Ocak 28, 2023

Poppin’ Cherries

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“Hey, I don’t know if this would be considered a date or not…but think you could teach me how to shoot a gun someday?” Elizabeth texted Kyle one afternoon.

“Sure, I can teach you a thing or two about them,” he replied. “Just gotta find a place to shoot…and ammo. It’s hard to find these days.”


Elizabeth and Kyle had been seeing each other for over a month now after meeting through an online dating site. It was a steamy, passionate relationship but Elizabeth still wasn’t sure what it qualified as. Were they dating? Friends with Benefits? Fuckbuddies? Whatever it was, she was enjoying her sex-filled adventures with Kyle but also interested in some of his hobbies outside of the bedroom, like riding 4-wheelers (and getting fucked on them) and guns.

Raised outside a big East Coast city, Elizabeth had been a liberal her entire life. A real save the environment, pro-choice, vegan, feminist kind of liberal. And guns? No way! She’d never own one or condone having one in her home. They’re dangerous and need to have major restrictions, if not outright bans on some, she felt.

But when Elizabeth hit her early 40’s, she began seeing the world in a whole new way, doing a complete 180 on her politics, her stance, and feelings on most everything she had once believed in. This complete reversal on her outlook on life coincided at the same time of her divorce and she was truly feeling liberated and enjoying this reinvention of herself.

And so when she met Kyle, she was intrigued by the fact that he was unlike anyone she’d ever dated before. He was a blue collar, truck driving, hunting, handy kind of guy with tons of confidence and ability. And more in line with her newfound outlook on the world. Oh, and he had guns. A bunch of them. And it didn’t scare Elizabeth in the slightest. Even though she’d never shot a gun before, let alone held one, she could see the appeal now and was curious and excited to give shooting a try.

The next time she was at his place, after she had sent him that text about going shooting, he brought out all of his guns so she could see them and learn about them. Holding a gun – even unloaded – in her hand for the first time felt a little intimidating, heavier than she expected, and very powerful…but she was still totally eager to give it a try.


Up until she met Kyle, Elizabeth’s sex life had been kinda boring. Sure, she had fun in her early 20’s but she wasn’t as comfortable with her body and her sexuality then to really let loose. And then with her now-ex, their married sex (when they even had sex) was quick, sporadic, quiet and monotonous. They had never explored with toys, sex in unusual or public places, or tried anything beyond “traditional” sex. And they had definitley never tried anything anal, because, as far as Elizabeth was concerned, that was only for things going out, not going in.

But now, Elizabeth found herself newly single and with a sex drive that was off the charts. Her libido was in overdrive and she was horny as hell…ALL THE TIME. And she was feeling more confident in herself, her body, and her sexuality. She was ready to try new things and explore in ways she hadn’t before.

Thank god she met Kyle when she did. From their very first date, they were fucking like rabbits: In his truck, in the woods, all over his house, you name it. Elizabeth’s newfound sexuality was blossoming, her libido was being quenched, and Kyle was helping her discover a whole new world beyond boring, quiet, married sex.

During one of their early sexts, they had talked about some of the things they wanted to try. Elizabeth had said she was into the idea of maybe being watched, using toys, and also possibly exploring anal sex (not necessarily all at the same time though!). And Kyle had made note of that latter fantasy because on maybe their second or third encounter, he introduced some anal play during sex. At first, it was just his finger making little rubbing and tapping motions on her asshole, then he inserted his finger into her ass, and then he delighted her with rimming. And Elizabeth found it all amazing. How had she not explored this before? But still, the idea of an actual dick in her ass kind of worried her. Would it hurt? Would there be weird after-effects? Would it be gross? All of those thoughts ran through her head as she contemplated this final virgin territory, trying to decide if she was really ready to go there.

But after about two months into their passionate fling, Elizabeth was feeling very comfortable with Kyle. She trusted him and felt safe with him and they had intense sexual chemistry together. And so, after much thinking; talking with friends; reading blog posts, websites, and Cosmo articles; and listening to sex podcasts, she finally felt ready to explore this uncharted territory with him.

