Nisan 13, 2024

Over The Table

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You looked so sweet sleeping that I couldn’t bear to disturb you when I woke this morning. The slightest hint of a smile played over your lips and your long eyelashes fluttered as you dreamed. You were so relaxed, the creases in your face — lines that had come from living, loving, laughing — had evened out and showed up as pale lines in the bronze that the sun had painted your skin with. I didn’t even use the en suite to shower, instead using the separate bathroom along the landing. I was surprised to have woken so early, to be honest; you’d had the boys over and it had been a long night. We all got through a lot of beer and everyone was dead to the world when I moved quietly through the house and into the kitchen.

Although I wasn’t hung over, I needed a little something to kick-start the day, so I put a jug of coffee on to filter and swung open the stable door at the back of the kitchen to smoke my first cigarette of the morning. I didn’t hear you come in, was barely aware of you until I felt your strong arms wrap around my waist and your morning stubble brush my neck as you tenderly kissed me. I sighed and relaxed into your embrace as I felt your hands slide down over my belly. I was dressed only in one of your shirts, and it swamped me, as you’re so much bigger than I am. You tower over me, and in your arms I feel totally safe, totally secure.

I had no idea that you were going to challenge that feeling this morning.

Your fingers clutched at the hem of the shirt and I felt it slide up and over my belly, exposing my to your curious touch. You lips still hot on my neck, you reached lower and extended a tentative finger towards my core. Your careful approach was unnecessary though; as soon as you pressed your body to mine, I was wet for you, and as your fingers searched deeper and found their target I moaned softly, feeling your hardness pressing against my ass through the thin cotton of your boxers. For a while you rocked your hips against my backside in time with your finger strokes before turning me to face you and pressing your lips to mine, my cigarette now long forgotten. The caress of your mouth was softer than silk and your tongue brushed over mine, tasting tobacco and toothpaste.

Our kiss grew deeper and more passionate and I felt the blood begin to pulse through my dripping cunt. You crushed me against the wall and I could feel your hardness against my belly as you stole güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my breath away, leaving me gasping your name. I wanted you so badly right then, but some positions were sadly impossible given the difference in our heights. You never could take me against the wall, so instead, you gently guided me towards the wooden refectory table in the middle of the kitchen and bent me forward, pushing the shirt up past my ample breasts.

My body was pleading for you to take me hard there and then, but you had other ideas. You let your mouth slowly roam the contours of my back, kissing and licking down my spine as you reached around to my breasts, which were aching for your touch. You kneaded them firmly, taking each stiff nipple between your fingers and rolling and pinching it, even as your mouth moved lower and your tongue darted into the top of my crack. I shivered with excitement that was tinged with apprehension. This was new territory.

Your hands moved smoothly back over my body as you crouched behind me and you spread my lips wide with your fingers as you started lapping my juices. The tip of your oh-so-talented tongue flicked over my clit and I moaned with pleasure. I was close already but I wanted to feel you inside me, fucking me hard and whispering dirty nothings in my ear. I pleaded for your cock and was rewarded with an unexpected, stinging slap on the ass as you admonished me for my impatience. It just turned me on all the more, and, with your hands resting on the pale globes of my cheeks, you plunged your tongue deep into my cunt and sighed contentedly. I squirmed, thrusting myself against your face and imagining it red with effort and glistening with my juices.

Then, to my surprise, you parted my cheeks with your hands and began to lick upward, trailing the tip of your tongue slowly over my perineum and chuckling softly as I shivered again. I felt you move away slightly and I knew you were looking at me, really looking at me, spread as I was over the table. Then, you moved back in, suddenly licking me in one long stroke from clit to pucker. For a moment, I thought it was my imagination, but you did it again, and again, before concentrating on that dark little bud at the centre of my ass. Your tongue fluttered and danced over the puckered skin and I could not contain my cries as I ground myself against the table.

