Şubat 2, 2023

Rebecca: Continued Contact

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I dreamed wonderful things that night. Nothing tangible, but composed of me drifting thoughtlessly through a warm and peaceful expanse. I awoke during the middle of the night, cold from laying naked on top of the bed. Rebecca was nestled close to me, trying to find warmth in nearness. I pulled back the covers, and carefully lifted her so I could get her under the comforter at least. With that accomplished, I crawled in next to her, and once again fell asleep.

I woke up to the most wonderful sensation. Someone was giving me a loving blowjob under the covers. As my dreary eyes opened, with the pale light fighting to come through the closed blinds, I saw a lump under the covers, bobbing up and down. This girl was amazing.

Before I had even gained full consciousness, I was treated to one of the greatest sensations in the world, and I didn’t even have to ask. I gave a loud yawn and a contented moan to let her know that I was awake. She stopped and I felt her creep up through the covers towards my face. Her bright and smiling face appeared out from under the comforter and gave me a kiss.

“Good morning,” she greeted me.

“Good morning,” I responded, and with that she disappeared under the covers once more.

Within seconds, the feelings returned as she took my length into her hungry mouth. She was aggressive about it this morning, seeming to want me to cum more than anything else. I laid back and accepted all she did. Her hand massaged my balls as her tongue and mouth gave my cock great attention. It wasn’t long before her skillful arts had my toes curling and my muscles clenching. With only the head of my dick in her mouth, and her hand working the shaft, she extracted all I had to offer, and eagerly swallowed it all.

She returned to the surface, appearing right beside my face and said smiling, “breakfast”

I replied with, “of champions,” and we both had a little laugh.

We laid side by side for a moment, me enjoying the afterglow of my recent orgasm, and Rebecca softly caressing my torso. I yawned again and stretched my arms up above me, listening to the sounds of the joints popping as movement was restored to my limbs after a good nights sleep. I looked over at Rebecca, who had her eyes looking up at the television, which was playing early morning infomercials. I asked her what her plans were for the day.

“Well,” she said, “I don’t have plans as of now, but I kinda had this idea that we would spend most of the day trying to have as much sex as we could.”

This was a wonderful prospect, but having just had an orgasm, I had a few other things in mind first. We got up and dressed, and I took her out to breakfast at a local restaurant. We settled into our booth, ordered some orange juice and whatever food we were in the mood for, and renewed our conversation.

“So I know we’ve discussed this before, but let’s talk about it again,” she said.

Not knowing about what she was referring to, all I could do was respond with a tentative “ok”.

“Let’s play the question game again. I ask, you ask, and so forth. Ok?”

I nodded in agreement and thought of what I could ask. The question game had begun as an ice breaker. It had been a good way to get her to open up about things of a sexual nature, and although we were clearly passed that point, it would be a fun way to enjoy the morning.

“So,” she started, “where is the strangest place you’ve had sex?”

I gave it a moment of thought. I hadn’t exactly been having since in weird places so I thought of the next best thing.

“Well, it’s not exactly strange, but it is awkward,” I began.

“Ok, that works, too,” she said.

“This one time I had sex with my then current girlfriend on the couch next to her sleeping sister.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yep, and I’ll be honest. I kinda wished she would have woken up and joined us.”

Rebecca laughed and said, “Well how old was this sister?”

“A bit older than us. She had been in college a couple years by then and we were just getting ready to head into our first year.”

“Well, that would have been awkward because I doubt she would want to share a dick with her sister,” Rebecca smirked.

It was my turn to ask a question.

“Alright Rebecca, here’s a question for you. Do you own or have you ever owned any sex toys?”

She straightened up a little in her seat, and took a swallow of her juice before answering.

“Well yes, I own a little vibrator, but I haven’t used it in a couple months.”

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“It’s funny. I came escort sincan back to my dorm earlier than usual one night, and found my roommate, Sarah, using it.”

“What!?” I said astonished.

“I know!” she replied, “apparently her mom had taught her that it’s sinful to play with herself so I guess she found my vibe while looking for something else and just…you know…tried it out.”

I couldn’t believe that.

“So what did you do?”

“I just told her to keep it, she obviously needs it more than me.”

I was speechless. Up until now, I’ve never heard about anyone giving away their old vibrators. It was hilarious really.

“Your turn,” I told her, and right away she had a new question for me.

“When was…” but she was cut off as the waitress brought us our breakfast.

Conversation turned to food quality as we examined the contents of our plates. Having passed our rigorous inspections, we dug into the meals. After several moments of eating in relative silence, I decided to revive the game.

“So, I guess I’ll ask a question now…” I said, waiting for her to look up from her plate.

When she did, the expression on her faced seemed to say, “well go ahead” and so I asked.

“What is your kink, as in, do you have any fetishes or anything like that?”

Before answering, she ordered some more juice from the waitress as she passed by. Then, clearing her throat, she began, “Well, you know I like piercing and tattoos?”

