Ocak 28, 2023

Pleasure For My Man

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My eyes opened just enough to see the sunlight streaming through the bedroom window. They quickly closed and I took a deep breath in. I felt my head nestled against my comfy pillow and my tempurpedic bed molding to my body. I felt warmth radiating from next to me and knew my husband was lying still lost in his world of dreams. For a moment, I fantasized that his dream was about me and we were lost in ecstasy together.

I reached my arm over and felt my finger tips just brush against his leg. I am always amazed by how incredible the touch of his skin feels against mine. I rolled over so that more of our skin could touch and with that one movement remembered the reason why there had been so little touching lately.

It had been a week since we made love or had any type of erotic contact. For us, this is very unusual and not at all welcome. However, I had just had surgery and was left with a very sore and stitched together body. The Dr’s orders were strict and clear that I was to be involved in very little activity and restrict my motions. I was trying hard to comply so that I could make my way back to my normal life as soon as possible.

Carefully I turned my body so that I was facing my husband. He had been so supportive of me during a difficult time. I watched him in his sleep. Before long my hand was eryaman genç escort bayanlar reaching out to him just as it always does.

My fingers lightly traced along his abdomen and walked their way down to his cock, which began to stir. I love watching the first spasms and cajoling it into the hard cock that I always so readily desire.

His eyes opened and he covered my hand with his. “No. Don’t hurt yourself. It’s ok baby” he said.

I was filled with such desire for this man and planned to have my way with him. I couldn’t offer more than slight participation but I wanted to see him pleasured.

“It’s ok,” I whispered. “I want this. I want you.”

He allowed my hand to continue the soft stroking which he had stopped. I felt the tip of his cock and took the precum with my fingertips. I ran them up and down and then wrapped my fingers around the now well lubed shaft. I heard a small moan escape form him.

He rolled onto his side so that I could reach him more easily. “MMMM … wonderful” I thought and I took his nipple into my mouth.

My tongue lightly licked and tasted until my lips sucked his nipple into my mouth. I gave a little nibble and then flicked it with my tongue.

“You’re going to have to help me out a bit,” I told him as I placed his hand on his cock. He ankara escort bayan kept the rhythm going as I brought my hand to his chest. I caressed and nibbled as he stroked. I lightly licked his ear and kissed his neck as he continued to stroke.

“Kiss me” I whispered.

He brought his face close to mine and I instantly locked onto his lips. I kissed him hard and let my tongue explore every part of his mouth that it could find. I felt his body tense and his warm cum land on my arm.

“Thank you baby” I said.

“Why are you thanking me?” he said with a soft laugh.

“Because I couldn’t take one more day of not bringing you pleasure” I told him.

After politely listening to his speech about taking care of myself and not doing any further damage, I went on with my day. Which, for now, primarily consisted of reading books and watching tv.

Despite the lecture, I found myself fantasizing about him throughout the day. Our morning activities had created a bit of a spark in me and I planned on having some more fun later that night.

Bedtime finally came. We climbed into our big bed and lay down close to one another. He reached for the remote, as usual, expecting regular tv to appear on the screen. He showed some surprise when the screen was filled images of naked etimesgut escort women.

“Honey, I want you to get better. Please don’t feel like you have to do this” he said.

“I don’t have to do this. I WANT to do this. And I won’t do anything that hurts. I promise,” I told him.

The girls in the video were really getting going. They both had massive tits just as he likes. I turned his head so that he was facing the screen again. I saw him watch with pleasure as I helped him achieve an erection.

I gently pushed him away from me and placed my head down at the foot of our bed. I used my finger to call him over to me. I guided his legs so that he was straddling my head and I took his cock into my mouth. He could see the tv and I could suck him.

My tongue traveled up and down. My lips closed tightly around him. I took his cock as deep into my mouth as I could. Then I let his cock fall from my lips and let my tongue find his balls. I licked and sucked them into my mouth one at a time. I released them and my tongue continued on its journey and ended at his ass. It licked and played and began its return trip to his cock.

I let it be for just a moment. Letting the cool air hit it. I saw my husband look back at the tv and at that moment I took his whole shaft deep into my mouth. My lips wrapped tightly and my tongue kept moving. He started pumping into my mouth. I sucked harder and was rewarded with a mouthful of cum.

He lay down beside me and I reached for his hand.

“That was fantastic!” he told me.

“Yeah it was,” I said. “But just wait till I’m better!”

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