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Penny – Friend Asked to Watch Ch. 06

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Please note, this is a true story. However, I’ve changed the names, ages, places and occupations to protect the other person’s privacy. I have no shame so enjoy, LOL.


Friend Asked to Watch Ch. 06

Will great sex equal a great relationship?

It had been 2 weeks since that sinful orgasmic weekend. I had worked long days, each day of my trip. Penny and I spoke a few brief times on the phone. We both wanted to have a serious talk about being exclusive but in person. She did email me some naughty images of herself. I really liked her. I know her feelings were much stronger. We had met 5 weeks ago and like many of my relationships a similar pattern was arising. It was hot, heavy and mind blowing at the start.

What Penny and I didn’t know; Madison was going to come to see me the day I landed. She found out when I was getting back from Penny and oddly enough where I lived. My roommate wasn’t home and while I was unpacking I heard a knock at the door. I always look to see who it is before opening the door. When I saw Madison, I was like WTF.

Then I noticed what she was wearing. My cock started taking over my brain. Dressed in a tight cardigan top with a few buttons open. Her breasts were on display. Her her nipples showed slightly pushed up against the fabric. The top feature the round and fullness of those breasts. On her hips, she had on a very short skirt with her panties in her right hand for me to see.

I opened the door and was about to ask what she’s doing here. But the moment I did, she pushed me back into the home. The door was heavy and it closed on its own momentum. She grabs me then starts kissing me. Penny and I still haven’t talked yet about being exclusive but I knew she wanted to. But that was on tap for tomorrow night.

What decision would I make? And wait what the hell was Madison doing here? Was she testing me for Penny or was she trying to fuck me behind her back? It was one thing in the shower when Penny was asleep during our 3-way weekend. This was very much a different situation at hand.

My mind spinning and not sure what to do. Yes, I was kissing her back. Yes, I wanted to fuck her. I have a very live in the moment attitude that sometimes conflicts with a no home wrecker/cheating mentality. I’m not perfect and despite Gaziosmanpaşa Escort what Vivian did to me, I’ve still kept that mentality strong. Even though this is technically not cheating, I was still really torn. I thought the weekend we all had together was just that. A weekend of fun, period!

I had to break the kiss despite not wanting to. I literally asked her WTF! She responded with, “I know you two will have the talk tomorrow. So before you two get serious your fair game.” I swear she was both evil yet making sense at the same time. She pulled my head into her face and turn it to the side. Whispering in my ear “I know whenever you sleep with Penny next; you will be thinking of me and wishing it was me. So you might as well fuck me now.”

In that moment, time stood still and lust overtook both of us. I immediately ripped off her top and the buttons flew everywhere. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her delicious breasts came into open view. Our lips meet again, this time with more desire. I lift her up in my strong arms and place her on the coffee table.

Tearing off her skirt, I found her now fully shaved smooth tunnel. I dove right in her with my tongue. I began feasting on her tunnel. Like a mad man, I wanted to take her to the limit of rapture but not let her cum. I slipped in a finger then a second. Pumping them in her while my tongue was flicking her clit.

Sounds of carnal pleasures filled the air. Madison moved her hands directly to her chest. Seeing her squeeze and fondle those breasts were intensifying my cravings to penetrate her. My fingers began rapidly fucking her hole. I looked up at her and it was quite a sight to see this woman with her eyes closed fully delirious in the moment I asked, “Does my little slut want to cum?”

“Yesss! Don’t stop, don’t stop. I’m almost there, I…. ” she cried out.

However, I wasn’t going to let her climax, yet! When she said she was almost there, I stopped. I pull her up off the coffee table. And in a swift motion push her down to her knees. The mushroom tip of my cock parted her lips. Entering her warm wet mouth.

I went in and out of her mouth only about 5 times. I pull her up to her feet. Then with my heart beating rapidly, I begin driving her body against the wall. Gölbaşı Escort The force stunned her but not as much as my left hand covering her mouth. I ordered her to firmly grab and squeeze her breasts. Soft fondling was not an option. I wanted her to be rougher with them. Fingers from my right hand shoved back into her pussy.

