Ocak 31, 2023

Raion Teaches Humility Ch. 03

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Raion listened to the click of chouko’s geta as she traversed the gravel path and exited the gateway. The mama-san had very quickly taken Him under her wing and although He felt He imposed too much on her time He allowed her to do much as she pleased. Life had been hard for her for so many years and now having a modicum of peace the allowance of her service was a kindness due for all she had given in her quiet ways to His family.

Almost without thought He robed Himself in black. The kimono was of the finest silk the weave open enough for summer wear but still able to trap pockets of air for warmth in winter. His hakama were longer than the normal, but He had learned to walk within the confines deadening even the slightest noise a misstep might cause. Black tabi for His feet and a well-worn pair of geta that were balanced by constant use. The blade He chose was a white handled wakizashi, a mere forty inches in total length and in the style known as zetsurin shirasaya, having no tsuba but the an added stiletto holding the blade tight in the black lacquered saya. He carefully placed a small extra dagger into the back support of His hakama waistband and slipped out of the sliding panel of the side door.

Raion reached the yamato compound a full five minutes before chouko came floating into sight. He watched her move with an admiration for the years of practice it had taken, starting almost as soon as she could walk, to attain such apparent ease and simplicity of progress. Momentarily He considered telling her about the sleeping road guard He had woken with a sharp stone throw to the forehead but decided that the man having to explain the appearance of the goose egg on his forehead would be shame enough and sufficient to keep his eyes open in future. Having watched chouko safely into the house from behind a line of shrubbery He casually strolled out of the front gate into the road. He felt at least ten pairs of eyes blink in astonishment at His sudden and mysterious appearance and slowly descended the hill back towards the village forcing a quiet chuckle with enough body language to ensure extra diligence in future.

Sakuras house was in darkness. Lanterns in the past left burning had been extinguished and a cold chill seemed to fill the air. Moving forward from shadow into the moonlight He stood silently at the wall to her room, As always HE could feel the scent of her fill His being and dutifully bowed to the space enclosing her bed. One stilted sigh was permitted to escape His lips before turning He joined the shadows once more.

The tavern was still filled to capacity. Youth and vigor make for restlessness and as usual the seats were filled and a good crowd spilled into the garden beyond. From His vantage point Raion could see clearly through the glazed windows and carefully inspected the faces in the bright interior, Sure enough His target was there, partying with a group of his peers, drinking and cavorting with no apparent care in the world. Raion settled to wait, much as He had done on numerous occasions before. Patience was His greatest virtue and revenge is always best served lumpy and cold.

An hour past quite quickly, then another and slowly the tavern emptied. Eventually all that remained were the hardcore drunkards who would wait for the last possible moment to stagger homeward to be berated justifiably before beating their spouses and the group including His quarry. They numbered seven males and two women, one of whom had imbibed so much alcohol she lay face down passed out on a table. Raion shook His head and remembered the days before such behavior was even remotely acceptable. Bad enough that such young people should be beguiled to such a meaningless occupation but the sight of a woman drunk beyond consciousness was beyond understanding.

Harinezumi was feeling particularly pleased with himself. Tonight’s party was supposedly to celebrate the acceptance of mausu to the gang as a full participant but the real motive lay face down on a table but a few feet away. He had a taste for stealing innocence and emiko had every quality it was his pleasure to destroy.

“Taverns closing boys. Time to move along now.”

The tavern owner was hoping tonight would be less difficult than the last time harinezumi had graced his establishment. The boy was wild, rude and to make matters far worse very well connected.

“One more round grandfather before we go. Got to toast our newest member’s health.”

Gorou smiled amicably enough and bowed. Better one more round and no trouble than another feast of broken furniture and glasses.

Raion watched the gang leave the tavern His face as still and cold as marble. Tonight He felt the hope of revenge course His veins and had transformed from often kind Sensei to vengeful warrior. The group moved slowly, most staggering drunkenly with harinezumi in the lead. The one girl still able to walk was firmly guided between two members, kızılay escort the unconscious one slung over the shoulder of a brute Raion knew to be called mikio, both because of his size and wood filled head. The group followed the main road back towards the village for a while and then following their leader cut to the left making towards an old disused threshing house at the edge of some communal shinden.

