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Our Honeymoon Cruise Ch. 04

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As I opened my eyes from a very restful sleep I was treated to the sight of Rita’s round ass. She was bent over and her brown eye was staring right back at me. When she stood up I realized that she had been gathering up her clothes. She held them in her arms as she turned and caught my eye.

‘Oh, I didn’t know you were awake.’ She blushed.

‘I think I woke just in time. You’re not leaving are you?’

‘Well, yes, I was going to try to sneak back to my cabin before anyone else wakes up.’

I patted the bed for her to come join me. ‘If you don’t want anyone to know you slept here last night, we’ll sneak you back there. I promise.’

Rita put her clothes down and sat down at my side. I put my hand on her shoulder and pulled her down next to me. She fell against my chest and I kissed her forehead.

‘It was nice to have you here last night.’ I told her. ‘And I think I’d like you to stay a little longer. You don’t mind do you?’

Rita snuggled up close to me. ‘No Rob. I like being here with you and Trish. I’ve never shared a honeymoon bed with anyone before.’

We laughed together.

‘You two really are an amazing couple! And I must say, I’m not sure if I’ve ever been fucked quite like you guys did it to me last night. You were incredible! I’d like to be able to cum like that every time!’

I allowed the compliment to hang there for a moment.

‘Would you like to cum again this morning?’

‘Ooo yeah!’ Rita snuggled in a little closer. I leaned down and kissed her.

She seemed to melt in my arms. I kissed my way across her cheek to her earlobe and then down her neck. As she rolled onto her back I put my hand on her right breast and took the nipple of her left one into my mouth. I was pinching both nipples, one with my fingers and one with my teeth.

I felt some movement behind me. It was Trish. She put her hand on my hip and then I felt her warm breath on the back of my neck. Her tongue was tracing curves on my shoulder and then she pushed it into my ear. I don’t think Rita was aware of Trish yet, but that didn’t last long. Trish moved her hand down onto my stiffening cock and then pulled herself across my body. She continued on until she was in between Rita’s legs. I scooted over on the bed to allow Rita to spread her legs wider apart as Trish crawled up and put her mouth on Rita’s pussy. I watched as Trish took over.

I like to think that I’m pretty good at eating pussy and making the girls happy, but I don’t think I stand a chance against Trish. Of course she knows what to do from a woman’s perspective, but no matter what, she is good! Rita put her hands on Trish’s head to guide her and pull her. I resumed my teasing on her tits and within about three minutes we had her crying out with pleasure.

‘Oh yes! Mmm Trish that feels so good. Oh yeah!’

Trish reached over and grabbed my dick. She rubbed the tip on Rita’s thigh.

‘Mmm, oh put it in me!’ Rita cried.

Trish moved away and Rita scooted closer as I rolled over on top of her. I took her feet in my hands. I pulled them apart and stared down into her waiting womanhood. She was slick with Trish’s saliva and her own cum. Her outer lips were puffy and her inner labia were red and open. Trish guided my cock and placed the tip on Rita’s clit. She thrust her hips upward, trying to snare my trouser snake. I was happy to shift and in an instant I was inside.

She was hot. And her wetness allowed me to slide in all the way. Trish let go and I began pumping in earnest. Rita was cumming again in a moment. I was just getting warmed up and Rita wasn’t showing any signs of tiring. I put her feet up on my shoulders and continued the rhythm. She was taking me deep inside. I could feel the tip of my cock touching her innermost depths as I pounded away. I felt as if I could go on forever, but I didn’t want to hurt Rita. I guess Trish had Rita’s comfort in mind too. I felt her finger probing my rear. Her timing was perfect. As I pulled out and prepared to thrust into Rita one more time, Trish’s finger slid up my ass. She touched me deep and I came on the next thrust. Rita cried as she felt my hot cum shooting inside. I kept on shooting as Trish twisted her finger in my butt.

In a minute I was exhausted. I pulled out and Trish put my cock in her mouth. She cleaned me up and then turned her attention to Rita. She licked the cum that was dripping down into Rita’s ass and then spent a few more minutes cleaning her too.

It was a beautiful way to start the day.

We took turns using the shower in our cabin. As we all got ourselves cleaned up and ready for the day, Rita asked, ‘Trish, what are you going to wear this morning?’

