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Rendezvous with an Online Friend

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Thanks to fuzzywuzzy, Incubus and Truenorth for helping with this story. I really appreciate all your help. I hope I do justice to all the effort you gave in editing my story. A short note for the end scene: I know some of you will think 6 inches is “not much” but the guy I met with had 6 inches so that’s what I’m writing here. Thank You in advance to those who will read.

I never realized that it’s been almost two years since I posted my first story. I only became aware about the fact when I finally posted the 3rd chapter two weeks ago.

You see, when I first posted my story, I had several readers who sent me their comments. Most were nice, others were harsh, and others still…just plain weird (and creepy for that matter). There were several guys who kept on emailing me giving me comments and compliments. You know, the usual crap, lol. And in good nature, I responded to almost all of them. Over the course of the next few months I exchanged emails with some guys, (some as far as Sweden and Israel). But there was one guy that caught my attention (Don’t worry, I wont say who you are).

He started off very safe, albeit a bit naughty. Nothing anyone would think is inappropriate. He was a businessman and traveled quite a lot. He wouldn’t tell me his age but would always say that he was still young enough to please any woman and then leave with a naughty smile. He was very sweet; always greeting me good morning, checking up on how I was doing in my schoolwork. But every so often he would send me some naughty emails.

For example:

Good morning Sunshine!

Have you recovered from your flu, and catching up with everything since that?

I was in the middle of something, and I thought of a little vignette that I thought you would enjoy…(and, maybe this is the right medicine for your sore throat….)

From where our story last left off, we get together again and you’ve secreted yourself into my offices for a very personal meeting. My secretary doesn’t know you are here.

Being your naughty, playful self, you ‘clumsily’ (with great skill and accuracy -lol) drop your pen under my desk and venture to get it. Crawling underneath wearing your tight work dress and high heels you push your ass up to generate more excitement from me, as if you weren’t enough as you are.

While under my desk, your hands dig into my pants and opened my zipper. All the while I am on a conference call discussing business…. and trying to be nonchalant with the other businessmen.

You zip open my fly, stick your hand into my pants, and grab me by my stiffening cock through my boxers. You pull on it a few times to release it from its bound prison. Finally free, it’s throbbing from your touch and hold.

I clear my throat as my secretary knocks politely on my door, and enters my office to give me a document to sign. I sign it while you hold my cock in your hand and, to challenge me, you squeeze it a few times while I talk with her.

She turns and leaves after a few moments, never noticing you under my desk.

I return to my call, and you forcefully shove my chair back so you can best access my cock with your mouth, and you begin your phenomenal dance with your tongue.

My mind periodically blanks during my call, but you don’ t miss a beat, and you succeed in making me lose more and more self-control while you take more and more control of my mind.

I prematurely end the call so I can pay more attention to your heavenly work. My secretary knocks on the door one more time, and I tell her not now…. she enters anyhow, and sees your head bobbing on my lap and the stupid smile on my face.

Then she…..

any ideas on how to finish this?

hurry up with you answer… I desperately need it now!!!! (before I burst) );



My replies were usually curt and simple, trying not to give away what I was really feeling each time. It was also about the time when I learned how to type with one hand, as my left hand always seemed to wander. : )

We exchanged emails all the time; he even helped me write my other story here. And every time, he would put in a short comment like. “I really wish you were here sitting on my lap right now. So I could feel your tight ass rub against my cock.” Or “Can you imagine what it would feel like to have my tongue explore deep in your pussy?”

The curious thing about me is that I’m really drawn into whatever story I write. It takes me days just playing with ideas in my head. And as I was writing the story, I would really believe that I was there, even more so than what my readers would say that they felt. So drawn in, that I would often need to stop writing and just lay on my bed. I would become partially out of breath and my mouth would just dry up from the arousal.

Our emails became more and more risqué. Soon we were asking each other to perform some dares.

I want you to go to school without any underwear today Kate. Tell me how it felt when you get home.


Why escort sincan don’t you wear a low-cut shirt to school and flash your cleavage to your professor. I’m sure he would lose it in class.

Out of sheer excitement, I would often do his tiny dares. And in return, I would also give him a few dares of my own.

