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Piercing for National Nude Day Ch. 09

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Sunday & Monday – The run up to our Grand Opening

Dear readers: Apologies that this has taken almost a year to come!

You may be totally confused this story. If so, please read the Piercing for NND sequences leading up to Sunday Evening. It might help you follow what is going on.


We spent the whole of Sunday morning clearing up from the nude barbeque, and orgy that followed. The latter had begun when my Partner suggested that we ate our puddings “hands free”. We had first met this when Kun Charlie had taken us to his own “hands free” restaurant in Bangkok. We had been fed by totally naked Thai girls.

Using our deserts whipped cream was used to hold strawberries onto erect nipples. These were then offered to the men. Morsels of delicious fruit were sucked off one by one, nipples elongating, and growing hard. More delights were placed on intimate parts of both boys, and girls. Everything, and everybody was slowly devoured. The atmosphere became more, and more erotic, leading finally to a glorious chain fuck.

It was great sex, and a stupendous end to the party.

We all slept well, although I first had relieved Chestnut of the huge dildo that had been driven deep into her arse. Then, on my return to bed, my Partner had made gentle love.

Everybody awoke late. We ate a lazy breakfast, before Lawyer took charge, and paired us off for morning ablutions.

I was not surprised that we all slept. Great sex makes you tired. We had wonderful sex.

After breakfast TF, Titian, and Parlour Girl, were “dressed” to go to collect the piercing kit from the Parlour, which we were now buying. They went out in his beautiful old MG.

Parlour Girl was “shackled” with various piercings connected by slightly over tight gold chains. Her cunt lips would be pulled as she walked, and as weights swayed. She was, beautiful, probably pregnant, very, very sexy. She was definitely completely naked, and devoid of any body hair below her head.

Titian wore an almost transparent shift dress, and nothing else. This was the one, which my Partner had modified, then first worn, on our preliminary expedition before our 2003 National Nude Day dinner. She looked divine. Her puffy nipples were pushed, and gently pulled through the embroidered holes, where earlier the restaurant owner had almost touched a bare nipple, stretched through a Starburst jewel.

All this dressing up gave TF an enormous erection. He left looking like a Roman Senator, except that he tented his toga. His penis was steel hard, pointing upwards, and out.

When they returned much piercing led to a very late lunch.

Chestnut, Lawyer, and I, bade farewell to our guests, as we felt sure that they should have left by the time we were finished our work. TF, Titian, Titian’s Mother had all indicated that they were going to leave. Lawyer Wife would obviously stay, along with Parlour Girl, who was now part of the family.

We retired to my office. We thought that we might have much to do, and that it would take the rest of the day. The idea was to save time agreeing structures, contracts, registering new companies, names, etc., before our inaugural meeting on Monday.

Lawyer was stark naked as he had been since he arrived for the barbeque.

Chestnut was also nude, as she had been all day. Her nipples stayed long, and engorged, on the ends of her wonderful globes. Each nipple was pierced by a beautiful, ball ended, gold bar. It was how I had finished dressing her in the middle of the night. This was after I had taken off all her jewels, then slowly ease the huge dildo out of her arse, before deep fisted her, during our midnight bath.

I continued to sport my cock ring, my nipple guards, and bars. I was also completely denuded of all body hair; something that the girls had done on Saturday morning as we dressed to prepare for the nude barbeque.

We sauntered to my office, closed the door, and settled down around three sides of my spectacular four hole partner desk. Logically Chestnut sat in the middle, beautiful, and demure.

She handed Lawyer all the documents that we had worked on before I fucked her in the arse with the large dildo on Saturday afternoon.

Silence descended as he read through the company plan, and all the other documentation, that we had prepared, so that we could take over the Parlour on Tuesday. Twenty may be thirty, minutes later he looked up. He was sporting a huge boyish grin.

He turned to Chestnut to say that it was obviously all her work, as I was incapable of such logical thinking. He said it was so complete that there was little he needed to do, other than take a disc to his office, so that everything could be printed out officially. He grinned as he added: “……..and justify my exorbitant fees”.

She must have blushed red all over under her tan, as she looked shyly down at the compliment.

