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Pt. 02 – My Education Continues

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Part 2 – My education about women, love and sex continues

I have a weekend I’ll never forget

I suggest you read Part One before starting this story.

This is my second “adults only” fiction sex story.


Jan and I left her massage school about 10pm on Friday night after a long, full day of me giving massages to one gorgeous female after another.

It was a 13 plus hour day and despite how it ended, me giving myself my own happy ending, it was exhausting.

My last client was Jan, the owner of the massage school and my master teacher.

After the flip, meaning when I finished the massage of her head, neck, shoulders, back, butt, thighs, calves, ankles and feet and rolled over on her back, I finished the massage in a non-sexual way but the heat between us had been building and well, she got naked and a bit bossy and following her direction, I ate her to two serious orgasms and then at her instruction, got up on the table and kneeling between spread her thighs, staring down at her pussy as she played with her nipples, my cock hard as steel, I jacked off, twice, spurting my very heavy loads onto Jan’s glorious body from her chin to her belly.

That was one long sentence but now you know what really happened!

We retreated to our respective dressing rooms and met at the front door.

Jan turned on the alarm for the facility and locked the front door once we were outside; took my arm and she held me close as we walked in silence to her car, a large late model BMW.

Jan kissed me on the cheek, very chaste considering how intimate we had been and said, “You did well today.”

I thanked her for taking the time to mentor me; after all it was a long day for her too.

She smiled and asked “Are you up for brunch on Sunday? I like to go to a place up in the mountains.”

I nodded, wanting to spend more time with her. Naked or not. I liked her.

Plus there was the promise she made that we’d fuck. How soon I wasn’t sure but I was sure it would happen. And when it did it would be nothing less than great.

She handed me her business card and said “My home address is on the back. Pick me up at 10. Dress for the country club.”

And with that she smiled, said goodnight and drove off.

I went home and jacked off twice more that night, and once in the morning when I woke up.

Big loads, wet loads.

All I could think about was fucking that hot juicy Japanese pussy and playing with those magnificent tits.

That ass she had on her was to die for and I would love to get my hands on it, fully, for as long as I could.

I’d massage it of course, but I’d also kiss it, lick it, bite it, probe her rosebud, and maybe, if I was really lucky, plow her tight asshole.


Through the week I’d been texting Rylee, the lady who does my hair because I was in need of a haircut, but I also wanted to demonstrate my newly gained massage skills.

She was the one that put the idea into my head that I could give massages.

Remember, we had known one another for a bit and were pretty open and friendly with one another.

And, there was a simmering attraction between us too but not so much that we would ever be more than casual friends.

So, after a few back and forth text messages, I finally got Rylee to commit to coming over to my house on Saturday afternoon because her live-in boyfriend was at a bachelor party up at South Shore Lake Tahoe.

She wanted to trade the massage for the haircut, but I knew Rylee needed the money, and I needed the practice.

My goal was to impress Rylee so that she would refer her female clients to me, and then introduce me to the other stylists in her salon.

Those ladies, after being thrilled with my massage techniques, I hoped would introduce me to their clients. You know, a friend of a friend.

Somewhere along the way I was hoping to get laid and maybe find someone to spend some time with.

Saturday morning, I spent some time in the gym and then got home and cleaned my place, not that I was a slob or anything.

But I wanted it to be clean for my special guest.

Rylee arrived at 2pm.

She got her massage.


Rylee walked into my townhouse condo sort of leaning over and limping which is not a good sign.

She looked like she was in pain and she was, her neck, shoulder, back and butt were the culprits.

I was thinking I was just the guy to deal with those issues.

She had on a tee shirt, shorts and sandals. She never been this casually dressed before but then again, I had never seen her outside of the hair salon.

I sat her down on the sofa, wincing; tried to get her to sit down without experiencing any sharp pain and then once sitting, grimacing as she moved around trying

to get comfortable.

Just based on what she said, I knew that a massage would help but not all that much.

Heat and ice would help and so would some extra strength Tylenol.

And maybe some rest. Rylee took the two white painkillers.

I stepped into my twice the size escort ankara of a postage stamp backyard and turned on the heater to my four-person in ground hot tub.

It was small and the water was warmed by the sun, so it would take just a few minutes before she could get in.

