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Podunk Peggy

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I handed the pretty brunette cashier a hundred. She snickered a little, her brown eyes lowered, as she counted out my change.

“What’s funny?” I asked her.

She looked at her aisle to be sure no one was waiting to check out. Then she said in a low voice, “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you’re S***** J**** .”

I grinned at her. “Yes, I noticed.”

“So what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be somewhere a little more glamorous, starring in a movie or interviewing on The Tonight Show?”

Here was a Small Mart department store in Podunk, Nowhere. “Car broke down,” I explained. “Being fixed. I’m here the night, and tomorrow.”

“Bummer. But I’m pleased to meet you, Mr. J****. I’m a fan. $95.04.” She handed me my change.

“Call me S*****. Pleased to meet you, too–” I said, glancing at her name tag, “–Peggy.” It was hard not to notice that, underneath her name tag, she had fantastic tits. “Are you busy the rest of the evening? I’d love for you to join me for dinner.”

She grimaced with regret. “I just came on shift, and I’m working until closing. I wish I could.”

“Where’s your manager?”

She pointed. “Bess. The blonde. Going to complain about me?”

“Oh yeah. I’m hoping she’ll fire you on the spot.” I winked to let Peggy know I was kidding, and she grinned back. Her teeth were very straight, like she had worn braces at some point, and she had dimples in her freckled cheeks.

I went over to Bess, money clip in hand, and got her attention. “Peggy has a family emergency,” I said to her, laying a hundred-dollar bill on the service counter. “She needs the rest of the day off. And, if I’m lucky, possibly all day tomorrow.”

Bess’s eyes flew open. “Listen,” she said in a low, fierce voice, “I don’t care if you are a big-shot movie star; you can’t just steal my employees.”

I laid a second hundred on top of the first.

“Are you crazy? I’m not going to accept a bribe!”

But she was whispering, and her eyes were on the money, so I knew her heart wasn’t in it. So I laid down a third, and then a fourth. I kept laying them down until Bess shut up.

It cost me eight hundred dollars to get Peggy the night off. Bess pocketed the bribe and then walked over and cordoned off Peggy’s aisle. “I’m sorry to hear about your family emergency, Peggy,” she said. “After you’ve waited on the last person in line, you can bag up your money and then clock out.”

I used the time to call us a cab. It must take a long time to bag up and clock out, because by the time Peggy was ready to go, I was paying the cabbie to wait. She came out the front door, carrying her jacket over one shoulder. Because she had her vest off, I could see not only the clear outline of her spectacular tits, but the smooth skin of her bare belly under the thin midriff t-shirt she was wearing–and, below that, the easy swing of her big, round hips. I had supposed she was standing on a raised platform behind the register, but I realized, minus an inch or two for her thick-soled boots, she really was that tall; easily six feet, most of it long, graceful leg. I waved to her and she walked toward me.

“I didn’t think you’d do it,” she said, smiling.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” I said. I acted like I was kidding, but it was the truth; never before or since.

“Neither have I,” she said. “Where do you want to have dinner?”

Never one to beat around the bush, I said, “How about we take in some room service at the Grand?”

“Jesus. I’ve never even been there, and I’ve lived in this town my whole life.”

“It’s nice. You’d like it.”

“You’re on,” she said, and helped herself into the cab.

The trip to the Grand Hotel was thirty minutes in rush-hour traffic. We didn’t wait. I scooted over close to her and kissed her, and she melted against me. She wrapped her arms around my neck, arched the bare small of her back under my hands, and I felt her tits press soft against my ribcage, her hip hard against my thigh. She felt great, smelled great; floral and slightly musky. Her mouth on mine, her soft, warm tongue, felt like my first million bucks. I wrapped my arms around her waist and dragged her onto my lap so I could feel her firm, round ass, and so she could feel my erection through my pants. She “mmph”-ed when her knee caught on the seat in front of us. I didn’t let it stop me, but dragged her astride my lap instead of side-saddle. Her skin felt like velvet, smooth and dense; I pressed her against my torso, her big soft tits, hard metal belt buckle, and the large, moist pocket of warmth growing between her thighs, in the crotch of her twill pants.