Suddenly, quietly, Chestnut said: “Well we cannot return too soon. May be you both like to make love to me?” She did not wait for an answer, or for güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the lawyer cock to begin to stir from it’s semi flaccid, reading state. She sank to her knees, and disappeared into her hole beneath the desk.

We wondered what might happen next. Lawyer, and I, were sitting opposite each other with our feet deep into our respective holes in the desk.

We both drew our legs up under our chairs, our knees parted involuntarily, and we waited in anticipation.

Lawyer was rewarded as he slowly pushed his chair back from the desk.

Chestnuts slithered up between his open thighs, and gather his rising cock into her mouth. He hardened quickly as I saw her chestnut hair begin to bob up and down.

The only sound was slurping, and gurgling, as more and more of his member vanished into her throat.

His face was a picture of astonishment. Here was a typical, good, small town lawyer, an old friend, who had come to a party “in hope”. His wife had been turned from a staid, prim woman into a complete nymphomaniac. Now he was receiving a blowjob, from a stranger, in his friend’s office.

He pushed his chair further back. Miraculously Chestnut moved with him. Sometimes her push forward coincided with his stopping. Then her face was buried into his pubic bush, and his cock went deep into her throat. They would freeze revelling in the sensation, before Chestnut withdrew for air.

The pair pushed back over the deep pile carpet. A wonderfully nubile brown body slowly appeared, it crawled on it’s knees as the chair moved, bent at the waist, legs as wide apart as possible, beginning to expose all for me to see. Hands held gently, breasts hung free, swaying, as her teats glinting in the late afternoon light.

Was it an invitation?

I assumed that it was.

I dropped to my knees as the pair pushed clear of the desk. Their movement stopped, not a sound was heard, but those associated with a cock moving in and out, deep in a throat. I turned onto my back between two long brown legs, and wriggled forwards until I was looking straight up at a gorgeous wet cunt. I formed my tongue into a tube, and blew gently onto it, rather as I had done to my Partner, when I first bound, play pierced, and masked her. There was a wriggle of contentment.

I looked up, between her gently swaying breasts. Beyond I could see a throat expanding and contracting, as Lawyer’s cock plunged in as far as possible. It is a sight that will always send me wild. It is only bested by the feeling of a girl’s throat distending, and contracting back to normal, when gently massaged by fingers.

I continued my blow teasing wind onto that most private slit. The body continued to wriggle. I stopped, spat globs of spittle onto the palms of both hands, and gently massaged it into both of her bum cheeks, kneading, and squeezing, as I slowly pulled them apart.

I stretched up, my mouth parted chestnut hair until it found her clitoris. I sucked it fully into my mouth, tracing over it with my tongue before, gently chewing, biting, and pulling. She wriggled more, and would have made many sounds, but for the penis buried deep in her throat.

Suddenly I realised what she really wanted. Long fingers had stretched backwards to cover my hands, which still massaged her globes. Finger parted finger, and she pressed down onto brown skin, stopping my ministrations, gently stretching arse cheek from cheek. She was exposing her back hole to me.

There was unfinished business from very early in the morning. My final act after easing the huge dildo from her arse had been to gently massage mild antiseptic cream into her entrance.

I was tempted then. I would act now.

I gave her clit one last hard tug, and wriggled out behind her.

Two hands still stretched her opening inviting me to enter. I swivelled round to kneel behind. One hand began to wet itself in her cunt; fingers fed juices to her stretching arsehole. One finger, then two, went in. Each left a residue of lubrication. She repeated the act.

Her other hand went to her mouth. She withdrew from the whole length of the Lawyer cock, locked her fingers in a ring around the base. She gripped and pulled up the whole length, pre- cum was milked from the tip. There was a lot!

She added spittle, and returned to her bum. Juices were massaged into her ever-enlarging hole.

Her mouth returned to deep throat Lawyer.

Not a word was spoken.

I touched her hand with the tip of my rampant penis. There was instant recognition; she stretched round to milk me of globs of pre-cum. All went to the hole, where now fingers of both hands were gently stretching it open.

I knew that she was ready when the two longest fingers on both hands were fully buried, back- to-back, in her passage. She pulled them apart, forming an already familiar gaping hole; she wriggled her bum.

She expected, and got no mercy. I rocked further forwards, folded slightly at the waist, so I was not touching. My penis was aimed güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri directly at the centre of her hole. All was aligned; I was ready to plunge in without stopping.