I was thinking ice, heat, pain killer, massage, rest.

In the meantime, I got Rylee as comfortable as possible on the sofa, with a flat ice pack on her lower back and a second that she sat on to help her butt muscles.

She pulled her hair up on top of her head and pulled something out of her purse and put her hair in a pony tail.

Rylee looked around and commented on the pictures I had on the walls.

“Who took those?” she asked and I responded that I was the culprit.

She smiled and told me how nice they looked and did I do photos of people.

I shook my head and said “Not since high school” and she replied to me that “I want to be your first subject. You’re way too good not to take pictures of people.”

I didn’t resist and let the topic rest.

Little did I know Rylee already had something in mind as to how she was going to be dressed when I took those photos. Scantily if not naked.

We made small talk until the hot tub was warm enough for her to get in.

I was not trying to seduce her; she had a boyfriend after all.

But I got her laughing despite the pain and her eyes were smiling at me.

Rylee asked me how I knew what to do and I explained that playing basketball I was always hurt and so I had everything I needed so I could recuperate at home.

The sun was shining pretty brightly in the backyard so when the tub was ready, I hit the switch and the automated awning rolled out providing shade from the sun and from prying neighbors. I also turned on some music and with that, the hot tub was totally private.

I slowly pulled Rylee up, off the sofa and she put her hands around my neck and then I lifted her up and carried her, slowly, like a groom taking his bride across the threshold, outside to the now covered patio.

Rylee smiled and said “This is very nice Rick.”

She kissed me on the cheek and then I set her down, again slowly.

My plan was to leave her here and let her get undressed and into the hot tub but Rylee needed help just to get undressed. She told me that it had taken her an hour to get her work clothes off and then this outfit on when she got home from the salon.

I asked “What can I do?” and she replied “Pull my tee shirt over my head” and, standing behind her, I reached down to her waist and pulled the yellow cloth up slowly, her back being revealed to me as I lifted.

Because I am taller than Rylee, I was able to lift the whole thing up over her head, leaving her standing in front of me with nothing on but her bra, her shorts and her panties.

“What else can I help you with?” I asked and her reply surprised me.

“I need for you to take my bra off” and then she laughed.

“You’re serious?” I replied and she nodded saying “It hurts when I reach back to unstrap it. I probably never should have put one on.”

Surprising myself, I couldn’t resist and I leaned over and kissed her bare neck, something I thought I wouldn’t do in a million years.

Rylee giggled and said “That feels very nice Jack” and so I did it again and at the same time I reached down her back to find the clasp on her bra.

I admit I fumbled a bit but she was a good sport about it.

My hands weren’t shaking or anything; I just wasn’t familiar with this kind of clasp.

I managed to get the job done and her bra fell off her shoulders and down her arms to the tile.

“Now what?” I asked and yes, my prayers were answered when she said “I need for you to pull my shorts and my panties off.”

I kissed her neck again which caused goose bumps all over her body.

“Stop that!” Rylee laughed at me.

I knelt down and slowly, sensuously, reached into the waist band and pulled down both her shorts and her panties. It turns out the panties were actually the world’s smallest thong and when the string got caught in her crack, I didn’t just pull on it, I kissed her butt cheeks one at a time, then slowly, oh so slowly, pulled the string out and down.

“I like that Rick” she cooed at me in a soft voice.

“You like getting your assed kissed?” I queried and she replied “All day long I kiss ass, so when it happens to me, I like it.”

I kissed her ass again, this time with a little tongue on both cheeks and she laughed. I could get used to this, and so could she, I thought.

“You like that?” I asked rhetorically.

“I like it when you kiss me Rick because I know you like me.”

I didn’t reply.

The end result was a completely naked Rylee standing with her back to me.

She had a very fine, young, firm body, with nice curves and toned muscles all the way from her shoulders to her calves.

Rylee also had an all over tan, which meant she was out at the pool naked at least some of the time.

Taking it all in, I exhaled and held etlik evi olan escortlar my hands down trying to avoid the temptation of bringing them up to her ass, pulling her cheeks apart and sticking my tongue up her ass.

Instead I reached to her feet as she stepped out of her shorts and panties and with me still behind her, Rylee gracefully went down the two steps into the bubbling steamy water in the hot tub.

