Şubat 9, 2023

Preparing to Move Ch. 1

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Randy was upset about the latest turn of events in his house. His dad’s job got transferred to Oregon and they had to move. He just graduated high school and was getting ready to go to community college with his long-time friends from school, and now he had to move! What a gyp!

He had gone to his best friend Mark’s house to break the news to him.

“What? there’s no way!” he yelled in protest. “Theres no way you can stay?”

“Nah. i dont have a job, and I don’t have much cash. Maybe I can go for a year and then come back sometime.” Randy responded.

“What are you gonna do now?”

Randy looked at the floor. “I’m gonna go say goodbye to everyone I can real quick. I’m heading over to Sarah’s now”

Mark gave him a hug and walked him out to the car and watched his blue-and-white minivan pull away.

Sarah was sitting in her living room as Randy’s van drove up. He got out and walked to the front door, more sullen than usual. She answered it and let him in.

“Randy, whats wrong? You look like someone just killed your dog.” Sarah said, her blue eyes looking at him with some concern.

“You see, Sar,” he said, my dad’s job is moving to Oregon and I have to go… there’s no way I can stay. We’re leaving in a week and I thought I’d come by and said goodbye real quick.”

Her eyes welled up with tears as she heard it. She’d grown up with him, since 2nd grade, and now she was going to lose him. She gave him a hug and they started talking about how long they had known each other. They then started talking about high school and the classes they had together. But after a few minutes, she got a little more personal.

“Randy, do you remember when I was going out with Brian in our 10th grade year?”


“You stopped talking to eryaman bayan escort me for a while, until we broke up. What was up with that?”

Randy gulped. “I don’t know… I guess I was a little jealous.”

“Jealous? Jealous of what?” she asked back.

He looked at her. She was one of the cutest girls in school. She had some nice sized boobs, a slim waist, and such a grabable butt. She had shoulder length blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She was pretty much every guys dream come true.

“I don’t know… I just was jealous. “

Sarah put her hands over her mouth. “You had a crush on me, didn’t you?” she said in a singsong voice.

“No, I didn’t!” Randy retorted, his face turning red.

Sarah looked at him with a smile on her face. “I guess I was always fond of you too. You were so cute in that little school-boyish way. Why didn’t you ever try to hit on me?”

Randy blushed more. “I don’t know… I just never thought I had a chance. Your Sarah, the brightest girl in school with the great future ahead of you. I was just some… Normal guy.”

She smiled back. “Randy, I would have gone out with you in a second. Me, Carla and the other girls all talked about what a cute butt you had.” She giggled as she said the last part, knowing it was making him even more uncomfortable. She looked at the clock and got a big smile on her face. “Hey, come here.” She said excitedly, grabbing his hand and taking him down the hallway.

She lead him to her bedroom, where she semi-pushed him inside and closed the door behind her. She locked it and looked into his eyes. “Randy… I always was interested, and I thought I was putting out the signs… but you never caught on to them. I guess I’ll be a little more overt now.” She pulled her shirt over her head, escort sincan revealing a pair of gorgous white breasts in a pink bra.

Randy’s eyes got huge. “Sarah! What are you doing?”

She turned around and faced away from him, undoing her pants as she talked. “Randy, I wanted you so badly during high school. When you didn’t ask me to the prom I was devastated. I didn’t even go, even though a dozen guys asked me. I wanted to give myself to… well, you really. Now that you’re leaving and I wont see you for a while, this sounds like the perfect opportunity to me, how about you?” the last part said as her pants fell down, revealing a pink thong. Her fantastic butt was sitting there, asking to be held. She turned around and looked at him. “Why are you still dressed?”

She walked across the room, shaking her hips as seductively as she could. She unbuttoned his shirt and revealed his white, mostly hairless chest. She kissed him as she pushed him into a lying motion on the bed. As she kissed him, her hands went down his chest, then down onto his buttonfly pants, where it was obvious something wanted out. She giggled again and released it form its cage.

“My, you HAVE been holding out on me!” she laughed. His cock was about 8 and a ½ inches long, and wide to boot. She pulled his pants off all the way and looked at him.

“Would you like to help me out here?” she asked. He didn’t need to be told twice. He walked over to her and put his hands on her butt as he gave her a long passionate kiss. She felt his hands wander back up her back and then unhook the bra. She gasped slightly as the bra dropped to the floor and her breasts were against his warm chest, just where she had fantasized them all these years. She had to have him, then and there.

She elvankent escort bayan kissed him one more time on the lips, then slowly started kissing down his chest and toward the awaiting member. She licked the tip, where some precum had accumulated and started to lick the shaft. Randy was in heaven and her educated mouth went to work on his member. He was moaning loud and she sucked on him, moving her hair out the way of her eyes so she could see what she was doing to him. She stopped and he looked down at her as if to ask why.

“I don’t want you to be the ONLY one moaning around here.” She joked. She walked with him to the bed when her hands took off the thong and she spread her legs.

“Come here,” she said. “I don’t want you to go down on me or do anything fancy, just do me… make love to me… make me feel like a woman.”

He walked over to her and climbed right where he should be. He kissed her once on the lips and then thrust his cock into her. She gasped in a mix of pleasure-pain, her hips rising to meet his, her greedy pussy anxious for his hard cock.

He started kissing all over her, his mouth stopping at one of her glorious nipples. She moaned loudly, screaming his name as he thrust into her.

Suddenly, he knew it was time. “Sarah, I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum inside me… I’m on birth control, since I knew this day would come someday!” she moaned loudly, her nails digging in his back. She then felt his hard cock pump her full of his man-gism. She moaned everytime she could feel his large cock throb out another load of cum into her.

After a while, he pulled out and looked at her naked, sweaty body, almost getting hard instantly. She looked at his already hardening member. “Randy, that was so good… Are you sure you have to leave?” she asked.

Randy lay down next to her and kissed her softly. “If this is saying goodbye to her,” he thought, “I wonder if I’ll get similar good-byes from the other girls? Maybe even another from her?” he thought mischievously.

…To Be Continued

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