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They were in a hurry, they knew this would have to happen quickly, if it was to happen at all. If it had been any other man she might have begged out, complaining of an impending flight or meeting, but no, now was the time, she’d just have to make sure it was quick.

“We need to hurry,” she said tearing off her blouse and unhooking her bra, “we’ve only got 750 words to finish this up.

Way ahead of her, he pulled off his pants and underwear, exposing his hard cock. “Don’t worry babe, I’ve been waiting so long for this I know I’ll be quick.”

“Good, because we’ve already wasted one hundred and sixteen words,” she replied, removing her pants and panties and leaping onto the bed.

She had barely landed when he dove in after her, his head moving between her thighs. His tongue plunged into her pussy and then slid up the slit, where he sucked her clit into his mouth.

She moaned, “Oh that’s good, but do we have time, it’s already been one hundred eighty one words.”

Between the slurping sounds kızılay escort of him teasing her clit she heard him mumble, “Don’t worry honey, this shouldn’t take you long, no more than one hundred sixty words total.” She felt him return his attention to her clit as a finger slid into her wet hole.

He was right, in just a single paragraph she felt the pleasure shoot through her body and she arched her back, grabbing his head and pulling him against her. She ground her pussy on his face for a moment and then settled back onto the bed, reaching to pull him on top of her.

This man was amazing, in less than three hundred words they had undressed and she had climaxed, no man had ever taken her there so quickly. She grabbed his hard cock and guided into her wet opening.

He entered her slowly at first, but as his cock got lubricated in her juices he began moving quicker, thrusting his cock deep into her. Focusing completely on the man, watching his ass rise and fall with each penetration she felt herself nearing etlik escort the edge once again. Could she… could she… yes, she came again.

She moaned thinking, “Only halfway though the seven hundred fifty words and she had come twice. This guy is amazing.”

Suddenly she felt a wide void in her body and she looked at him, whining, “What are you doing?”

“Quick, on your hands and knees, I want you doggie style.”

She quickly turned over and prepared herself wondering, “Is he going to make it? Couldn’t he come the other way? Was there something wrong? Hell they only had three hundred fifty one words left.” His cock slid into her and she felt filled once again.

Wanting to help him come quicker she reached her hand up between her legs and touched his cock and balls as he moved in and out of her. She also let her hand stimulate her clit while touching him and in just a few moments she lost herself in her third orgasm of the evening.

“Oh yeah baby,” she heard him say demetevler escort as she came. Hopefully he was getting close, but, taking no chances she continued touching his cock and balls as he fucked her from behind. She hoped it worked because they had less than two hundred words to finish.

His balls were slapping against her now as he slammed himself into her and she could tell he was getting close. She leaned her head down on the bed and moved her hand so she could watch as his glistening cock slid back and forth. Moving so she could see it better, she raised up off one knee until she could see where his cock disappeared into her. She loved how her lips seemed to move a bit with him, folding and unfolding as he moved.

Suddenly, he arched his back, shoving his cock deep into her cunt nearly knocking her down. Catching her balance, she braced herself as he slammed into her once, then again, and then he was still, his cock burrowed deep inside her. She could feel it twitching inside her as he filled her with his hot, sticky cum.

They paused a moment, joined together in the ecstasy, then remembering she called out, “We need to hurry, it’s been seven hundred thirty eight words.”

He pulled out and they dressed. He quickly kissed her, “Goodbye.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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