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Pardon My French, Teacher

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Pardon My French, Teacher
“Come on! What are you waiting for?”

With her head turned towards me her bold eyes peeped at me from under her red bangs. Her penetrating stare was emphasized by the carbon black pencil lines that made her look like a cat – trying to persuade a dog to follow its steps into trouble. I was that dog.
“Sex Shop” spelled the neon lights in a shameless red.
Cautiously I peeked around one last time. Just to make sure there were no familiar faces lurking around the corner. After which I reluctantly followed her way.
On the other side of the door I got overwhelmed by a numerous amount of attributes that transcended my imagination.
A cute rubber duck carrying a vibrating ball into its mouth; a colorful glove with a differently shaped tip on each finger; a set of clamps wired to a small electricity box; a metal object consisting of a claw and a pinwheel with spines; a pump that ensured to make every man seem big; and a rotating Eiffel Tower which on the contrary would make every man seem small.
Some things made me curious, some things made me laugh, and some things straight out frightened me. The store was packed with stuff and the variety in shackles, whips and lubricants appeared to be endless.
Behind the counter stood a tall man with a long gaunt face. I felt like we were frowned upon as he saw us two teenagers enter his store.

“Tell me why we’re here again?” I mumbled.

“For the same reason you would visit any other store: to pick out something from the collection.”

“Well I don’t know about you, but looking around is just enough for me. That I visit a store doesn’t automatically mean that I’m also willing to buy something.”

“Who said anything about buying?” she said with glistening eyes.

“You’re k**ding right?”

Siara said nothing while she browsed through the stocks. Opposite to me she seemed very well at ease, and without any shame she picked up a giant black dildo.

“This is what I need. A boy like Jimmy just isn’t enough for a girl like me. From a pinkie to an arm, imagine the upgrade.”

I wasn’t sure if she was serious or that she was just joking. The black toy was longer and thicker than a table leg.

“Why would anyone wanna do anything with something like that?”

“Oh you’re one to talk. While I’m bored to dead by a shrimp, you are out there mounting giant horses of experienced daddies who know exactly how to use them.”

“Psst, be quite about it! It was just one daddy and it only happened once.”


“What do you mean, why?”

“Why did it only happen once, it felt good didn’t it? Why not go back for more?”

“I dunno. The man is a pervert. It shouldn’t have happened in the first place and I can’t believe I even told you about it.”

“Told is a big word. More like I had to drag it out of you,” she said while she expressively rolled her eyes. “Lighten up! A friend like me was just what you needed. Someone to help you embrace your sexuality, just like I’m embracing mine.”

She had a point there. Ever since we came into contact this year my life had became bearable again. It felt good to finally have someone to share things with. Things that truly mattered.

“Tell you what, I will pick out something from these shelves for you and you will do the same for me. In honor of our newly bound friendship.”

“Seriously Siara, I don’t have any money on me”.

“Again with the money. Just take it already!”

“You’re really crazy you know.”

“I know. But that’s why I’m so much fun,” she teased. “If you take this aisle than I will take the other.” And off she went into one of the corners of the store.

Nervously I looked over the stocks. Was I really about to do this. As if getting caught stealing wouldn’t be bad enough, getting caught stealing in a sex shop would be embarrassment on a whole other level. And knowing my luck with doing things I wasn’t supposed to, I surely would get caught.

“Hey girlie, put that back before I call the cops on your ass. Do you really think I can’t see you over there?” the store owner shouted on the other side of the room.

Siara didn’t hesitate and immediately made a run for it.

“Hey come back here!”

My heart started pounding. What was I’m going to do. Follow her? Stay here? No I sure wasn’t going to stay here. The next few moments flashed by within seconds. In a laps of reason I grabbed the first thing I could get my hands on where after I ran to the exit as fast as my legs could carry me. Alongside the counter the gaunt man came at me and tried to block my path. But unfortunately for him I passed him by quicker than he could reach the center of the aisle, and by two inches I managed to avoid his grasping hand, after which I flew through the open door – right behind my partner in crime.
We ran and we ran while the sound of the shouting man behind us slowly faded away, when finally we escaped the shopping district trough the entrance of the city park. Where we didn’t stop moving until we reached a bench that stood tucked away behind some haggard shrugs.

