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Passion for Dad Ch. 05

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Dear Readers, now is the time for you, tell me to stop! I am writing a chapter almost everyday! Looks like I have no other work, but then it is true, I enjoy my holidays writing erotic stories. Fantasy does not do any harm; in fact it stimulates your brain all the more, but fantasy should remain as fantasy!

Once again, I request you, before you read, please bear it in mind the following:

This story is only a work of fiction, not to be experimented/tried with. Please ignore all the grammatical and spell mistakes; I just want to entertain you. Please vote this story and all the other stories you read written by other writers on ‘Literotica.’ It encourages us. I appreciate all the comments you give me, you can also give me some story lines so that I can develop on it, that’s when I have time!

……..”You wicked girl, have mercy on Momma, allow her to get some piece of a meat out of Dad’s dick!” she teased me.

“Okay Momma, you can have him right now, I can see him still hard, fuck him to your heart’s content. Then he is all mine!” I obliged!

“Thank you darling for being so magnanimous.” then she mounted Dad……..


Once the Non-stop fucking session rolled over till Sunday night, I should say all of us were exhausted. All the pent up lust for each other had considerably subsidized. We were dazed with content feeling of having each other sufficiently.

Now the only thought running in each of our brain was about me getting pregnant, but I was very sure of that, as it was agreed by all of us, that Dad will cum only in my pussy, though he fucked Mom many times during these two days, when he was about to cum, he used to mount me and put his dick in my pussy and cum! In this way we were doubly ensuring ourselves.

It should work, because, in about 38 hours, other than a couple of cums in my mouth and Mom’s pussy, Dad had cum almost 8 times in my pussy alone! I will tell you; even at the age of 43 he is a real stud! And I was right in between two ovulation periods, considered to be fertile period for a woman to conceive. At least I never had any doubt.

When I missed my period for a couple of days, Mom was ecstatic, but she forgot the basics and wanted to conduct pregnancy test on me immediately as she had already bought the kit. But then I reminded her that it should be a minimum of 45 days to conduct the test!

Dad made fun of her, saying nowadays she is not able to concentrate on work, as she is always thinking about the baby. Then he made a suggestion that, since I enjoyed my holidays for 20 days it is high time for me to join work and share some of Mom’s workload.

I said, “Momma, don’t worry, I know it that I am pregnant. To be very precise I am 20 days pregnant, it will take at least another 25 days for the confirmation. Now I will join you in the office and work with you. Another thing, last week when you took me to office to introduce me around I met Fred, we have been meeting since past week and we have decided to get married on next Sunday, hope it is convenient to you both!”

They were shocked to say the least, for not me getting married to Fred, but for I had put it on fast track!

“Honey, what are you telling? You never gave us any hint! No doubt we want you to marry Fred, but never imagined it will be so soon! Any way, we are happy and we congratulate you.” Mom & Dad they both congratulated by kissing me on either cheek.

“Momma, only today morning we decided, I have liked him and he has liked me, and more over since I am almost pregnant with Dad’s baby, I didn’t want it to be delayed further as then it would be very difficult to handle Fred if he ever comes to know that he is going to be a father for not his baby. Now we can conceal it very well. At least till he knows about our relation and he becomes part of the family in real sense!”

“Business will be safe in Daisy’s hand Merlin! This girl thinks of everything just like you!” Dad was very appreciative.

“You are right, then we have to make arrangement for the Church wedding and for the party there after. Harry, we shall not leave anything to the kids, let us prepare and make arrangement for every thing, time to get busy honey.” Mom immediately took control of the situation.

To cut short, I had a dream wedding fit to be compared with the wedding of a princess! My parents must have spent a fortune! But they had spent it with pleasure.

Immediately after the wedding party, we took off to Europe for a short honeymoon, as we could not spend more time due to our work pressure.

Till the previous night of the wedding, though all the three of us were very busy with the purchases and inviting people for the wedding, there was not a single night, which went without our quota of fucking! Sometimes we got time early in the morning, like the day of wedding. It was at about 3.30 we fucked each other as if it was going to be our last fuck together! Then we snatched couple of hours of sleep before we rushed to the church.

I kartal escort should say, Fred is a sweet lover; he knows how to please a woman. Though he does not have a long dick like Dad, what he lacked in length he made it up with the diameter! He was so huge; he stretched my pussy to its limits! The sustaining power and self-control he possessed was really mind-boggling.