You moved one of your güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hands and began swirling your fingertips over my clit in time with the rhythm of your tongue and now there was no chance of me avoiding an orgasm. You set up a counterpoint between my ass and my clit that had me hurtling over the edge, screaming as I came hard, flooding your hand with my juices.

We heard movement upstairs, and we giggled.

As I came down, you stopped stroking with your fingers and your tongue slowed to a gentle lapping, eventually pulling away so you could lean over and whisper that you were going to fuck me now. As your body warmed my back, I finally felt what I was craving and your thick, hard cock plunged deep into my waiting depths.

Your body straightened and I felt your hands on my ass again, and another tingle of apprehensive excitement rushed through me. You placed the tip of a finger against my opening and began to exert a gentle pressure. Because of what you’d done with your tongue, I was slick with saliva, mixed with my own copious lubrication, and despite the protests of my tight muscles, your fingertip sank into my ass to the first knuckle. Another push, in time with your thrusting cock, and it went as far as the second. I whimpered slightly; there was discomfort, but it was minimal. This felt alien, but good, and I felt torn between protesting at your breaking of this taboo and begging you for more.

You made the decision for me as I felt a sharper discomfort and you added another finger to the one pumping away inside me. I cried out and you asked me if I wanted you to stop, but the truth was that the line between pain and pleasure had been blurred and the one was feeding the other. I didn’t want you to ever stop.

For some time you carried on that way, carefully stretching me open. I knew what you were building up to, but somehow I didn’t really think it would happen until I heard you reaching towards a bottle of olive oil on the table. You poured it into your hands and warmed it and slowly smoothed it into the skin of my buttocks, your powerful fingers massaging the muscles deeply. Then I felt you part my cheeks with one hand as you slowly trickled more oil down my crack and onto the base of your cock. You circled my hole with a greasy finger, slipping inside me again as you continued to fuck me for a moment.

Then you withdrew güvenilir bahis şirketleri and I could hear you groaning to yourself as you oiled your cock. Suddenly the game was made real and I began to panic. I’d led you on, let you reach this point, but I was afraid — afraid that you would hurt me, despite your care, afraid that this would somehow change your opinion of me, because ‘nice girls don’t’, but mostly afraid that I would like it too much. My safety net was gone and now I could feel your slick, blunt head pressing against my pucker and I started to tremble.

Immediately, you noticed, and again you asked if I wanted you to carry on. I considered asking you to stop, and I know that if I had, you would have done, but despite my fears, part of me was open to this experience. I nodded, and you pressed on.

There was a little more pain than before, but you’d taken good care of me, and as you began to open my tight muscles, I tried to relax. The line was blurring again with your whispered reassurances, couched in the basest of language, and as you slipped past my inner ring the pain dissipated, leaving pleasure in its wake. You rested a moment, letting me become accustomed to this unusual feeling of fullness edged with sharpness, and then you began slowly moving deeper into me. Finally, I felt your balls come to rest against my slit and a jolt of energy shot through me. You were barely fully in me and I was close to coming again. Again, you rested, and this time I relaxed more completely, knowing that the hardest part was over. Slowly at first, you began to pull out and gently thrust back into me, trickling a little more oil to ease the way, but as I grew more used to the new sensations, I also became more aroused and soon began meeting each thrust until I was begging you to fuck my ass hard.

You pounded into the tight passage with a passion, grasping my hips to allow you to plunge your full length into me again and again. Almost involuntarily, my own hand wandered downwards and my fingers desperately sought out my clit and began rubbing in time with your thrusting. We were both crying out now and I think I may have blacked out for a moment as my orgasm hit, so great was the intensity of sensation. My muscles clamped and squeezed you deep within me and I heard you groan as this took you to your own climax and felt you empty yourself hotly into me.

You lay over me as we recovered our composure, holding me in your arms and telling me over and over how much I was loved. What we had done had challenged me, but I knew now that my trust in you was absolute and my fears unfounded. This stolen moment had been ours alone, and although we would never quite revisit it, it would never be forgotten.

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