Raion waited for a few minutes before approaching. A flickering light appeared through the broken window pains and the distinct sound of stifled moaning and laughter found His ears. The distance from the tree line to the building was perhaps thirty foot. He looked up and waited for a large cloud to pass in front of the moon before sprinting in a crouched position across the divide. With His back against the wall on the left side of the shattered window He could just make out the shadows thrown in silhouette against the right interior wall. The majority of the group seemed positioned together with two at some distance from the main activity.

The broken glass was still blackened from the smoke of the fires used to clear the undergrowth around the new paddy. Raion carefully drew the middle fingers of His left hand across the heaviest oily film and from memory used the residue as a form of camouflage paint across His cheeks, nose and forehead. He carefully wiped the remains from His hand on the stunted grass that sprang from beneath the buildings frame, grip was important and any slip could be disastrous. Assured His face would be invisible from within He inched to a position that gave a clear view of the interior. His deduction of the activities had been unfortunate in its accuracy.

The second girl, whom He know recognized as madoka the daughter of the village magistrate was kneeling within a semi-circle of five boys. With apparent willingness she was in turn taking each of the offered penises in her mouth and performing frenzied fellatio. Raion recalled that this girl was known for her proclivity for pillowing and by her style this was not her first experience of multiple partners, He watched as one of the participants unwilling to await his turn any longer pulled her to a more upright position and rolled her already very short skirt up to her waist exposing her tight buttocks with the tiniest of red thongs clearly visible disappearing between her parted thighs. The flimsy material was no match for the boy’s youthful exuberance and was soon hanging torn from her waist. Rather than show distress at this destruction the girl simply arched her back to display her swollen and soaked labia lips more clearly. The boy slid a hand between her legs momentarily before transferring the abundant self-lubricant to her pouting anal bud. The girl shuddered and moved her semen filled mouth to the next waiting semi erection. The boy’s penetration of madoka’s ass was both fast and deep. Raion was impressed with her ability to take such a sudden investment happily with slight to no foreplay. She responded at the depth of the first thrust by squirting violently and continued to do so for several seconds whilst pushing back to swallow every possible length of the invading shaft.

Madoka’s was a lost cause, a suitable and probably willing candidate for one of chouko’s less traditional and decidedly less savory establishments. Without doubt she would make a handsome living and be in due course married off to some wealthy customer. Chouko herself had traveled a similar road but at least had the good fortune to be trained in the formal geisha tradition. Hence her ascendency to mama-san of several well-known and often frequented palaces of delight and her arranged marriage to yamato was a political sound match made in heaven. Yakuza admired the geisha tradition almost equally to the more profitable modern house of ill repute. Chouko was mistress of both and also much to boss yamato’s joy a very proficient dominatrix.

Emiko was laying stretched over a packing case her almost naked body only protected from the rough timber by a soiled rice sack. It was apparent from her movements that she had at least regained consciousness and was trying as best possible to please the two men standing over her. Mausu stood above her head dangling his testicles in her face and leering stupidly as she gamely licked his sac. Harinezumi was bent with his face pressed between her thighs lashing with his tongue and biting hard enough to make her twitch each time his teeth made contact. Raion was glad to see no force was being used in either pillowing but wondered if the amount of alcohol so recently planted into the girls’ blood streams had no little influence on at least emiko’s wiling compliance.

Raion watched with a vacant stare. Nothing here was new to Him, no thrill of voyeuristic pleasure made His heart beat faster and worse perhaps no depravity would spur Him to intercede. Life was full of such tableau’s, perhaps etlik escort not as graphic or carnal, but certainly as questionable a choice of action as any of these. Then harinezumi laughed and Raion’s eyes turned black. Not this the emotive bugle of the stag in rut, not even the lustful guffaw of a fornicator, this laugh was evil, nothing but pure unadulterated evil. Without hesitation Raion opened the door and entered, the very image of shinigami, the reaper.

