Şubat 5, 2023

Please Spank Me Ch. 3

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Anri Okita

Things were slow on the farm this time of year. Mostly maintenance on the farm equipment. Ben knew he would have to lay off some of his field hands so he called a meeting for the next morning.

Mari was still damp from her morning shower and her t-shirt clung to her moist body, enhancing every curve. Ben took a deep breath and looked at all his field hands, “Crew, we are facing hard times and I’m gonna have to lay some of you off.” Moans were heard among the workers. Ben continued, “I hired you all at the same time and so none of you have seniority over another. Therefore, in determining how I will choose who goes and who stays I will have each of you come interview with me as if you were applying for your job all over again. I will pick four of you to stay on over the winter, six of you will have to hit the road.

Mari couldn’t believe her ears, what would she do if she was one of the six? Ben announced the times that each of them would have their interviews. Mari was a little concerned that she was last on the list.

The interviews began that afternoon and continued until Mari’s turn at 8:00 p.m. Mari had prepared herself by putting on the only dress she owned. It was a red spandex salsa dress, made for clinging to your body through every step of the salsa dance. It was too tight to wear panties under and Mari’s bush was clearly visible as were her erect nipples Mari had been wearing this dress when she stepped off the bus in town. Ben had been in town at the farm supply store when he caught sight of her and offered her a ride and a job.

Mari shyly knocked on Ben’s door. “Come in,” Ben said. He stood up from his desk eryaman bayan escort and walked around to where Mari was, “My dear, my name is Ben.” Mari was confused but figured Ben was making this like a real interview and pretending he didn’t know anyone. “My name is Mari, sir. I am here to interview for a job as a field hand.” Ben laughed as he sat down and motioned to the chair for Mari to sit in as well, “my dear, you don’t look like any field hand I’ve ever had work for me. You look to sweet and soft to be out in the field all bent over…” Ben paused thinking about Mari bent over in her salsa dress, picking weeds. “Can you demonstrate to me, sweetie, just how you would do that?”

“Uh, you want me to pretend I’m picking weeds?” Mari asked. “Yes ma’am, and I want you to face me while you do this,” Ben’s request suddenly took on the sound of an order.

Mari complied with Ben’s request and spreading her legs slightly, bent over and pretending to pick weeds. Her firm breasts were nearly spilling out of her dress. She could hear Ben’s muffled laughter. She peeked at him out of the corner of her eye and could see he was rubbing his crotch. Her back was tiring of being bent over and she hoped he would tell her she could stop. However, Ben was not tiring of the view or the fantasy. His laughter grew quieter and deeper as his cock continued to grow. “Mmmmmm,” Ben was deeply satisfied with how his interview with Mari was gearing up to be. “Mari, ” Ben asked. “Yes sir, ” Mari answered while getting back upright. Ben continued to rub himself while he talked to her, “Mari, do you have any other clothes? A sweet thing like you could escort sincan not pick weeds in a sexy dress like that, and God girl, are you wearing any panties?

Mari shyly responded to his questions, “Sir, I do have a pair of shorts and a tank top but I don’t have any panties or bras. And no sir, I am not wearing any panties,” Mari said as she lifted up the front of her dress so Ben could see for himself. “Damn,” Ben shouted, :”Hot Damn. Excuse me a minute, missy.” Ben stood up and turned around. Mari could hear his zipper going down and could tell that he was pulling his fully erect cock out of his pants. He began stroking his cock, still with his back to her, and mumbling something she could not understand.

“Missy,” Ben called to her, “sometimes I walk around the house and the grounds like this.” With that, Ben turned around with a pulsating prick, fully erect at nearly nine inches. The head of his cock was red and swollen and glistening with precum. Ben continued, “Would this monster scare you, missy?” Ben laughed. “No sir,” Mari responded walking toward Ben. She lifted her tight dress up over her hips exposing ass and all and looking at Ben with an impish grin said, “I think I can handle your monster.” After saying that, she turned around showing her tight ass to Ben and did a little wiggle followed by a slow, sexy bump and grind. Mari threw in some fake moans of pleasure, making it sound like she was coming close to orgasm. Ben dropped back into his seat, never missing a stroke on his cock. “Damn, ” Ben said again, “Hot Damn.”

Mari continued her erotic dance for Ben, moaning louder and caressing elvankent escort bayan her body through her dress. “Take it off, missy, take it off…show me your body…show me your pretty body,” Ben ordered. Mari obediently complied and tossed her dress into the corner of the room. She picked up the pace of her dance, causing her breasts to sway with the bump and grind of her hips. Mari knew she had Ben in the palm of her hand as she continued her little dance of lust.

Mari desperately wanted to keep her job and was determined that this interview would assure that. She danced over to Ben and straddled his lap, doing the most hot and horny lap dance that Ben had ever experienced. She teased the head of his dick with the lips of her pussy over and over. Ben’s hips began convulsing, indicating he was near climax. Mari stood up, and then kneeled on the arms of the chair. This placed her pussy eye level with Ben. Ben was not shy, his tongue went to work immediately and he grabbed her ass so that she could not pull back if she wanted to. But Mari did not want to. Mari pumped her tight ass back and forth, sliding Ben’s tongue in and out of her pussy. Her moans turned authentic as the juices of her pussy flowed onto his tongue. Mari’s nipples ached and she pinched them while she pumped her pussy back and forth.

Ben, feeling his sticky cum beginning his ascent up the shaft of his cock, withdrew his tongue from Mari’s wet pussy. He pulled her down onto the chair and spread her legs. Ben straddled her right there, drilling her tight pussy with his huge cock. Mari gasped. She had never been fucked by such a big cock. In and out, in and out …Ben fucked her over and over and Mari gasped with pleasure now.

Both Mari and Ben climaxed simultaneously…and both collapsed afterwards from sheer exhaustion.

“Missy, you’ve got the job…and missy…Hot Damn, do you ever give a good job,” said Ben.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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