I was hard, how could I not be (?) and being the gentleman I am, I picked up her shorts, panties, bra and tee shirt and hung them on one of the patio chairs nearby.

As much as I wanted to, I did not check to see her bra size.

I also hoped she didn’t see the tent in my pants.

“What a gentleman” Rylee said to me when I finished my little housekeeping task.

I turned my head to look at her, hiding my erection, and she was up to her neck in the warm swirling water.

I smiled and started to go inside the condo when Rylee said “Where are you going?”

I responded, “To get my bathing suit.”

“Look at me Rick.”

I hesitated.

“Rick, please look at me.”

I turned around, full on. My pants tent was more than visible; it was the most prominent part of my body at that moment.

Rylee stood up in the water, displaying to me her full nude front; her full breasts, firm, proud and capped with mouth-watering pink nipples standing aroused and down below her flat tummy was a trimmed dark blonde bush, not thick but wispy and sexy as all get out.

I swear my cock started throbbing.

Her eyes smiled and they moved down my front to my obvious erection and she said in a low voice “You aren’t wearing a bathing suit around me. You can either undress yourself or I can do it for you. If I were you, I’d let me take care of you Rick. Because it will be so much more fun for you if I do.”

I nodded in agreement, with a huge shit eating grin on my face, knowing with almost 100 percent certainty that I was going to get laid. And Rylee was a very hot babe. No doubt the hottest female I had ever laid eyes on.

“Keep your shirt on and come over” Rylee instructed me, as she moved to the steps.

My erection very evident, I stepped down to the first step of the hot tub in my bare feet, which put my crotch at about face level with Rylee.

She smiled at my bulge and I swore I saw her lick her lips.

My cock jumped at the thought of a blow job and I am sure Rylee noticed the movement.

Silently she reached out with both hands and started to slowly rub the bulge in my gym shorts.

“My God this thing is huge” she whispered.

I groaned at the pleasure she was giving me.

This was a wet dream coming true.

Her fingers teased me, trying to make my cock bigger.

I didn’t think I could get any bigger but that didn’t stop Rylee from trying.

It felt so good that I unlocked my knees and that forced my crotch forward a bit.

“That feels good, doesn’t it?” she teased me.

“Oh yeah” I replied as her fingers continued to play and masturbate me oh so slowly through my shorts.

I silently thanked God I had wacked off that morning because I knew if I hadn’t, I’d be shooting my load inside my shorts.

“Don’t stop” I whispered to her and she nodded as she played with my now rock-hard cock.

“It’s so big Rick, it’s going to feel so fucking good when you put it inside me.”

I groaned again because now I knew I’d be getting my dick wet.

With this hot babe.

Then, without looking up, she asked me the unexpected: “How often do you masturbate?”

I sputtered out an answer and she started teasing me with just her fingernails.

She replied saying, “Guys your age whack off at least once a day, sometimes as much as four times a day.”

Still teasing she whispered to me “I don’t want you whacking off anymore. If you need to cum you need to let me know.”

I groaned in an affirmative response.

“I’ll take care of all your needs honey, and if you want it, all you need to do is ask.”

Rylee continued to rub me, slowly and sensuously, then hit with another zinger: “Do you cum a lot?”

I replied that I didn’t know and she just smiled and said “I’m going to find out here pretty soon.”

Then, she decided to take things to the next level and she lowered my shorts to my feet getting them soaked in the process as they hit the water.

Rylee giggled and then said to me “You won’t need these things anyway.”

She bent down, slowly, and as I stepped out of my now wet shorts, she grimaced in pain.

Rylee didn’t stop; she tossed the shorts to the patio and slowly stood back up.

Her eyes came back to my crotch now face to face with a fully filled male jockstrap.

“Oh my God, what is this thing?” she laughed.

“A jockstrap” I croaked out as her fingers started running up and down and all around the soft edges of the mesh cloth cup holding my package together.

The cloth was soft, what was trapped in the package was turgid, hard, and erect.

There were demetevler genç escortlar tufts of pubic hair sticking out the sides and Rylee smiled at her present to be and whispered “Blow jobs are so much better when you’re bare.”

