!” Gail said as she moved out of the house to greet me with a hug.

“Cute place.” I said, looking at the house.

“I know, right? Kate Dobson owns it. She donated it to the moms of Westfield. Come on, I’ll give you a quick tour.” Gail said.

As we stepped through the house I noticed that the ground-level was neat and furnished, however, there appeared to be no one else here. Downstairs was a different story.. At the bottom of the stairs we entered a large dressing room with floor to ceiling mirrors. Scattered around were what had to be thirty middle-aged moms chatting, giggling and primping. Most of the women were naked or in various states of undress.

“Michelle!” A women shouted. It was Tora Richards, a mom I had gotten to know last year from our sons playing baseball together. She was already adorned in her pale-yellow babydoll nightie, her big tits clearly visible through the fabric. We hugged. “So good to see you. Is this your first time here?”

“Yeah. Ricky and I decided to give it a try.”

“He’s gonna love it. bursa escort bayan It’s done wonders for Steven.”

One of the women shouted to the the rest of us. “Fifteen minutes until the lunch bell, ladies.”

Tora smiled anxiously at Gail and I. “Well, I’ll let you two get your nighties on…get all beautified for your boys.”

Undressing, I felt like a model preparing for a fashion show. As I unhooked my bra and slipped the cups from my breasts I heard Gail gasp. “Holy shit, Girl, have your tits gotten bigger?”

I giggled. “Well duh, I am nursing, remember?”

Tora smiled. She had slipped on a pair of six-inch mules and was posing provocatively as she looked herself in the mirror. “Well, nothing wrong with that. Teenage boys love big tits.”

Gail spun around, displaying her skimpy attire. “Tah-dah. What do you think?”

“It’s beautiful.” I said, looking her nightie over.

“It’s called a Jezebel babydoll. It came with the matching g-string.”

Like me, Gail had a luscious ass and her g-string disappeared between the meaty half-moons. “Wow! Well I didn’t wanna brave a g-string my first time out so I decided on a pair of mesh bikini panties.”

I turned, displaying my ass, which was clearly visible through the mesh fabric of the bodice. The panties were semi-transparent exposing the shadowy crack of my mommy-buttocks. I peeked back for Gail’s approval. “Too much?”

She smiled naughtily, shaking her head. “Perfect.”

I slipped on my six- inch stiletto heels, completing my outfit. Gail and I stood in front of the wall of mirrors, along with the other moms, posing and brushing through our big manes of hair. I applied a light coat of pink lipstick, as Gail sprayed on some perfume.

I took a moment to look around, laughing to myself. “This is crazy. Middle-aged married women acting like a bunch of primping schoolgirls waiting for our dates to arrive.” I thought.

“Just wait until you see the boys eyes light up when we first walk out.” Gail said.

Tora cocked a foot to one side, flexing her coppertone legs as she posed in front of the mirror. “Can you blame them? Look at us. Fucking Goddesses.”

“I can’t believe I’m gonna be letting Ricky see me in this, but I know it’s what needs to be done to help him.”

“That’s right, Michelle. Our boys are sexually curious. We’re helping them to satisfy their curiosity so they can stay focused the rest of the day. It’s a mother’s duty. Tora said.

“The bell just went off ladies!” A mother shouted.

Grail grabbed my arm excitedly. “The boys are coming!”


“Come on, dude!” Ryan shouted back at me as we rushed across the ball field.

We wern’t the only ones. There were many others…guys I recognized from class or sports teams I had played on.

As we reached the street I saw mom’s car. “Oh my God, she was really here. This was really happening!” I thought, my heart beating with nervous excitement.


“Come on, Michelle.” Gail said, our dainty heels clicking as we quickly grouped by a door. Over thirty moms, adorned in babydoll nighties, waiting like anxious teenage girls. I heard the beat of music start from the room on the other side.

I exchanged smiles with another mom I recognized. Our boys shared a class years ago. I starting to feel at home, but still incredibly nervous.

“So…handjobs huh?” I asked..

“Yup, we get to beat some teenage meat.” One short-haired blonde mom giggled.

“And I noticed on the schedule that the first half-hour is moms on display. What does that mean exactly?” I asked.

“The boys will be stand in a big circle and stroke their dicks while we parade and pose around them. Moms on display.” Gail explained.

“Oh my God, what am I doing, Gail?! This is crazy.” I said, suddenly thinking of my husband.

Gail giggled and took my hand.”Just relax and have fun. Remember how much you’ll be helping Ricky. That’s what this is all about.”

“You’re right.” I muttered.

I could hear rushing footsteps upstairs as boys filed down the back stairway. My Ricky was with them. Was he as nervous as I was?” I wondered.

One of the mom’s bounced on her feet excitedly, making her big boobs bobble beneath the silky covering. “They’re here!”

“They’re all inside. The upstairs doors are locked.” A mom shouted as she joined the rest of us.

Gail squeezed my hand. “Here we go!”

The door at the front of the line opened and moms began to file into the room. I recognized the music. It was “Naughty Girl” by Beyonce. I followed closely behind Gail, our high-heels clicking lightly on the tile floor as she led me into the room.