“Cop,” the cabbie warned us laconically. Peggy swung gracefully off my lap and into her own seat, and we buckled our seatbelts. The cab pulled to a stop at an intersection next to the state trooper’s car, and we acted innocent until the light changed and traffic started moving again. As soon as the cop was out of sight, I reached behind her head and pulled a hairpin from her hair. Her neat bun drooped, but didn’t fall down completely, and she laughed and reached back and eryaman gerçek escort numaları pulled out a few more pins. Her hair fell down, a thick rope of of rich chestnut that smelled like inexpensive floral shampoo and hair detangler. I buried my face in it. I almost got my eye put out by a final stray hairpin, but it was worth it. She laughed and kissed my ear, sucked the lobe into her mouth. I closed my teeth lightly on the back of her neck and growled, to make her laugh some more. She did. It was a rich laugh. She was a rich woman, rich like a rich dessert.

We made out until the cab pulled up in front of the Grand, and even for a few minutes while the cabbie hemmed and harrumphed to get our attention. He seemed a lot less put off by our behavior in his backseat after I gave him two Benjamins and told him to keep the change. I took Peggy by the arm and led her to the elevator, waving a “later” hand at the concierge who tried to flag me down to give me my messages. We were lucky enough to get an empty elevator and we made out some more. My arousal was growing painful; I could feel the teeth of the zipper on my jeans through the fabric of my shorts, and I could feel her heat and flesh there, too, as I pressed against her lower belly. “This elevator is going so slow,” I whispered in her ear. “I can’t stand it. I can’t wait to get you in my room. I’m so ready to strip your clothes off and fuck you until you can’t move.” I felt her quiver, heard her gasp; it was gratifying. I kept going. “I want to go down on you like a starving man eating a hot apple pie. I want to make you come over and over and over.”

She moaned aloud, moving her body against me. I couldn’t help but think of how she would feel, moving in the exact same way, making that exact same sound, her warm, wet pussy wrapped around my dick. I pulled the collar of her shirt aside and put my mouth on her bare skin where the shoulder meets the neck, felt with my lips and teeth the tough cords of muscle underneath as she moved her head to one side, giving more of her neck to me. The elevator went ding as the doors began to open, and my security detail stood there looking at me, their faces grim. With a wry smile, I led Peggy out of the elevator.

“Jerry called and said you left him at the repair shop, S*****,” Juice greeted me. “We were about to call the police.”

“Guys, this is Peggy. Peggy, this is Luis, Doug and OJ.”

“Nice to meet you, ma’am,” OJ said. He showed her the metal detector wand. “Mind raising your arms and standing with your feet shoulder-width apart?”

I said, “Come on, Juice, I grabbed her from behind her cash register at Small Mart. She’s not going to murder me.” But Peggy was already standing with her arms out and her feet apart; farther apart than shoulder-width. She looked good like that. She threw me a wicked grin to let me know she knew it.

OJ passed the wand all around her body. I never wanted to be a metal detector wand so bad in my life. It sang out when he passed it across her front torso, so he did it again. Right across her breasts.

“Underwire, ma’am?” Juice asked her.

Peggy shook her head and said, “Piercings. Want to see?”

Juice smiled and said to her, “No thanks, ma’am, I think I can take your word on that.” He ran the wand down her front and it whined at her silver belt buckle, shaped like a skull and crossbones, and again at the steel toes of her clunky boots.

“Okay,” Juice told her, “You’re all set.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Juice,” Peggy said, giving him a charming smile. “You too, Luis, Doug.”

“You too, ma’am,” Juice said to her. “We’ll give you your privacy. We’re going to radio hotel management to stop the elevator one floor down, so if you want to leave, you’ll need to go down one flight to take the elevator. Now, once you go downstairs, you’ll need one of us to unlock one of the doors to let you back up on this floor. One or two of us will be near each door. Don’t hesitate to radio us or come talk to us if you need anything.”

“We’re going to call up room service,” I said.

“But probably not for a while,” Peggy supplied, grinning.

“Let us know when you do, we’ll bring it up. Do us a favor and don’t order the whole menu, huh, S*****? Those damn carts are a son of a bitch to get upstairs without the elevator. One is enough.”

“Yeah, Juice, all right.”

They went downstairs, Doug talking on the radio. Peggy looked at me and said, “Wow, it’s like you’re some kind of foreign ambassador.”

“Someone tried to kill me in Dar es Salaam when I was filming House of Peace. I don’t take chances since then.”

“I don’t blame you. Shall we go in? I want to see what your room looks like.”