“I can’t believe I did that,” I said while eagerly gasping for breath, “you’re no good.”

“We’ll see if you still say that after you experienced the pleasure this gift can provide you,” she said laughing.
She handed over a see through box that contained two golden marbles on a string.

“What am I supposed to do with this?”

“They’re called Ben Wa balls. Ideal for an extra sensation during your morning routine.”

“Am I supposed to put them, somewhere…”

“Somewhere the light doesn’t shine, yes.”

She grabbed the box I carried out of my hands. “So let’s see what you got me. A duck?”

“Cute and petite, but still very naughty. I figured it fits you,” I said jestingly.

A grin appeared on her face. “It does, it surely does”.

A quick pee in between lessons, that had been the idea. But before I knew it I was hard again and rubbing my dick before class. Like any normal fifteen year old boy I was horny all the time. Especially since I had sex with Ronald I couldn’t think of anything else.
How I longed for his big dick again. So why wasn’t I getting it? Ever since that one time he hadn’t returned. Was he afraid he would get caught screwing a teenage boy? Did he not enjoy it? It had seemed as if he did.
While the memories of that time kept popping up in my head, the desire to feel a cock up my ass became stronger. But there was no cock at hand. Nothing to fill up my tight wet hole. Although…
Suddenly I remembered the present Siara gave me. It was still in my bag. Should I try it? Here? I already was late for class, and honestly I couldn’t care less about getting another yellow card. My pencil case was filled with them and I signed them myself during class. My mom never even got to know if I was late or absent.

I took the golden marbles out of the box and bent over where after I cautiously began pushing the first one in. Which had seemed easier than it actually was. But I was so horny and wet from the desire to feel a dick that I was determent to get this substitute for a man inside me. I stroked my hard glance while the first ball slowly disappeared into my hole. Now it was time for the second one, which surprisingly went easier already, and I imagined it to be Ronald’s hard pink glance that was entering me. My jerking became faster and my heart raged as the pleasure became more intense.
But then footsteps entered the restroom and I abruptly stopped. I totally had forgotten about everything around me.
I could hear how the stranger güvenilir bahis on the other side of the door stopped at one of the urinals after which a spattering spurt resounded through the room. After that entered another who apparently knew the first one and the two began chatting. As if that was not enough, just a few seconds later a third person entered the lavatory and the handle of the door next to me went down.
Relieved I ascertained that I hadn’t forgotten to lock the door. But knowing there was someone waiting on the other side took me fully out of the mood to continue what I was doing. I swiftly pulled up my pants, flushed the toilet and left the booth in a rush – my anus still stuffed with Ben Wa balls. As I uncomfortably passed the three fellow students that carried a lavatory pass, I began thinking of an excuse with which to enter my class. But my head was still to full with my previous thoughts to come up with anything.

At the end of the hall was the classroom of Mr. Dean Shoemaker, my French teacher. I knocked two times at the class door before I went in.
The tall broad man standing in front of the classroom turned his bald head. After which he raised his broad hairy forearm to check the watch around his firm wrist.

“You’re ten minutes late”.

I glimpsed at the big clock on the wall. “More like nine. Just had to take a little piss.”

The class started laughing.

“Trying to be smart huh? Well in that case you can keep me company while I’m grading some work during your recess, and you’ll write the following line one hundred times: I am not allowed to arrive nine minutes late for class and instead I should arrive on time. Full sentences with no contractions and no numbers. And now take your seat before I make it one hundred fifty.”

“Asshole,” I mumbled softly.

“Two hundred it is!”

Annoyed I took my seat. Already dragged down by the prospect of having to skip my break. Shoemaker was one of those people I regally had troubles with. Quite frankly, all of my teachers were. But he was a man in particular. It was not the fact that I truly didn’t like him, it was the fact that I actually did. He saw through my façade and knew how to take up with my crap. He was friendly but strict at the same time. His heavy voice had a way of supporting him in that role.
Lately I had been more obstinate than usual. Maybe because of all the changes I went through with my inner self. Being alert in class always had been a weak point, but during recent French lessons it had been more difficult than ever. All I could focus one were Shoemaker’s broad hairy forearms that often were revealed by a coiled up sweater – which today had a V shaped neck that exposed some of his chest hair.
Ever since the experience with my older neighbor I had began to view the men around me in a different light. No longer was I trapped within the standards of society that told me men could only be attractive if they were young, slim, smooth and handsome. My eyes had opened up to hairy bears and older men.
Although Shoemaker was not that old nor fat. I guessed he had to be somewhere between thirty and forty and his build was quite athletic. He was very tall with broad shoulders, a wide chest and firm arms and legs. But his face was not particularly handsome. At least not if the men in Hollywood were the norm for what was. He had absolutely no hair on his head, wore a pair of glasses in front of a pair of small blue eyes, and when he smiled his teeth appeared somewhat crooked. But nevertheless I couldn’t stop the thought of feeling his warm body against mine.