‘I kind of like the idea of staying undressed for a while. It feels like we’re moving so I don’t think we need to worry about other boats being close by. Do you suppose it’s all right to eat breakfast like this?’

Rita was stammering for a moment but then bostancı escort bayan answered, ‘Why not? This is a clothing optional cruise, right? I just need to drop off these things in my cabin.’

I remained undressed too as I opened the door and peeked down the hallway. It was quiet. I let Rita step out and she hurried down to her door and threw her things on her bed. Then she returned and we climbed the forward steps to the dining cabin.

Wendy and Pete were there to greet us at the top of the steps. I saw Pete’s eyes checking out Rita and Trish’s naked forms as they reached the top steps. Wendy was wearing a sheer white tank top and a pair of hot pink athletic shorts. I could see her nipples clearly outlined and the shorts accented her smooth tanned legs. Pete had on shorts and a t-shirt. Wendy gave us all a cordial kiss hello while Pete offered us juice and coffee. Since there was no one else there I deduced that either we were the first ones up or that others were already elsewhere on the ship.

I asked Wendy, ‘Are we the first to get up?’

‘Yes you are. Did you sleep well?’

‘Oh yeah! I’d forgotten how relaxing it can be to sleep on a boat on the water.’

Pat appeared in the doorway. ‘I have eggs and bacon ready to cook, or would you like to start with some fruit or cereal?’

‘Can I have a small dish of fruit?’ Trish asked.

‘That sounds good.’ Rita and I echoed.

‘I’ll get it right away.’ Pat answered, ‘But as long as you’re the first to get here this morning, I have a question for you. I always ask, as a courtesy to our passengers, do you have any objection to me cooking in the nude?’

Trish and I exchanged a quick look and shrugged our shoulders.

‘No, of course not.’ Trish replied. ‘We do it at home all the time.’

We giggled together.

‘OK, just as long as you don’t mind. I just always ask before I assume it’s all right. I just feel better without clothes. I guess I was made to do this job.’

She disappeared and returned about a minute later with our fresh fruit cups; and she was naked. I found myself staring at her boyish figure. Her breasts were just tiny bumps with small cone shaped nipples. Her hips were slim and her ass was so tiny she could pass for a child. To add to the effect, her pussy was shaved clean.

‘Enjoy!’ she said as she stepped away from the table and stood near the door.

I looked across and out the window. All I could see was sky and water.

‘Tell me Wendy, where are we right now?’

‘We should be arriving in Freeport in about two hours. It’s been a smooth crossing. Sometimes it can get rough out here in the Gulf Stream, but the weather today is warm and mild. Have you ever been to Freeport before?’

‘No. This will be a first. Is there anything exciting to do there?’

‘There are a few casinos at the big hotels, but it’s kind of a touristy place. We can pull in and dock if everyone wants to go ashore, or we can drop anchor further out and shuttle five or six people at a time if you’d rather spend time sunning on the boat with a bit more privacy.’

Trish spoke to Wendy. ‘I think that anchoring off shore sounds more appealing to me, but we should ask the others what they want to do…if they ever wake up!’

And it wasn’t long before the others began to appear. And it looked as though everyone was in the nude cruise mode. Nobody wore any clothes as they arrived in the dining cabin for breakfast. Wendy and Pete were the only ones who still had any clothing on at all, until Mike came in. He was wearing his captain’s shirt and a pair of white shorts.

He greeted us just as Trish and I were about to get up and go outside into the sunlight.

‘Good morning! I trust you slept well.’

‘Oh yes.’ Trish replied. ‘I love the gentle rocking of the boat.’

I could see Mike was admiring Trish’s body. His eyes kept moving down to the flash of gold on her clit. It’s funny how a piece of jewelry can have such an effect on people.

Mike gazed around at all of our naked guests. ‘I see that you all are feeling comfortable on board. We’ll do our best to keep you well fed and attend to whatever wants or needs you might have. Since you’re all undressed for sunbathing I’m going to anchor off shore when we get to Freeport. We will get a visit from the customs people though, and it would be wise for us all to at least be wearing swim suits. We only have to deal with the customs agents one time and we might as well not call attention to ourselves. I’ll give you plenty of warning before their boat arrives. They’ll need to see IDs for all of us. Once we finish with them, then we’re all free to do as we please in the Bahamas. If anyone wants to go ashore, we can use the small boat and shuttle as many as eight of you at a time. If everyone wants to go, I can take the yacht in to the docks, but if we do that, then we should all be dressed. There are a few ports we’ll ümraniye escort be visiting where it’s OK to be nude while the boat is docked but this isn’t one of them. Any questions?’