Rylee continued to slowly run her fingers around the edges of the strap where it met the skin, teasing me even more.

She gently touched where my pubes were protruding and I groaned in pleasure because the skin was so sensitive.

Her eyes widened as my cock somehow increased its size. I was ready to burst.

“Well, isn’t this something” she laughed and then she tenderly reached out with her hands and explored my very tight sack covered by the form-fitting cloth.

With her manicured fingernails she began teasing my balls, which felt out of this world.

“You know I’m going to have to shave them too Rick. My tongue on your shaved balls will feel so good lover.”

I groaned as she shared her plans for our sexual union.

“Have you ever had a girlfriend take your balls in her mouth?” she asked me.

Groaning as she continued to softly play with my nuts, I stuttered out “No.”

“Well, Rick, all I can say is you’re going to love it. And it makes me really wet too. Fucking is best when my pussy is soaked.”

Oh God, don’t let me cum yet, please don’t let me blow my load I prayed.

The teasing continued; Rylee didn’t out and out stroke me, but her teasing felt great and my body was responding as a young, a very horny man, should.

“Do you like to have your cock sucked Rick?” Rylee asked very innocently.

“Oh yeah” was all I could mutter.

The teasing, the touching, continued and Rylee whispered to me “Which do you like more, girls who spit or girls who swallow?”

I was so ready to burst I answered “Swallow. I like it when they swallow.”

I had never had a girl swallow me before, but Rylee didn’t know that.

“Good answer lover. Girls who swallow are the best. They know how to take care of their men.”

I really didn’t know how much more of this I could take; I was on the verge of shooting my wad inside my jockstrap.

Each time she touched me she got me closer to losing control.

Rylee’s hands moved nonstop; not fast, but they were in constant contact which only heightened my pleasure.

I think she sensed that my clock was running out and she moved her hands away, to the front of my thighs and Rylee bent her head down and started licking me through the thin mesh cloth.

She was masterful and the sensation was like nothing I had ever experienced before.

I wanted to pull her head to my crotch it felt so good but I restrained myself and just did my best to hold my load by counting backwards from one thousand.

By this time the tip of my very hard cock was peeking out of the top of my now wet, saliva covered jock strap.

“Enough of this” Rylee announced, lifting her head up but still staring at my covered package.

“My God that thing is big.”

I think she noticed my cock tip protruding over the top of the cloth.

Smiling up at me, her hands went straight to my waist band, she said “Let’s see what we have here” and with that she slowly peeled my jockstrap down to my feet.

My cock bobbed free, finally without constraints.

I was harder and longer than I had ever been in my life. And ready to blow.


“Sit down on the ledge honey” Rylee instructed me, her eyes never leaving my throbbing manhood.

I did as she asked, but being a little self-conscious, my hands sort of started to cover up my cock and balls and Rylee stopped that by taking both of my hands on hers and gently pulling them to my thighs.

“Please don’t hide this beautiful cock from me. I’ve been dying for months to see it. To play with it. To taste it. To have it inside of me. “

I nodded and for a few seconds all you could hear was the water bubbling and the sound of the music. She continued to start at my bare, hard cock. I swear I saw her actually lick her lips.

She broke the silence by saying “I have a dildo that I use to satisfy myself. Do you want to know who I think about when I’m fucking myself?”

Her eyes never left my cock and she had sort of a shit eating grin on her face, a look of contentment.

I replied “I don’t know.”

She lifted her eyes up from my cock and they met mine for the first time since this whole hot tub thing started.

She mouthed “You.”

I smiled back but her eyes were already back devouring my cock.

“I’m going to suck you now Rick, and don’t worry if you cum right away because I’m going to swallow your load and lick you back to being hard again so you can fuck me.”

I nodded, silently. After all, what could I say?

“Put your hands behind you, and let them support you. Now lean back and just enjoy and don’t hold back. I’m going to suck you dry.”

Before my brain could acknowledge her instruction, her right hand had pulled my cock away from belly and her left hand was already teasing my tight sack. I swear I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

I groaned when Rylee kissed the tip of my cock and I thanked God I had turned the music up because it barely covered the noise we made the next couple of hours.


The weekend was just getting started.

Look for another chapter soon.

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