Şubat 28, 2024

Our Masturbation Journey Ch. 02

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Six months after our initial steps into role play and mutual masturbation on our honeymoon, my wife and I were taking a trip to a family birthday party. As usual she looked fantastic in a grey wool dress that clung to her body and allowed her blonde (dyed) hair to stand out. I knew she would be wearing a teddy and stockings. That was her normal outfit whenever we went out.

The party itself was great with lots of good chat coupled with wine and decent food. However it was time to leave and begin the 60 minute journey home. As we climbed into the car we kissed before we set off to the motorway, chatting easily while I affectionately stroked her leg through her dress.

After 10 minutes of chatting and just feeling her thigh, we had to stop at a petrol station to take on more fuel. While I was filling the car, I began to realise how horny I felt. The thought of some heavy petting on the rest of our journey went straight to my cock, creating a good bulge in my suit trousers.

As we pulled back onto the motorway, I restarted the stroking of my wife’s thigh but this time I had slipped the hem of her dress up to reveal her stocking tops and the white tempting flesh of her thigh.

As we continued I got a bit more daring and slipped my hand around to the naked flesh on her inner thigh. As I did so she moaned softly and parted her legs to make my task easier. I was concentrating on driving and stroking her so there was little opportunity to chat. I was also trying, without success to ignore my cock growing bahis firmaları ever more sensitive by the mile.

Gently I slid my hand towards her crutch and softly stroked her pussy through the teddy she was wearing. I was gently pressing her clit and tracing my finger along the slit that was hidden by her choice of underwear. I could feel her dampness rising under the thin material.

As I began to press my hand harder against her ever dampening pussy, my wife began to shift in her seat and emit the soft moans she always made in the early stages of arousal. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened so she could lick her lips to get rid of the dryness that was caused by the increasing tempo of my hand.

She reached down to undo the poppers on her teddy, spreading her legs wider to ease my access. This was my cue to gently open her lips and tease her by inserting my index finger into her wet flesh, gently moving up to her clit and back down again.

Her reaction told me she was really getting turned on. Her breathing was getting heavier as I continued to move my finger up and down her slit, pausing to rub her clit before returning to the dampness of her lips.

I knew we had about 15 minutes before we got home but I was determined to finish her off before we got there. To add to the general feeling of hotness, my wife had placed her hand on my cock, gently stroking it through my trousers. It was driving me mad but with one hand on the steering wheel and the other stroking my wife’s pussy, kaçak iddaa I couldn’t do anything about it and it was plain she wouldn’t.

As we approached our home city, I increased the speed and intensity of my fingers, slipping two into my wife’s hole for a short time before returning to her clit. She was getting real close now. Her body was beginning to tremble as my fingers became more urgent around her clit.

God she was so wet and for the final time I slipped my fingers deep inside her. She began to moan loudly, responding to my fingers making their final trip to her clit. As I continued, she tensed and her legs snapped shut on my hand as she came beautifully. She began her come down and I continued to stroke her gently, sending shockwaves through her pussy.

It was magnificent but left me like cat on a hot tin roof. I could feel my precum leaking into my trousers. I knew we would shortly be at home and it would be time to be relieved of all that pent up emotion. As we walked to our basement flat, I could tell my wife had come big. She was unsteady on her feet and needed a helping hand to manage the steps down to our front door.

Once inside we briefly chatted about what had just happened. She said she loved it and I replied that I did too although it was now my turn for relief. She insisted we went to bed but once we there she resisted giving me any further attention despite my best efforts and some pretty poor pleading.

When she turned over to sleep, I decided that it was time to kaçak bahis take things into my own hands and pushed back the duvet as I slid my hand down to my cock and began to stroke it back to a full erection. It didn’t take long and despite how horny I was I decided to prolong my pleasure partly as a bit of revenge for my wife not doing the decent thing.

I knew she was still awake and I could sense some movement under the duvet. I wondered if she was beginning to stroke herself in reaction to my own play. I closed my eyes and started reliving the car journey, marveling at reactions to my fingers as we thundered down the motorway at 70mph.

Just as I took a two second break from my own play, my wife rolled onto her back and freed herself from the covers. I could see she had her hand between her legs and was rubbing her clit and breathing unevenly as her pleasure began to grow.

I resumed my own work and could feel her movements against my own arm. I wanted to get us into unison and make sure we were moving as one. I could also hear her pussy making those sounds we all recognize as it gets wet against the movement of fingers.

I could feel my own orgasm building. I had had enough and decided now was the time. I could tell she was getting close as well. Her hips began to rise in time with her stroking and her breathing was getting quicker and louder.

It was time for me to come and I turned slightly onto my side towards my wife. As I came I felt a great surge as my sperm shot from the end of my cock all over her tits and belly. As it landed, her own orgasm hit, her body shook before she doubled up with pleasure, furiously rubbing her pussy to get every last ounce of joy from herself.

What an evening that was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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