Chouko’s party reached the threshing house forty minutes later. Raion sat quietly upon an old upturned stone grinding wheel with the two girls perched either side of Him still shaking and as white as ghosts. The call had been totally unexpected. Firstly Raion did not own a cell phone and secondly would never ever be expected to use one. The conversation had been brief and as instructed chouko had collected five of her husbands most trusted men, some gasoline and had made post immediately for the rendezvous.

“You look better Daimyo.”

“A man needs exercise sometimes chouko.”

“It seems to be much in agreement with you Raion.”

Raion smiled. Chouko had picked up on His indicator that this was a decidedly unofficial situation.

“Yes formality is probably not suited to this occasion.”

“I was surprised by your call.”

“Dear emiko here was kind enough to supply the phone, dial the number and connect the call. I only had to speak. That I can fathom even in My dotage.”

Now it was chouko’s turn to grin widely. The Daimyo was truly back to Himself. She made to enter the building but one of her companions blocked her path giving an emphatic shake of his head.

“Best to let your companions deal in there. It needs to burn utterly anyway. Such an eyesore. The kind of place bored youths might go, have a wild party, carelessly catch the place on fire and be caught in the inferno. Such a terrible waste.”

“The matter is settled then?”

“For the most part chouko yes.”


“All the soldiers are dealt with. Just the general to go.”

“Raion, you cannot take that risk, he is too powerful. Even boss yamato would never dare to cross him.”

“With respect boss yamato would never dare to cross you.”

Then came a belly laugh. Such a one to shake the mountains. Chouko joined in, discretely of course.

“Yes Raion you are back and I am glad to see you.”

The building burned fiercely as they left. Chouko’s companions were as good with gasoline as Raion had supposed. The fire would of course be seen and the local fireman would attend to ensure no spread and in due course the charred remains would be collected and perhaps identified but none would be missed. At the roadway Raion and chouko turned as if to go their separate ways.

“What about the girls chouko?”

“I will take emiko to my house for the night. She can tell her parents she was staying with my daughter. Madoka is old and wise enough to look after herself. They are both sensible enough to forget the night ever happened.”

Raion nodded agreement gave a bow and turned satisfied towards home. He heard the girl behind Him immediately of course but took no particular notice till they were well passed the turn off for her home.

Entering by His studio door He left the sliding panel open and returned the wakizashi to its stand before addressing the figure in the entrance without turning.

“I feel like making tea. If you would like some come in and sit down over by the lantern. It is the only chair I have so make good use of it.”

When He returned with a tray containing a small earthenware teapot and two bowls Raion was pleased to see she had taken His words to heart and was sitting nervously on the chair He had indicated. She made to speak but He silenced her with a smile and shake of His head, placed the tray on the low table next to the chair, sat down and poured the golden brown liquid into the bowls. They drank in silence allowing the tea to cleanse palate and mind.

“Why did you follow Me?”

“I had nowhere else to go.”

“But we passed close by your home. You could have slipped in unnoticed no doubt.”

“My family are in Tokyo for a vacation and I didn’t wish to be alone.”

“I am sure madam yamato would have been happy to take you along with emiko had she known the situation.”

“Madam yamato doesn’t like me. She says I remind her of herself when she was young and foolish.”

Raion nodded, this part He could easily accept as truth.

“Then you will stay here for tonight and tomorrow we will talk again. Finish your tea and go through to the bath house. I turned on the water heater while I freshened as the kettle boiled. I am sure you will find some clean clothing to suit you in the dressing room. There are numerous bedrolls and head pillows in the dormitory. I generally sleep there too, I like the scent of the cherry trees that permeate demetevler escort that space.”

Raion watched her bedraggled figure walk towards the bathhouse and felt a strange mixture of emotions. He had happily foresworn having any female stay within His home again but somehow the mere fact of her presence lifted His spirits more than He could willingly accept. Life is a constant surprise but also a predictable procession. Balance will always return however much one tips and pitches the surface.

