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Rocky Mtn. Road Trip – Part Four

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Rocky Mtn. Road Trip – Part Four
Rocky Mtn. Road Trip
Part Four:

During the ride south we went over several high up passes and what they call the “Million Dollar Highway.” What a great ride with fantastic views and before we knew it we were there.
We rolled into Durango and found the hotel. After parking the bikes Mark clipped my leash onto my collar and Keith did the same with Angel and we were led into the lobby to check in.
There was a large biker event in progress so although we did get some looks, these events can be pretty wild and free so girls being led in on leashes isn’t as unusual as it might be at some other events.
The room was very nice and had two queen beds side by side. Mark said, “You two go take a shower together and then you can rest a bit. We’re going to head down to the bar and have a drink. When we get back we will expect you both to be ready for some submissive slut play.”
Angel said, “Yes Sir.” and I added, “Thank you Sir.”
Angel and I stripped down and jumped in the shower together and it felt so good. Hot water and slippery soapy suds. We washed each other and kissed long and deep totally excited to have some ‘one on one’ alone time. We compliment each other so good because we both have a very high sex drive and love girl-girl sex as well as most any other kind.
After drying each other off we got under the covers and cuddled and kissed and let our hands roam over each other. Angel canlı bahis şirketleri is so soft and sexy I just love her. We both brought each other to orgasm and then, still in each others arms, we drifted off to sleep. I really do like it ‘rough’ but sometimes it’s exciting to have some soft and loving time too. I was off in the land of sweet dreams now.
Our Masters returned and we got out of bed and went right over to them and knelt at their feet. I asked, “How can I please you Sir?”
Mark looked over at Keith and said, “How about tying these two sluts up and allowing them to suck cock, two on one?”
“Sounds good to me” Keith said.
The guys tied our hands behind our backs, then tied our tits tight. We were still on our knees and Mark pulled up a chair in front of us and told Keith, “You go on and be first bro.”
Keith took his belt off and stood in front of us and began to whip our tits. Then Mark handed him some clamps and Keith put those on our nipples and then he went back to whipping us both, across the tits with his belt. My tits were red and stinging but my nipples were hard. Keith slapped his belt across both of us until the clamps finally were knocked off. Oh man, that hurt but neither of us moved or tried to avoid the belt.
Finally Keith clipped a leash to each of our collars and dropped his pants then sat down in the chair. He left the leashes falling from our collars and then canlı bahis he asked, “Who wants to suck my dick? IF you WANT to suck my cock, hand me your leash.”
We both offered up our leashes to Keith and he accepted them, taking total control of us by so doing.
Keith looked at Angel and said, “Angel, grab Sherry by her hair and make her suck my dick.” He then untied her hands.
Angel said, “Yes Sir”. Then she grabbed me by the hair and pushed my face down and told me, “Open your mouth bitch and suck my man’s cock.”
I opened my mouth and she pushed my face down so that Keith’s cock entered my mouth. Then she pulled my hair, working my head up and down so Keith’s cock was moving in and out of my mouth. She had one hand holding my hair and the other had a grip on my throat and she was working my mouth up and down on Keith’s hard cock.
Mark pulled up a chair so he could watch me as Keith’s cock slid in and out of my mouth. He loves watching me being a submissive slut.
Angel said, “That’s right bitch, suck my man’s cock.”
I was all into sucking Keith’s cock but all I could answer was, “uhaw, uhaw.”
After a long time having my hair pulled and Keith’s cock fucking my mouth Keith said, “Alright Angel, Climb up in my lap and slid down on my dick.”
She said, “Yes Master”. Then sat on his cock, facing me with his cock buried in her shaved pussy and her legs spread wide.
Keith said to me, “NOW SLUT, make us bahis siteleri both cum good or you’ll be punished.” My hands were still tied behind me and I felt helpless and motivated to please them.
I looked up at them from my position on my knees and said, “Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.”
I think Keith was almost there. I started tonguing Angel and licking them both and the more I licked the more Angel wiggled around on Keith’s hard dick. I noticed Keith was pumping her up and down as I performed oral on both of them.
It didn’t take long for Keith to groan and shoot a hot load of cum into her pussy. Angel was sliding up and down and I had my tongue on her clit and she started saying, “Oh yeah. Fuck Yeah. Ohhhh fuck!” Then she had a double, back to back orgasm.
Keith slid her off his cock but kept her in his lap and told me, “Alright Slut. Lick up every drop and I mean every drop. Lick the floor too.” There was a lot of sticky cum running out of Angel and down onto Keith’s legs and the chair too.
I said, “Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.” and I proceeded to obey. I carefully licked both of them until I had swallowed every drop of their cum I could find and then I licked the leg of the chair where some cum had run down and as ordered I licked the floor around the chair too.
Finally Keith said, “Good Slut. You’re a very obedient, nasty slut bitch. Do you understand you are a nasty, Obedient, Slut?”
I looked up at Keith and said, “Yes Master, for you I’ll do anything. ANYTHING!”
My husband Mark was smiling a wide smile and seemed happy with my obedience.
Keith pushed Angel up on her feet, and then he said to Mark, “You’re up Brother.”


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