“Dude, get your shorts off!” Ryan said as he quickly removed his trunks and started shamelessly stroking his cock.

I surveyed the large, yet cozy space. The music was loud and the large room had a dim disco-like atmosphere. Circled around the parameter, the other guys had their shirts off and their shorts around their ankles. They gawked and stroked their dicks as one-by-one the moms strutted in.


“This is it, escort bursa Michelle!” Gail said excitedly, squeezing my hand.

I scanned the room for Ricky, finding him on the far side. Unlike the other boys, he was still dressed, although I could see the tent-pole forming under his shorts. My boy looked nervous. He finally turned my way and made eye contact. Still stuck behind a few women I smiled and gave him a cute little wave.

I followed Gail through the crowd towards our boys, who were side by side. She let go of my hand and like the other moms, I found myself sashaying to the beat of the music towards my son.

I stopped a moment and watched Michelle slip around her boy sexily, dragging her nails on his shoulders as he jacked his big teenage cock. It was almost shocking to see.

I gazed over at Ricky. My dear Ricky. There was no one between us now and good heavens was he gawking. Gawking at his mommy in her naughty negligee. I wanted his body exposed like the other boys. I wanted him to be stroking his erection, pleasuring himself to the site of me.


Mom was beautiful! I stood there, frozen in nervous excitement as she stepped towards me, rocking her motherly hips to the beat. Like the other moms, she was wearing a sexy babydoll nightie and heels which displayed her pretty feet. The swell of her big braless tits trembling with every move and I could faintly see the dark circles of her huge areola through the fabric.

She tilted her head a little, drawing my attention to her face and fed me a quirky little smile. “Hi.” She mouthed.

Feeling awkward, I smiled back.

Ryan looked towards me, his cock at full mast in his hand. “Come on dude, get your fucking shorts off!”


Ricky looked at me timidly and I smiled and nodded. I knew this was the ice-breaker moment and probably the toughest we would experience. “It’s ok.” I mouthed.

Finally, he fumbled with his zipper and dropped his shorts and briefs. His erection caught on the waistband of his briefs, then bobbed up and down on his loins as it sprung free.

For a moment I just stared at my son’s penis like no mother should. The engorged head flared out angry and shiny as it capped a long rock-hard cylinder of meat, which rose impressively, curving upward. He wrapped his hand around it and began jacking it’s length.

Gail snapped me from my trance as she wandered over by me and did a sexy standing pose for her son. “Wow, Ricky has a beautiful dick, Michelle.”

“Right?” I said, agreeing whole-heartedly.

I gazed back up at Ricky’s face. He was practically drooling as he looked my nearly naked body up and down. This was my motherly duty and I was gonna do the best job I knew how.

I cocked one leg out in front of me, bent at the knee, then placed my hands on my wide hips, thrusting my big chest out for my teen. Ricky’s eyes widened, gazing at my triple d’s as they threatened to rip right through the top portion of my nightie.

His eyes drifted up to mine and I smiled back.

Gail spun around, displaying her backside for Ryan, so I did the same for my boy.


“Holy shit, mom’s ass is amazing!!” I thought as my eyes traveled up Mom’s backside.

“Look at those fucking asses, dude!” Ryan shouted, beating his pecker.

Crowning her strong tan legs, the cheeks of mom’s ass were spilling out from under the hems of her tight bikini panties. I could see the shadowy crack of her buttocks through the fabric and it made my cock flex and throb in my hand.

Both my mom and Ryan’s mom were displaying their backsides, peeking back at us over their shoulder and giving us naughty smiles and winks

“Damn, you can see your mom’s ass crack right through those panties. Holy fuck!” Ryan exclaimed.

“I know and look at the thong your mom’s wearing.” I muttered.

I glanced around the room and saw that all the moms were posing in their nighties, just like mine and Ryan’s. The other boys too were all stroking their dicks while their moms displayed their bodies. This place was awesome!


“Michelle, let’s go into the bunk.” Gail said, taking my hand. “Don’t worry, they’ll follow us.”

Behind the boys was a silk curtain. We gazed at them lasciviously as we pranced past and parted the fabric, revealing a private queen-sized bunk. I was new to this and followed Gail’s lead as she slipped off her heels and crawled onto the mattress.

The boys stepped in behind us and stood at the foot of the bed beating their boners as they watched us crawl on all fours. Michelle and I peeked back with naughty smiles and wagged our meaty behinds at our sons, watching their cute reactions.

Michelle rolled onto her back, splaying her legs open. I followed along, resting back on my elbows and throwing my knees up, spreading my thighs. My God this felt so wicked!


“Holy shit yeah!” Ryan shouted, stroking his cock rapidly as he looked at the spread of both his mom and mine.

Mom’s legs were bowed open, revealing the soft saddle between her thighs. She smiled and watched me react, her little bare feet hovering above her ass. The cleft of Mom’s panties were snug against her mons, revealing the bulging folds of her cunt through the fabric. I never dreamed I’d see her like this. I mean, I did, but never thought it would actually happen.

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