I looked straight at Lawyer; there was a nod of recognition. I saw him dig his heels into the carpet. His brakes were on. He gripped the arms of his chair as hard as possible.

I plunged in, pushing her fingers away. I did not stop unit my balls slapped hard against the globes of her arse.

She was thrust forwards, hard onto Lawyer, his cock totally in her throat, her face buried in his pubic hair.

We all stopped, counting the seconds.




My hand went forwards, I pressed had down her back to reach around, and cup her throat between my fingers. Chestnut needed to breath. We both pulled back together, my hands still massaging her throat.

I felt Lawyer’s cock release. I felt her throat contract. My penis was out as far as possible, with just the tip invisible in her arse. She grabbed a breath. We all plunged forwards again.

We release. She grabbed another breath. In seconds we were as one again. Nobody could have taken a cock further down a throat. My fingers were simply pushed apart as it expanded.

We established a wonderful slow rhythm.

I released her neck, and felt her breasts swaying gently beneath her body. They were full, round, firm. A nipple slipped between the middle fingers of both hands. I had that wonderful feeling of a living vibrant body growing as I massaged each side of both nipples. My fingers gripped, I squeezed gently, not wanting to hurt her recently pierced tips.

One hand stayed massaging her breasts, the other slid down over her flat stomach, through the chestnut forest to her clit. I slipped it between two fingers, beginning to squeeze and pull, milking it to fullness.

It grew as her nipples had just done.

Chestnut, and I, had already made love enough for us both to read each other’s signs. She was climbing up her mountain, gathering strength to assault the summit. I sensed that she would bring Lawyer off before she came herself.

I watched the gathering ecstasy on his face. He was in a trance. He had never been on a journey like this, not even in his wildest dreams.

One last thrust, we all closed together. I held myself deep in her arse. A long hard shaft was buried far into her body. She held Lawyer’s hips with both hands. It was an iron grip. He came, and he came.

I was leaning forwards my hands massaging her throat. As I have said, the pulse of a penis in the throat of a girl is truly erotic. Spurt upon spurt of his cum was injected directly into her stomach. My fingers felt each contraction, each huge eruption as his cock expanded in her throat, flooding her belly with his cum.

She was in total control, so she simply held on, holding her breath, increasing his sense of awe with each pulse.

I remained still, my cock buried as far as possible deep in her arse, both our orgasms in complete suspense.

She did not appear stressed as Lawyer began to empty, but she had to come up for air. She only began to move away as his pulsing slowed. It was amazing. A huge reddened snake began to appear between her lips. Her mouth cleared his throat, she could breathe again. She took the last two small shoots directly onto her tongue.

She was breathing again through her nostrils as she began to suck him totally dry. Her cheeks pulled in, the head of his penis an inch, or two, into her mouth. The residue collected on her tongue.

Everything she gathered from those last two spurts, and from her deep suck, would help lubricate her throat. She appeared to savour all his tastes, rolling cum all around her mouth, mixing it with saliva, before swallowing it all with a gentle purring sound of appreciation.

They were done.

I remained still, wondering what she would do next.

Lawyer sat, still in a trance. An idiotic grin spread over his entire face.

Suddenly, gently, she pushed his chair further back. There was room for her to lie flat on her stomach. She did.

Her movements were feline, slow, and deliberate. She did not look around, but she ensured that my penis stayed deep in her arse. I moved forwards, as she moved, placing my hands either side of her breasts as she squashed them hard into the carpet.

Suddenly she said: “I want you to do press ups into my arse, as you did to Parlour Girl this morning. I want to push my hands under my stomach, so that I can feel the head of your penis pressing through me.”

“Please do not spare me!”

What an invitation! I slammed all my bodyweight onto her bum, forcing my penis deeper than it had ever been before, squashing all the air out of her in one long rush.

My arms bent, until I held my body just clear of upper her back. I wanted to spare her amazing enhanced breasts, and to transfer as much force as possible into her arse. Even then I felt the sides of each breast, as güvenilir bahis şirketleri they bulge outwards to touch my hands.

All the air was forced from her body.

I pressed up, looking down to see the enormous head of my penis just appear. Then I slammed back in, dropping all my weight on her slim body.