She sent Kyle a text one night that said: “I’m about 99.9% sure I want to pop my cherry with you, if you know what I mean…”adding eryaman bayan escort a little peach emoji at the end of her text.

He responded with “I’m down with it whenever you are.”

They chatted a bit more about it and Elizabeth said she’d have to have some ground rules and would want to be in total control when they tried it. He had done it a few times before so it wasn’t a new thing for him, but he was more than willing to let Elizabth take the lead.

“You’re the captain of this ship,” he said back to her with a winky-faced emoji. .

Even though she had put the idea out there, she still wasn’t entirely ready to go there. But she did go out and buy some special lube for when she was ready. For the next few weeks, every time they had sex, the thought was in the back of Elizabeth’s mind but she never got the courage to go for it. And Kyle never pressured her either. “Next time”, she’d say to herself.


A month or so had passed since Elizabeth had asked Kyle about going shooting. Tracking down a place to shoot and getting ammo during an ammunition shortage had proven harder than Kyle had expected. But then one evening, as Elizabeth and Kyle were ending a makeout session in his truck, he said to her, “Oh hey. My buddy says we can go shoot at his gun range on his property. And I think I’ve got enough ammo to give you a try on all of my guns.”

“Awesome, let’s do it!” Elizabeth replied, eagerly.

They made plans to meet up that Friday to go to the range. Elizabeth was excited to be popping this cherry and really happy that Kyle would be the one teaching her. With his confidence and skill, she fully trusted that he knew what he was doing and would keep her safe.

That Friday, she showed up at his place in a pair of denim cut-off shorts, white t-shirt, and sneakers. Her white lace bra just hinted through her t-shirt and her shorts accentuated her cute little ass. Her brunette hair was tied up in a perky ponytail.

He was looking hot in his jeans and a tee, with his close cropped hair and beard and Elizabeth couldn’t help but greet him with a deep, passionate kiss and gave his ass a squeeze in good measure.

“You nervous?” he asked her as they loaded up his truck with his rifles, shotguns, handguns, ammo and everything else he had prepared for their lesson.

“No, not really nervous. But we’ll see when I actually have a loaded gun in my hand,” she responded with a smile.

The backyard range was a bit rustic, but suitable for someone just learning to shoot. Kyle parked his truck towards the back of the range and he set out all the guns and ammo on the tailgate of the truck. He had two handguns, two rifles and two shotguns. He placed the first paper plate target out on a board at the end of the range.

Picking up the .22 rifle, he first showed her how to load it. Then after outfitting themselves with ear and eye protection he shot first, showing her the safety and how to hold, aim and fire and then handed the rifle to her. Trying her best to position the rifle on her shoulder and with a little tremble in her hands, she did her best to aim. She took a deep breath and then finally pulled the trigger, releasing the bullet. It landed nowhere near the target but she didn’t care. It was exhilarating and not anywhere as terrifying as she had expected. It was actually fun! Really fun! She was turned on by the power she was holding in her hands and also by the skill and knowledge that Kyle displayed. He was a good teacher and also looked really hot with a gun in his hand.

She shot through all the bullets in the .22 rifle before moving on to the other rifle. That one was bigger and had more kickback, which she handled pretty well. But when he offered up the shotguns to her, Kyle stood behind her, his body pressed up against hers to help absorb the kickback from those much stronger and powerful weapons. With his hands on her hips steadying her, the strength and safety she felt of his body up against hers was turning her on in a big way. After the shotguns, they moved on to handguns and she really enjoyed those, feeling more comfortable with the smaller weapons in her hands. Still a terrible shot, she was having fun and the energy and force she was yielding in her hands was exciting.

After a couple of hours, (and possibly one dead chipmunk killed by one of her wayward bullets), they packed up everything and headed out.

“That was a lot of fun! Thanks for taking me to do that,” she told Kyle as they got in the truck to head back to his house.

“Of course. I had fun too. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone shooting and I forgot how much fun it can be,” he said back to her.

Back at his house, they unloaded everything out of the truck, and then checked each other for ticks. They had spotted a few of them at the range and always had to be careful with them in their part of the country. Standing in his kitchen, they stripped down to their underwear and escort etimesgut looked over each other’s bodies for the wayward insects.

