Şubat 9, 2023

Road Warrior Chance Meeting

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The following is a first post to Literotica. Please vote and offer comments. I’d love to hear constructive criticism so that I can write better erotica for everyone.

* * * * *

Stephen rubbed his eyes as he pulled off the highway and towards the strip of hotels. Driving down the road he looked for any hotel that didn’t have the dreaded neon ‘NO’ lit up. Near the end of the lighted section of the road, he found one. He pulled in, expecting to hear that they forgot to turn on the light or it was burned out. Still, he’d give it a shot. Checking in at the desk they did in fact have rooms available. He signed in, gave them the credit card number and got directions to the room.

His legs were tight from the long drive. He’d liked driving a lot more when he was younger, but now it was much more like work. Especially since it was often for work. Having been on the road for 14 hours today to get to tomorrow’s appointment was rough. He was going to sleep like the dead tonight. Firing up his laptop, he shot off an email to the company that he’d push his appointment back to noon instead of 9:00 am. He often did this after a long day’s drive. And being in the middle of nowhere meant that he would probably work all night again anyway. His company charged well over $200/hour for his services and he ended up getting paid very well for his knowledge. There were only a couple hundred people in the world that knew what he knew – which was a big deal in the Internet industry. Even with the Dot Com busts, he was still very valuable.

He noticed the wireless connection on his laptop picked up a local network. He fired up a chat client and sent out a quick “Hello” to the network. The laptop went ‘ding’ and he saw a message in front of him. This little network he hopped on had one person on it. Tired as he was, he didn’t want to keep a conversation, but he figured a short talk wouldn’t be a problem.

He introduced himself in the manner he was accustomed to:

Hi there, Stephen, SWM, 32, on the road tonight, and you?

Tracy, SWF, 35 also on the road, surprised to see someone here tonight.

I’m just checking in on email before I crash for the night, ‘saw the light on’ and sent a message. How are you?

Doing well, but a little tired

I put down almost 1000 miles today. Ridiculous, but with all the airplane restrictions, I can’t carry all I need on the planes anymore.

Oh, I only did 400 miles, but after dinner and a couple drinks in the bar, I’m tired. Would you like to share the bottle I picked up before you pass out on your bed?

Sure, I’m in 413

OK, I’ll be right there.

‘Ding’ – that was it; A short conversation. 2 minutes ago he was getting ready to pass out from driving too long and now he was meeting a strange woman in a hotel room in the middle of Ohio.

A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts. “That was quick,” he thought. “She must be very close by.”

He opened the door and there stood Tracy. He wasn’t expecting much, someone who actually knew how to AdHoc wireless network had to be some kind of typical geek chick, but Tracy was more the type that you’d see at hot girl sites rather than working on the server that runs it. She stood about 5′ 6″, her dark hair falling over her shoulders, a slender figure. She was only wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt, the typical evening uniform of the road warrior planning for sleep. Still, he could see her ample bosom under the t-shirt. After he invited her in, he noticed her other physical attributes as he watched her walk away from him towards the table and chairs.

She put the bottle of liquor up on the table and grabbed the two glasses from the counter nearby, checking the mini bar for ice. She dropped a few cubes into each glass and then poured the bourbon into the glasses.

Tracy was the first to speak. “Well I have to admit that I’m pleasantly surprised. From how we found each other on the wireless, I was expecting some balding geek with the typical geeky pudge all over. But… well.. You’re certainly not the typical…”

“I was sincan escort bayan thinking the same thing. Figured you for the typical geek too. I’m quite the lucky man tonight” He raised his glass up and she hers. The glasses clinked and they both drank. He exhaled deeply after the drink, not expecting the slight burn presented by the bourbon. It was not the highest quality beverage, but it certainly gave him just that nice warm feeling in his stomach that made him want to stay up a little longer.

Tracy continued the conversation. “So, they have you driving a long way for your work, must be pretty important”

“Yes, it’s high end high security networking. All 800 level work. It’s just a hassle to get past all the local people. They get real uptight when outsiders come into their network. Can’t blame them. Some of the networks are very well designed, just a little poor in the security end. They try and get federal contracts and need me to come in and tighten down. After I come in, the locals go away for their training and come back to a nice tight network.”

“Ah, the old sending away for training; that’d be me. Of course, they send me in to train people. A little different, but I’m still the trainer.”

“Oh, the trainer eh?”

“Oh please, not the usual lines. I somehow expected better from you.”

“I’m tired, can you blame me?”