‘What is there for us to do in Freeport?’ Rhonda asked.

Wendy stepped forward to answer. There are several casinos at the hotels. The resorts are nice, but they’ll be crowded. There’s some shopping that you can do, but frankly, the shopping will be better at other places. Freeport is a very touristy place. You’ll be able to mingle more with natives at places like Hopetown or Marsh Harbour. And you’ll find the best shopping at Nassau.’

Rhonda and the others nodded that they understood Wendy’s suggestion that we should probably skip Freeport.

‘I just want to lay out and enjoy the ocean air.’ Teri called out.

The others nodded and agreed. It seemed that the plan for the day was to relax in the sun and get used to life on the ship.

Trish and I stepped out onto the aft deck. There were several chaises and chairs and a stack of towels on a shelf nearby. We grabbed two towels and spread them on the chaise lounges. Rita soon joined us and she was followed by Rhonda and Joe. The youngsters decided that they wanted to be up on the forward deck and they walked along the side rail to find their own area to sun.

The twins joined us along with Sue and Candi. The others went up front. We chatted about how well we all slept and soon we were discussing who we all had sex with the night before. We learned that Sue and Candi had enjoyed each other in their ample bed while Joe and Rhonda had invited the twins into their cabin. They laughed about how crowded it was, but it was clear that they had all enjoyed the foursome…especially Joe.

‘You know,’ said Trish, ‘I think I would like to make this a very special honeymoon and celebrate it by sharing myself with every one of the people on this cruise.’ She turned to me and asked, ‘Honey, how does that sound to you? Do you think you could do the same thing?’

The thought of having sex with Joe and Tom crossed my mind. I suppose that if it was in the form of a threesome or more I could handle it. I wondered about them though. Then I wondered if Trish was including the crew as well. I was excited about the prospect of doing it with Pat and Wendy. I wasn’t too sure about Mike or Pete though. But I answered.

‘Why not? We’re here with all of the people that we love the most. And Rhonda, the way you have your pussy exposed is making me hot! Come over here and let me lick it, will you?’

Rhonda grinned. She had known that she was teasing me and she was all too glad to get up and walk over to my side. I didn’t care that everyone else was watching as I grabbed her hip and pressed my face into her bare pussy. She opened her legs enough for me to flick her clit with my tongue while she held my head in her hand and pulled my face into her belly.

I felt motion beside me and then a hand on my shoulder. It was soft and she was massaging my neck while my tongue massaged Rhonda’s clit. The hand moved over my back and on down to my waist. I shifted slightly as the unknown hand slipped around and grasped my cock which was now standing proudly between my legs. As I began to taste Rhonda’s cum dripping from her slit, I felt a pair of warm lips engulfing my dick. The feeling was familiar but I was still at a loss to know who was giving me such pleasure.

My persistence with Rhonda was paying off and she moaned as she started to cum in my face. Her legs were shaking and I held her tightly so she wouldn’t fall.

‘Oh yes Rob! That’s it! Don’t stop.’

I drank her cum as it flowed from her hot quim. She must have been cumming for three minutes or more while the unknown face was buried in my lap and sucking my full length. Finally Rhonda released me from her grip enough that I could peek down and see that it was Melinda, at least I think it was Melinda, who was busy sucking my rocket.

Rhonda stepped back and sat down in an empty chair allowing me to survey the deck. Across the way I could see Lucinda sitting on Joe’s face and my bride was busy riding his cock with her back to him. Our eyes met and Trish smiled a smile of pure satisfaction. Rita, Sue and Candi were all looking on and enjoying the show.

Melinda was more than I could resist, and as I surveyed the crowd around the deck, I shot my cum deep down her throat. She swallowed every drop.

Joe was cumming and I could see his cum dripping out of Trish’s wet cunt. She was enjoying the feeling of his hot seed inside of her warm tunnel. Sue was playing with herself while she watched, and as Lucinda started to cry out with orgasmic delight, Sue increased her pace and I could tell that she was cumming on her towel from her own self pleasure. I know how much she enjoys masturbation because she has told me that she does it several times a day.