Our online relationship was very healthy. For one, I was a bit perkier in class despite the weight of all my homework. I always felt a sigh of relief when he emailed me and offered me a release from all the tension I was under.

Slowly but surely, our dares became kinkier and kinkier. We started taking photos of our dares to show each other as proof. Like one time, I asked him to shave his cock and in exchange he wanted me to draw a heart in my pussy with lipstick.

But I guess his best dare came while we were chatting online.

“Hello Sunshine.”

“We’ve known each other for a long time now; maybe you’ll let me see you on cam?”

Let me make this clear now: I’ve only seen his face once from a photo he sent me. And he’s only seen my profile picture here.

“You don’t have to show your face, but maybe I could see those pert little tits of your’s.”

I was, of course, hesitant but very excited. After a bit more prodding, I finally gave in and set up a webcam. To be on the safe side, I only showed him my body from the neck below. For those of you who have already read my stories, you should have ample description of what it looks like.

The dare started simple.

“Open your blouse Sunshine and let me see your bra.”

“Very nice! I just love those sexy shorts you’re wearing. It would be much nicer if they were on the floor, don’t you think?”

Each command he made was so smoothly said, that I felt very little hesitation to obey. That was what really attracted me to him. The anonymity always made me safe and secure despite our naughty dares. And the air of mystery around him made him even more attractive.

“Can you imagine how it would feel if I were there right now Sunshine?”

“You’d be sitting on my lap, as I played with your nipples.”

I would gently do what he said and imagined he was there. My arousal was building up by the second.

“Why don’t you let out your bra down Sunshine, and imagine that I’m licking your nipples.”

“Can you feel my cock under your ass? Move your hips so you can feel it more.”

“I just love massaging your tits; your nipples are very hard now aren’t they? Almost as hard as my cock? Do you want to feel my cock inside your pussy?”

“I’ll show you my cock now Sunshine; imagine how it would feel inside your pussy.”

“Why don’t you put your finger in your pussy Sunshine? Imagine that it’s my cock.”

“You like that, don’t you? Fuck yourself faster. Can you feel my tongue circling your nipples while my cock fucks your pussy?”

“You’re damn hot Sunshine; I can’t stop stroking my cock. I’m almost cumming. Ride me Katie. Fuck, you’re so hot.”

“Faster Sunshine, can you feel my cock about to burst? I can feel your pussy tightening around my cock. I’m almost there.”

“Ahhhhh, fuck yeah…”

I was moaning the whole time, imagining every single line he wrote. I did all I could not to scream when I brought myself to orgasm.

Our emails and dares lasted for a couple of months and got hotter and hotter. My papers finally caught up with me and I was no longer able to spend as much time on the net as I would have wanted.

It was only a few weeks ago that I had the time to write again. You’ve all read the last chapter of Kate: Hot Asian Tutor right? Finally, after almost two years, I was able to finish that story. However, it’s still not the end of THIS story.

After posting the last chapter here, as expected, I had more than a few feedbacks from the readers. (By the way, I would really like to thank you all… They were wonderful, and very helpful.) But a familiar email jumped right out of the screen.

Hello Sunshine,

Glad you’re finally writing again. I loved how you finished your story. I do hope we can continue writing ours’.

Oh, by the way, I’ll be in Singapore for a few days this week. If it’s ok with you, maybe we can meet in Manila. Tell me soon so I can arrange a short stop-over on my flight home.



“Oh god, he’s actually coming here,” I let out a whisper. I felt excited and unsure of what I should feel. Here’s a stranger who I’ve been really intimate with but completely shrouded in mystery. Now that shroud is about to be removed. I didn’t really know what I wanted so I just let the email sit for a few of days before I replied.

Subject: Manila


I’m sorry I’m a bit late with my reply; I only opened my email today. I’ve been a bit busy with my new job, and all.

Sure, I’d love to meet with you here. I just hope it’s not too late for you. Just email me if you can still make it.



I was naïve enough to expect that ankara escort my email reply was already too late and that he had already returned home. Can you imagine my surprise when, after just a few minutes my messenger popped an icon “New Message: Subject: Re: Manila”

Hello Sunshine,

You caught me in the nick of time. I thought we wouldn’t be seeing each other… ever. Fortunately, I still need to finish some business tonight.