Class appeared to last forever. How in the hell could I’ve been so stupid as to leave the Ben Wa balls in. And now I also had to sit through recess before I could take them out.
When the bell rang I tried to sneak away with the crowd, in the hope Shoemaker had forgotten about the incident at the start of that lesson.

“Sit!” he immediately corrected me.

“Can I just take a quick visit to the restroom?”

“No you cannot! Someone who made a nine minute long toilet visit has no need to make one again forty minutes later. What do you take me for?”

Damn! Me and my big mouth, I thought, why did I tell him I came from the toilet.

Dean Shoemaker put a blanc paper on my desk. “I wrote the example on the first line, you only have to follow it. Whatever amount you can’t finish during this recess you will take home. If you don’t have it with you by the next class I will contact your mother.”

“One hundred lines right?”

“Two hundred! Now quite the nonsense and start writing.”

He took a seat behind his desk and started to work on the pile of papers in front of him. The long holidays that came with being a teacher sounded like a great perk to me, but grading papers on the other hand made the job seem less desirable.
I began writing but after the first twenty lines it already felt like a drag. Their were still one hundred and eighty to go.
Looking over at Shoemaker, I saw how he nibbled at his big thumb while he stared at his desk with a big frown of concentration. His forearm seemed even broader in its supporting position and I wished to stroke its hairy skin and suck the big thumb. But not only the thumb. I felt a swift trembling through my body by the thought alone and I rubbed my pants a little to calm a rising boner. The marbles still poking my inner rear began to feel exciting again as my fantasies took over. Imagining how good it must feel if Shoemaker took me over his desk right then and there. I kept grinding my ass on the wooden chair, in search for the right spot for the Ben Wa balls to tickle me from the inside, and I sneakily slid my left hand into my pants.
Shoemaker was still caught up in his work. He didn’t even seem to pay attention to what I was doing.
Cautiously I opened my zipper from under my desk and I wriggled my half erect penis through the cotton, while I pretended as if I was still writing by scrawling a little on the paper. Attentively I observed the cleavage of his toned chest that peeped through the V shaped collar. I wondered what his nipples would be like. Would they have a little tip for me to nibble on? Just like he was still nibbling on his big thumb. Oh how I would have loved for him to press that into my ass. Preferably while still dripping wet of saliva, to loosen me up and make me ready for his glance. Although the marbles in my rear already had taken that task. They had kept me so wide for the past hour that I could take his dick in an instant if he wanted me to.

All of the sudden he looked up. “What are you doing?” he said suspiciously.

“N-nothing, just writing.” I tried to put my dick back into my pants, but my boner turned out to be too big for the small opening in my zipper, and I couldn’t manage to tuck it back in before the teacher reached my desk.

“Show me what’s in your hands – NOW!” he said.

“Alright alright. I have nothing. You see.”

“Stand up!”



I didn’t. I couldn’t. But he wasn’t about to let it go and he pulled me off the chair by my neck.

“What is… this?!” he said shocked. For a moment he didn’t know where to look. “I thought you were playing with your phone,” he continued, “but apparently you were playing with… something else. What in God’s name do you have to say for yourself?”

His loud voice speaking to me in a didactic manner didn’t help to soften my dick. I had been in this type of situation before. Maybe this time instead of türkçe bahis going through a long scene of denial I just had to go for it.

“Fuck me!” I said.

“Excuse me? Are you nuts?!”

Or maybe I had better not.

