Ocak 31, 2023

Pool Party for Two

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I invited my lady friend over for a swim. She has a sexy low cut two piece bathing suit with just enough coverage over the nipples and if it was any lower, her clit would pop out. She has some full b-breasts, very proportionate to her body, tight athletic buttocks and legs and strong six pack abs, captivating blue eyes, long brown hair, a cute smile, golden tan, and no pubic hair. I have an athletic build, nice tan, short dark brown hair, a better than average penis, and I’m wearing swim trunks down to the middle of my thighs, showing my muscular legs.

We just lie there poolside getting some sun, sipping on some drinks, then work our way down the ladder into the pool. She climbs onto me, legs wrapped around me; both of us essentially hugging each other as I slowly walk backwards, with a slightly squatted position, around the pool. We start kissing a little and decide to have her climb up on a raft, lying face down as I pull her around, kissing her on occasion or playfully smacking her sexy butt. Eventually we get to making out as I glide my hands along her back and side, coaxing her to turn on to her backside, but helping her turn to where her body is perpendicular to the raft, legs in the water and me standing between them with her bikini area exposed, an outline of her slightly swollen clit showing through her wet bottoms. Gently, I kiss her inner thighs, around her bikini area, and her outlined clitoris, until sliding her bikini bottom out of the way, exposing her sweet pussy, and start sucking on her clit. She puts one hand on my head, caressing her breast with the other, as I start to lick her pussy, slowly at first but continuing to get more aggressive and switching between sucking her clit and licking her pussy. She starts moaning more and more as she caresses her breasts, occasionally helping massage her clitoris until moaning loudly as her body gyrates and I taste her cum on my lips. I return the bikini bottoms to their rightful place while helping her maneuver to a lying position, properly on the raft. Turning the raft to where I am in a position just above her head, I reach around her head, grabbing and caressing each breast, eventually eryaman escort bayan sliding my hands under her top and continue to massage them and playfully twisting her nipples. She is able to move one of her hands down to her clit and begins pleasuring herself and caresses one of my arms with the other hand until I stand up to where I am high enough to kiss her without forcing her head into the water and begins caressing my head, running her fingers through my hair.

We gradually work our way over towards the ladder, allowing me to sit and recline slightly as Roxy rolls off the raft, starting to tease and suck my nipples as she reaches in to undo my trunks, allowing her to slide them down enough to expose my cock and balls. She grabs my cock and gobbles it up, sucking it as she continues to stroke it, occasionally teasing my balls with her tongue. Her other hand continues caressing my balls and teasing the rim of my anus as I hold on tight to the ladder, hoping not to fall off with all of the stimulation. As I approach climax, she utters the works “uh huh” several times until I cum in her mouth, she pulls my cock out as she swallows, getting some cum on her lips and allowing her to lick some more out of my tip.

She slides my trunks the rest of the way off, as I untie her top, her breasts flopping out as she straightens up and I untie the back. I help her over to the ladder and slide her bottoms off as she makes her way up, and with a little smack on her bottom she hops up onto the deck as I follow. I kneel down in front of her, beginning to lick her pussy as she leans against the railing, her body glistening in the sun as she leans her head back, muscles in her arms showing just slightly as she holds herself up. Hearing her moan, I rollover onto my back and pull her down so she is straddling my head, facing my cock, as I lick her pussy and occasionally her anus. She really enjoys it more and more as she notices my cock getting harder and harder until finally leaning forward and starts sucking it in 69. We eventually roll over to our sides and I start standing up, slowed by her unwillingness to give up my cock but get her to stop just enough etimesgut escort to get a good hold on her and pick her up, bring her up into a standing 69 position. Her legs are on my shoulders, my arms around her waist, she is sucking and stroking my cock while managing to use her other hand to help me hold her u as I lick her pussy wildly. My cock is so hard in this position right now it’s hard to stand up, but we manage this position for a while until deciding to get back into the pool. However, as I start to put her down gently, we decide to fuck standing up. She climbs onto me, wrapping her legs around me just above my hips, hands tightly against the back of my neck, I insert my throbbing cock into her pussy, grabbing under her ass to get some leverage. Moaning as she slides up and down my cock, looking into my eyes and kissing me passionately until working my way over to the ladder and climbing down as she clings to me, startled a little by the coolness of the water, we begin going at it again, passionately harder.

Deciding to change positions, she stands in front of me, facing away as I gently pull her head back, kissing her neck and caressing her breasts, abdomen, and her pussy gently. She moans and softly says “yes” as I ask her if she wants me insider her. I maneuver enough to where I can penetrate her pussy, from behind, while still caressing her breasts, picking up one of her feet as I start to pump my cock inside her. I bring her foot to a position just above my right ass cheek, pumping her harder now until she reaches her arms back behind y head grabbing my neck. Positioning my right hand on the thigh of her right leg, I grab her left foot as she raises it, placing it behind me so she can cross her ankles, now grabbing her hip and abdominal area as my hard cock pleasures her deep inside. She is in ecstasy now as I can see a lot of her muscles tightening as she struggles to hold herself in place, shaking and screaming as she cums.

I have a tight hold on her as she uncrosses her ankles, dropping her feet to the pool bottom, but not allowing me to pull out as we work our way over to the ladder. escort elvankent She bends to the side, just enough to squeeze my ass cheek and spank it, half in and out of the water as she gives off a little giggle before turning and placing both hands on the ladder. I start fucking her pussy pretty hard doggy style while she also moves her body enough to cause my cock to slide out further causing a smacking sound as our bodies come together. As I start to slow somewhat, I begin to tease her anus with my fingers, lubricating them with my saliva as I slowly insert my thumb in her ass, fingering it as I continue pounding her pussy. After several moaning of “ooooo, that feels good,” she mutters “I want your cock in my ass!”, but before I can respond, she has grabbed my cock and is inserting the head. I slowly slide my rod all the way in, gently working it in and out as she positions a forearm across a step on the ladder, resting her head as she pleasures her pussy with her fingers. As I start pumping harder until I am pounding her ass, I can hear her head and forearm bumping against the pool side while her moans get louder. I stop momentarily to pick her up so she is lying partially on the deck, between the ladder, and I have to get onto one of the steps so we are mostly out of the water and her legs are more outside my body as I insert back into her ass, pounding it hard s she pleasures her pussy. She is moaning louder again as she starts to orgasm and I pull out just when I’m starting to cum, exploding all over her ass and low back. Then I bend down just enough to lick some of her sweet nectar from her pussy.

She rubs the cum into her ass and low back as I jump into the pool, working my way back towards the ladder where I grab her sexy body and pull her in as she giggles and laughs. Then we kiss a little before climbing back onto the deck to lie there on our stomachs to get some sun. Roxy climbs onto my back, then starts giving me a massage as she grinds her hips into my ass and left thigh until having me slide my feet apart just enough to straddle my leg. She places both of her hands on my ass and starts rubbing her pussy on the back of my thigh, moaning and writhing in ecstasy as I feel her juices running down my leg until cumming . She swipes her fingers through her cum on my leg, lies on my back, reaching around to have me lick and suck the juice off her fingers, then just lying there and relaxing on my back as we fall asleep

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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