I’ve already booked a flight to Manila even before I came here, just in case.

My flight leaves at around 2pm tomorrow, so I’ll be in Manila at around 8pm. It’ll be just a short stop over, as my flight home will leave at 6am.

I think that should be enough time for us to have a dinner and few drinks, if that’s ok?

Would it be ok if we met at the Pearl Hotel lobby, by the airport, around 8? I don’t really know my way around, and I’ll be in a fix if I miss my connecting flight home.

Dinner’s on me.



My mouth hung open when I read and re-read the email. I could hear my heart as it thumped. I didn’t really know if it was fear, or excitement, or maybe a bit of both.

The entire day went by like a dream.

My thoughts kept going back and forth: “Should I meet him? Is it safe? I want to meet him. I don’t want to go.”Over and over the entire day, my thoughts mixing with his words:”Can you imagine how my cock would feel inside you? You would like that, wouldn’t you Kate?”

I was in a semi-hypnotized, semi-aroused state the entire day. Even a cold shower wasn’t enough to bring my temperature down.

“What the hell should I wear?”I thought to myself as I walked into my closet.

I took out a long black dress and looked at it through the mirror.

“Nice, I like this”I thought, suddenly countered by,”What are you thinking? You’re having dinner with a friend, not going to a prom.”

My pantsuit, slacks, skirts, all received similar responses. I felt like I tried on all my clothes, until I finally settled on a white, one-piece, halter dress that fell just below my knees. I let my hair fall on my back and shoulders and looked at myself in the mirror. I did a pirouette which partly lifted my skirt.

“That should do. It’s sexy enough but not too sexy.”

To be honest, dear Readers, I thought about going out without wearing any underwear, (his words really messed me up… bad…), but decided to wear a white thong and a matching low-cupped bra that hooked at the front, which barely covered my nipples.

It was almost 7:30 when I left home. As usual, I had to put on a light sweater on top so that my mom wouldn’t catch me wearing something so sexy. (Alright, the dress was way too hot but I couldn’t help it).

The cab ride seemed to take forever, I was quite lucky the cab driver was an elderly gentleman. Otherwise I would have verbally pounded on the driver. I was so high-strung already, and my heart rate was going about 120, so you can just imagine.

I took off my sweater as the cab arrived at the hotel driveway. The weather was unusually chilly for a late February evening in Manila, and the night air embraced my legs and bare shoulders and hardened my nipples, as I walked to the front door, further amplifying my feelings of anticipation.

He was already waiting in the hotel lobby, watching the door from where he was sitting on a sofa. He practically jumped up as he saw me enter. It was almost comical, only shows how excited he was.

I’ve always guessed that he was in his mid forties from his stories. His hair showed some hints of grey but he looked very youthful and may pass as a guy in his early thirties.

Again, we had seen each other’s faces only once before, from relatively old photos. We wanted to keep the mystery going, so no other photos were sent between either of us. But that single photo was enough for me to recognize him, and vice versa.

He was already quite good looking in the photo, (and I mean this with all due flattery and compliment to you Alex, I know you’re reading) but the photo didn’t do him any justice.

His looks were somewhere between a young David Hasselhoff and George Clooney. He approached me and gave a light hug, or rather a touch on the hips as he kissed my cheeks. It felt almost fatherly, which was good because all my fears and hesitations seem to have faded after that. I guessed that he was about 6’2″ and dwarfed my 5’4″ frame.

“You look really beautiful, Sunshine,” he greeted.

“Please, don’t call me that,” I said with a blush. “Call me Kate.”

“Well then, you look really beautiful, Kate,” he said with a wide smile on his face, which made me blush all the more.

“Would you like to sit here and talk for a while or would you rather go to the restaurant and chat there?” he asked as he guided me across the room.

“Let’s go to the restaurant, I’m quite hungry,” I clumsily replied.

“Ok, I’m pretty famished myself.”

He was quite the gentleman. You would never think that etimesgut escort bayan he was the same man who kept sending me those naughty emails and giving those sexy dares.”Maybe he’s just like me, naughty on the net but not in real life,”I thought.