“Yes, I can. I certainly can and I can’t really let is slide now, can I?” she said with a wink.

“Well, I’m not sure what you mean” he said to her, feigning ignorance.

“Right, I’m sure you don’t. I know exactly what you were thinking when I told you I was a trainer. Just like everyone else. However, you’re in luck, you’ve met someone who enjoys training. I do love my job, especially with the students who are there to learn instead of spend time out of the office and waste my time.”

“Well, I certainly hope I don’t waste your time”

“I can assure you, you haven’t so far. I think I’m very glad I came by tonight. And now, to make up for your little comment, I think you’ve earned some training” she smiled. “That is, if you’re not too tired.”

“Well, just what did you have in mind then?”

“Let’s just get down to it then, since you’re so tired. Strip.”

He was startled at her forwardness. He’d not ever experienced a woman that forward in all his road warrior days. Well, at least not one so beautiful and forward. The locals were always trying to get into your pants in the restaurant and the other road warriors almost always wanted half a dozen drinks before they passed out naked in the bed next to you. They just wanted a warm body to lie next to. Tracy was a rare one indeed. She was doing all the pushing on this one. And with all my pressure at work, I didn’t mind one bit.

“Okay my little man, now that you’ve gotten yourself almost properly undressed, let’s get you on the bed then.” He stood in front of her in his underwear, not having had the chance yet to remove them. He wasn’t too worried, as she’d get them off me if she really wanted them off. He lay on the bed as she instructed and waited for her to come over. She finished off another slug of the bourbon and got up onto the bed, kneeling over me. “Well then, let’s see what kind of training this boy needs.”

From somewhere she pulled some nylon cord out and quickly tied his hands above his head to a hole in the headboard. She reached over to the nightstand and pulled his Leatherman tool out from its pouch and flipped it open. For a moment he feared for his life, thinking that perhaps he’d found some psycho who got off on cutting up her victims. He exhaled as he felt the blade under his underwear and the knife sliding through the fabric as she half cut and half ripped the underwear off his body. She pulled the top section down and just let is lay between his legs. This exposed his cock, now expanded to over half its full size and getting bigger by the moment. She smiled as she caressed his thighs, running her hands up and down them just barely grazing the flesh. And then he felt something eryaman escort wrapping around the base of his cock and balls, but it wasn’t her hand. He looked and saw her lacing something black around the base of his genitals. He wasn’t sure what it was but then felt tightness as she pulled on it. Some kind of rubber band thing was being wrapped around him. She looped it around his cock and balls and then another loop to separate his balls from the rest.

“I think you need a little bit of training in control my boy, so I’ll use a little training device on you.” She leaned down over him, her breasts hanging into her shirt and barely grazing him through the fabric as she kissed him deeply. Her warm mouth covered his and her tongue probed his mouth deeply. She explored him with her tongue and kissed him passionately. Her mouth was on hers so tightly that he couldn’t even breathe in when her hand finally touched his cock. She wrapped her hand around it and slowly started pumping him. She broke the kiss and he finally inhaled. She again smiled and looked at his face, then looked down at his cock. Blood slowly moved into his cock past the rubber bands strapped around him – where the blood was stuck and wouldn’t be leaving until those bonds came off his cock.

She left the bed for a moment and pulled off her t-shirt, allowing her breasts to swing freely. He guessed them to be a C cup. Regardless, they were very beautiful, a slight tan line around them, her hair coming down to just cover the tops of them. He wanted so much to reach out and stroke the sides of them, to caress his hands over her nipples. He pulled at the bonds holding his hands. A moment later and her sweat pants also came down, accompanied immediately with her panties. A small patch of pubic hair adorned her labia at the top, the rest clean-shaven. He inhaled her scent as it wafted freely into the room. His cock surged again, somehow getting bigger.

He felt it was immense from the pressure of the rubber band. She wasted no time, straddling his head with her legs and facing down his body so she could see his cock. He needed no training here and quickly began licking at her outer lips, being treated to the delicate mewling of her pleasure as he licked her. She coached his movements with her own hip movements as well as telling him exactly how she wanted it. Yes, he was getting some training, but mostly in how to please her specifically. He already knew the good points of eating a sweet pussy, but this was training in how to please Tracy, the woman now straddling his face.

She continued to sit on his face, rubbing herself all over his face. He was becoming soaked with her juices and he loved it. She obviously was enjoying herself too as she started rocking back and forth in the same motion now, getting him to lick her in that same spot. He had found a nice spot on her and she was getting close. She started moaning while riding his face now. He continued to lick her, just stroking that spot in the right manner, making her increase her volume. She grabbed his chest and squeezed. Now she let go of his chest and bent herself down, grabbing his thighs, digging in her nails just shy of drawing blood.

