Mart 4, 2024

Reunion Ch. 03

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When Trudy’s eyes drifted open, the sun was beginning to set outside her window. She momentarily forgot about what had happened before and thought she had one hell of a dream. She tried to get up before she realized there was an arm draped around her waist and she was naked. She turned her head to the side and saw Jay lying there, sleeping peacefully.

“Oh right, it wasn’t a dream.” She told herself softly. She suddenly felt a little self conscious about just lying there naked as a jailbird with a guy who was equally naked. She slowly sat up and reached for the thin blanket at the foot of the bed. She lifted it up and draped it over herself and Jay before she cuddled up against him as she lay back down. The movement jarred Jay into consciousness and he looked over to Trudy.

“Hey.” He said his voice still heavy with sleep.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you up.” She said. Jay shook his head.

“Nah, its fine.” He said. He leaned down and kissed her gently. After he pulled back, Trudy was smiling softly up at him. “What?” He asked.

“Nothing.” She said. She sighed as she turned onto her back. “I just thought…I don’t know, you’d like get up and leave or something as soon as you woke up.”

“Do you want me to leave?” Jay asked.

“No, god no. I just..” She shrugged. “Forget it.” She said. Jay turned onto his stomach with his arms on either side of her. He placed his chin on her sheet covered stomach. He looked up at her.

“Are you okay?” He asked. Trudy looked down at him. She gently stroked his face.

“Mmhmm.” She said softly. “It’s nothing, I just didn’t think you’d want to stick around.” Jay sighed.

“Why wouldn’t I want to stick around?” He asked.

“I don’t know,” Trudy shrugged. “Maybe you regret what happened or-“

“Hey.” Jay said, cutting her off. He shifted so that his face was over hers. “I don’t regret anything.” He kissed her forehead gently. He settled next to her again staring at her as her eyes were towards the ceiling.

“I’m just having a little difficulty believing this is real. You know? It just seems so..”

“Hey, that’s how I felt when you were on top of me and-” He said, referring to when she was sliding over him and whispering in her ear. Trudy gave a nervous giggle.

“Yeah I’m having trouble believing that was actually me..” She said. Jay kissed her cheek.

“It was incredibly hot.” He said. Trudy laughed. She looked at him.

“I’m just saying…It’s kind of weird.”

“How so?” Jay asked, lifting his head and supporting it on one of Trudy’s pillows.

“Well,” she said, stretching out the word. “Last year when I had that huge crush on you…I kind of fantasized about you know…Sleeping with you.” She said. “Sorry, that was just so incredibly stupid, I shouldn’t have-” She was cut off by Jay silencing her with a soft kiss.

“So, how frequent were these fantasies?” He asked with a smirk. Trudy rolled her eyes and hit his chest.

“You are not privileged to that information.” Trudy said. Jay laughed.

“Ah, come on. Give me a ball park figure. I mean, we did just engage in mind blowing sex, so I think I have a right to know.” He said. Trudy rolled her eyes yet again.

“Careful, Jay, if you boost your ego any more you’ll have trouble fitting your head out the door.” escort sincan She said. Jay laughed. “Mind blowing?” Trudy finally asked.

“Would you prefer earth shattering?” Jay asked. Trudy laughed.

“No, ‘mind blowing’ is fine, I guess.” She said. She turned to her side a bit, making her legs rub together. She felt something sticky between her legs and frowned.


“The condom didn’t…break or anything…did it?” She asked. Jay shook his head.

“No, why?” He asked. Trudy’s frown deepened. She lifted the bed sheet and looked down. She nearly gasped at what she saw.

“What’s wrong?” Jay asked. Trudy’s head snapped back up quickly.

“Nothing!” She blurted out quickly. Jay narrowed his eyes, suspicious that something was up.


“Uh, hey, you know what, I’m going to go take a shower, so, uh…Yeah.” She said. She slid out of bed, pulling the bed sheet with her, wrapping it around her body as she quickly shuffled out of the room and into the bathroom, quickly shutting the door behind her, leaving Jay laying there. He looked down and saw a little bit of blood on the bed. He sighed, understanding what was going on. He pulled on his swim drunks and walked to the bathroom door. He knocked on the door.

