Ocak 31, 2023

Rip Tide

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First off let me say the feelings you stirred in my when I read your story were so hot. I had a hard time concentrating on anything else after reading it. That is what I miss from you. the fantasies of us and what it makes you feel like… I hope you enjoy this one and please overlook the misspellings and punctuation flaws It’s kinda hard to write like this and not get turned on

Ok now as promised I have one for you to return the favor…

* * * * * *

Watching the sun slowly setting out on the horizon of the sea, you and I stroll hand and hand along the surfs edge looking for shells and playing a game I made up called “What if?”

The just of the game is when asked a question, “what if ……you were asked to eat sushi? You need to give an honest reply.

As we walk along, one of the questions I ask you are “What if….we were stranded on an island with each other?”

You look at me when I ask you this and right off say this would be wonderful! I could have you all alone and the world wouldn’t be able to interfere with us at all. I hug you close feeling the hardness of your chest and strong arms as they pull me close. The tingle starting deep inside of me as I think about what is yet to be.

As we walk further along we come up on a dock with a boat that has a sign outside…”Day Cruises”. We stop and I ask the man onboard if they do any evening cruises and he tells me there is one leaving within the hour.

Oh what luck I say as I grab your hand and pull you closer to the pier. We can cruise and see the sunset from the ocean just think of how romantic this would be!

As we settle ourselves on board the first mate arrives with a pitcher of rum punch and 2 glasses for us. “Enjoy” he says as he walks away to unhook the ropes from the pier.

We pour our drinks and settle back to watch the setting sun as we start out to sea. The evening is so tranquil. The gulls dipping below the surface for a quick fish to eat, along the horizon we see dolphins, their fins breaking the surface of the crystal water, it is a moment we carve in our minds to remember forever.

As we skim along the water, the time slips along so slowly and we drink our punch watching the water and feeling the warm glow inside. You are setting behind me and I am resting on your chest, escort sincan feeling your breathing and the sway of the boat it is so peaceful here. I have my hand on your leg and am gently caressing it almost mindlessly and I turn to you and smile “What If?”

We have been out to sea for almost an hour when we see the outline of an island ahead. The first mate swings down from above and says we are stopping here to refuel and if we want to get off and have a look around it would be about 15 minutes before we head back to shore.

We dock and you jump off first, turning to help me down. Catching me around your waist you lift me off and into your arms pulling me close and whispering in my ear how wonderful this idea was.

I look up to you and whisper. “This is only the beginning”, we stroll along looking at the quiet, peaceful area we are at. The palms, so tall and untouched. It is as if we were the only ones to ever walk on the sand. We stroll along and find a path leading into the brush. I take your hand at start into the denseness. You stop pulling me to you. “we better head back to shore, after all the boat might leave us here if we’re not careful” My lips reach up to yours and softly brush against them “we still have a few minutes to look around” I pull back and turn off into the darkness as you follow.

We walk along listening to the evening sounds of the brush. The birds singing their exotic calls of the nighttime. The distant sound of the surf breaking on the shore. We near a clearing ahead and step out of the brush to see a cabin setting alone. Stepping up to the porch I turn to you as if to say…”I wonder who lives here.” I step to the door and open it up. You and I step inside to a beautiful romantic place. Lust fruits are laid out on a table, Wine is chilling in a bucket beside it. Across to the left we see a hot tub and candles burning. Further in the edge of a bed is seen from the doorway.

“Well it looks like we have stepped into someone’s romantic hideaway” you say.” we had better get out of here before they catch us”

I step into your arms pulling you to me and say. “Remember I asked you a What if question earlier this evening about if we could be stranded on an island together? Well… here we are!

I planned this weekend for us to be stranded ankara escort here alone without anyone else around.

I have you all to myself I say as I brush my breasts against your chest feeling you catch your breath as your arms sweep down to scoop around my butt and pull me close to you. I could feel your hardness pressing against me as your breath quickens.

I break away and stepped to the table finding pineapple on a plate and picked up a piece turning to offer you a bite. I placed it to your lips and you take a bite. I reached to kiss you and the sweetness of the pineapple mixed with the rum punch we had was delicious. My tongue reaches into your mouth. Mixing and tasting each other. The passion rises within us. You pull me closer. Your arms circle my waist pulling me to you. I felt you hardness pressing against me. I pull back and take you by the hand leading you into the bath area.

Stopping by the hot tub I turn and face you. I want to relax with you in the hot tub. I moved away from you and slipped my top over my head. Watching your eyes I see the desire building in them. I move to slip my shorts and bathing suit off. Rising up I stand in front of you naked. Moving to your arms I slipped into them feeling you pulling me close. Your mouth moving to meet mine. Our kiss is long and sensuous. Tongues swirling around tasting and exploring each other. I slip my hands up to unbutton your shirt taking if off your shoulders. Dipping my lips to brush against your chest. Grazing lightly along your nipples feeling your breath catch in your throat. I move to slip your swim trunks off. Stepping back I let my hands graze over your body. Lightly brushing over your arms, down to your waist and then on your thighs stopping briefly to caress your cock. You jump as my fingers circle your stiffness. Gently pulling you toward me I whisper in your ear. “Come with me.”

We step into the tub. The water is wonderful. The aroma from the salts they added is intoxicating. We moved to the ledge feeling the bubbles caressing our bodies. I slip to the edge and poured us a glass of wine, moving back to set beside you I hand you your glass. You take a sip and reclined in the water. Stretching out letting the bubbles work their magic. I moved in front of you placing a knee on either side of your waist etimesgut escort bayan and setting on your lap. I could feel your hard cock press against my stomach as your arms wrapped around me, pulling me close. Our lips met and my tongue slips out in search of yours. The passion builds between us. My fingers dip beneath the water.

Gliding over your chest, down to your stomach and coming to rest on your balls, lightly kneading them in one hand, my other caressing your rock hard cock. I look into your eyes. The candle light casting a soft glow on us “Do you know how bad I want you to make love to me?” I say. The pressure of my grip getting firmer on your cock. “Do you know I can’t wait?” I quicken my pace watching your eyes all the while as my fingers work their magic over you. Your hands move to my breasts. Your fingers finding my hardened nipples. Gently pinching one between your thumb and forefinger I moan into your ear. My tongue flicking across your earlobe. I move up and over your cock. Positioning the head against me I glide you into my wetness. The feeling was almost overwhelming. Your arms grab my hips holding me as you thrust your cock all the way into me. The passion hit and neither one of us can fight it. Your arms lock around me holding me tightly to you as you thrust your cock in me. Faster and faster we move. The water and rum add to the erotic feel of the sex. I place my hands on the edge of the tub and lift myself up off of you so I can ride you from above.

Moving faster and squeezing my muscles to tighten around your cock I felt you tense. Grabbing my waist you thrust into me deeper and faster. I moan. “I can’t hold off “Faster and harder we pound into one another. The feelings stirring deep inside of me. The climax builds. I arch my back into you as the first wave of my orgasm hits me. The passion is so intense. My orgasm triggers yours as you feel my muscles contract against your cock pulling you deeper. The first wave hits you as you moan out in ecstasy. I feel your hot sperm filling me as you thrust harder. We ride to the top of fulfillment and over the other side.

Our hearts and breath racing from the experience. We start to slow down. We kiss slow and long still spinning from the ordeal. I break away to look at you the fulfillment apparent in your eyes. “I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did” I say as I slide against you. “I do promise that the next time will be slower than but just as erotic as this was” I smile at you wickedly. As we slip out of the tub and move toward the bed…

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