He could fuck without cumming for hours. It has become quite normal for me to cum at least 3 times before he cums in loads! It’s another story that even after he cums, his dick never looses its hardness! I climb on top of him and sleep with his hard dick deep inside my pussy only to wake me up in the morning when that dick made a new stirring in my pussy.

Happy times fly fast. Like all good things, it had to end. Our short honeymoon of 7 days was over and the Leer jet was back to take us home.

During the flight back home, I was wondering about my parents. In a plane crash Fred had lost his parents at a very young age, since then all his life he had lived alone. He had agreed to stay at my parent’s large home on Dad’s invitation. I think he missed his parents very much and was seeing them in my parents.

Dad had told us that when we are back, he would get a room ready for us. I was very sure; Dad must have got his camera fixed to tape his Daughter & Son-in-law fucking. This time, beside him Mom will be there to watch us!

Back home, Mom & Dad eagerly hugged us. The way they hugged, I could make out that they really missed me. After freshening up, while having dinner we had some casual small talk, then we retired to our rooms.

My eyes were roving everywhere to find the camera, after some time of casual searching, so that Fred will not feel that I am searching for something, I found a camera concealed on the roof just above our bed. Within seconds I found another fixed to the lamp on the bedpost. Clever Dad, wanted to film us in different angles! I didn’t bother to search for some more cameras even if it were there. I winked at the roof camera and made thumbs up to the bedpost to make them realize that I am aware of the cameras!

While fucking me, Fred must have wondered what was wrong with me; I continuously made him to change the positions so that Mom and dad could watch us at different angles. Poor fellow, innocently he obliged. I displayed his wide thick dick at the camera to make Mom jealous! I literally screamed aloud when he pushed his dick in to my pussy, explaining in detail what the feeling I am having when he fucks me with his dick so that both Mom and Dad could hear what I am enjoying.

“Fred, fuck me deep darling, fuck me with your thick dick, spread my pussy wide and tear it. Oh! You are stretching my pussy so wide my erect clit is being crushed by your cock honey… I love it when you rotate your dick in my pussy… yes that’s it… that’s it… ya like that… fuck me like that…” though I was experiencing it I wanted Mom and Dad to know what I am experiencing.

“Yes Daisy darling, you like it? The way my large thick cock is fucking your pussy? Ya baby… so good… your small tight pussy is too good to fuck… want my dick some more baby?” though in the initial days, Fred was not a good moaner or talks dirty while fucking, nowadays he is changing himself because of me.

“Yes honey… you are doing good… fuck this cunt of mine hard darling… yes… yes… you have made me to cum twice already… now make me to cum for the third time with that monster of a cock you have baby…” it was quite true, I had already cum twice, which my parents, I am sure must have witnessed.

“Cum darling, cum for me… then I am going to flood your cunt with my cum… its going to be a big cum…I don’t know why, but today you have made me more horny, I am also extra big in your pussy…” yes it was also true, I could feel Fred’s dick growing extra thick but I knew why!

“Even me too darling, I am feeling extra horny, my pussy is really being ambushed with your extra large cock honey…” again I knew why I was feeling extra horny! Anyone would for that matter, when they fuck in front of an audience!

When the time came for both of us to cum. It was an avalanche hitting my pussy. I clutched him hard and came with him.

When he dismounted me, I held my hand on his still hard dick and almost pulled it towards camera to show off to Mom!

Then I moved a bit to show the pool of cum on the bedspread and winked at the camera.

Slowly Fred got up and moved to the bathroom to have a shower. I knew he is going to take at least 30 minutes to come out. I got a wicked idea as he closed the bathroom door.

I rushed to my parents room, dropped my gown to the floor stood in front of my Mom and asked, “Care to lick your Son-in-law’s cum from my pussy? Make it fast Momma… Fred will be back in 30 minutes and I have 25 minutes for you people, you can take 5 minutes of it, then I want Dad to fuck me with his long dick!”

Needless to maltepe escort bayan say, they were very happy to hear the news and without wasting a single second they attacked my pussy.

Still oozing with Dad’s cum out of my pussy, nick of the time I was back on my bed! When Fred lay beside me with his still hard dick, I mounted on him to put it in my pussy so that I could sleep.

He must have wondered and thought I am extra wet for him, knowing not that it was really Dad’s cum which gave him the thought!