“Of course,” I said. How could I not as images of her naked body covered in all sorts of decorations drifted through my mind.

“Well the other thing I really enjoy, sexually that is, is nipple play.”

The puzzled look on my face led her to elaborate.

“Well my nipples are especially sensitive to everything, but it’s a good sensitive. I guess what most people would consider annoying or even borderline painful, I love it. Biting, squeezing, pulling…whatever you want to do to them.”

I sat there, taking all of this information in. Rather than being put off by the admission that she liked her nipples to be treated like that, I was getting incredibly turned on.

“Yeah, I really love it. I think if someone took the time to try it, I could orgasm just from having my nipples played with and my neck kissed,” she said with a devilish grin.

I It took me a moment to respond, and when the waitress arrived with Rebecca’s orange juice, I returned to reality. The dirty little movie I had playing in my mind would have to wait until later.

She thanked the waitress and continued, “other than that, it’s easy to turn me on. I’m pretty much open to anything, but above all, I love being restrained. Tied up, having control taken from me, being completely vulnerable to the other person just does something to me. I’m never hornier than I am when I’m tied up.”

All I could manage to say was “wow”. As this unassuming yet attractive girl sat in front me, casually eating the breakfast I bought her, she just told me some of the hottest stuff I’ve ever heard. If I had been asked to stand up at that moment, I think my erection would have flipped the table over.

“So,” I said, “what did you say earlier about wanting to have sex all day?”

I paid for our breakfast, and rushed us back to the dorms. The entire drive, Rebecca kept

her hand in my pants, teasing me as tried my best to concentrate on traffic laws. After turning onto the main campus road she took her hand off my cock, and I was finally able to focus most of my attention on driving. I say most because a part of my brain was still thinking about what Rebecca had shared with me at the restaurant.

We arrived in the parking lot next to the dormitories, still relatively empty thanks to the break, and hurried inside. When we finally reached the door to my room, I was so excited I dropped the keys. Before I could reach down to get them, Rebecca stopped me and did that herself, making sure to grind her ass into my crotch as she did it, taking an extra long amount of time to do so. Finally, she stood up, leaning back into me, keys dangling from he hand over her head. I grabbed them, as I nuzzled my head into her neck, kissing her lightly. Realizing we were still out in the hall, I finally opened the door to let us in.

The room was still as we had left it. Television on mute, computer still had porn on the screen, and the bed was disheveled. As I moved into the center of the room, I thought of stripping naked right then and pouncing on her, but I realized that after all ankara escort the sex and contact from last night, I still haven’t had a shower.

“Hey Rebecca, would you mind if I went and got a shower first? I would feel better being clean before we get too dirty.”

She smiled, “Of course. In fact, I think I’m going to take one too. I want to be clean and smell nice for you.”

With that settled, I grabbed my towel, and after a playful strip tease for her, only getting down to my boxers, I told her that I would leave my door open for when she gets back. With that, I left for the showers.

The showers in the dorms were communal, but each hallways had it’s own. That way, the most that would have to share a single one was around twenty people. Since the majority of the people were still gone, I had the whole thing to myself. The showers were set up into stalls in a aisle on the left side of the bathroom. I chose the best shower. It was considered the best since it actually had a shower head and a shelf to put soap and shampoo. The others were like showering with a garden hose.

I turned the water to hot and put my towel on the hook right outside of the stall. Steam filled the chilly space as the water began to warm up. When the temperature was just right, I took off my boxers and climbed in.

The hot water hit me in a refreshing and rejuvenating cascade. I relaxed for a moment, hanging my head in the stream as I felt my muscles relax in the heat. After a moment of this, I got down to business. I started by washing my hair, putting an large amount of shampoo in my hand. I put my hand up to my head, and began scrubbing with both hands. About this time I heard the door to the showers open. I didn’t think anything of it since the communal bathroom had people coming and going form it all the time. Soon after the door shut, I heard flip flops slapping against the tile and approaching my direction. Again, this happens all the time, and I ignored it. I still had shampoo in my hair, and I was washing my face when it happened. I heard the curtain on my shower open a little behind me, and a hand suddenly was reaching around me, grabbing for my cock.

Shocked, I let out, “I hope to god that’s you Rebecca, otherwise, someone is getting an ass kicking!”

I heard a familiar giggle behind me, and was instantly relieved to know it was her. She slipped into the shower behind me, arms wrapped around my torso, and began to caress up and down my stomach and chest. She must have known the effect her nakedness on my back and the touching was causing, because after a few moments on this, she reached down and grabbed my cock. I hurried to get the soap out of my eyes and wash the shampoo out of my hair as she began stroking my length.

After I could open my eyes again, I tried to turn around but she stopped me.

“Not yet,” Rebecca said into my ear, “I want you to enjoy this for a while.”

I stood there, water beating down on my front while the lithe little brunette slithered up and down my backside.

“I came to help you wash, and since I could use a shower to, I figured we should conserve, you know,” she said.

