Ocak 28, 2023

Rainy Cafe Night

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The rain was still pouring down hard outside. Even now, as midnight had come and gone, the rain had ceased to stop. Outside of the small diner the streets were empty except for the occasional cabbie wandering the streets looking for a fare.

Mike had been inside, hiding from the rain, finishing his late night dinner after a long day of working. He still wore his uniform, although the tie hung loose around his neck and the top buttons of his shirt were undone. His jacked was draped over the counter, still damp from being caught in the downpour outside. Nobody was left eating this late, the only occupants of the small silver building were Mike, the waitress and the cook, both of whom were somewhere in the kitchen now bitterly complaining about still working the night shift.

The main door opened, the bell ringing breaking the silence in the diner. Mike turned and looked to see a woman run in the doors, trying to close her umbrella without getting the floor inside wet. She propped it up against the wall and walked across the black and white tile floor, sitting at the bar next to Mike, just on the other side of his wet jacket. She was wearing a tight fitting white dress, it was low cut but not showing an over abundance of cleavage. The dress was definitely wet, clinging to her body and she struggled to adjust it and pulled and tugged it down a bit just before she sat down. Mike couldn’t help but to look her up and down, he was mesmerized so much by her that he failed to even hear what the waitress said to her or what she ordered. No man could have taken his eyes off those shiny wet legs, especially with how high up her dress seemed to keep slipping.

Suddenly he snapped out of his trance, only to realize she was talking to him. He looked at her eyes, beautiful through a sexy pair of glasses, and as she spoke again he finally heard her.

“I said I didn’t expect to see such a handsome man in uniform in here this late at night.”

“Oh, thanks” Mike said, a slight grin appearing on his face, but still unable to find the proper words to add.

She seemed a bit puzzled by his odd response, and was taken aback a bit, partially offended.

She muttered something indistinguishable under her breath as she turned back to the counter.

Quickly perking up, “Excuse me?” he said, her only response was a slight reddening of her face,

“I was just a bit surprised to see a sexy little minx in here in the middle of the night, but no need to get testy.”

With that she smiled, and turned back towards him, “I was a bit surprised too to see a real man in uniform here late at night, Mike” She noticed his name badge as she looked him up and down as she spoke, wondering what was beneath the uniform. Her thoughts, and the look in his eyes, soon sparked a tingle between her legs.

“And your name is..?”

Biting her bottom escort ankara lip and looking at him with her beautiful eyes, “Alex”.

He smiled at her response, noticing her eyes as she mentally undressed him, “Are you always this hot or are you just playing dress up tonight?” He looked down at her legs and ass as he waited for her to respond, and continued “Most broads that dress like you are all show and no go.”

She turned in her chair, her legs facing him, and she slowly parted her knees. “You have a wicked tongue for a seemingly respectable man in uniform” Her opening legs caused her dress to ride up a bit higher on her thighs and Mike glanced down. No panties. Not even a trace of hair. His cock stiffened in his slacks as he had to force his gaze back up to her eyes.

“Oh I definitely know how to use my tongue, and do you know how to use that big mouth of yours?”

Alex licked her lips, and slowly moved to the stool closer to him, pushing his jacket out of the way a bit. Her movements were incredibly slow and sensual, and as she sat down next to him, she put her hand on his thigh. Running her hand up a bit farther she leaned in close, and he could feel her breath on his neck. Just before her hand made it to his hard cock, she whispered in his ear “Oh I do, and I’m good… Do you have something for me to use?” and with that she started a long slow lick of his ear, with her hand sliding over his hard cock. She could feel his hardness beneath his slacks, it felt like just the perfect size and thickness, and she couldn’t wait to get a good look at it.

Mike turned slightly, and Alex’s hand gripped his cock through the material of his pants. He brought his hand down to her thigh, it was cool and sticky from when she was out in the rain earlier. He slid his hand up her leg, farther up her inner thigh, it was warmer and warmer, and he could feel the heat from between her legs as his fingers brushed against her pussy. A soft moan escaped her lips, and she spread her legs further. As Mike’s fingers slid up and down her wetness, playing with her clit, Alex grabbed and groped his cock as they sat there at the counter.

Abruptly she stopped, swung her legs to the side and hopped off the stool and back onto the floor. Walking behind Mike, her hand sliding from over his cock and around his waist, she whispered in his ear, “Why don’t you come join me?” Mike turned as she walked off, heading towards the bathroom in the back of the diner. He watched her ass wiggle as she slowly walked away, and before he got up he grabbed his wallet from his blazer and left some cash on the counter to pay for his meal. He slowly walked back towards the bathroom, and reaching the door he slowly pushed it open.