He pulled away from me and stroke his hands over his shining scalp, as if he had no idea how to handle the situation. While I just kept waiting for something to happen. For him to tell me that I had to leave, or stay for that matter. Although the latter seemed rather unlikely. He probably would drag me off to see the principal. I wasn’t even sure what I felt at that moment. Was I even upset, or was it excitement that went through me? Over the fact that I had dared to do the unthinkable. And in the state of rush I was in I just kept standing there with my stiff cock pointing towards my teacher.
He head for the door. But instead of leaving the room he just turned the lock. He turned around and looked at me.

“Sit!” he said determinately.

“Do I have to put it…”


As a good school boy I did as my teacher said and I sat down while my erect penis still stuck out of my pants.
Shoemaker walked towards me and stopped in front of my desk. We were back to the same situation as in which we had started. But this time all secrets were out on the table. Literally. Because within a few seconds he had removed his belt and dropped his trousers to the floor.
A nice uncut trunk dangled in front of my eyes. But opposite to mine it was totally flat.

“Only the sun goes up for nothing. Give me a reason why I should.”

He needed not to worry. I would give him a reason. Eagerly I put my hands on his hips as I bend over the desk and went straight for his rod. But he stopped me and pushed my head back with his large hands.

“Oh please, just let me,” I begged while looking up to him. And then he let go.

I put the flaccid skin into my mouth and began sucking on the tip of his glance. Even though it was soft I enjoyed the taste of dick in my mouth. It had been a while since the last time and I’d been thinking about it ever since. Finally I was able to run my tongue over an actual piece of meat again, and with dedication I followed the edge of a solid glance, that began to develop into a blooming rod. The blood pumped through a thick vein – as if commanded by the touch of my tongue – that ran over his penis. As it grew bigger it left me far from disappointed. It turned out that it had a slight downward bend which made for a perfect angle to blow. If he wanted me to give him a reason I’d make sure as hell that he got one. So I deep throated the long curved dick as far into the back of my throat as I could.

“Oh you’re good.” He said with a trembling in his voice.

His words filled me with excitement and I tried to go even deeper. I had so much saliva that it streamed along his cock like a running tap. And my ass felt almost as wet as well. A bit clumsy I tried to undo myself of my pants while his dick was still in my throat. Shoemaker bend himself over to give me a helping hand. He grabbed me by my buttocks and squeezed.

“What have we got here?” he asked as he discovered the string that stuck out of my gaping hole. “I see you came prepared”.

He pulled the string and the Wen Ba balls began to move through my anus.

“Hmm,” I moaned as I jerked my aroused cock.

Rubbing myself with a big dick in my mouth while my prostate got stimulated at the same time; this was definitely worth skipping recess for.
Shoemaker kept pulling, slowly and composed, taking his time while my tongue circled around his long shaft. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as the stimulation of my prostate increased. Heavier and heavier until the first marble popped out.
I let go of my own dick as I felt I was almost about to come. But Shoemaker didn’t let go of the string and the second ball moved further along my inner rear.

“Oooooh, you’re driving me crazy with that tongue,” he sighed, and I let my hands run under his sweater to get a feel of his toned abs, which were followed by a set of thick muscular pecs covered with hair. They felt better than I had imagined. Not to forget about the hard nipples – stiff as if they had been tipped by a cube of ice.

Meanwhile the last Ben Wa reached the edge of my hole, but then he no longer pulled. “Oh stop!” he screamed all of the sudden. “If you suck any longer I’m gonna burst into your throat.”

“Oh put it into my ass Mr. Shoemaker, put it into my ass!”

He made a turn around the desk and pushed me onto it. One last pull and the last marble popped out. I was so wide that I was ready for an instant pounding.

“Don’t hold back, give it to me hard.”

The big curved dick entered me without any mercy and Shoemaker gave me all at once – starting of with a massive smack against my prostate.

“Oooooh!” I cried out like a sissy.

Tightly he grabbed my waist with his firm hands and he pushed my ass onto his loaded gun as a wild man. As if he were a sailor that couldn’t control himself after months of built up lust. Dean Shoemaker turned out to be a relentless fucker. He dug me so deep that I could almost feel the tip of his glance knocking at the backside of my stomach. My legs trembled as the big dick kept beating my prostate, for which he kept aiming precisely – again and again. He might have seemed decent before, but once triggered the French teacher no longer contained his inner b**st.