I didn’t need much encouragement to want to keep her there with me other than what she was already doing. Her hard nipples poked into my back, and I could feel them tracing into my skin as she moved around.

Rebecca retrieved the bottle of shower gel from the shelf and applied gratuitous amount to the front of her own body. Finally, she let me turn around, but she still wouldn’t let me touch. She leaned into me, her soapy breasts and stomach now pressing against my torso, and she began her sliding again. She focus on my mid section at first, making sure not to miss a single spot. She appear to be loving the feeling of her hard nipples skimming across my skin. I was glad that she was enjoy this as much as I was. The entire time she rubbed against me, my cock was caught between our bodies, sliding between us almost constantly. Needless to say, the feeling was incredible.

Finally she knelt down in front of me, and, looking up at me the best she could with the random water splatters hitting her face, said, “there’s one more area I think I need to clean.”

Her corny little porno lines didn’t matter in my state of high arousal, and I just said, “do what you need to do,” breathlessly.

Taking her still soapy breasts in her hands, she squeezed them together and pushed them into my crotch. My cock was enveloped into her soft tits, and the slick shower gel aided them in gliding over etimesgut escort bayan my penis effortlessly. Her breasts were just big enough to do this, although our height difference made the angle she had to move at a bit awkward. I noticed her discomfort so I decided to take control.

I reached down and lifted her up, and embraced her fully, giving her a deep and long kiss. My tongue went inside her mouth and played with the little barbell inside. While kissing her, my hands were down on her ass, squeezing and kneading the soft flesh. Her ass was like a perfect handful in each of my large mitts, and it felt just right to hold. My penis was angled down during this, directly into her crotch, straining upwards along the length of her pussy. I was slowly rocking back and forth, moving across her pussy lips, stimulating her without actually going inside. Essentially, I was fucking her between the thighs.

Then, breaking our embrace, I flipped her around so suddenly that her hair sent a torrent of water droplets into my face, but that didn’t matter as I positioned her ass towards me. With her hands on the wall of the shower, and her feet in a wide stance, I positoned my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I rubbed the head up and down her labia, coating it in her extensive fluids. Even with the stream of water running down her back and ass, her wetness was noticeable.

I was spreading Rebecca’s ass with my hands as I began to push into her. Her tight pussy resisted my intrusion at first, but gradually I slipped inside. I stopped at about a third of the way in, and pulled back. Pushing back in again, I went a little further. Each time I thrust, Rebecca let out a hiss followed by a little moan. I started slow, to ease her open and to tease a little bit. Finally, I was in as deep as I could get, and I went faster.

Fucking her fast from behind, I got a good rhythm going, bu had to be careful that neither of us slipped. I held onto her sides and hips with a firm grip, using my arms as much as my pelvis to fuck. Little mews and gasps were coming from her at a higher frequency, and I myself was letting out grunts and verbalizations as the shower continued to beat down on us. Then, Rebecca’s hand left the wall and found her breast, teasing and kneading the supple tissue. That little extra stimulation is all it took to send her over the edge. With a sudden gasp and a weakening of the legs, she climaxed. I slowed down to almost stopping for it seemed like she was about to collapse, but she regained her balance and footing, and I continued when I saw she was alright. I picked up the pace, still pounding into her from behind. The lewd wet noises of my groin slapping into her ass echoed throughout the showers. Anyone who came in now could surely tell what was happening, but that didn’t matter. I was focused on the feeling of being inside her. Her hot, slick insides coupled with her moans was bringing me ever closer to orgasm. Cumming wasn’t far away now.

“Where do you want it?” I said suddenly. My voice boomed in the tiled shower room.

“Any…where…you…WANT!” she said between thrusts, “Just cum…inside…it’s safe!”

With renewed might I plunged into her, eager to cum within her tight pussy. I guess she could since I was close, because she started squeeing me with the walls of her vagina, making it even tighter. That last little surprise did me in. I came hard into her, spurting six or seven times into her. As I did it, I reached around front of her, and grabbed her abrubtly by the nipples. I gave a good squeeze every time I gave a spurt. She gasped in delight each time I did this, and her hand went between her legs to play with her clit as I pulled and plucked on her little buds.

I was finally going soft inside her, and when my spent manhood felt out of her, a large amount of semen followed and was quickly washed down the drain. I turned Rebecca around again and gave her a big kiss on the mouth. Once again I was greeted by having her little tongue stud flit between my lips as her tongue darted into my mouth. We broke away from each other, and I finished my shower.

“I’m gonna stay a little longer,” she said, then gestured down to her pussy, which still had some of me leaking from it, “there’s something I need to take care of.”

“Oh, understood,” I replied as I left the stall.

I grabbed my towel and my discarded boxers, and after quickly toweling off, I headed back to my room.

I thought a little bit about the day ahead of me, and the day behind me. I had cum twice before noon, and I still had a girl promising to fuck me all day. I couldn’t believe it, but I had found my heaven at a tech school, and her name was Rebecca. Smiling, I went through the unlocked door of my room to the biggest surprise of the day.

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