Dinner went pretty well. We talked for over an hour about ourselves. Pretty soon, we were both laughing as if we had been friends our entire lives. We talked about his work, and he mentioned that he also did some stage play writing as a hobby.

One question he asked repeatedly was “How could such a pretty girl like you, have such a naughty creativity when writing?”

He kept asking me to share how I was able to draw out my thoughts and ideas for writing. How I was able to relate with the character. What I felt as I wrote the stories.

I wasn’t sure if it was his intention, but the more I answered his questions, the more aroused I felt. But he did it so smoothly, always relating to his hobby as a writer that I didn’t feel anything wrong with his questions.

At around 10 pm, the waiter told us that the restaurant was about to close, but we could transfer to the bar. Very politely, he asked me. “It’s getting a bit late, is it still ok if you stayed a bit longer?”

I replied by taking his hand, and leading him to the bar.

We sat by the bar facing each other. I felt more exposed sitting at the bar. My skirt hiked up as I sat on the bar stool and now my thighs were clearly showing. Fortunately, there were very few other people there.

“Scotch on the rocks,” he told the bartender. “How about you Kate?”

I looked to the shelves at the back trying to look for the menu or something. Sensing my inexperience, he said to the bartender, “And a strawberry daiquiri for her.”

I never imagined that a bar could feel so romantic — adding the fact that there were only 3 other people around, it made it very intimate. I leaned my back on the bar and playfully swiveled my bar stool.

We continued to chat about our past relationships. But the real question hanging in my mind was”What do the emails and dares mean?”But we kept on chatting about something else, everything from the past to the present.

Every so often, his hands would touch my arms. A couple of times, my skirt hiked up a little too high so he would gently pull it down, while at the same time brushing his palms on my leg.

He then started sharing his ribald youth and how he drew on those experiences when he emailed me. He said that he felt his youth being re-lived when he chatted with me online. And that our dares made him feel invigorated. Soon our conversation became a little more like our email; naughty, playful, but still with a shroud of mystery.

His questions become more intimate like: “How did you feel when I sent you this email?” or “Did you do this dare, it was very arousing wasn’t it?”

Our conversation was getting me aroused but I didn’t want to show. After all, he’s still a stranger, albeit a very handsome one.

I finally had the courage to ask. “Why do you send those naughty emails to me? You don’t seem that naughty nor sex crazed as you portrayed.”

He laughed hard at my question which made me feel a little embarrassed. “No, Kate don’t worry, I’m not as sex crazed as I am in our emails.”

“That’s a relief. I guess there’s really no reason to be worried,”I thought as I downed my drink.

“And besides, I can probably say the same thing about you,” he said with another laugh.

That was true. Things became a little easier after that since all of the tension was gone.

He leaned over to me and whispered, “I mean, who in their right minds would ask someone they barely know questions like: Can you imagine my tongue circling your pussy all night while you sat there?”

I was a bit taken aback by his statement, or was it a question… I didn’t really know. Chills ran up my spine, and for some reason, I really imagined his tongue circling my pussy. I tried to stammer a reply but he laughed so hard after his statement that all I could do was laugh with him.

“Actually, I have to apologize for that. I just felt so safe in all that anonymity that I kinda ran away with it,” he said. “And you didn’t seem to mind so I kept pushing on.”

He was right.

“Like right now, you’ll probably slap me if I asked you, aren’t you wondering how it would feel to have my cock deep in your pussy, right?” he whispered again, creating emphasis on the last part.

“Uh… yeah… I ah… I guess,” I stuttered, uncertain of what I should say.

He kept on mentioning his emails and always followed by a loud laugh. I was a bit embarrassed by his revelations mostly because I a lot of times, my naughty emails was real for me. “Silly me, I guess he is sincere that those emails were just a flight of fancy for him.”I thought.

The more he talked about how crazy our emails were, the more relaxed I felt about him. He kept on whispering in my ear to make sure that no one would hear what he said. But the way he describes and stated the emails made me terribly horny. His descriptions were so detailed that I often find myself drifting and drawn into it. I was half-glad that they weren’t real and half-wishing that they were.

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