He flattened His bedroll in its usual spot. Close enough to the slightly opened side door to get full effect of the wonderful drifting scents of nature but central enough to ensure an adequate perimeter allowing for reaction time to threat. He had become accustomed to using a small whale oil hurricane lamp for light. The oil was preposterously expensive now and difficult to obtain but gave a purity of light that was astounding and released the most comforting musky aroma as it burned. As was His habit before sleep He was reading a few words from the ‘Five Rings’. He found sleep easier when His mind was settled and the simple yet beautifully constructed prose bought Him tranquility. He heard her bare feet padding across the matting almost as soon as she left the dressing room. Her gait was light, stilted, small exact steps developed no doubt by the use of ankle hackles in her youth. He feigned distraction till the softest of coughs indicated His requested attention.

Madoka stood demurely, her hands clasped in front of her belly, her chin dropped to focus her eye line on the floor half way between them. She smelt of cherry blossom, Raion surmised she had utilized the products left in the bath house from a previous time. She wore one of His old haori wrapped around her slight frame like a dressing gown and cinched at the waist with a double coil of black silken rope. Her hair, straight, jet black, seeming to reach to her waist framed her pale features strikingly. Raion stared hard. It was difficult to imagine this was the same girl whom He had witnessed performing carnally but a few hours before.

“The bath was adequate?”

“Yes Daimyo, I am grateful for your kindness.”

“No Daimyo here Madoka, just Raion a simple teacher.”

“Your kindness to me goes beyond any teacher of my experience Raion. I am quite undeserving of your attention.”

Raion’s eyebrows lowered as He frowned in thought. Perhaps this girl was not all that people made her to be. Something in her manner pointed to deeper waters capable of being trawled for a worthier catch.

“Rest now, it is late. We will talk in the morning. Choose a bedroll to your liking. The softer are on the right.

“What type of bed roll does Raion choose?”

“I like a firm bed always.”

Madoka chose a roll from the firm pile and walking forward unraveled it on the Raion’s right side.

“I see you are right handed Raion. Should you draw the katana there by your left hand in the night I will stay still and flat.”

Placing His book behind His head pillow Raion opened the glass of the lamp and extinguished the wick with a sharp breath before laying back and closing His eyes.

He had to wait but a few minutes before she moved as He knew she must.

“Raion, what is to become of me?”

Raion waited, pondered, wanting to comfort but needing to know the core of her turmoil.

“I am ashamed of what I have become and afraid to face the consequences.”

The words shame and consequence were well chosen and struck home. He knew shame, understood consequence, perhaps more than He admitted.

“Sometimes I just want to die.”

The girl was very close. She managed to invade Him without touching such was her need.

“I wish I was braver. I haven’t the courage to act.”

Raion steeled Himself before sliding His right arm around her shoulders and then her tears fell like monsoon rain, her body shaking with sobs to challenge thunder claps.

“You are safe here Madoka, I will protect you.”

She clung to Him, as a girl adrift in a tumultuous sea might fasten to rock for safety.

“You have saved me Raion, I am yours.”

She slept, fitfully at first, her body quaking from some deep dark churning within till time and Raion’s strong right arm claimed her from her nightmares to rest peacefully at last.

Chouko sat in her needlework room with emiko, kaoru, ayame and her daughter emi. They worked together on a silk hanging for the forthcoming festival.

‘You think the Daimyo will accept your gift mama-san?”

“I am sure that Madoka is a more than suitable candidate, the Daimyo needs a distraction to function fully and she will make an excellent pupil.”

“He will not suspect your intrigue?”

“I am quite sure He already knows. I would be foolish to cross blades with such an accomplished swordsman as Raion. However if she pleases Him He will act as if in total ignorance.”

“Are you not a little jealous? We all are decidedly. Even emiko is and she has never seen His dagger.”

The young girls all burst into giggles simultaneously.

“You forget the key to His bathhouse in my kimono sleeve, I have my moments.”

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