Thankfully, not spotting any, Kyle reached his hand to Elizabeth’s lacy panties and pulled them down. She stepped her feet out of them and stood there naked. “They like warm spots…I better check down here too,” he half-jokingly said as he slid his fingers down to her arousal. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned, instinctively wiggling her hips, as his finger pressed past her swollen lips and into her warm tunnel. He pushed two of his fingers deep inside her, reaching towards her g-spot. Facing him, with his fingers inside of her, their lips engaged in a deep kiss, she reached down to begin pulling off his underwear. He pulled his finger out from inside her, running it up along her labia and clit before he pulled his underwear off the rest of the way. She placed her hand on his now throbbing cock and rubbed it up against her. It felt so good, sliding along her wet, swollen vulva lips, teasing her clit. Her juices glistened off the head of his cock. Lips still embraced, they both let out a soft moan.

Kyle, then carefully lifted Elizabeth up and laid her back on the nearby kitchen island. He made his way down to her pussy and began teasing her with his tongue, making ever so soft and light touches on her. He then began, running his tongue in long sweeping up and down motions, moving it from her opening to her clit. Back and forth, back and forth and with each sweep of his tongue, she cried out in ecstasy. He then shoved his tongue into her wet opening and began eating her out with a passionate frenzy. She could barely contain herself as his tongue and mouth moved wildly all over her. He shook his head enthusiastically from side to side and she nearly burst at the intensity this caused.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she repeatedly cried out. She looked down at him and could see a fire in his eyes as he was thoroughly enjoying satisfying her. She rubbed her hands through his hair, pulling him closer into her pussy. He then bent her knees into her chest and pushed her onto her back even further, giving himself prime access to lick her ass. He made little circles at first with his tongue, then pokes with the tip of his tongue, sending little jolts of pleasure like electric shocks through her body. He then moved to long strokes from her ass over her sopping pussy and up to her clit, before making his way down again.

“Ooooooh god, that feels sooooo good,” she bellowed, following up with a deep moan. With her hands holding on to the sides of the counter and her back arched, she was practically crying at the extreme pleasure.

He then paused, licked her arousal from his lips and pulled her up to sit on the counter where he laid a big, wet kiss full of her own moisture on her lips. Kyle then eased Elizabeth off the counter and took her by the hand, leading him back to his bedroom.

In the bedroom, he bent Elizabeth over the side of the bed. She placed her hands on the bed to steady herself and he easily slid his bulging cock into her very, very wet pussy. “Oooooh God,” she exclaimed as he pressed deep into her. He wasted no time pounding into her, hard and fast, pulling her hips back toward him as he thrust into her. Their skin slapping together, his balls slamming into her, she cried out with every thrust as he bottomed out inside her. She then adjusted her body more upright, almost to stand, and was about to reach her hand down to rub her clit, when he took hold of her arms and held them behind her. He was fully dominating her now and she was totally in his control…and she liked it. He kept plunging his hard cock into her, seemingly deeper with every push. He held tight to her, not releasing her from his hold. Then, without warning, he let her arms go and she collapsed forward onto the bed, with him following to lay on top of her. She let out a deep exhalation as she caught her breath.

“Fuck you,” she breathlessly said with a smile in her voice and he let out a little chuckle in response.

They repositioned themselves so that they were now lying on their sides facing each other on the bed. She bent her knees into her chest and he pressed his cock into her willing pussy. She moved her top leg in between his legs, so they were now in a scissors position and his cock pushed even deeper into her. They fell into a slow intimate rhythm now as they pulled their bodies close to one another with each movement of their hips. In this position, they could reach their lips towards one another and exchange kisses in between heated breaths. Elizabeth loved that they could go from such dominant and animalistic sex to more intimate and tender sex within just minutes.

Elizabeth then motioned for Kyle to roll onto his back and they disengaged momentarily while he laid back with his head on the pillows. She straddled his legs and sat back onto his hardness, slowly filling herself with his elvankent escort cock, squeezing it with her pelvic muscles as she eased down onto him. With slow movements, she began riding up and down on his manhood. She placed one hand on his chest and gripped at his chest hair and with her other hand, she began rubbing at her swollen clit. He was loving this show, watching her tits bounce up and down while she pleasured herself. And he loved seeing his cock being devoured by her. He wanted to – no, had to – add to her pleasure.