It wasn’t a room so much as it was a suite. There was a sitting room, a full kitchen and three bedrooms. It was more than I needed, really, but having the whole top floor of the hotel was the best way to stay safe, and since I was paying for it I took the biggest suite and let my staff arm-wrestle over the others. It was impeccably decorated, for beauty as well as an appearance of comfort, and sincan escort there were no fewer than three shrink-wrapped fruit baskets on the tables. I never know why they put those fruit baskets in the suites. No one ever eats the fruit. It could be plastic fruit and you’d never know.

Peggy was impressed. “This place is bigger than the apartment I share with two roommates and a cat,” she remarked. “Probably costs more than I make in a year. You live like this all the time?”

“Yep. Pretty much.”

“Must be nice.”

I grinned at her. “Lucky you. You get to try it on, see if it fits.”

“I bet it fits fine,” she said, giving me a naughty grin, quirking her eyebrows.

“Let’s see,” I said, stepping over to her. I hauled her off her feet and carried her laughing to the bed.

I laid her down on her back and pulled her shirt off over her head. I was curious about the nipple piercings she had mentioned. She was wearing a lavender bra made of thick, satiny fabric, probably to hide her piercings for work. It hooked closed in front, thank God, so I had no trouble undoing it. I pulled the cups aside and admired her for a second or two. She was ivory and pink, her areolae small and light, her nipples large and dark, pierced twice each with concentric silver hoops. I thumbed across one, and she inhaled sharply through her nose, arched up into my hands. I bent down to lick and suck one of the dark nipples, played with the rings with my tongue, and she moaned low in the back of her throat, almost a purr.

“Take my pants off,” she said. I did, first unbuckling her skull-and-crossbones belt and then unfastening and pulling her tweed pants off. She raised her hips to help me out, and while she had her ass off the bed, I smacked it. She shrieked, giggling, and slapped at my hands. I threw her pants overboard and played with her other nipple rings with my mouth, hooking my tongue through the larger one and tugging gently, making her moan and squirm for more. She reached for my face and kissed me, and her mouth tasted like Altoid mints and the last cigarette she had smoked. I must have kissed her for about half an hour, or that’s what it felt like to me. She got my pants off me in the meantime, and my shirt, too, although I don’t recall how because it was a pull-over t-shirt and we didn’t separate so she could pull it off over my head. I think she may have ripped it off with her bare hands. I’m getting horny again just remembering.

She broke the kiss abruptly; left me wanting more, as they say in the business. By this time I was on my back, and her long, warm naked body was draped atop me, her soft, flawless breasts pressed against my chest. She said, “You’ve never done this before? Not like with me?”

And suddenly she looked so tender and vulnerable, I had to hug her. I squeezed her and said, “No.” I kept eye contact with her to make sure she knew I meant it.

She hugged me back and said, “Neither have I. I don’t go home with strangers. I’ve seen you in the movies but I don’t know you. You must think I’m a whore.”

I smiled. “I think you’re very cute, and sexy, and I want to fuck you cross-eyed. But you work at Small Mart. If you were a whore, you’d be so busy making so much money having sex all the time, it wouldn’t be worth it to check people out at a department store. Right?”

She grinned, and once again she was the checkout girl I’d fallen in…lust with. I turned us over and lay down on top of her, feeling her soft body yield under mine. She wrapped her legs around me and I rubbed my dick against her pussy, feeling how warm she was down between her thighs, how wet and smooth and slick. She arched and rubbed back against me, wanting me to give it to her, to put it inside her. I made her wait. I drew away; I left her wanting more.

I got up on my knees, sat back on my haunches, and she didn’t wait for an invitation. She got down and started working on my dick with her mouth, and just watching her like that, bent over and back arched, seeing her lick me and suck me up and down with her pussy juice all over my dick, made me even harder; but her mouth was marvelous. She was like an artist at work. She sucked me hard, soft, fast, slow, shallow, deep. She worked that dick up and down and sideways. She licked her tongue all around the head and down between my dick and my balls. She took me all the way in her mouth so I was afraid she wasn’t going to be able to breathe. She finished up by sucking the head and stroking the shaft firmly in her fist, faster and faster, until I lost it completely, moaned out loud and poured into her mouth like Old fucking Faithful. I came until I thought I was done for the day.

Peggy and I shared a cigarette. She let me have more than my share; I don’t think she was as interested in having a cigarette as she was in getting her piece of the pie. When we were done smoking, I pushed Peggy down onto her back, bent her knees to get a good angle, and got down between her legs to give her what she deserved. I didn’t think I had it in me to fuck her now, but I could give her an orgasm or two this batıkent escort way.

She raised her head and looked down at me. “What are you doing?” she said.