Finally Mom and Me went to our Gynecologist for confirmation of my pregnancy. To our delight it was positive and I was 6 weeks pregnant. We decided to break the news to Fred in another 2 weeks. Needless to say both Dad and Mom were ecstatic with the news and the chance of having a baby at home.

Now my mind was working overtime to seduce Fred and initiate him. Make him a perfect family member at the earliest! I already have decided on a working plan, but for which I needed my parents help.

As Fred had to leave on a business tour and will be back only after 2 days, I set my plan in to motion. I took both Dad and Mom in to confidence and told Dad, “Daddy it’s now or never! When Fred returns I want you to rig our guest room and shift over there. We are going to shift to your room where the monitor is located. I am going to switch on the monitor to check my mails and accidentally stumble upon the live action of you fucking Mom. Then on you leave it to me. I will reason with Fred and get him in to family.”

“Wow, what an idea. Baby, I am going to get busy and complete the assigned work now it self. I also want to test it before Fred comes back. I don’t want it to malfunction.” Dad rushed to his den to get his things ready.

When Fred returned, he was surprised to see me settled in my Parents room. He was worried to know that I had sprained my ankle and could not climb the stairs to our room.

I hugged him and told him, “Only my ankle honey, not my pussy… you can still fuck me…” He must have been pleased as I felt his rigid cock through his jeans. “Later darling, go freshen up, we shall have dinner and rush back.”

He was in a big hurry at the table while having dinner, didn’t even have the customary drink with Dad. Poor guy must have been bursting with lust for me.

I took a lot of time to have the shower to give time to Mom, and then I went to the PC and switched it on saying that I needed to check on my mail. Fred must have been impatient to hear this when he grunted.

Once I checked the mail, which I didn’t bother to reply. I signed off and suddenly I yelled, “Oh! My God! Oh! My God! Can not believe this!”

“What happened honey, are you alright?” he came near me and I minimized the window as if I didn’t want him to see.

“No, nothing honey, please, you may not like what you see.” I said it with the sole intention of making it more curious.

Now he wanted to see, “Let me see what I don’t like, if I don’t like it then I will close it, it is as simple as that.” He took the mouse from me and opened the window again to see Mom sucking Dad’s long dick!

Though he was shocked, he was fascinated as Mom bobbed her tits while bobbing her head up and down on Dad’s dick. I had covered my face with my hands as if I was feeling shy!

When Fred was totally engrossed in what he was seeing, I slowly removed my hands from my face and started to rub his hardened dick with my hand.

“Amazing, it’s really amazing. Your mom has the best pair of tits” Hurray, I was waiting for such words to come out of his mouth.

I stood and hugged him from behind. I moved my hands over to his jeans and unzipped the flyer and pulled it down with his briefs.

“Hmmm… Dad has such a long dick, don’t you think so Fred?” I whispered on his ears.

“Yes honey, his must be longest. I wonder how your Mom will take it all the way in her pussy!” he was really wondering.

“Lets just wait and see Fred, how Mom is going to take all of Dad’s Dick.” I made him to sit on the chair and I sat on his lap watching the erotic scene on the screen.

We didn’t wait for much time as mom lay on the bed and ordered Dad to fuck her. “Hey stud, put that long hard dick in my wet dripping pussy right now.” Saying this she spread her legs for us to see her smooth shaven pussy glistening with her pussy juice.

I saw Fred drooling at what he was seeing, his dick was pressing hard against my ass. “Hmmm I think Mom’s pussy is making her son-in-law to drool” I teased him.

“You not angry with me Daisy?” he was not sure.

“No honey, not at all, now even I have started to like what I see. Put your hand in to my panty and see for yourself how much I am dripping wet! Dad’s dick has definitely made me wet. And I hope you are not angry.” I mocked at him.

As Dad started to put his long dick deep in to Mom’s pussy, Fred held his breath and gave a sigh of relief when Dad’s dick was safe home.

“I really got escort pendik worried, thought your Mom’s pussy will never fit his dick! Thank God! She is safe and she is even enjoying it!” he was relived.

“Hey come on don’t be silly, Dad must be fucking Mom for almost 21 years now! And she must be enjoying it. Look at the way she moans and shouts for him to fuck her hard. The way she lifts her ass up to take some more of Dad’s Dick! She is enjoying it honey.” Then holding his wide dick in my hand, I casually said, ” but I wonder, will she be able to take this monster of a cock in her pussy, I doubt it.” Then I waited for his angry reply for the way I was thinking.