Up down, up down I went, showing no mercy.

Amazingly she began to force her arse upwards, each time I pulled out. I responded by pulling further. Once, no twice, or more, I came completely clear of her enormous hole. Every time I dropped back, I forced air into her back passage, filling her bowels, as though I was a ram pump.

The more she forced her arse clear, the more she squashed those wonderful globes against my hands.

We went wild.

Her legs were spread wide apart. She moved them further apart. I was pivoting on my toes, feet close together, true press up style. Her arms were outstretched, so that she formed a cross on the carpet, with my penis ramming straight down into her arse, before pulling clear, and ramming in again.

Suddenly, just as I plunged home, she gasped: “Oh my God, you are filling me with air. I will fart.” She did, long, deep, rumbling gurgles as trapped air escaped past the sides of my penis. The feeling was newly erotic.

Simultaneously her arms scribed a long arc. She turned her hands; palm upwards, to be forced, with perfect timing, under her body. They were back on familiar ground.

They were where she had placed them, when they held my free hand to her stomach in the middle of the night. This was when I had turned the hand buried deep in her arse, so that we could both feel it.

Then there was a second outburst, driven out of her as I plunged in one more time. She screamed: “I can feel you pushing through me, I want to grab your cock through my stomach”.

I was cumming.

She was cumming. Chestnut was near her climax.

We knew that we should reach the top of the mountain hand in hand.

I continued to plunge in and out. Chestnut pushed back in perfect time, each time it hit the forward point. She pushed farther upwards; her back arched, and arms far under her stomach.

I sensed, I felt, her cumming. She was galloping up the hill. She was gathering speed. Yet she was straining to hold off to the last minute, to leap far over the crest. She did.

She had not uttered a sound for fifteen, or may be twenty minutes. Suddenly, as before, a deep contralto song started low down in her body. Ecstasy can know no more beautiful sound than Lawyer, and I, heard at that moment,

As at the first orgasm, only a day ago, all the pent up emotions of years of denial, all the lost love, all the youth, all that had nearly been given up, poured into her wonderful voice. Many women scream, many cry, many shout.

Chestnut simply sang.

She was Carmen again. She was Mimi. She was Tosca on the battlements. She was in heaven. We had taken her over the hill, onto the high plains of love. She was alone no longer. She was part of us.

It was all too much for me. I forced every inch, and more, of myself, into her lovely hole. I pumped one, two, three, four, five shots of cum deep into her bowels, just as Lawyer had done minutes before. My penis expanded, and contracted, in singing unison with the pulses of her orgasm. Her anal muscles milked me to time.

I continued to pulse as we slowly collapsed onto the carpet.

My penis stayed lodged deep in her arse. She brought her arms up, folding them at the elbows, to protect her breasts. I suspect that she realised I would collapse. I move my hands from touching her. She replaced them both. She turned her face, eyes tight shut. I saw that it was streaked with the tears of love.

Lawyer saw also. He dropped to his knees, then onto his stomach, to lie at right angles to us both. He took her face in his hands, kissing, and washing, the love from her cheeks.

Later he said that he could still taste his cum on her lips, and that he did not think he had tasted himself before.

Chestnut drew her legs together, I mover my feet outside hers. Closing her legs might have squeezed my penis from her bum, but not from Chestnut. Here was a girl used to having a butt plug up her arse all through the working day.

She clamped me tight as I pressed down on her gorgeous body. My nipples, rings and guards pressed into her shoulders. I bent my arms to mimic hers, and we were bound together.

We stayed that way for some time, her anal passage slowly working my cock so that I remained stiff, and in position. We both knew that we could keep it there indefinitely. The girls had obviously talked about it, and Chestnut was the “Anal Queen”.

Many people talk of keeping a cock in a cunt a long time, even sleeping with it in place. Hummmmmmmm…………..!

My Partner, and I, had learnt to sleep with my cock in her arse, but could never manage sleep with it in her cunt. A cunt is too loose, too far round, in the wrong place, and too wet after good sex, or it should be!

Then Chestnut began to move.

An intimate, slow, roll developed, as we both tipped sideways, away from where Lawyer still lay. His cock was buried in the carpet, his head resting on one hand. He still wore that glazed, dazed look. His other hand was gently massaging Chestnut’s neck.

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