“Aaawh, yes boy! C’mon, take it – take it!” he said, while he plowed me like a sledge hammer.

I could almost cry out of pure delight as I endured the long strokes of the curved shaft that slid in and out of me. He gave me quite the workout and my shirt became all sticky and wet. My breath was so heavy that it got me spinning in my head, and I reached a state of ecstasy wherein I felt as if I had entered a world of ultimate satisfaction. In which the sensation of his pounding dick went endlessly through my rear.

“Your desk, I want you to take me on your desk!” I screamed.

He let himself out of me and twisted me around, on which he took my face in his burly hands and kissed me intensely. Now I wanted him more than ever and I wildly pulled on his sweater.

“Take it off! Let me see all of you!”

We both took off all of our clothes and he lifted me up in his strong arms. A few meters further he shoved off the pile of papers, threw me onto his desk and forcefully grabbed me by my ankles, where upon he spread my legs wide open and slid his beautiful long cock back in.
He continued pounding and like a magnet the hard glance returned to my prostate immediately. His body was soaking wet and he removed his steamed spectacles while the rhythm of his swinging hips went on. Wide open hang his mouth, gasping for air. And he squeezed a little with his eyes as he observed my teenage body, which got dug out deeply by his curved penis. He banged me so hard that I had to claw my fingers around the edge of his desk to get a hold on.

Triiiiing! The school bell rang loudly through the halls.

“Oh please don’t stop yet!”

“I ensure you, you’re not leaving this room without a full hole.”

A moving crowd of pupils already could be heard on the stairs of the big hall. As the sound of screaming voices and banging footsteps came closer, the anxiety that rose inside me strangely aroused me even more. Cautiously I let my right hand loose from the edge of the table and started rubbing my dick. I was so close now. There I was, being fucked on the teacher’s desk güvenilir bahis siteleri with eagerly spread legs, while my peers were barging through the hallways on the other side of the classroom door.

“Oh yes,” Shoemaker screamed out, “I’m coming!”

The timing couldn’t have been any better and the seed sprinkled around the desk as it burst out of my cock.

“Quick, hurry! Put on your clothes and pick up your stuff!”

Hasty we both put everything back on.
When I bend over to pick up some of the papers that were spread over the floor Shoemaker stopped me.

“Just take yours over there and leave the rest to me.”

So I grabbed up the detention-work of twenty lines that had fallen next to my school desk, together with my Ben Wa balls, and stuffed it into my bag.

“Before you go; come to the storage room across the hall after you finish your last lesson. I mean the one next to the small staircase. And when you’re inside go through the door on the right. I’ll be waiting there fore you.”

I knew exactly which door he meant. It led to the backside of the gym, where it was packed with equipment. And more importantly, a cozy mattress.

“I’ll make sure I’m there sir” I said with a gentle smile.

A few hours of sitting with my buttocks glued to each other by cum, the last bell finally rang and it was time to go to the storage room.
Just as he had told me I took the door to my right and there he was, laying on a blue mattress that was surrounded by a bunch of stuff.
Unlike the rest of the gym hall, the separate corner that served as a storage for the sport equipment had a low ceiling. Which made it perfect for a hiding spot. It was not the first time I had hang out here. Sometimes when I was fed up with high school drama I went to this place during recess, just to have a little alone time. But this time I had come for nothing other than a sequel of the great fuck I had earlier that day.

“You came” he said with a pleased expression on his face, after which he tapped his hand on the mattress as a gesture that I had to come and lie beside him.

As soon as I did he began kissing me and we rolled around the blue cushion while we undid ourselves off our clothes. He climbed on top of me and I felt his warm body caress my skin as he kissed me once more. He licked me from my nipples down to my tummy where after he took my hard boner in his mouth.

“Oooh” I sighed as soon as his lips concealed my dick.

Shoemaker unleased a great sucking power while his tongue twirled around my glance. Next he reached his hands to my face and made me suck his thick fingers, after which he went to my chest and circled them around my nipples. I felt how they stiffened as his wet index fingers tickled their tips. All while his tongue slid up and down my shaft. The way he sucked me dry made me suspect that this was not his first time giving a blowjob. Shoemaker’s mouth definitely knew its way around a dick.