But then it was my turn to get shocked. “No Daisy baby, I have a gut feeling, Mom’s pussy can take mine, though I am going to stretch her a bit, then I think she is going to like it.” Oh! Boy, now you are thinking.

“Hey honey I am getting a wicked idea, shoot it down if you don’t like it and forget that I have ever suggested it.” Now is the time to be cautious.

“Don’t worry darling, what ever it is, I am going to be cool and will never feel bad for you suggesting it. Come on, let me have your idea, come on.” He was curious.

“I was just wondering, how it will be if you fuck Momma with your that big large dick Fred.” I looked at his face to see his reaction.

Boy! Wasn’t he pleased? “But honey, how is it possible? And honey, do you know what you are talking? Don’t you feel bad if I fuck my own Mother-in-law? Do you mean what you are talking?” there was a big questionnaire.

“No problem darling, I don’t feel bad at all. I want you to be happy darling, my only request is I should also get my share of your dick!” I was such a nice wife!

“But Daisy, how is it possible?”

“Leave it to me honey, let us just barge in to their room right now, then let us take it from there.”

We ran to the guest room and pushed the door open, I said, “hey guys want company? You make one hell of a horny couple on the screen, I was just wondering since when you people started snooping on our guests! But I will tell you Momma, you have made your Son-in-law very horny for you, just look at him, he is so huge and big. Which I think you may not be able to take it in your pussy.” I challenged her.

“Get out of my pussy Harry, this daughter of ours is challenging me, let me see why it is not going to fit in to my pussy!” Hearing this, meekly Dad dismounted Mom and made way for Fred.

“Yes Fred, come on go fuck Momma, she is horny and ready for your dick, fuck her hard and tear her pussy.”

Fred didn’t require any more encouragement; he held mom’s thighs wide and teased her pussy with his dick sliding over pussy lips making his dick glisten with her pussy juice. Then he started to push his dick slowly in to Mom’s Pussy. I was on my knees in close up looking at mom’s pussy stretching and stretching as Fred’s dick entered. Mom was holding her breath.

Fred was very careful not to hurt her. As Fred’s dick half entered Mom’s pussy, I saw Mom’s pussy poking out and surrounding Fred’s dick in tight hug. It’s fascinating to see a hard large dick entering a wet quivering pussy. And it’s all the more fascinating when the dick and the pussy belong to my hubby and my Mom.

Mom left an audible sigh as Fred could enter completely in to her pussy. Now she crossed her legs over his back and proudly said, “Yes! Now Fred’s dick is completely in! Daisy baby you lost the game.”

“Now since you have proved me wrong, I think Fred can take out his dick and put it in his wife’s pussy where it rightfully belongs.” I teased them some more.

“No way honey, forget it. Since Fred’s dick is all the way in my pussy stretching it like never before, I want it to finish off what it has started!” she held on to Fred as if she is not going to leave him.

“Yes daisy honey, it’s not fair to leave the job half finished. Let me do her.” Fred took it for real for whatever I said!

“Okay, okay, continue, let me watch how you people are going to fuck.” I was once again magnanimous.

“Yes Fred, fuck my wife, and bang her pussy hard sonny. Fuck her hard. Give all the fucking it deserves.” Dad was no way less.

I will give it to Mom, though she was having such a large dick in her pussy for the first time, she was really enjoying. “Yes Fred. You are doing just fine, fuck me hard sonny, fuck momma hard baby.”

This kind of incestuous talk must be driving Fred crazy. “Yessss Momma, yesss. You want me to fuck you hard to rip your pussy…? you want your sonny to fuck you?”

“Yes baby yes, fuck momma with that big dick of yours. Harry darling, look at the way sonny is fucking me. Oh! I am cumming for the second time honey…”

By now, as I was kneeling watching Mom and Fred fucking in close quarters, I felt Dad raising my ass up and widening my thighs wide to make way for his long dick to enter my pussy.

“Oh! God, Fred, just look, Dad has put his long dick in his daughter’s pussy. Oh! Such a long dick Fred! Dad is almost in my pussy all the way Fred.” I think Fred took time to understand what I was blabbering.

Fred looked beside him to see Dad happily fucking my pussy with his long dick giving longer stroke in and out of my wet dripping pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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