Ocak 31, 2023


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Just wanted you to know that my thoughts are always towards you. I was thinking this morning of how much I love to run my fingers through your mind and paint upon your emotions. I am grateful that even when I happen to paint a black stroke upon you, you are always willing to open up and express your feelings.

I love the openness of our relationship and how you allow me to paint upon your canvas in deep colors that vividly tell of the story of you and of us. The way we play is so much fun and I enjoy tracing images upon your mind, images that elicit erotic thoughts and images that intensify our play and lovemaking.

I am so glad you like being fucked, our foreplay during the week just sets our passions afire so that when we do come together it is an instantaneous flame that burns sooo hot between us. I can’t help but caress your mind with erotic thoughts of your forbidden pleasure of being fucked in the ass. Or of eryaman genç escort bayanlar the intensely emotional and mental exercise of tying your hands above your head and taking you in any way that pleases me. Or the deeply emotional expression and mental power that spanking you ignites. The thought of spanking your pussy until you beg me to fuck you is a thought that plays erotically on my mind.

Your submissiveness towards me increases my desire towards you exponentially each time you do submit willingly, even times when you try to deny me your pleasures increases the erotic play at times. The goals I set for you will always increase our attachment to each other and bring longing with them in such ways that the carrying out of them intensifies our relationship. When you spread our legs it is such a beautiful thing to me, it shows me your willingness and longing for me and my touch, which will forever be loving and gentle ankara escort bayan upon you.

Again I write to you my love, with thoughts ever so dear. Visions of your smiling face, your wonderful laughter and the happiness you display all the time endears you to my heart. I long right now to look deeply into your eyes, to press the essence of me into the essence of you. To share and feel deeply intimate encounters with your heart and explore the wonders of your mind. To hold your face in my hands, to kiss you softly on the lips, to feel all that is loving in you directed towards me in each and every thing we do.

I love our dance together, I so enjoy pampering you while you are here. Each small little thing I do for you is a gift that I bestow upon you, upon your being. You are so kind and receptive and that makes the doing of things for you such a pleasurable experience. I love these things and wish to tell etimesgut escort you why.

When taking a shower together and washing your body, creates a feeling of love through making your physical appearance shine and feel fresh and smelling wonderful. When folding you into a towel after a shower, creates a feeling of caring for you in a simple way that’s hard to describe, much like wrapping a child in towel and helping them to dry off. When smoothing lotion all over your legs, creates a feeling of tenderness towards you. When getting you something to drink creates a feeling of being responsible for your needs. When Opening doors for you, creates a feeling of respect and pride for you and all that you are to me.

Most important I think in doing all of the pampering is that you are more than worthy of that attention, and it’s something that no one else does for you. It creates and air of being a true Princess after a long weeks work of helping and doing things for other people. It my chance to really shine and to express my Love for you that goes beyond the physical pleasure we enjoy. You are a gift beyond price a treasure I adore and will always take care of you that others may also see the richness of your beauty.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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