“Hmmm” he groaned as he buried his face in my crotch, and I grabbed on to his smooth scalp where after I pushed him further down my rod.

I gasped as my penis trembled by the touch of his pressing lips, who sucked the shaft in as if they we’re out to make the whole length disappear down his throat. Shoemaker gratefully returned that morning’s favor and he took my dick with total devotion as I roughly screwed his mouth.

“You like fucking my mouth don’t you,” he said when he suddenly took a break, “how about I let you fuck something else?”

He stood up and leaned on the vaulting box behind the mattress – showing off his round muscular butt. I followed his lead and went behind him, ready to push my dick in.

“Not so fast,” he corrected me, “first loosen me up with your tongue”.

I slowly got down on my knees but before I could reach the ground Shoemaker grabbed me by the hair and buried my face in his hairy anus. Even as a bottom he kept his authority.
I licked the hairy asshole and rubbed his tight squeezing hole with my tongue, while I held on to his firm buttocks. As much as I’d enjoyed being screwed to shreds by him, I definitely wanted a piece of his ass as well. The contraction of his sphincter began to relax and I got a little bit deeper.

“Go on boy” his deep voice groaned.

My tongue slid further in and reached the soft tissue of his inner rear. Deeper and deeper until it got completely encircled by his dripping hole, which was so wet that it watered into my mouth.

“That’s enough, I’m ready now. I showed you how it’s done, time to see what you’ve learned.”

Finally I got to put my hard rod up my teacher’s tight ass. It amazed me how such a big man could yet have such a tiny hole.
Now that I was inside it felt a little strange at first. The one time in my life I had fucked a guy before, we we’re both young and unexperienced. But this man probably knew exactly how he wanted it.
My insecurities swiftly disappeared as soon as I felt his sphincter cramp around my penis like a fist.

“Oh yes Mr. Shoemaker, squeeze down my dick”.

“Call me Dean” he said and he wrapped my arms around his hard body.

I didn’t know if he was planning on making this a regular get together. If things wend the same way as with Ronald than I probably would get to have him just this once. So I was determined to make this fuck count.
I sighed as my dick went through the wet passage of his inner rear. Slowly moving my hips back and forward as I dug in deeper. This was it, I was fucking my teacher!
Mr. Shoemaker, a.k.a. Dean groaned loudly while he was grinding his firm ass onto my hard dick. Helping me to find the way to his deepest spot. While he kept squeezing his inners muscles, with which he greedily molded my prostate for it’s milk.

“C’mon, no need to be gentle – Fuck a man boy!”

So I did like he said and turned up the pace. Letting myself go while I was just doing what came natural. I wanted to fuck the tight teacher’s hole and once he had given me the green light I couldn’t hold myself any longer. I followed his previous example and just like he had done with me I pounded his hole as hard as I could. Digging it like a mineworker who was out to find the most inner spot of a cave.

“You like this Dean?!”

“Yeah baby, that’s what I’m talking about!”

Sweat slid off his wide back and followed the trail down his arched spine, to his firm buttocks who gratefully received my cock. I felt happy like a little boy who finally got to play with his long-expected toy, and I couldn’t restrain the big smile on my face while I gasped relieved. Aroused by the beautiful view of my prancing shaft going in and out of my teacher. Nothing mattered anymore and I lost myself completely in his hole. Banging him so hard that he screamed out in pleasure.

“Fill me up boy! – Drench me with seed!”

Those words got me right over the edge and I dropped a big deposit of cum – deep in his ass.
Exhausted I lay my head to rest in his neck and as I looked over his shoulder I saw he had released an amazing load as well, which was dripping down the vaulting box.

For the second time that day we picked up our s**ttered clothes off the floor, when suddenly a cellphone rang.
Alarmed Dean felt his pocket and answered the call.

“Hey honey, I was just on my way. Had to finish some papers. Love you too, bye.”

“Your wife I presume?”

His expression got stern. “Non of your business. Be so kind as to clean that up will you” he said as he pointed at the white covered vaulting box. Where after he head for the door. “Oh, and don’t forget, two hundred lines by the next lesson.” He paused for a moment. “Otherwise it’ll cost you another recess,” he added jestingly, “is that clear?”

“Yes sir” I answered with a modest smile. And by the next lesson I showed up empty handed.

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