Just as we were winding down Pete appeared kartal escort and asked if we wanted anything to drink. Trish was still sitting on Joe’s crotch with his dick shoved up inside but his cum was dripping out all over. Sue and Rhonda were both splayed out with their legs wide open and their pussies looking red and worn. And we all had shit eating grins on our faces. Pete caught on fast and smirked as we gave him our drink orders. Candi seemed to be eyeing him and I guessed that soon she would be flirting and having her way with him. I was hoping that she would, because secretly I wanted to have some time with both Wendy and Pat. They both were intriguing and I was pretty sure that they would make good sex partners. I just didn’t want to be the first.

Pete returned in a few minutes and we had composed ourselves. But he did take his time admiring the girls who were doing nothing to try and hide their privates. It was like a smorgasbord with all of the naked breasts and shaved vaginas. And as a result, Joe and I were both regaining our hard on status.

I decided to take a look at who was up front and what was going on with the rest of our crowd. As I approached the bow deck I heard the girls chattering. I came upon the deck and quietly sat down in a chair next to Wendy. She was listening to the lively conversation that was going on. As I looked around I realized that Tom was the only guy in a crowd of young naked women, including our daughters and their friends. And he was loving it even more because he was the topic of their conversation. Or rather his penis was the topic of discussion. Dawn was sitting by him allowing him to proudly display his member to the group.

Amy was bragging about how big it would get and how she liked to play with it. Carol was practically drooling. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it. Jill and Sue were casually stroking each others’ thighs but it was clear that they were curious about Tom’s monster too.

Wendy smiled at me as I sat down and we listened together as the chatter went on. After a while Wendy took my hand and turned to speak. She spoke softly at first.

‘He really does have a big one, doesn’t he?’

I grinned. It was hard to dispute. But somehow we both looked down at my cock that was lying in a semi hard state on my right thigh.

‘Actually, yours is pretty nice too.’ She offered almost as an apology.

‘Thanks, but it really can’t compare.’ I admitted.

‘Well I’d almost be afraid to take all of his. A girl could get hurt!’

We laughed again. Then she looked at me and added, ‘Now yours is a size that I know I could enjoy.’ She winked as she reached over and softly stroked it.

‘I’d like that.’ I answered appreciatively. ‘I hope we can find some time to try it.’

‘My bunk is spacious enough. You just say when.’ She winked at me as she stroked it one more time. I felt it jump in anticipation. I’m pretty sure that Wendy felt it jump too.

I heard Carol’s voice saying, ‘May I?’

We looked up to see her waiting for a nod from Dawn before she moved over and put her hands around Tom’s huge dick. He was close to his full girth after the stimulating conversation and the sight of all of the naked women around him. We all watched as Carol eyed it and then leaned forward as she opened her mouth wide and licked the head. She smiled and looked around at us all and then proceeded to take it in her mouth. She could only take about a third of it at first, but as she kept on going she managed to get a little more than half of it inside. She was obviously enjoying it. We could tell by the sounds she was making, and Tom was beginning to voice his approval as well.

Sue and Jill’s fingers had moved to each others’ pussies and they were probing the inner folds. Carol shifted around and as she tried to get her best angle Teri got up and approached her from behind. She pressed her face into Carol’s ass and started licking her slick slit.

As we watched Wendy turned to me again.

‘Now let me get this straight. That’s Teri and she’s your daughter?’

‘My new step daughter actually, as is Tracy. Carol is our wedding planner. She did a fantastic job and we all became pretty close.’

‘I guess close is one way of saying it.’ Carol smirked, ‘So who are all the others?’

‘Well, Amy is Tom and Dawn’s daughter.’ I explained. ‘Tammi belongs to Joe and Rhonda who are in the back. Sue Landers is Tracy and Tammi’s teacher and cheerleading coach. And Jill is our landscaper and a college friend of Sue’s.’

‘And the others in back?’

‘Well you know that Rita is our travel agent, and Sue and Candi are friends from the golf club.’

‘And you’re all swingers?’ she went on.

‘Well we don’t really use that word, but we’re all close friends who enjoy each others’ company and that sometimes includes sexual relations.’

‘It looks like it often includes sexual relations, and it looks like a lot of fun!’

‘I suppose you’re right. And I have a feeling that you could fit right in!’

I touched her arm then dropped my hand down onto her thigh. She made no effort to remove it; in fact, I could swear that she let her legs spread apart for me, just a little…

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