She moved back and forth this way several times, moaning louder each time she changed position. Her body started shaking now. He smiled while he licked her now, knowing she was there. His cock swelled with the thought of her cumming on his face. She was shaking severely now and groaning. He almost thought there was something wrong she was shaking so hard. She grew silent a moment and then she shuddered. He coughed a moment as she came on his face, drowning him with her ejaculate. Another new thing for him, he’d never had a woman ejaculate on him before, but that had to be what this was. She came with great exhales, moaning loudly. Finally she stopped and took her hips away from his mouth so he would stop licking at her.

She turned herself around and sat on his thighs now, just below his cock. She smiled down at him, laughing as he watched her cum drip off his face. She grabbed etimesgut bayan escort her t-shirt from nearby and wiped off his face, then kissed him deeply, tasting herself on his mouth. “That was very good for a new student. Now let’s see if this cock is as well trained as your tongue.” She reached into her pussy and gathered up some of her wetness onto her hand, then stroked his cock a few times, combining her juices with the drops of precum on the head of his cock. He was leaking a bit at the excitement of licking her.

She moved up above his cock now and slid his cock deep into her in one sitting down motion. She groaned triumphantly as she impaled herself on him. “This is wonderful. I always love how the rubber tightens a man up. Makes him so nice and thick.” And thick is what she was getting from Stephen. Already possessing a thick cock, the rubber band enhanced his natural thickness, filling her fully with cock as she rode him. She moved slowly at first, letting him adjust to having her pussy around his cock. She picked up speed as she felt her orgasm building.

She was still very aroused from the last orgasm and it didn’t take her long to build up again. She rode him with definite motions, hitting all the right spots inside herself. She brought herself to the top again, crying out in satisfaction as she rode him. She was at the top and kept touching herself in the right place, keeping her orgasm running. Several orgasms washed over her constantly, one after the other, the thick cock penetrating deep into her and filling her as she rode him. She closed her eyes, feeling his thick cock fulfilling her. She reached back for a moment and pulled the rubber band now, it loosened itself around his cock and balls as they fucked. He cried out as the blood coursed through his cock again. She smiled down at him as he writhed underneath her as the circulation returned. She knew it wouldn’t be long now.

She stopped for a moment, squeezing his cock with her pussy, flexing her muscles on his shaft. “Oh, please don’t do this to me” he begged. She smiled down at him.

“Oh, have I reduced you to begging now?”

He lowered his eyes. “Yes” he said meekly “I need to cum. Please.”

She smiled down at him. “But have you had enough training yet?”

“Oh, yes, I think so. I certainly know what you enjoy from your man’s tongue. And I know what a wonderful toy that rubber thing is. I’m very well trained now.”

“Indeed, you are. Your tongue and cock are well trained. I had an easy night with you. But you won’t ‘get off’ so easily next time”.

Next time? Next time?! He hardly had time to let that sink in as she started riding him again. It wasn’t long before he was trying his best to thrust back into her as she rode him. She let loose on him, riding him quickly. “Come for me now. Come on baby, give me that cum. I earned it, didn’t I?” She did indeed earn it, as had he. She only had to move up and down a couple more time and he was cumming. She felt his cock surge and her hand leapt down to his cock as she pulled off of him. His cum sprayed onto the patch of her pubic hair and onto her tight stomach. He closed his eyes and grunted loudly as he came. When he was finished, he looked up to see her grinning down at him. She reached above him to loosen my hands and then slid down beside him on the bed, sidling up to his body, his own cum rubbing between their two bodies, some dripping down onto the hotel sheets.

“I really am glad I met you tonight. You are wonderful indeed. And in need of so little training after all. Perhaps I should take you into my advanced course next time.”

“I’d enjoy that. I’ll have to get the sales people to bring me out here more often. I don’t normally come here, but I definitely want to see you again.”

“Well Stephen, I certainly hope so. Perhaps Chicago is close enough for your company. I’m not far from there most of the time. “

Yes, Chicago was possible for other reasons too. A nice major airport, hub for many connecting flights. He thought he’d find himself in Chicago a little more often. He could always use more training.

They fell asleep there together in each other’s arms and woke for breakfast the next morning, exchanged their email addresses and other contact info and he made it in time for his noon appointment.

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