I looked up at her from between her thighs with a raised eyebrow. “Baking a cake,” I said. “What’s it look like? I told you in the elevator I wanted to go down on you.”

“Everyone says they will.” She laughed. “No one’s ever actually done it with me before.”

I said, “God, you’re kidding.”

“No, no kidding.”

I shook my head. “That sucks. You never want to be a woman’s first anything, because forever thereafter, everyone is compared to you.”

“From what I hear, all girls are supposed to be virgins and sit on a block of ice until they meet the guy they’re fucking.”

“Nah, too intimidating. What I want is to be the best you ever had.”

“Well, I’ll tell you, S, you’re winning so far. And we didn’t even fuck yet.”

I laughed, and then went down and licked her all the way up and down. She was already keyed up, so she got tense and started breathing deeply, but I hadn’t even really gotten started. I licked up from the bottom of her slit until I found her clit inside her folds, and I used my tongue to lick and fiddle her clit back and forth while I touched her pussy with my fingers, running the smooth pads of my fingertips right around her inner lips. I found a good comfortable rhythm and just kept doing what I was doing, slow and steady. I sort of got distracted by the process, though, because I was so hypnotized by how rich and sexy Peggy tasted and smelled, and how velvety and silky her sweet, wet pussy felt, how great it would feel to have my dick inside her, buried to the balls and pumping, that before I knew it she was yelling my name and coming on my mouth, her pussy pulsing all around my fingers, her clit throbbing under the tip of my tongue. You think a man can’t tell when a woman’s faking it? Think again. I can, and Peggy wasn’t. I slowed down and backed off, and looked up at Peggy again. She was flushed and perspiring, breathing hard. I gave her a couple of minutes.

Then I said, “How do I compare now?”

She took a deep breath and sighed a satisfied hmmmmmm. “You win,” she said.

I smiled at her, then straightened her right leg and laid my head on her thigh, still stroking her inner pussy lips gently with slow fingers, knowing enough to stay away from her clit while she recovered. In a few minutes, I thought, I could do it again, make her call out my name like she did. I liked how it sounded; liked it an unreasonable amount.

She tightened her buttocks and moved with my fingers, closed her eyes again and got into the rhythm. My dick was pressed against her right leg on the bed, and next to it I felt her calf muscles tighten, and I saw the toes on her left foot curl. I looked at her face; she bit her lips, drew her brows together. I tasted her on my lips and inhaled her scent, and my dick started to move.

Incredible. I thought I was done.

I pressed two fingers inside her. She was wet inside, and smooth and hot; her muscles contracted around my fingers briefly, then relaxed. She gasped, let out a shuddering breath, and there was suddenly nothing in the world I wanted more than to be inside her, her brown hair in my hands, her warm breath on my face, in my ears, and her warm, wet pussy wrapped around my dick. I pressed a little harder against her leg, once and again, four or five times, encouraging my dick to get more erect, getting ready for her. I took my fingers out of her pussy and sucked them clean, one at a time, while I slowly humped her leg, and my dick got as hard as it had been in the cab on the way to the hotel. I crawled forward and pushed it into her, and she sighed as I filled her up, arched her back and pressed her tits against my chest, her nipple rings cold from the air conditioning. I flexed my abs to arch my body against her, and looked down between our bodies to see where we joined together. She bent her knees to hug my hips with her strong legs, wrapped her calves around behind my thighs, and moved her hips, begging me with her body for more. I went slow, slower than I wanted to go, so slow I could feel every inch of her insides, every fold and dimple. I bent in for a kiss, closed my eyes and tried to memorize the way she felt when I fucked her this slowly, when I explored her mouth with my tongue; every inch of every stroke, and every brush of her lips and slide of her tongue over mine. She moaned into my mouth and arched her back, encouraged me to go faster, to push harder. I picked up the pace, gripping her hip with one hand, cupping her face in the other, cushioning my weight on her softness. I felt her, tasted and smelled her, loved the way she looked and the way she looked at me; I loved her voice when she moaned and sighed, when she spoke to me, said my name and whispered, “I’m almost there, keep going; keep going.” And although I was almost there too, almost ready to tip off the edge of that cliff for the second time that day, I clenched my muscles and gritted my teeth and fucked her harder, fucked her faster, whatever she told me to do; but when she came again, I couldn’t stop myself from going with her. I felt her begin to tighten and pulse, her inner muscles stroking me, and I groaned and let my control slip, let the explosion come, the throbbing and heat of my fluids mingling with hers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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