Şubat 2, 2023

Pure Indulgence

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Cheryl found herself at the door of the spa. She was very reluctant to enter. This was not something she would normally do, but as the pamper morning was a gift she might as well go for it. Madeline did say it would be a good way for her to recharge her batteries. And they definitely needed recharging.

She pushed open the door and entered. Immediately an energetic blond greeted her and ushered her away to the steam room rattling off the morning’s activities included in the “Pure Indulgence” package: Steam room, shower, facial, massage. It sounded quite dull to Cheryl, for she was a doer and not used to being at the receiving end. With a resolute sigh she entered the change room and started off the morning’s entertainment.

The steam room was everything but relaxing: being stuck in an uncomfortably warm room, drenched in a mixture of water and sweat was far from her ideal morning. The boredom and tedium was about to destroy her when the buzzer sounded signalling her next stop. The shower was a release. She could wash away all the tension that built up while she sat immobile in the room.

Feeling fresh and revitalized she put on the fluffy gown provided and made her way to her first stop. She was looking forward to the massage, for massages always invigorated her, so she thought she’d get the worst over first and entered the facial room. The girl in charge of her pamper handed her a towel and told her to disrobe. She lay down on the bed, starting at the ceiling, while the attendant prepared her for the facial. Tranquil music played in the background, and Cheryl tried her best to get into a relaxed ankara escort bayan state.

The endless application and removal of layer upon layer of beauty products tried her patience to the limit. She was very relieved that her eyes were covered with cotton wool so it would hide her annoyance. She grew bored with the girl’s endless rubbing of her face and was relieved when the girl applied the mask and left the room.

She let out a sigh of relief – she was happy to have the repose and time to gather herself together before the next onslaught. Her relief was cut short when she heard the door open a few minutes later. Surely 20 minutes could not have elapsed that quickly.

She felt her feet uncovered massaged. The hands on her feet felt much stronger than she had expected. It was a pleasant break of the tedium and she could feel her blood rushing into the massaged areas. It was a definite improvement to what she had experienced thus far. The hands left her feet and made their way up her legs, relaxing the tense muscles and allowing her to relax. As they made their way up her legs, a nagging thought started in the back of her mind — surely leg massages do not reach that far up the leg.

Her enjoyment started to evolve into more what one usually experience in a massage. She could feel herself become aroused and felt very self-conscious when she could feel moisture starting to dribble from her labia. She chastised herself for not putting her panties back on after the shower, but she knows that they only get in the way during a massage. Her masseuse was however not put off by this elvankent escort site, but rather encouraged. As the masseuse came closer, she became aware of a new scent. This was definitely not the girl who did the facial. This person possessed a definite male odour and to her surprise she did not feel violated by this intrusion. On the contrary, this only excited her more. She whispered a concern about the girl returning and she heard her mysterious masseuse make his way towards the door and locking the latch.

When he returned, she made to remove the cotton wool from her eyes. She ached to see him. But he would have none of it. He came around to her head and used the belt of her gown to tie her hands to the bed. Now her hands were unable to reach her eyes to uncover then. This only aroused her more. To be seduced by a totally unknown man was beyond her wildest fantasies.

He took his time to return to where he was interrupted. She heard the squirt of the oil dispenser and she could feel her body quivering with anticipation. Not knowing what he would do next, not being able to read his body language made the experience all the more exciting.

He slid his oiled hands along Cheryl’s inner thighs, applying pressure in just the right places to keep her interested. She could feel her body responding to his touches, her vagina pulsating with longing for his touch. But he knew how to play her. Every time his hand ventured towards her exposed, pulsating pubis, it would skirt away at the last second. She began to moan, begging for his touch.

After what seemed to be an eternity etlik escort bayan it finally came: His strong hand darted towards her, vigorously rubbing her clitoris. She came instantly – moaning and begging for more. Her clear fluids were running down her crevices until she could feel herself lying in the sticky warm discharge. But he did not let her rest. Taking advantage of her heightened sensitivity he slid a finger into her gaping hole. She swallowed it hungrily as if asking for more. He read the signs and plunged two, three, four fingers onto her, exploring her inner reaches with his fingers. She responded instantly, the walls of her vagina tightening to embrace his touch, squeezing his fingers appreciatively. He rubbed, massaged her inner reaches with the same dexterity and skill that he exhibited while working on her legs and she exploded with ecstasy.

After what seemed an eternity, he let her rest, allowing her to catch her breath just long enough for him to disrobe and straddle her on the bed. Her expectation was mounting. She wanted an insight into a part of her mystery man, and there is no better way to get to know a man than through his cock.

Her wish was fulfilled when his thick cock plunged into her unresisting opening. He rode her hard, not waiting to see what she wanted, but taking what he needed. He filled her, taking her to even greater heights of pleasure than she thought possible. When he exploded during his climax, they both convulsed and groaned in unison.

And then he got up. He re-covered her and left her as he found her. He slipped out of the room and disappeared like the phantom he was. After a few minutes she gathered her wits, got up and left the room. She showered, got dressed and left — making sure to tip the facial-girl handsomely. She decided to give the massage a miss, for no masseuse could top what she just experienced.

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