“Trudy.” He called out.

“I’ll be out in a little bit, don’t worry.” Trudy replied.

“Trudy, you don’t need to freak out. It happens to a lot of girls their first time.” He said. The door slowly opened as Trudy poked her head out.

“Exactly how many girls have you alleviated of their virginity?” Trudy asked, giving him a look that said ‘careful how you answer that.’

“No…Not that I know from experience…It’s just…I’ve read about it…” Jay shrugged. “It’s not a big deal.”

“It’s disgusting.” Trudy said. “I mean-“

“It’s not a big deal.” Jay repeated. Trudy sighed.

“I’m taking a shower anyway, it’s gross.”

“All right. Well, I’m going to go over to Beth’s apartment to get my stuff.” He smiled. “I have no intention of sleeping on her couch again.” He kissed her softly. Trudy felt suddenly giddy at the idea of Jay wanting to stay with her.

“Well, my keys are on my desk, you can use them to get back in since I’ll probably still be in the shower when you get back.” She said. Jay nodded. He went to her room and got the keys. He left the apartment as Trudy got in the shower. Jay couldn’t help smile as he walked down the sidewalk. He felt good. Better then good. It wasn’t his first time, of course, he had slept with Claire when they were together-although it wasn’t her first time when they did-Jay felt a little bit of pride at knowing he was Trudy’s first, and the fact that she had thought about being with him before did help with even more of an ego inflation. Trudy was pure, untouched, and he did feel a little good about the fact that he was allowed to go places with her she hadn’t gone before. It was like she had been saving herself for him and only him. Jay walked up to Beth’s apartment and knocked on the door, hoping someone was home. After a few minutes, Beth opened the door. She gave him a friendly smile as she let him in. Dylan was sitting in the living room and looked up when Jay walked in.

“Hey man, where’d you and Trudy go?” Dylan asked. His answer came when he saw the lovesick ankara escort smile on Jay’s face. “Ohhhhhhhh…” Dylan said knowingly.

“‘Just friends’ my ass.” Beth chuckled. Jay rolled his eyes and found his small duffle bag sitting by the couch. He picked it up and walked towards the door.

“I’m going to head back over to Trudy’s. I’ll see you tomorrow, all right?” Jay said to Dylan. “Stop by whenever you’re ready to head back home.” Dylan nodded and Jay left. He made his way back to Trudy’s apartment and walked in using her keys. He set his duffle bag inside Trudy’s room before walking to the bathroom door. He could hear the shower running on the other side as a smile crept on his face. He slowly opened the door, careful not to make a sound as he crept into the bathroom. He pulled off his shirt and took off his swim trunks. He pulled the shower curtain to the side in the back and slowly crept into the tub. Trudy’s back was facing him and she was oblivious to his presence. He saw the white puff sponge sitting on the corner of the tub next to her body wash. He picked up the sponge and the body wash and squirted a bit of the soap on the sponge. He worked it into lather before gently placing the sponge against her back. Trudy gasped and jumped, her head shooting to the side to see Jay standing there.

“Oh my god, you scared the crap out of me.” She said. Jay smiled softly.

“Sorry.” He said. “Thought you could use some help with your back.” He said as he glided the sponge up to her shoulder blade then down to the small of her back, leaving a trail of soap in the sponge’s wake. He got a bit closer to her and swept her wet hair to the side and soaped up her shoulders. His hands came forward and gently lathered her breasts.

“I could’ve done that myself.” Trudy teased.

“I don’t mind.” He replied. Trudy gave a small laugh.

“I bet you don’t.” She said. She leaned back against him, her arm going around behind his neck as he worked on soaping up her breasts with one hand and the other went around her waist. The sponge fell out of his hand and he gently caressed her breasts with his bare hands. Trudy moaned as her previously soft nipples became hard under his touch. His other hand traveled downward where it located her wet curls. His index finger slowly inched inside her but was stopped when Trudy placed a hand on his. “I’m still recovering from earlier.” She said softly. Jay removed his finger from her.