He took one of his hands, moistened it in his mouth and then moved it down to her ass. He tickled and pressed on her asshole before gently inserting his pointer finger into her tightness. As he pressed past the tight opening, she let out a deep “Ahhhhh” and relaxed her body more as he pushed harder and deeper into her, all the while, still continuing with her up and down movement on his cock and rubbing herself. They continued like this for a while. Biting her lip, she looked down to him and they locked eyes, feeling truly connected.

“Fuck, that feels good,” she murmured to him.

He smiled and nodded back at her, happy to be pleasing her.

With her ass warmed up from his earlier rimming and now finger fucking, she was fully enjoying this dual penetrative action. She knew this was the time: Elizabeth was finally ready to accept his cock into her ass.

“I think I’m ready,” she quietly said to him. Adding with a little smirk and a chuckle, “Might as well pop all my cherries today, right?”

“You sure?” he asked.

“Mmmm hmmm,” she said, nodding her head. “Just promise we take it really, really slow. And we have to use lots of lube. And if I want to stop, we stop”

“Of course. It’s all you,” he replied gently, putting her at ease.

“Hold on a sec,” she said as she climbed off of him and ran off to get the special lube from her bag. “Here, let’s try this. It’s supposed to be awesome,” she said as she handed him the small vial.

He got off the bed and positioned her so she was lying on her back with her ass near the edge of the bed. Standing next to the bed, he applied a lot of lube to both his cock and to her ass. He bent her legs towards her chest, lined up his dick for entry, and ever so slowly began to push into her ass. There was a twinge of pain as the head of his penis began pushing into her virgin territory. She let out a deep breath at this new sensation, relaxing her body, and going with the feeling.

“Is this ok?” Kyle asked, with genuine care for her.

“Mmm hmmm,” she responded with a slight nod of her head.

He eased further into her ever so carefully. After the head of his penis had fully penetrated her, he paused to give her time to breathe and get used to it. He then pushed in a little bit further and then a little bit further. “Slooooooow,” she reminded him.

Slowly, he continued like that until he was fully inside her. She gasped a bit, then let out a deep breath and relaxed her muscles again. There wasn’t much pain, just a new sensation and a feeling of fullness in her body that she’d never felt before. She was pleasantly surprised at how it felt and she relaxed her body further by reaching down to her clit and began gently rubbing it. Seeing her more relaxed, Kyle applied even more lube to the base of his cock and her ass and then began to pull in and out of her slightly.

“Sloooooww,” she repeated and he eased on the speed but continued his movements.

She then moved her fingers into her pussy and could feel his cock from inside her, moving back and forth within her ass. Being able to feel his cock in this entirely new way was super hot and she pressed her fingers into his dick from within her tunnel. With his cock in her ass, and now two of her fingers in her pussy, she began rubbing her clit harder and faster. She was moaning and crying out loud now.

So many nerve endings were being triggered at once, she was getting close to a very big release. She continued pounding herself with her fingers and rubbing furiously on her clit, while Kyle was thrusting into her ass, still gently, but with a little more intensity. She tightened her pelvic and butt muscles, squeezing around him and then as she spun her fingers madly on her clit, her body let forth a monstrous orgasm unlike one she’d ever felt before. Her body convulsed from her pelvis all the way up her shoulders and she spasmed almost uncontrollably as the climax roared through her entire body. “HOLY FUCK!” she called out, completely out of breath.

Kyle paused, giving her a moment to let her recover, before he continued his ass thrusts, picking up a little more speed and intensity. Still sensitive from her orgasm, she was breathing hard and fast and highly sensitive to this pounding.

“Oh my god, fuck yeah,” she called to him knowing he was close to release. With a few harder thrusts, he then let forth a deep sigh. “Ooooooooooh god,” he moaned as he let forth, spurting his cum into her tight ass. She clenched all her muscles around him, as he continued pressing inside her, releasing more of his fluid into her. He let out a deep, contented sigh as he slowly pulled out of her ass, trailing out some of his cum with him.

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