Violently, she was now being finger fucked. Her screams muffled into my left hand. Her eyes filling with a burning fever to explode. Madison’s hands continue to squeeze her luscious round breasts. As her eyes started to roll back I pulled my fingers out.

I pushed her hands off her breasts and down to the side. She was getting angry, as that’s the second time I stopped her as she was about to explode. She tried to move fast. Her hands attempted to grab me to kiss me but I denied her. Pushing her hands away as her breathing got harder and her blood increased its boiling.

I was not allowing her to cum yet. In BDSM, Tease and Denial is a sexual technique that brings your partner close to orgasm. Sometimes to the brink of climax. Then suddenly stop or reduce stimulation to prevent that orgasm from occurring. I was part torturing her, part punishing her and part edging her into a bigger climax.

I lift her and carry her to the dinner table. Placing her butt first and firmly on the table. With both my hands on her knees I push her legs outwards, forcing her legs wide open. Roughly I grab her hair and look wildly into her eyes. I ask in a strong tone, “Why did you come here, slut.”

Madison looked into my eyes and said, “To be fucked by you.”

My reply was even more stern, “Are you sure you want that?”

“Yesss!” She responded.

“No, I will not fuck you…..Not until you fucking beg for it, slut!”

“I want you to fuck me so bad. I’ve been playing with myself for 2 weeks waiting for you.” Madison shared.

“Not good enough.” I said.

She pulls my face closer to hers, “Please fuck me. My body is yours to use all night.”

“Last chance!” I said sternly.

Madison aggressively replies, “Please fuck me the way you did in the hotel bathroom. I’m your little slut.”

With those words she felt a piercing from my cock entering into her pleasure tunnel. As I did she gasped. To say we Grup Escort were both filled with lust and consumed by the moment we were in was an understatement. I started to devastate her tunnel with massive thrusts. She kept saying, “Oh my god, yes, thank you thank you.”

I wasn’t holding back. More power kept going into her from my thrusts. Wrapping her legs around me and kissing me at the same time. Locked in a fiery and lustful sexual encounter. Feeling so wrong and yet so good. You could’ve hosed us down with water and the flames of our passion would not have been extinguished.

As her kiss broke away and Madison leaned her head on my shoulder. Then clutching her arms around me. I knew the explosion I had teased and tormented her with was about to happened. I wasn’t there just yet but at that second I had the need and want to send her over the erotic edge. “Cum for me, my fucking slut.” This time I whispered into her ear. And so she gripped my body tighter as I felt it shake.

“YESSSSSSS, yes, yes. TAYLOR!” She cried out as she erupted.

Her body went limp onto me. Her arms and hands fell to the side. I didn’t stop thrusting into her. My onslaught into her was constant. Slightly, she began to cry in elation. She thanked me for telling her she was “my” slut. Not long after I felt that tingling sensation in my body and a cloud of fog in my head. And then I let it all out. I screamed in ecstasy and filled her with everything I had. The explosive orgasms we shared were so memorable.

The rest of the night was filled with more scorching embraces. From the bedroom to the bathroom. From her pussy to her asshole. And of course, I spent plenty of time enjoying her breasts. She told me that was the best sex of her life. She wanted us to have one big bang before she knew Penny and I were going to get serious. Before she left the next morning she told me, “If things don’t work out with Penny, please call me right away. I want to make you happy if she can’t.”

That next day, I apologized to my roommate for all the noise complaints. Later in the evening, I made a tough decision to stop seeing Penny. She did not take it well. Penny was nice but I needed more. I cared about her too much just to keep her around for sex. She deserved better than that.

I never called Madison. Not because of guilt or regret. What we had was more sexual. A lustful want, a hot weekend encounter. But outside of the fiery sex between us, there was no girlfriend type of connection. I knew as scorching hot as our sex life was and would be, she was too sneaky for me. If neither woman was enough for me alone, it wouldn’t be fair to lead them on.

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