As he entered the small room, she came from behind the door and pushed him up against the wall, grinding herself against his etlik evi olan escortlar body. One of her hands reached to the side and flipped the latch on the door, ensuring they wouldn’t be interrupted. Their lips met is a heated kiss, wasting no time in wrapping their tongues together, kissing as deeply as they could. The heat of the moment putting them into a bit of a frenzy, their hands firmly sliding up and down over the others body. Mike grabbed her forcefully by her arms, and turned her to the side, then effortlessly lifted her up onto the counter top. Alex wrapped her legs around his body, grinding her pussy up against the hardness of his cock. He started kissing her bare neck, right above her shoulders. This pushed Alex deeper in the moment, her pussy flooding as she felt forceful yet still soft bites on her neck. She reached up and pushed Mike’s head down, not wanting to wait any longer, needing to feel his tongue.

Mike felt her push, and started kissing lower. He paused as he kissed across her chest, taking time to kiss and lightly nibble on each nipple through her dress, and then proceeded lower. Kissing the outside of her clothing, as though he was kissing her bare skin, until his head was between her legs. He was facing her sweet pussy now, just inches from her glistening wet lips. She could feel his breath against her bare skin, and her head rolled back, just waiting for the moment when his lips would touch hers. First she felt his kisses, like electric shocks, against her inner thigh, so close to her pussy. And Mike kissed and teased all around her soaking lips, her hips starting to move slowly, uncontrollably in the anticipation. Soon his tongue flicked across her clit, and it made her jump. Then forcefully he pressed his lips against her pussy, and firmly slid his tongue all around her.

Alex started moaning, knowing it wouldn’t be long before she came, and Mike buried his tongue deep inside her, slowly tongue fucking her. He brought his hands up, sliding up her legs, and reached around, grabbing her ass firmly, and pulling her more firmly up against his face. He would slide his tongue in deep, then out and back around her clit, circling it before he would suck on it. Back and forth he went, and Alex got closer and closer to her climax. Just before she had reached the peak, Mike’s hand slid down and two of his fingers slipped into her pussy as his tongue worked its magic on her clit. This was all it took to send her over the edge, and Alex came hard. He felt her pussy spasm and tighten around his fingers, and he licked harder. Her legs gripped his head, forcing him to stay pressed firmly against her as she came, moaning out load, grinding herself against his face. Her orgasm hit hard, and she came longer and harder than she ever remembered cumming before.

Finally she released the demetevler genç escortlar grip of her thighs around her head, and breathing heavy, she looked down between her legs at him as he looked back up at her. She smiled, “Wow! I guess you really do know how to use that tongue” She giggled a bit as he backed up and then she slipped herself off the counter top and immediately went down to her knees. Her legs were like jello and she had to grab his waist as she almost fell to the floor. Immediately, almost frantically, she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. She needed that dick in her mouth. Alex had always enjoyed sucking cock, but this time she just needed it.

As she released his cock from his pants, just pushing his slacks down far enough to have unrestricted access, she gripped it firmly in her hand. She started to stroke it slowly, noticing its perfect size. Not the biggest, but definitely perfect. Perfect length, perfect size, and he kept his hair perfectly trimmed. She licked her lips once and then slid her tongue slowly from the base of his hard member right to the tip. As her tongue reached the head of his cock, she swirled her tongue around a few times, he hand slowly stroking, and then wrapped her lips around it. Slowly she let his cock fill her mouth as she pushed her head down farther and farther. She took as much of it in as she could, her lips just reaching her hand that was still wrapped around the base of this beautiful cock. Soon she was bobbing her head up and down and he felt her other hand reach up to massage his balls. She was good, and Mike knew he wouldn’t last long with her expert lips wrapped around him. She knew just the right things to do, stroking hard and fast, then slow and sensual. Taking time to suck him deeply and then changing and licking up and down his hard shaft.

Alex could feel his cock stiffening in her hand, and she knew he was about to cum. She wrapped her lips back around his cock, and sucked hard as she stoked faster. Mike started to groan as he began to cum, his cock twitching inside her mouth. She didn’t stop, she didn’t even slow down as she felt the first spurt of his hot cum fill her mouth. She swallowed quickly as he filled her mouth, she loved the taste and feel of his cum, and eagerly took it all. He moaned out loud as his cock twitched a few more times, and after the last spurt, she slowly started to pull back. Letting his cock slip out of her mouth her tongue was still out as it slipped from his cock. Mike looked down and could see her tongue still out, a pool of his white cum on her tongue, as he held it out for him to see. He smiled, breathing heavily still, and she closed her mouth and swallowed the last drop, releasing his cock from her grip at the same time.

She stood up, and gave him a deep kiss. Mike didn’t shy away, and she knew that he could taste himself on her tongue, and she kissed him longer and harder. She stopped after a minute, and just smiled, and without a word unlatched the door and stepped out of the bathroom. Mike was left there, still catching his breath, his pants down to his knees and his cock still hard and wanting more…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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