Trudy stepped under the stream of water and rinsed herself off. She turned around and pulled Jay towards her. His arms wrapped around her waist as the water cascaded on them. Trudy looked up at Jay and gave a mischievous smile. Jay wasn’t sure what she was up to, but received his answer when one of her hands reached down and delicately wrapped around the base of his penis. Trudy wasn’t experienced in this area, but she had heard stories and tips about it from friends. Trudy tightened her grip on the shaft slightly as she slowly moved her hand up, resulting in a moan from Jay. Trudy figured whatever it was she was doing was good and continued, picking up the pace as her hand pumped his member. Jay’s eyes drifted shut as he continued to moan. After a while, Trudy released him. Jay’s eyes opened in surprise and wonder at why she stopped. He saw her turn etimesgut escort bayan around and shut off the water. Jay figured they were done and went to leave the tub. Trudy grabbed his hand and pulled him back.

“Where do you think you’re going?” She asked. Jay shot her a confused look.

“You shut off the water, so I figured…” He said, his voice trailing off. Trudy smiled. She kissed his lips.

“Just didn’t want water going in my nose or anything while I was busy.” She whispered against his lips.

“Busy?” He asked. Trudy slowly knelt down before him. Her hand grabbed his member and gently lifted it up. Jay watched her intently as she guided it to her mouth. Jay saw stars when he felt the warm wetness of her mouth envelope him. Her mouth slid up and down his shaft in a curious and timid manner. Jay could tell this was her first time doing this, but she seemed to be doing just fine. Jay’s knees trembled slightly as he fell back against the wall as Trudy sucked him harder. Jay moans grew in volume. Trudy’s mouth slid off his penis and her hand pumped him. She leaned in and gently flicked her tongue against the tip, teasing him.

“Ah, fuck…” Jay moaned. He bucked his hips, wanting to be inside her warm mouth again. Trudy ran her tongue around the tip as if she was licking the sides of an ice cream cone. She then leaned in and captured him in her mouth which made Jay let out a joyous sigh. He gently placed his hand on the back of her head while it bobbed in and out as she resumed sucking him. Jay’s fingers were tangled in with her wet locks as he gently stroked her hair, urging her to keep going. Trudy sucked him into her deeper, the tip of his penis touching the soft pallet of the back of her mouth. Jay’s hand tightened around her hair reflexively as he felt himself on the verge of climaxing. It caused slight discomfort to Trudy but she didn’t seem to mind. “Tru…Trudy…Aw shit!” Jay exclaimed as he came. Trudy continued sucking as spurts of cum squirted into her mouth. She took her mouth off of him and pumped him with her hand, his ejaculation landing on the bottom of the tub. Once he finished, Trudy let go of his now flaccid member. Jay panted as he slid to the floor. “Wow.” Was all he could manage to say. Trudy giggled. She leaned in and kissed him softly.

She reached over and turned the shower back on as she and Jay rinsed off. After a while, they turned off the water. Jay got out of the tub first, patting himself dry with one of Trudy’s towels before wrapping it around his waist. Trudy reached for her large purple bathrobe and put it on as she stepped out of the tub. Before she had a chance to tie the purple belt, Jay slid his arms around her and pulled her close, her bare breast smushed against his bare chest. Jay kissed her neck.

“That was amazing.” He whispered in her ear. Trudy smiled and put her arms around his neck.

“Well, you did it to me earlier, just thought I’d return the favor.” She grinned. He went to slide her robe off but Trudy stopped him. “Hang on.” She said. “How about we take a break from the naked endeavors?” She suggested.

“I don’t know if I can.” He admitted with a smile. Trudy blushed before stepping away from him and closing her robe.

“I’d figured you’d need a moment to rest or something.” Trudy said. Jay smirked.

“What can I say? I’m not lacking in the stamina department.” Trudy laughed.

“Whatever, put some clothes on, stamina boy.” She said as she opened the bathroom door and pushed him out of the bathroom with a laugh.

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